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Whom the Gods Created

Chapter 2

Sam lifted her glass. "To the first night without kids in months!"

"I'll drink to that," Casey replied.

Tessa giggled. "I think you have the greatest need for a break, mon ami," she said to the slender blonde.

Carly smiled. "It is times like this that I am glad that I have no children."

"So will there ever be any little Teal'c's and Carly's running around?" Casey asked, sucking on a lime after finishing her shot of Tequila.

"I do not believe so. I love children, as long as they belong to someone else. I have been a nanny, and the responsibility is more than I wish to bear," the Spanish Immortal replied.

"It's different when they're your own," Casey insisted.

"Perhaps. Teal'c is content, I am content; he has Rya'c and Kar'yn and little Ronac. Who is not so little any longer," Carly smiled. "When I feel a need to…mother…there are six children for me to choose from." Her friends smiled at her.

"Whatever makes you happy, girlfriend," Sam said quietly.

"Amen," Casey replied.

"Not all women choose to be mothers," Tessa nodded. "I am grateful, however, that those of us who do, and are Immortal, have been given the opportunity to do so."

"Thank Oma for that," Casey said. "Speaking of whom…did anyone know she was seeing a Tollan?"

"Really?" Tessa asked, wide-eyed.

The slender blonde nodded. Signaled to the waitress. "Mom told me. Daddy told her. It seems that every trip to meet with the First Four includes a side trip to New Tollana on the way back," Casey confirmed.

"Speaking of the First Four, are we still going to be invited to join that particular group?" Sam asked.

Casey shrugged. "It's still being 'discussed'. Who knows how long that will take," she replied dryly.

"This is important?" Carly asked.

"I guess. Daniel seems to think it is. That it means that the Tau'ri have taken their place among the civilizations of the universe that…look after…the younger races. Since almost all of those younger races are human, I think we're drawing a fine line between 'Tau'ri' and 'human'. And since nearly all of the groups we've encountered so far have ancestors that came from Earth…" she shrugged her slender shoulders. "I guess that's why the 'discussion' is taking so long. Have to make sure that any treaty that declares us a part of the First Four, which would become the First Five, is very carefully worded to avoid including just anyone."

"That sounds a bit…prejudiced…to me," Tessa said.

"I don't think it's intended to be that way," Casey frowned. "I think they just want to make sure that members of the First civilizations are more…mature. I still can't believe we're even being considered."

"Your dad said Daniel, and who he is, has a lot to do with that," Sam reminded her.

"I'm sure it does. And now that he's played with the Big Boys and lived to tell about it, that has to make them even more nervous than before!"

Carly smiled. "To our maturity, and Daniel's position as The Chosen," she said, lifting her glass in salute. The women clinked their glasses against one another and downed the shots.

Tessa pulled her chair closer to the table, crossed her arms on the wood surface in front of her, leaned forward and smiled at Casey. "So, tell us about things at your house."

The slender blonde giggled. "Things are fine."

"Details, we want details," Sam insisted.

"What, you three don't get enough nookie from your own men? You have to hear about my love life?" Casey teased.

"Our love lives are not as…colorful…as yours," Carly said.

"What she said!" Sam agreed, nodding her head.

Casey gave a wicked grin. "Every morning. Every night. We wash each other in the shower."

Sam rolled her eyes. "Oh, for crying out loud! We already know that!"

Casey burst into giggles at her friend. Sam sounded just like Jack!

The waitress had finally managed to get to the table surrounded by the "First Women" of Gamma. "What can I get for you ladies?"

"A round of beers, and more limes," Casey replied.

"What brand?"

"Heineken," Sam responded.

"You have been living with Jack too long," Casey teased. "You used to drink Guinness."

Sam shrugged. "I guess I got used to Heineken," she admitted. "Now, back to you and Daniel."

"Oh, smooth diversion tactic," Tessa giggled.

Sam smiled. "I want to know about the storeroom."

Casey jerked slightly. "What about the storeroom?"

"That's what we're trying to find out!" Sam declared. "You tell us!"

That wicked grin crossed her face again. "Have you ever played lady cop and the bad guy?" Her three companions burst into laughter.

"Casey, you have the wildest imagination!" Sam gasped.

"Yeah, well Daniel doesn't complain," was the grinning retort.

"So, I take it that the two of you have played this 'game'?" Carly asked.

"The actual question should be how many times have we played the game," Casey giggled.

"Details," Tessa demanded.

She took a deep breath, blew it out slowly. "You know that Daniel usually calls me to 'make a date', right?" The women nodded. "Well, he goes into the storeroom, and I…um …bust him… for breaking and entering, or attempted robbery, something like that. Read him his rights, then make him assume the position."

"Up against the wall?" Sam asked, for clarification. How in the world did Casey come up with this stuff? Had to be all those romance novels she read! When she actually had time to read!

"Yep, facing the wall. Then I…uh…pat him down…and feel him up." Her friends giggled at the double entendre. "Then he protests sexual harassment. And I cuff him, and then we 'make a deal'. If I give him a blowjob, he won't report me. And then…I insist that he return the favor," Casey shrugged.

Carly giggled. "It sounds…interesting."

"It all started as just a way to keep his mind off of that damned Dagon/Steven Raynor creep," Casey said. "I mean, I did have this fantasy about…'frisking' him…so I waited one day, knew that he'd already gone into the storeroom. I went in, told him to freeze, that he was under arrest for breaking and entering. He started grinning, and I asked him if he thought being arrested was funny. I swear to god his eyes glazed over in that instant, and he was so ready that when I frisked him…let's just say he was armed and dangerous," Casey giggled. Her friends laughed as well.

Tessa shook her head slowly. "Where do you find the energy? I only have one child, you have three now. And still you make love like newlyweds!"

"Daniel helps a lot, Tess," Casey replied seriously. "He helps take care of the kids, obviously. But he makes the bed most mornings while I get the kids dressed. We change the sheets together. He helps with the laundry. Helps me clean the kitchen every night. He even…" she looked away, pulled her lip between her teeth. She had yet to admit this to anyone! And she was still coming to terms with how she felt about the situation.

"He even what, Case?" Sam asked gently.

"When I was confined to bed that month while I was pregnant, Daniel hired a lady to come to the house once a week to clean," she said softly.

"I think that's wonderful," Carly said, nodding.

"Well, Daniel insisted that she continue to come over. She comes twice a week now, on Tuesdays and Fridays. She cleans the bathrooms…dusts, vacuums…all the things I spent my Sunday afternoons doing."

"Is she good?"

"Lydia is the best! She does a great job, and she prefers that somebody be there. She doesn't want to be watched, but she doesn't like to be in someone's home while they're away. So if I'm not home, Mom is there. It's been a godsend, especially with Ethan," Casey admitted.

"How much does she charge?" Sam asked.

"Fifty an hour. Two hour a week minimum. She's usually there for three hours, one hour on Tuesday, and two on Friday. She doesn't clean our bedroom, even though she cleans the bathroom. And she's great about leaving Daniel's desk alone when she cleans the den," Casey replied.

"I never even thought about hiring someone," Sam admitted. "I don't know why, I had a cleaning lady when I was single!"

"Daniel said that he'd always had a cleaning lady," Casey nodded. "But he was still living on the base when we got together, and of course I never would have even considered hiring someone to do what I considered to be 'my job'. Especially when Daniel was insisting on paying all of the bills!"

Tessa was nodding as well. "It would be so much easier for me if I could have someone come and do the housework. Especially with the gallery set to open next week."

"Remind me to give you her name and number. She and her sister and daughter are partners in this cleaning business. I certainly haven't been disappointed. And I do love having Sunday to spend with the kids and Daniel," Casey said.

The waitress had returned with four beers and the requested plate of limes. And behind her were three businessmen from Langara. The men smiled, grabbed free chairs, and sat themselves down beside the surprised and not at all amused women.

"Does the phrase 'not interested, go away' mean anything to you?" Casey asked, fixing the 'leader' with a stare.

"Is it a Tau'ri saying?" the man asked in return, grinning at his friends.

"You might say that. Learn it. Know it. Embrace it," Casey replied.

"We would just like to offer you very lovely ladies a drink."

"So Einstein, notice anything that the four of us share?" Sam asked, putting her left hand flat on the table in front of her.

"Your ravishing beauty?"

Casey held up her left hand. Wiggled her fingers. "See the pretty sparkly thing on my finger?"

The man frowned. "Very nice."

"It's a wedding ring. Which means I'm married. Very happily married," Casey informed the man.

The man's companions began to look uncomfortable. The 'leader' shook his head slowly. "We did not know. The men at the bar told us that the four of you come here often, seeking companionship."

Sam's eyes narrowed. "Don't look over there," she hissed to her friends. "I'd say those jerks just set you gentlemen up."

"Oh, this so calls for payback," Casey said.

"I agree," Sam nodded.

"I'm Casey," the slender blonde said, offering her hand. "These are my best friends in the universe - Samantha, Tessa, and Carlotta."

"I am Venerd," the leader said, after shaking hands, an interesting Tau'ri custom, with the four beautiful woman. "My friends Kervin, and Johann."

The two men nodded. "We did not mean to offend, please believe us," Kervin said apologetically.

"I'd say that those jerks know who we are, and wanted to see Venerd and his friends shot down," Sam said softly.

"Shot down? You intend to kill us?" Venerd asked, his accent becoming thicker in his fear.

"No, no, nothing like that, " Casey assured the man. "It's a Tau'ri saying. For…um…not having success with a woman you meet."

"Ah, yes," the man said, his companions nodding their understanding as well.

"I say we should give those guys at the bar a little lesson," Tessa said. She was sitting in the chair that faced the bar. "They're certainly watching this table with interest."

"Venerd, how would you like to get even with those jerks?" Casey asked.

"Considering that they have taken advantage of our ignorance of Tau'ri customs, I believe we would be most obliged," the man replied.

"Well, let's just get cozy, shall we?" The slender blonde winked at her friends. "Just trust us, and follow our lead."

The men nodded.

"First thing you need to do, is move a bit closer," Sam said. The women shifted their chairs so that the men were sitting closer to the round table. With seven people, they were all very close to one another.

"Now, Venerd," Tessa said softly, "you and your friends need to put your arm around the back of one of our chairs."

With wide grins of understanding, each man put an arm around the woman beside him. With a wicked grin of his own, Kervin put his arms around Casey and Tessa.

"Now what?" Johann asked.

"Now, we just talk. Those guys at the bar won't know what we're talking about. We need to laugh a lot too."

"It would be most…persuasive…if we danced as well," Carly said, getting into the spirit of the 'game'.

"But there is no music," Venerd pointed out.

"There will be," Casey replied. She reached for her purse, found her wallet, and carefully moved away from the table toward the jukebox. Selections made, she headed straight for the dance floor. Grinned at Kervin and motioned to him with her finger. The man smiled, and joined her on the dance floor.

"I do not know how the Tau'ri dance," the man whispered nervously.

"That's okay, I'll teach you," Casey whispered in return. She took one of his hands and placed it on her waist. Put one hand on his shoulder, the other in his waiting hand. "We're just going to move with the music."

Carly had pulled Venerd to the dance floor, and Sam led Johann by the hand. Tessa cut in on Casey and Kervin after the first song had finished.

Sam pointed attention to Casey as the young woman walked past the bar. "Heads up…she's going in for the kill!"

Casey stopped in front of three men who wore very guilty expressions. "I just have to ask…do you have any idea who we are?"

"Yeah," one of the men muttered. "You're Casey Jackson."

"Do you have any idea who my husband is?"

"Doctor Daniel Jackson."

"Have you ever seen the man?"

"Once or twice," the speaker admitted.

"And yet you were stupid enough to send those men, who had absolutely no clue who my friends and I were, over to flirt with us." She shook her head. "Do you have a death wish or something? Daniel would never hold those men responsible. They're Langarans. Haven't been in Gamma more than a few hours. You however-" She shook her head again.

"Uh…you aren't going to tell him about this, are you?"

She gave a predatory smile. "I keep no secrets from my husband."

"You don't even know who we are," the second man smirked.

"I don't. But I'll be Keith does. Don't you?" she asked the bartender.

"Yep," Keith replied.

She returned her attention to the three men who literally squirmed on their barstools. "You're going to apologize to those men."

"Yeah, right," the second man snorted.

Casey had been drinking. Her reflexes weren't as quick as they normally were. Her victim had been drinking as well, and wasn't prepared to have the slender woman grab him by the throat with one hand, the other applying pressure to his wrist, and twisting his arm behind his back. "Now, we're going to walk over there, and you're going to apologize."

The man tried to struggle, only to find that those slender hands were on pressure points, and tightened slightly. He was six foot to her five foot, seven inches, and he had to weigh at least twice what she did. However, he walked in the direction she steered him, unable to do anything else.

"You two get your butts over here," Casey said. "Or do my friends need to help you?"

Hesitantly the men followed.

"Venerd, these men have something that they would like to say to you, Kervin and Johann." She turned to the man she still had a grip on. "Well, go on!"

"I apologize for setting you up like that," the man mumbled. His companions mumbled apologies as well.

"I think you boys should leave now," Casey said, giving the second man a slight shove as she turned loose of him.

"Bitch!" the man hissed. He took a step, turned around and swung his fist, catching Casey across the jaw. As far as he was concerned, the bitch had it coming.

"Oh, you did not just do that!" Sam growled. She swung at the second man, her blow knocking him backward and into a table where three couples sat drinking and talking quietly. The men at the table jumped up, threw the man back onto the dance floor.

He jumped to his feet, and headed back to the table. His friends were taking swings at the three Langarans. After all, they were responsible for the whole damned mess! If they had just crashed and burned like they were supposed to…The first man felt a tap on his shoulder. Turned around just in time to see Casey's fist flying toward his face. He ducked, slapped her, sent her sprawling into another table.

Two women, both far too drunk to understand that Casey hadn't knocked over their table intentionally, grabbed for the slender blonde.

In a matter of minutes it was a free for all, and the four best friends were in the very center of the melee. The manger ran into the room, and after a brief conversation with the bartender, who was already dialing for the police, began to try to restore order.

When it was over, the three Langarans, the three men who had been sitting at the bar, and Casey, Tessa, Sam, and Carly were being taken to the police station for drunk and disorderly. Their hands cuffed behind them, the arresting police officers carrying their purses, the stunned women were taken outside to the waiting police vehicles.

"This is not happening," Sam muttered as they sat together in the police van. The Langarans were sitting on the other side of the van, the three other men taken in the first van. Witnesses were giving statements, and the bartender was telling the police detective what he had seen.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The police station was brightly lit, and the prisoners were taken into the booking area, eyes blinking against the light after the dimness of the bar, and the darkness of the ride. The men were led in one direction, the women in another. All four of the women were hoping that their names, and the fact that they were among the Who's Who of Gamma, would prevent them from being fingerprinted and photographed. The women were taken to a holding cell and left there; handcuffed, embarrassed and angry.

"This is all my fault," Casey said softly. "I'm sorry."

"You were only trying to right a wrong, mon ami," Tessa said.

"You did not start the fight," Carly told the young blonde. "That jackass who hit you started the whole thing."

"Well, not technically," Casey argued. "I mean, I did have him in a choke hold."

"Damned good one, too," Sam muttered.

"Had those men at the bar not been such jerks, none of this would have happened," Tessa insisted. "Mac will get this all cleared up."

With nothing to do but wait, the women leaned on one another and fell silent.




The police detective in charge had immediately recognized the women. A quick phone call to Mayor deValicort, who had demanded the details immediately upon learning of the arrests, had garnered instructions to wait until further orders were given concerning his prisoners. The men who had started the entire incident were to be processed as was standard procedure, and the Langarans were to be held until he could arrive at the station and sort out the details.

The phone lines between four neighboring houses buzzed as four men learned that their wives had been arrested. And the four agreed that the women needed a lesson in self-control. The wives of President Duncan MacLeod, General Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c of Chulak were to be booked. It was an elaborate act, of course. Especially as five officers returned with witness statements to the events which had led up to the fight, and the fight itself, providing proof that the women were merely defending themselves and one another. But Detective Larry Bidwell wasn't about to disobey orders from the Mayor and the President!

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