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Whom the Gods Created

Chapter 4

It was annoying to have to get out of the car. Why couldn't they have made love on this side of that damned SUV? Getting out to find a vantage point where he could see them increased his chances of being caught. He was much closer this time…he had to be closer. Had to hear her, as well as see her. They hadn't noticed him the last time…chances were they wouldn't this time, either. But to be this close…if they looked up, they might see him, sitting here, watching them…joining them, in a way. That thought added to the excitement that filled him. His camera was forgotten was he watched the slender blonde standing in the moonlight. When she had taken off the skirt, his cock had twitched violently in his pants, necessitating the need to unsnap and unzip them. Her shoulders and arms were pale in comparison to the garment that encased her torso. He watched the man's hands move over her shoulders, down her arms, to her hands, put them on his shoulders. Geez, are they gonna dance or fuck? Couldn't they just get down to business?




He'd been waiting in bed for her when the first call about her arrest had come; he'd grabbed his jeans and tee shirt, not bothering with boxers. He was damned glad about that now. Fewer clothes to have to deal with. Less time spent undressing. Her soft, slender hands would come into contact with his aching flesh just that much sooner. Daniel put her hands on his shoulders. Smiled when her fingers began to move over his skin, down to his chest. She caressed his stomach, unsnapped and unzipped his jeans, pushed them aside, allowing his erection to spring free. He gasped when she tugged gently at his nipples. Moaned softly when she leaned forward to greet each brown nub with a gentle kiss. Shivered when her tongue teased one, and then the other, until both nipples were hard pearls against his skin. His hands moved over her hips as she suckled, the feel of those enticing curves beneath his fingertips sending his cock rising higher.

She pulled away long enough to look at him. "My god, my Adonis," she whispered as she sank to her knees. One hand cupped his heavy balls, the other wrapped around his shaft and began to stroke gently.

"That's it, Angel," he whispered. "Worship me."

Her eyes locked with his; unaware that her love, her lust, was visible even in the dim moonlight. Slowly she took him into her mouth, taking as much of him as she could, then trying to take just a bit more. The shiver his body gave delighted her. She moaned softly at the taste of his skin, the saltiness of his precum. How she loved to do this for him! Goddess, he tastes so good!

That talented tongue of hers was making him weak in the knees. He wrapped his hands in long blonde silk, holding onto her as she moved up and down on him, his hips meeting her each step of the way. Every touch was an expression of love. Couldn't get any better than that. He gasped when she began to tease him…loved how she did that…how she made his body burn with lust, reaching for the fulfillment that only she could give him.




Yeah, that's it, the young man thought, his fist around his own cock, stroking gently. Suck him off. He let his fantasies put him in the man's place, the beautiful blonde on her knees in front of him. He licked his lips, wondering just what her lips tasted like, what her skin felt like. He knew how good she smelled, he'd been close enough to her several times in the grocery store. She didn't often accept help to take her groceries out to the car. One day, he thought, she's going to say yes. She's going to look at me, he sighed mentally, and she's going to see that I can rock her world. And she'll say yes, and she'll let me take her to the old van…it's all ready for us. I'll light the candles, he thought, building his fantasy one step at a time, and I'll open the wine, and she'll let me pour it on her boobs like he did. Only this time her belly isn't big and round and full of a baby. It's flat and perfect and I'm going to fuck her so hard!




She let him fall out of her mouth, licked him from his balls to the tip of his throbbing shaft and back again. Her tongue moved over him, taking each ball into her mouth and gently sucking on it… felt his body shake as she moved back up to his cock. Her hands continued to caress him, working in concert with her mouth to drive him ever closer to the edge of the precipice.

He couldn't hold back the moan of pure pleasure as she made love to him. No matter how many times she pleasured him like this, it was always amazing. Always. He smiled at her. Was just learning, after eleven years, that she liked it when he let her know verbally how he was feeling. She was learning to vocalize as well, telling him what she liked, what she enjoyed. But her responses each time he whispered his love, told her how wonderful she was, could be felt in her body, and seen in those beautiful green eyes. "God, I love how you do that," he whispered. Watched the smile that filled her eyes.

His whisper filled her heart with love, and not a little pride that she could make him feel good. The tremors that had been moving over him were coming faster, she knew that it wouldn't be long until he couldn't remain standing. That she could do that to him made her heart beat harder…faster; made her want to please him all the more. She focused on the attention her tongue was giving the sensitive underside of that swollen tip, flicking her tongue over it, then sucking it gently…then teasing it again. He moaned again, tightened his grip on her head, his hips moving faster, trying to shove more of that magnificent cock down her throat. He was ready. She relaxed her throat, took him as deeply as she could, and began to swallow.

"Sweet Jesus!" his eyes rolled back in his head as pleasure so intense it made him shake from head to foot rolled over him…rushed through him. Within seconds he was sending his love down her throat, her name echoing on the air around them.

Oh, yeah, that's what I'm talking about, she thought gleefully, taking down every drop of his precious white love as his body throbbed and shook. Carefully licked him clean. Looked up at him; her body on Fire, her heart and mind satisfied that she had pleased the man who meant everything to her.

Daniel dropped down beside her, his knees too weak to support him any longer. "That was amazing," he said softly. He reached out, pushed her hair over her shoulder. Tugged on the lace to the bustier. "Take it off."

Both hands went to the lace. Began to pull it through the openings that held the leather together.

"Easy…slowly," he begged in a whisper.

With a wicked grin, she let the fingers of one hand move over her skin, disappearing under the black leather, while the other pulled the lace out of each hole, her fingertips running all the way to the end, before going back to the bustier.

Whatever he wanted, she didand with such fervor it never failed to take his breath away… making him hard and needy all over again. He watched her fingers move over her nipple, then back to the lace. Oh, yeah, she was making it a show for him. Exactly like he wanted. She'd just sucked his balls dry. He was ready to go again.

The bustier opened farther, dropped slightly - almost exposing her rosy nipples. He was breathing harder, his eyes focused on her breasts. She could tell that he wanted to reach out and touch her, that he was holding himself back, sweet torture for both of them. When the lace came free, the leather fell from her body, exposing her completely to his view.

"So beautiful," he whispered. One finger traced the darkness of one areola, then other, just barely touching her skin. He reached for her. Pulled her close, tugged until she was straddling his lap, her breasts directly in front of his face. He gently blew across those sweet nipples, watched them harden, his mouth watering to taste those sweet buds.

She pushed her fingers through his hair as he began to suckle, his touch gentle at first, until his need…her need…demanded more. She let her head fall back, closed her eyes as fingers of Fire raced up and down her spine. His hands cupped her breasts…held them…massaged them…caressed them, all the while his mouth moved from one hardened tip to the other. She shivered as the cool night air moved over the damp skin, his mouth moving back to warm her once again.




He so wanted to do that! So wanted to taste those beautiful boobs! The first time he'd seen them, with the dark rosy nipples, he'd wanted to touch them…hold them. He had touched a breast before. Tammy James had let him feel her up. But those small breasts were nothing like Hers. No girl could compare to that beautiful woman! He wished it was lighter, so that he could seen them better. He had stopped stroking himself, afraid he would come before she did. He didn't want that. He wanted to come with her…with them. Another fantasy began to play in his head. One where the man joined them in the van. Watched him make love to her breasts. Raised her hips and settled her pussy on his aching cock. Then the man put his monster of a dick in her ass, and they both fucked her. And she cried out how much she loved it, and how she wanted them to fuck her harder. Damn …he had to be careful, or he was going to blow his load as soon as his fingers touched the slender, throbbing shaft that waved in the cool breeze.




"Need to taste you, Angel," he whispered. "Stand up."

She complied. Watched him shift to his knees in front of her. His fingertips traced a path at the very top of her lacy bikini panties. Left her shivering as he slid his fingers just under the black silky lace. He nuzzled her mons through the sexy lingerie, then slowly eased the panties from her hips; his fingers, his hands caressing her all the way to her ankles. She steadied herself as she stepped out of them by putting both hands on his shoulders.

"My goddess," he whispered, planting soft, tiny kisses on her hips. "The only altar at which I worship."

Her heart raced at his soft declarations. He was kissing her thighs, his hands gently pushing at her, seeking access to the moist flesh between them. Making love to him orally always aroused her, brought her close to her own climax. His attention to her body, the way he'd made love to her breasts, had only stoked the Fire that burned in her…raged in her. She was hot and wet and ready, her body throbbing with need.

He continued to caress her with his hands, let them slowly move back to that incredible ass. Cupped both firm cheeks, began to knead them slowly as he kissed her thighs, nibbled on the sensitive juncture where those beautiful legs met her enticing body. Felt the shudders each action produced. "Tell me what you want," he demanded softly.

"Worship me," she begged breathlessly. "Please, worship me!"

Carefully, slowly, he moved the flat of his tongue over her soft, wet folds. Could taste the honey that had made its way out of that warm, sexy honeypot. Held her ass tighter as he began to deliberately move his tongue around her womanhood, again and again and again, until his own need, that sweet addiction, drove him to thrust his seeking tongue deep into that warm well. Her gasp echoed in his ears, nectar flowed over his tongue and lips, into his mouth, quenching the thirst that she created in him, that only she could satisfy.

Oh, goddess, the man has such a talented tongue! Every time he made love to her it was a kaleidoscope of incredible sensations. Her fingers were locked in his hair, holding tightly as he made love to her. His eyes watched her as she shivered with delight, every reaction pleasing him…evidenced by the smile that she could see in those dark depths.

'So sweet…you taste so good.'

His voice echoed in her head, his mouth moved over her aching flesh, and his hands continued to knead her ass. Her hands went to her breasts, tugged at nipples so hard they hurt. She saw his eyes widen, could see the lust that filled them in the silvery light of the two Gammian moons. "That feels so good…you make me feel so good," she whispered.

The tremors in her body were increasing. Time to let her fly. He slipped one hand between her thighs, pushed two fingers into her well, stroking slowly, deeply, as his tongue moved around and around her swollen nether lips. She was breathing hard, her hips pushing forward, her silent way of begging for his attention where she needed it the most. When he flicked his tongue over that hard, swollen nub, she gasped out loud. Moaned when he began to tease it. Her eyes were closed, her head had fallen back, that elegant neck arched. She was always breathtaking when she was on the cusp of orgasm. Her breasts were beginning to heave, her flat belly quivered and rolled as he continued to move her ever higher.

In all the time she'd known him, he had never failed to send her soaring among the stars. Never. He had, on numerous occasions, taken her to the very edge of the cliff, only to leave her hanging there until she thought she would go mad with need. He knew her body better than she did, recognized every signal that it sent out, could tell just by the way she was breathing how much longer he could tease her before she lost complete control. When he began to back away, intent on prolonging the intense excruciating pleasure, she held firmly to his head, pushed her hips toward his face. She needed to come, oh goddess, she needed to come! She cried out when he sucked her aching clit into his mouth. Moaned as he teased it gently. His fingers were moving faster. She felt him slip a third finger inside her, push deep and hard. Her climax was glittering in front of her eyes…she reached for it, felt him moving his head back and forth, intensifying the sensations of his mouth and tongue against her delicate flesh.

Her thighs were quivering. That beautiful whimper filled her throat just seconds before she began to sing her love to him, her moans low and soft and as full of emotion as they were the result of her physical release. Her well pulsed around his fingers, her honey ran down his hand. He moved his mouth to that sweet opening, once again took his fill as her body shook above him. When she whispered his name, his soul took flight. Only he could elicit such responses in her. Her fingers were tugging at his hair as her climax overwhelmed her.

Pleasure so sweet, so beautiful that it brought tears to her eyes, washed over her again and again, until she was gasping for breath. When her knees buckled, he caught her, lowered her gently to the ground.




It was so hard to keep quiet as his cock spewed forth its load. He hadn't touched himself until he heard her whimper, thinking that she was coming. Then he heard her moan, almost as if she were singing. It was the most incredible sound he had ever heard. He watched her body as she orgasmed, the way her breasts moved with each gasp of breath, the way her hips wiggled back and forth, pushing hard against the face of the man kneeling in front of her. Two strokes of his hand and he was shooting. Pretending that she was coming on his face. Licking his lips even as he tried to imagine how she tasted.




Daniel stretched out beside her. Brushed her hair over her shoulder. "Did I please you, my Goddess?"

She smiled, reached up an cupped his cheek with her hand. "Oh, yes," she breathed. "You always please me."

"Good," he replied. He tugged at her until she was lying with her head on his shoulder. "I've always enjoyed making love in the moonlight," he said softly.

"Me, too," she agreed. She began to move her fingers up and down his chest, from his throat to the opening of his jeans, where his erection stood out once again. Her fingers gently grazed over that hot, rigid skin, making the anaconda jerk. "You're ready again."

"Yeah, seems like," he teased.

"What got you all hot and bothered?"

"Must have been that sweet little twat I was sampling…playing with."

She giggled. "So playing with twats turns you on?"

"Playing with your twat turns me on."

"This is a very…interesting…discussion," she said, giggling again.

"You started it," he grinned.

"All I said was that you're ready again."

"Then you asked what got me all hot and bothered."

Her giggles intensified. She sat up, then straddled his hips. "Move your jeans," she whispered.

He waited until she was far enough above him that he could push the denims past his thighs. "Ride me, Angel," he whispered in return. Watched as her body took him in, inch by inch.

She began to massage him, clamped down hard, his gasp making her smile. She did it again, and again, holding him, then relaxing, only to clamp down yet again.

"Sweet Jesus!" he muttered.

"Like that, do you?" she asked breathlessly…every time she held him tightly he throbbed, and the echo of that pulse moved up and down her body.

"Oh, hell yeah," he groaned.

She added subtle back and forth movements of her hips, making him gasp again. Her body was clamoring for more. She curled her legs beside his hips, began to move up and down on him, rising until he was barely inside her body, then shoving her hips down hard and fast.

He grabbed her hips, kept her from moving too quickly as her need began to make demands of her. He was just as needy - but he wanted the ride to last.




They had moved on from the oral sex. She was sitting on top of the man, her beautiful, sexy body silhouetted in the moonlight. He began to stroke his cock. He was young, and horny, and his body responded vigorously to the stimulation. Just like that. He wanted her to ride him just like that! Wondered just how that slender body could take that huge cock without being hurt. He'd visited websites that specialized in man to man love. It had made him…curious. Made him wonder what it would  feel like to shove his cock into her, ass or pussy, he didn't care. And then to have that gigantic cock up his ass. He had ordered several 'marital aids' online. They hadn't arrived yet. When they did, and he could watch them, he would have more than just his hand around his slender dick to bring him pleasure. He watched her lean down and kiss the man, watched the man's hands move from her hips to her breasts. Hell, yeah! I'd be playing with those beautiful boobs, too!




So good. Making love with him always felt so good! She loved the way he filled her…her body, her heart, her soul. So completely full of Daniel that there wasn't room for anything else. She loved his kisses, too, and watching his mouth always made her hungry to taste it. She leaned forward, licked his lower lip, then gently suckled it before pressing her lips against his.

He worked the combination to her sweet mouth, began to thrust his tongue against hers with the same rhythm that his hips thrust his aching cock into her hot, tight well. Felt as well as heard her soft moan. It couldn't feel any more incredible. He couldn't feel any better…not without passing out.

She pulled away just far enough to speak. "Daniel?"


"I want you on top of me," she whispered.

With a smile his hands moved from her breasts to her shoulders, around to caress her slender shoulder blades. Gently pulled her forward. When she had settled against his chest he rolled over, putting her beneath him.

She locked her legs around his waist, her arms around his shoulders, holding him close. The warmth of his chest against her breasts sent fingers of pleasure up and down her spine. Her hips met his, thrust for thrust as he led her through the intimate dance of love.

Her throat was begging for his attention. He settled his weight on his forearms, allowing his chest to press down against her, lowered his head and began to nibble on that fragrant skin. Felt the shivers that his attention caused. Felt her mouth against his shoulder, her tongue tracing patterns on his skin. The added stimulation sent the flames higher, until the Fire was dancing around him, around them, shooting toward the sky…toward the stars.

"Love you," she murmured against his skin, her back arching, pressing her body against him, her hands moving over his shoulders, to his neck, into his hair.

"Love you, too," he whispered. He was thrusting faster, harder now; pushing deeper into her welcoming center. She was beginning to wiggle beneath him as her own desires, her own needs made more demands.

She was so close to the edge of the cliff she could feel the breeze against her face. Each time his body pushed into hers, he rubbed his hips against her, providing the stimulation her own body craved. She buried her face against his shoulder, breathing deeply of his wonderful masculine scent. Held tighter to him as they moved closer to the finale of the amazing composition he had created for them.

So damned good! God, it feels so damned good! As much as he wanted this incredible ride to continue, he could tell that it was almost over. Her slender thighs began to quiver against his sides, that melodic whimper filled her throat, and she moaned against his skin as her climax took her spinning among the stars. His own body raced to join her, his cock throbbing against the still pulsing walls of her warm well as he hurtled into space beside her. He cried out with pleasure, then murmured her name, his prayer of love.




Once again he barely managed to remain silent as his cock throbbed and jerked in his hand, his second orgasm sending more sticky semen into the grass. When he'd caught his breath, he fastened and zipped his jeans. He had to get back to his car. As he stood up his fingers brushed against his camera. Shit! He'd wanted pictures. Oh, well. Next time. It seemed that coming out here, so far away from town, was a normal occurrence for them. They weren't exhibitionists or anything, they just seemed to like making love in the open. Maybe the next time it would be light outhe'd get better quality photos if it were. 

He stayed low as he moved toward the battered little car that he called his own. He frowned when he realized that if he started the car now, they'd certainly hear it. If he started it at the same time the Blazer started…then came the problem of getting back to the highway without being seen. Shit! Sweat beaded up on his forehead and upper lip. He didn't want to get caught. Not by Doctor Jackson! There was absolutely no doubt that the man would not be amused to find that he and his wife were being spied on. No one knew about the photos he'd taken the last time he'd watched them; developed in his dad's darkroom, photos that he masturbated to, quite often. Panic had him swearing to any and all gods that he would destroy them as soon as he got home, if he could just get away with out being discovered.




Casey fumbled with the lace on the bustier. "Here, Angel," Daniel said softly, tugging his tee shirt over her head. "Just wear this."

"Just this?" she asked, her smile just a bit wicked.

"Ha ha."

She pushed her arms through the sleeves of the shirt. It smelled like him. Made her feel safe. She pulled on her panties and the skirt, watched him button and zip his jeans. He shook the blanket out, helped her fold it.

"Ready to go home?" He put the blanket into the car, grabbed a windbreaker left there at some point in time, pulled it over his arms, across his bare chest, and zipped it.

"Yeah, I am," she replied, carefully folding the bustier, making certain that the lace was with it. "So we can get what, two or three hours of sleep?"

Daniel grinned. "I'll leave a message for Jack. We'll go in later."

She giggled. "You know that they'll know why."


"Wonder what time Jack and Sam will make it in?"

"I don't know…don't care. We'll all get there eventually."

"It's nice to have the latitude to show up at work when we want."

"It's not like we do it all of the time," he pointed out. "Besides, we've earned it!"

"So true. Let's go home," she said, stifling a yawn. "I want to snuggle up to you and go to sleep."

"Sounds good, Angel," he replied softly. Started the engine. Frowned when he heard what sounded like another engine starting. Was someone else out here? He listened carefully, couldn't hear anything. Maybe it had been his imagination.




He eased his car forward as quickly as he dared without lights, hoping that Doctor Jackson would think that his tire tracks were those made by the Blazer coming in. He contemplated stopping beside the lake. There were often couples who came to the lake to make out at night. But rarely was there anyone there this late at night…or rather, early in the morning.

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