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Whom the Gods Created

Chapter 3

"Okay, on your feet," Detective Bidwell said gruffly, walking into the cell. "You're being charged with drunk and disorderly, instigating a fight, and vandalism of private property. You'll be processed, then allowed one phone call. This way." He led the way out of the cell, two male officers and two female officers following.

"Daniel is going to kill me," Casey grumped. She almost reached out to him…decided that she really didn't want to feel the anger that would come flooding through. She was drunk and upset enough, she didn't need to deal with Daniel's emotions as well.

"Jack isn't going to be too thrilled," Sam said.

"Let's cut the chatter," Bidwell said. It was damned hard not to laugh. The looks of dejection on the four lovely faces was almost enough to have him confessing that their 'arrests' weren't real.

"Just relax your hand, let me do the work," the officer who was fingerprinting the women told Casey. She closed her eyes as her fingerprints were put in ink onto an identification card. One which would be destroyed as soon as this 'scheme' was over, although she didn't know that.

Mug shots were taken, the young officer in charge certain he had never had more beautiful subjects to photograph, and probably never would again. And bemoaned the fact that the camera didn't have the capability of being adjusted so that he could take photographs worthy of the subjects. Then the women were allowed their phone call. Her fingers were shaking as she dialed the phone. "Daniel?"

"Case? What's wrong?"

"Well…it's a little hard to explain."

'Talk to me, Angel.'



"Daniel, I really need for you to take a deep breath and sit down. And remember I love you very much!" She wasn't blocking him…but she didn't want to get into a long, involved 'private' conversation. Her head was starting to hurt from the alcohol, and she was feeling so ashamed that she knew he would sense it, and demand answers she didn't have at the moment. If she couldn't satisfactorily explain to herself how she had managed to get into a barroom brawl, how in the world could she explain it to him?

It was all he could do to keep from laughing out loud. It was a good thing she seemed determined not to communicate with him in that very special way, without a doubt she'd pick up his amusement…and the deception necessary for the 'lesson'. "What's going on, Case?"

"Well…um…I've been arrested."

"You've what?"

"There were these guys in Esteban's and they were trying to pull a prank on three men who are visiting from Langara by sending them over to our table and offering to buy us drinks, and Venerd and Johann and Kervin didn't know who we were…are…and they were really embarrassed and we decided the jerks needed to be taught a lesson and then I sort of, well, I kind of grabbed the smartass of the group and forced him to the dance floor to apologize because Sam and Carly and Tessa were dancing with them…the Langarans I mean, and I might have shoved him a little when I turned loose of him and then he hit me-" she said, in her usual 'get-it-all-out-quickly-in-one-breath' manner.

"He what?" Daniel interrupted.

"He…um…hit me."

Daniel could feel the anger, white-hot and dangerous, boiling in his veins. No one had said anything about his Wife being hit! "Then what happened?"

"Well, Sam hit the jerk who hit me, and he fell against a table, and those guys got into it, and then I got hit again and fell on a table and these two women, who were really drunk by the way, they started fighting…and well, it gets kind of hazy after that."

"You're at the police station?"

"Uh huh."

"I'm on my way."

Casey hung up the phone. "Oh, he's pissed," she said softly. Too much Tequila in her bloodstream kept her from realizing that Daniel wasn't angry with her, but with the man who had hit her.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"The son-of-a-bitch hit her!" Daniel growled.

"What?" Jack asked. He had returned to the Jackson house after he'd received his phone call from Sam.

"Come on, I'll tell you on the way," the younger man said. He hugged his mother-in-law. "Thanks for coming over so quickly."

Erin smiled. "Just see to it that she doesn't have a police record. See to it that she's…calm…before you bring her home."

Daniel grinned. "Not a problem."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel and Jack arrived at the police station just a few minutes before Teal'c and Duncan did. Before they went inside the four compared notes on what they had learned from their frightened wives. It seemed that Sam and Casey had both been hit by at least one of the three men who had started the entire mess, and who were at that very moment, being placed in separate cells. None of the men were happy about the situation, and having learned the facts, decided that the 'lesson' was over.

The women were no longer handcuffed, but were still sitting in a holding cell. Detective Bidwell took the men into a waiting area.

"It will be hard to press charges against those creeps, since our wives were throwing punches back," Duncan pointed out.

"True," Jack agreed. "Technically, the fight started when Casey grabbed that guy."

Daniel shook his head. "She didn't hurt him. He never should have hit her."

Duncan couldn't help but chuckle. "Ever notice that trouble follows that skinny blonde around?"

"It's that temper of hers," Jack said, grinning.

Daniel couldn't help but grin as well, images…memories…of the many times over the years that Casey's temper had gotten the better of her, and had resulted in some sort of trouble skittered through his mind. "Don't piss off the skinny blonde."

Jack chortled. "Yeah, she'll kick your ass."

The door on the far side of the room opened, and four subdued women were led in, following the detective.

Casey glanced at him, then lowered her eyes. How humiliated he must be! Having to come to the police station in the middle of the night to bail his wife out of jail! For fighting in a bar! When was she going to learn to control her temper?

The look on her face had him wanting to laugh, and needing to comfort her, all at the same time. "C'mere, Angel."

She hesitated. Felt him pull her into his arms. Her own arms went around his strong, broad shoulders on their own accord, she clung to him, willing herself not to cry. "I'm so sorry," she whispered.

"Shh…it's okay," he whispered in return. He cupped her chin with his hand, examined her face. Her Quickening had already erased any marks the fight had inflicted on her. "Ready to go home?"

"I can go home?" she asked, hope lighting her eyes.

He smiled. "Yeah, you can go home."

She sighed. "Please, can you see if Venerd and Johann and Kervin are going to be released? None of this was their fault, they were innocent bystanders. Those jerks were taking advantage of the fact that they aren't from here, and didn't know-"

He put a finger on her lips. "Already taken care of."

"Good. I couldn't stand the thought of them being in jail because of me."

"I think they're already with Robert."

"Can you talk to Robert? See if he can put pressure on the police chief to keep Carly and Sam and Tessa from having any sort of record? I was the one who grabbed the guy, and they were only defending me," she asked softly.

He smiled. Typical. No matter that she had been in trouble herself, her biggest concern was the welfare of her friends, and men she considered to be the victims in the entire situation. "I don't think any of you will have to worry. There aren't any charges being filed against any of you, not now that all of the details have been gathered."

"But they fingerprinted us! They took mug shots…" her eyes narrowed as she slowly figured out what was going on. "That was low!"

Daniel lost his battle…and began to laugh. "Just thought a little lesson in self control was in order."

Casey planted her high-heeled feet at shoulder distance apart, her hands on her hips. "I am not amused! Do you have any idea how humiliating this entire thing has been?"

Jack glanced over Sam's shoulder at the couple. "Uh oh."

"I oughta to smack you! How could you?" Casey demanded. It only served to fire her temper all the more as Daniel continued to laugh.

"Uh, word of caution, Danny," Jack chuckled. "Don't piss off the skinny blonde, remember?"

"You! You were in on this too! And so were you!" she said, whirling to face Duncan. "It was probably your damned idea! Ooooooo! You make me so damned angry!" She stormed to the counter where one of the police officers was holding her purse. She grabbed it from the man's hand, glared at him simply because he was another one of 'them', shoved the strap over her shoulder, and headed for the exit.

"Mrs. Jackson?" a male voice called.

She turned around to see Venerd and his friends, along with Robert deValicort standing near the wide, plate glass doors. "Venerd!" She hurried toward the men.

"I must apologize," Venerd said as soon as he was holding her hand.

"Whatever for?"

"It was because of me, and my companions, that you were thrust into such a disagreeable situation," the man replied.

Casey shook her blonde head. "No, Venerd. You, and Kervin and Johann were taken advantage of. You're victims in all of this."

"As I have told them," Robert said, giving the woman a smile. "I've also asked them not to judge all of the people of Hope by the actions of those three men."

Venerd smiled. "We shall remember this night with great fondness," he said, his friends nodding and smiling as well. "It is not often that a man has four beautiful women show him such an…interesting time."

She couldn't help but giggle. "Well, just don't be fooled into believing that sort of thing happens here all of the time, because it doesn't."

"That's a shame," Kervin replied. "It was most…invigorating."

"That's one word for it," Casey said, still giggling.

"We bid you goodbye," Venerd said, lifting her hand to his lips for just a moment. "Please give our best regards to Tessa and Samantha and Carlotta."

"I will," Casey promised. Robert gave her cheek a quick peck, then led the men into the night, taking them back to the Hope Inn, the large hotel where nearly every visitor to Hope stayed.


She looked over her shoulder. Daniel was standing just outside the door of the waiting room. His fingers were shoved into his pockets, and a slight frown tugged at his eyebrows. His gaze was unreadable. She didn't give a damn what he was about to say when he started to open his mouth. Right now she was so angry with him she wanted to scream. Her eyes shooting daggers in his direction, she walked out the door. It was a long walk home, especially in three-inch stiletto heels, but she was determined to do so.

Daniel snapped his mouth closed, his question cut off before it could even be voiced. He rolled his eyes. It figured! She was the one who had been arrested, and he was the one getting the cold shoulder. And she had deserved a lesson in self-control, damn it! She'd been in a freaking barroom brawl! The thoughts of which set his cheek twitching as he tried not to smile. She must have been gorgeous, those beautiful green eyes flashing with fire and anger, her cheeks flushed with exertion as she threw punches. He watched the sway of her hips beneath that short black skirt until she was no longer visible in the lights that surrounded the police station. Damned if she hadn't even gotten a run in her stockings! Only Casey could get into a fight and walk away looking like a run-way model!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Her heels clicked against the sidewalk, a sharp staccato sound that filled the air. How dare he allow her to be arrested just to prove a freaking point! Okay, so she had a temper…that wasn't any kind of news flash! It wasn't like this was the first time something had happened because she had been pushed too far. She paused, put her hands on her hips, shook her head. Crap. Why couldn't she just once stay pissed at him? Every time she worked up a good 'mad' at him, her heart would point out how much he loved her, how much he actually put up with. Damn it! Yes, she did indeed have a temper. And usually she could control it. Unless Daniel was involved. Never say anything, or do anything about or to her Husband, or even remotely related to her Husband, that she might consider hurtful to him. She'd wipe the floor with you. If she'd been drinking…well, booze never was any good for helping one maintain control of emotions…any emotions; certainly didn't help her when it came to her temper.

Daniel pulled the Blazer close to the sidewalk. Stopped it and opened the door. "Casey?"

She'd heard the vehicle approaching. Had been fairly certain that it was him. She didn't turn around. "What?"

"Love you."

If he was giving her that sad puppy dog look…she glanced over her shoulder…he was. She couldn't hold back her giggle. He looked so pathetic! "Love you, too."

"Want a ride?"

She turned around. Folded her arms around her waist. "I guess."

The illumination from the headlights was enough to give him a full view of her…the short skirt...the bustier that showed off the soft curves of her breasts. Slender legs in sheer black stockings. God, she looks so hot! "Feel like a drive to the lake?"

She watched his face in the dim light. "Mom would probably like to get home."

"She's probably already asleep on the couch," he countered.

It was impossible not to give in to him. Not when he looked at her like that, the lust so clear in his eyes that she could see it from where she stood. Could feel the heat of the Fire that burned in him even from this distance. Watched his eyes move up and down, taking her in…again. "I suppose it would be better to just let her sleep."

"Much better."

"Although, there's already been a lot of physical activity tonight. For me, I mean," she said, trying not to smile.

"I'll do all the work."

"Really? In the Blazer. You'll do all of the work."

"Never said we'd be in the Blazer once we got to the lake," he grinned.

When he wiggled his eyebrows she burst into giggles. Crossed the sidewalk to stand in front of him. Wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm sorry about tonight…it had to be embarrassing for you," she said softly.

He put his arms around her, pulled her close. "Nope. Not at all. You were just being yourself, Angel. Trying to help someone you believed needed your help. Trying to take down a bully. Or in this case, three bullies. That you're willing to get involved, willing to try to protect people, no matter the results, doesn't embarrass me. It makes me proud of you," he replied.

She snuggled into his embrace. "Living with me can't be easy," she admitted softly.

"Living with you is heaven," he said, kissing her forehead.

Casey smiled. "Admit it. There are times you'd happily strangle me."

Daniel chuckled. "Oh, I suppose that thought has crossed my mind a time or two. Usually when you're baiting snakes."

"Let's go to the lake," she whispered.

He walked her to the passenger door, held her hand while she settled onto the seat, the flash of bare thigh as she climbed into the vehicle enough to make him hard. He hurried around to the driver's side, climbed behind the wheel, pulled back onto street. He held her hand all the way to the lake…past it to the slight hill that they had visited several times before.




The young man smiled. It wasn't easy driving out here without headlights. He watched carefully, trying to use the light from the vehicle in front of him. But it wasn't possible to get too close. Not without being noticed. He checked his camera. He had plenty of film and his telephoto lenses. Hoped to get some good close-ups tonight…of both of them. Hopefully nice, erotic shots of them enjoying one another. One hand moved to his swelling dick. Maybe he'd even come at the same time they did…this time.




He turned to look at her, the features of her face dimly lit by the two moons that hovered overhead. "You look so damned sexy," he said softly.

She smiled. "I dressed up for you," she replied shyly.

"For me?"

"Mmmhmm. I wanted you to think about me while I was gone."

He grinned. "It worked. I did. Let's get into the backseat."

"I thought you said we wouldn't be in the Blazer, and that you'd do all the work," she replied.

"Hmm…I did say that, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did."

"Have I ever told you how damned hot it makes me every time I think of making love to you in the back seat?"

"You're planning to move both car seats and Emmie's booster seat?"

Daniel laughed. "Good point."

"Good thing there's a blanket in the back," she said, smiling suggestively, toying with the leather lace that held her bustier together. Watched his eyes as he watched her fingers.

"Yeah, good thing," he said, his voice a bit strained. He shifted slightly, to allow room for his raging hard-on and aching balls.

"I think I should take my stockings off in here, to keep them from being snagged on any of that dry grass," she said, running one finger up and down her thigh.

"Uh huh."

"Would you mind taking my shoes off for me?" she asked, twisting in the seat to put her feet in his lap.

His fingers were trembling slightly as he worked the strap of the first shoe. Massaged her foot gently, then took the other shoe off, repeated the soft caresses on her other foot. "Need help with the stockings, too?"

"If you'd like," she whispered. Shivered when his fingers slid slowly up her legs to her thighs, ran over the lacy tops.

"You have incredible legs," he whispered, running his hands up and down her legs.

"I'm glad you like them," she replied breathlessly.

"Love 'em," he replied. His fingers were on her thighs once again. Slowly he began to pull one stocking down, his fingers moving over her bare skin as inch by inch the black silk came off her leg. The second stocking came off just as slowly. He handed the nylons to her, she rolled them up and stuffed them into the pumps that were on the floor. Her skin was always so smooth, so soft. He knew that her fastidious adherence to her 'maintenance' was the reason. Sometimes she even let him help. His fingers moved higher on her thighs each time he ran his hands upward. He could feel the heat the radiated from the very center of her being.

She closed her eyes. She'd wanted to seduce him, and be seduced by him…he was giving her that…and more. She licked her lips as his hands continued to caress her legs. Her own fingers were tugging on the lace of the bustier, she had loosened it, allowing the leather to part and expose even more of the firm flesh beneath it.

He couldn't hold back his gasp as he watched her. He knew every inch of those enticing, beautiful breasts. Seeing just a hint of those soft curves was driving him crazy. "You're a beautiful woman," he said softly, reaching up with one hand to caress her cheek, the other still moving up and down her leg.

"Thank you," she said demurely.

"You're making me crazy."

"I like making you crazy." She gently ran her toes up and down the hard ridge of his erection. "I like turning you on."

"Can't get more turned on than I am," he replied. "Hang on," he said. Reluctantly he pulled his hand from her body, got out of the vehicle. He unlocked and opened the hatch, then hurried to the passenger side. He opened the door, scooped her into his arms, and carried her to the back. "Grab the blanket," he said softly, lowering her enough so that she could comply.

Her heart hammered with excitement as he carried her to a spot beside the car where the dry grass wasn't quite as tall. He put her on her feet, took the blanket and carefully spread it out on the ground. He kicked off his shoes, and stripped off his shirt, tossed it out of the way. Standing there in just his jeans, the moonlight reflecting off of his broad shoulders, she felt her heart tighten with love, her body shiver with desire. "Oh, Daniel," she breathed.

"C'mere, Angel," he whispered, holding his hand toward her. Wrapped his fingers around hers when they touched his hand. He pulled her into his arms, pushed his face against her hair when her arms locked around his neck. One hand found the hook at the back of her skirt, pinched it until it opened, then tugged down the short zipper.

She stepped away from him long enough to push the skirt from her hips, tossed it to land on top of his shirt. Stood there in her black bikini panties and the bustier.

"Sweet Jesus," he murmured. He let his eyes travel over her body, then back up to hers, the moonlight making them dark, but not hiding the emotions that filled them. Her sweet, seductive smile set his pulse racing. It was going to be an amazing night!

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