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1st Place - Action/Adventure
3rd Place - Romance 





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Daniel is examining his life, rather, what's missing from it, when a young woman breaches security in Cheyenne Mountain and destroys the Quantum mirror, at the behest of her counterpart from another reality.  Has she saved them, and just how long can Daniel hold out against her charms? 


A/N: About…"When Two Hearts Collide"

Sometimes an idea will knock around in my head, but I can never find a place to use it. I often write down ideas, 'scenes', conversations between characters, and I had been doing that, trying to get this idea down, and out of my head. Parts of this I had wanted to use for Destiny's Child, but, well, the Muse begged to differ with me. I had held out hope of using at least some of it, I was able to use bits and pieces, sometimes just a line or two in at least one of the series, you might recognize some of them…the parts I really wanted to use I couldn't…just by the very nature of the way the story 'had to be'.

While I was trying to work out the details of "After Midnight", I was playing around with these notes. Adding to them, changing them, until I realized I had another story. And another reality. Like "No Matter the Time, II", there will be no further exploits in this particular universe. Two are quite enough to keep my head spinning.

The one thing about having the Quantum Mirror, and those lovely solar flares, is that they keep the possibilities open. There's even a story that's beginning to rattle around that is very different from the SG-1 realities that we know, and that I've explored. Yes, there is a Casey, but the entire world is…different…very, very different! Will it ever be written? Without a doubt. Someday. Will it be posted? Hmm…what do you think?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story. At least it's out of my head now!

Robin K.



Story Category: Romance/Action-Adventure



Stargate SG-1…

Dr. Daniel Jackson
Col. Jack O'Neill
Maj. Samantha Carter
Gen. George Hammond
Dr. Janet Fraiser
Cassandra Fraiser
Mst. Sgt. Siler
Sgt. Walter Harriman (Chevron Guy)
Oma Desala
Maj. Louis Ferretti
Jonas Quinn
Commander Hale
Tomis Leed
Cianya Dreylock



Casey Webster
Miss Eloise
Megan Zelenka
Jarod Parker
Kevin Wilkes
Kelley Campbell
Richard (Ricky) Campbell
Vicky Campbell
Mike Loughlin
Lt. R.N. Connie "EZ CC" Chambers
Lt. R.N. Andrea Walker
Lt. R.N. Terry Keeler
SF Tony Sabotti
SF Tiesha Taylor
SF Cathy Masterson
Sgt. Gracie Williams
SF Murphy
Robert Anderson




"Two Hearts Collide"
by Level 42, from the album "Turn it On"





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