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Daniel Jackson Fan Fiction

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This series is a 'spin-off' of The Chosen One, taken from a visit to SGC Gamma by an SG-1 team from another reality, and one twelve years in the past.  This happened in "The Chosen One: Fire of the Gods".  I honestly had no intention of visiting that reality, or that Daniel and Casey.  They, however, along with the Muse, had other ideas.  Thus "Destiny's Child" was born.  These stories have been broken into groups, the 'series within the series', if you will.  If there isn't a 'title', then the story is 'free-standing'.  All of the stories are part of Destiny's Child, and thus are a part of the arc.  The story arc begins just before the episode "Summit, Part 1".   Like The Chosen One, it's better to start reading at the beginning.  But it's not absolutely necessary.  I have no idea where this ride will take us, but I hope you enjoy it! 

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"Oh, for crying out loud," Jack moaned. "He touched something, didn't he? Something he should have known better than to monkey around with."


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Which was what SG-1 always did, in spite of possible consequences...the right thing.

"Family Reunion"

"It's rather mind boggling to think that there are an infinite number of Daniel Jacksons out there, or Jack O'Neills, or Sam Carters, or Teal'cs,"
Daniel, speaking to Jack
"When Destiny Calls"


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Story List:

Destiny Calls

When Destiny Calls

White Lace and Promises

Hell is for Children

Every Good Deed



When The Mighty Fall

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Lessons Learned

Lost Souls

I Was Lost, But Now I'm Found

I Was Blind, But Now I See


Christmas, Malls, and Jaffa

 Sand in an Hourglass

Devil's Brigade


Needles and Haystacks

Aloha Pa'ing

Hell to Pay

Hell Hath No Fury

Needle in a Haystack

Dream a Little Dream


 Secrets From the Past

Seek and Ye Shall Find

 Know Thyself


Unholy Alliances

Strange Bedfellows 

Desperate Acts



 The New Order

The Colonel's New Toys

Daddy's Little Girl

 There's A New God In Town

 The Devil In the Details


In the Eye of the Beholder

Artistic Differences

 Whispers From the Past

 The Simple Necessities of Life

 What the Eye Beholds, the Heart Denies

 Leather, Feathers, and Garters

 Final Showdown


And the Beat Goes On...

Ewoks and Care Bears

Mirror, Mirror

 Family Reunion


Hide and Seek

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Fragile Balance of Politics 


Picking Up the Pieces


The Darkest Hours

My Name Is Casey

Descent Into Hell



Family Matters

 In My Daughter's Eyes

The Gray-haired Avengers

Heaven Called While You Slept

 To Elvis, Or Not To Elvis


All In a Day's Work

The Recalcitrant Lo'taur

Heroes Memorandum

 The Return of the Gray-haired Avengers

 All In a Day's Work


Déjà vu...

His Father's Eyes 

A Face I've Seen Before

 Training With SG-1

 My Friend, Danny 


Job Security...























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