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"Welcome to my little corner of the Stargate Universe!  It might not be the fanciest site, but my focus is on the FAN FICTION.  That's not to say there aren't any images of Dr. Jackson, there are!  And each story has a few graphics to give you an idea of the characters who are in it."  

Those words were the very first that I put on my site, when I opened it back in February of 2006.  When I first put this site up, you never would have convinced me that it would have grown so much; and I never even dreamed that my two best friends would join me here.  Well, it did, and they did!  And as a result, TCO has become a favorite of Stargate SG-1 fans worldwide.  How utterly awesome!  I'm humbled, and thrilled, that so many readers of Stargate fan fiction have chosen TCO as their 'fan fic home'.  

Now, as you can tell, the focus is STILL the fan fiction.  You won't find anything else on this site.  There are graphics, which we use to help 'illustrate' our stories.  But this site is still solely for the fan fiction. 

Come on in, sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventures of Dr. Daniel Jackson and SG-1, as they take on the Goa'uld and other bad guys with the help of various original characters.  I hope that you enjoy the journey!  


There are two series in my corner, my first series  "The Chosen One", and the 'spin-off' from that series, "Destiny's Child".  

"The Chosen One" is a crossover series, with Stargate SG-1 being the 'main' story, with characters and events from Highlander: The Series.  I have tried to remain true to canon in Stargate, with just a few minor 'tweaks', but I confess to straying just a little bit with the Highlander mythology.  So any 'purists', beware! 

To fully understand the series, it's best to start with the first story, "Forever and Ever, Amen".  The stories are listed in time line order...which only make sense, right?  And "Destiny's Child" is probably best read if you've at least read "Fire of the Gods".  Just a suggestion, you understand.  


I've been asked if I have any favorite stories among those that I've written.  And I do.  In my humble opinion, the "Destiny's Child" stories are much better; probably because they are solely Stargate SG-1, and not a crossover.  That's not saying I didn't enjoy writing the TCO stories.  I did.  I had a lot of fun melding the Stargate universe with that of Highlander: The Series. heart is truly with Destiny's Child.  Will I ever 'finish' The Chosen One?  Probably.  Someday.  For now, I'll follow the lead of the Muse, as She hasn't led me wrong yet!


 I hope you enjoy your visit.  If you're ready...Take the Journey!


Stargate characters are the property of MGM, SciFi, and Gekko Productions.  No copyright infringement intended.  All story ideas are original, and all original characters belong solely to the author.  Please do not repost these stories in part or in whole without permission from the author.


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