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Some Kind of Wonderful

"I love to love you baby...
I love to love you baby...
When you're laying so close to me
There's no place I'd rather you be
Than with me here
I love to love you baby..."
"Love to Love You"
Donna Summer 


Chapter 4

He laid back, pulled one of the pillows behind his head. He reached out and caught a handful of blonde silk, wrapped it around his hand, tugged gently to bring her toward him. Her eyes sent messages of love that his own responded to, replied to.

She yielded to his wants…his need, and leaned forward to kiss him. But she maintained control of the kiss, touching him, tasting him…teasing him. She nibbled on his lower lip before moving down to kiss his chin, his jaw. She moved her mouth over his neck, suckled the muscle behind his ear, down to mark his shoulder before kissing her way back to his throat. She marked him over and over, his breathing becoming more erratic with every kiss, every nip of her teeth. She sucked on his Adam's apple, smiled against the skin when he swallowed from the gentle pressure. His collarbones were the recipient of her loving attention, every inch of them gently licked and kissed. His chest had always turned her on, and she pulled away far enough to just look at him. "My Adonis…my god," she whispered, her fingers moving over his skin, tracing the Mayan tattoo that branded him, declared him The Chosen.

His cock was pushing against the zipper of his jeans with such pressure that he was sure he was going to rip it, so aroused that he was hurting. He needed her attention, needed her to give him some relief. Needed for her to make love to him. He hissed a sigh when she began to tease his hard, flat nipples. She was going to drive him crazy before she finally let him have satisfaction. His hand was still full of her hair, he brought it up to his face, held the soft, fragrant silk against his cheek.

Her fingers were already ahead of her mouth, moving over his belly, down to that rock hard lump behind his jeans. She caressed him gently, then slowly unfastened the snap, tugged the zipper down over the bulge of his erection. She slipped her hand inside, pleasantly surprised to find that he wasn't wearing boxers. She shifted until she was straddling him, then pulled away from him long enough to tug his jeans past his hips. He raised up to allow her to get them off. She tossed them onto the chair beside her blouse. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked at him…hard, pulsing…so damned beautiful! Her heart was beating faster as she kissed and licked his hips, his thighs. His quiet moan of impatience thrilled her, and she continued to torment him. She moved back up, pressed her body against him so that his throbbing flesh was between her breasts, and continued to lick and kiss his belly and chest, her tongue tracing the tattoo that so turned her on.

He was going to lose his mind! He pushed his hips against her, could feel the soft curves of her breasts against his aching shaft. As much as he wanted to push her down, force her where he needed her to be, he resisted. He closed his eyes, concentrated on the feeling of her tongue against his skin as she teased his bellybutton. He was ready to begplead with her to give him the release he so desperately needed. The only sound that came out of his mouth was a moan as she wrapped her soft hand around the base of his cock. Oh, yeah, she was going to do it now…going to give him one of those mind-altering blowjobs.

She ran her fingers through his pubic hair, then slid them down to caress his heavy balls, the other hand already gently stroking the base of that magnificent cock. The precum on the tip of his shaft glistened in the candle light…she let her tongue dart out and lick it away. The first taste of him had her body clamoring for more. She relented, and lowered her head, took as much of him into her mouth as she could. She pushed her tongue against him and began to move up and down, applying steady pressure as she sucked gently. His hips were rising to meet her every time she moved her head back down toward them. She continued to suck him for several minutes before she let him fall out of her mouth, ran her tongue over and around him like a lollipop. She teased the head, sucked on that mushroomed ridge, tickled it with her tongue, reached with the tip of her tongue for more of the precum that was flowing liberally. He gasped when she sucked on just the head, running her tongue around it as she did so.

God, could this woman give head! She had always been able to drive him insane making love to him this way, tonight was no exception. His hands were clenched as she teased him, his body taut as a bowstring as she moved her mouth over and around him. Waiting for her to take him over the edge was sweet agony. He pulled one long leg up, let it fall to the side, giving her better access to his body as her hand playfully…lovingly…explored him. Every sweet caress was sheer delight; every gentle touch took him higher, closer to the climax that shimmered just above him.

She was well aware of the fact that he had spent six weeks without her. Had gone through withdrawal from the pheromones she produced. They had made love, twice each day since her return. But tonight his need was still greater than hers had been, and her need had been considerable. He was so hard that she was sure he was in pain. She wouldn't…she couldn't withhold any longer the release that his body was waiting for, reaching for. She wrapped her mouth around him again, pressed her tongue against his throbbing shaft and began to suck, moving up and down with long, steady strokes, her hand matching her movements on that part of him she couldn't take in. Her other hand gently caressed his balls, felt them tighten.

"Oh, god," he moaned, as she worked his swollen flesh with purpose…and such love. He could feel the Fire moving from his belly to his balls. It wouldn't be long now…she had him just seconds from that sweet climax his body was demanding.

She moved up to her knees, positioned herself, and relaxed her throat. She let him slide against the back of her throat, allowed her need to swallow to stimulate him farther. His chest was heaving, his belly rolling, his balls tightened in her hand, and suddenly he was there, hot spurts of come shooting down her throat.

He was flying over the edge of the cliff, hurtling through space as his body found the perfect release. He cried out her name, his hips rising up off the floor as he came. He had both hands in her hair, his toes curled as he continued to spin through the clouds, out toward the stars. "Sweet Jesus," he murmured as he watched her give him a tongue bath. He dropped back down, panting; as the waves of pleasure slowly subsided.

"Liked that, huh?" she asked, her green eyes dancing.

He grinned. "Oh, yeah. That was amazing, Angel." He pulled her to lay on top of him, his arms closing around her, holding her tightly.

She snuggled close. "Love to love you, baby," she said, giggling slightly. That particular song had been playing on the radio the day before while she worked on a translation in his office. She had been singing along with it, not even paying attention, until she had glanced over at him. He had been watching her, his eyes full of Fire, his breath slightly raspy. She had known without asking what he had been thinking about.

He chuckled. "You do it very well."

"So do you," she replied. His response was to hold her tighter.

The fire that crackled beside them felt nice, now that night had fallen. The breeze that moved over them, teased the flames of the fire and the candles, was cooler. The candles added their warmth to the room, as well as the soft light that surrounded them.

"Love you, Angel," he said softly, his hands moving up and down her slender frame, from her shoulders to her hips and back again, in slow, gentle circles.

She snuggled closer to him. "Love you, too, Stud Muffin." A question had been flittering around in her head, had been there since she had returned home and learned she had been dead for six weeks. Knowing what a passionate man Daniel was, and how often they made love, which had been at least once a day, she had wondered how he had…handled…the sudden deprivation of physical intimacy. She bit back her smile. What she wanted to know, in the bluntest of terms, was how had her adorable hornball managed without nooky? She just didn't know how to ask him the question. She didn't worry that he had slept with another woman. She knew that his grief alone would have prevented that. Teal'c had told her that Daniel loved her deeply, and if she had remained …dead…it was doubtful that he would have ever had any type of serious relationship again. She gave a little sigh. She'd probably never know.

"Penny for them," he said softly.

She giggled, then began to laugh. "They're worth at least twice that much, and there is no way I can ask you…tell you," she hastily corrected herself.

One eyebrow went up. "What? Ask me what? Angel, you can ask me anything, you know that," he told her gently.

She shook her head. "Not this," she replied firmly.

He rolled them over, so that he could look down at her, watch her eyes. "Anything," he repeated, his voice just as firm. He pushed the hair from her face, back over her shoulder, let his fingers caress her face.

She let her gaze drift to the tattoo that she so loved, watched her fingers trace over it again and again.


She began to blush, then slowly shook her head. "I can't. It's not important anyway."

He sighed. No doubt she wanted to do something special, or something different tonight. And she couldn't ask him. Damn Helen Webster to hell for what she had done to his sweet, beautiful Wife! "Babe, it's okay. Just say it. There's nobody here but you and me. Nobody to know about it. You know that I love you, and that nothing, nothing you say is going to bother me."

Her blush deepened, her eyes remained fixed on his chest. "Really, Daniel, it's nothing."

His fingers locked around her chin, gently forced her head back so that she had to look in his eyes. Or would eventually. He waited patiently while her eyes moved, focused everywhere but where he wanted her to look. There. Finally. "Ask me."

Her cheeks were crimson now. "Please…don't make me," she pleaded in whispers, her eyes full of embarrassment, just before they dropped to stare at his chin.

He shook his head, lowered his own gaze. "I hate her," he hissed.

"Who?" She was confused now.

"Helen Webster!"

What did her adoptive mother have to do with this? "Why?"

"Because you can't ask me a simple question, can't tell me what you want when we make love!" he replied. "Damn it, you're my Wife! You shouldn't be afraid, or embarrassed, or unable to say anything, ask anything of me!"

She looked at him, a slight frown on her face. What on earth was he ranting about? When couldn't she ask… oh…She began to giggle when she realized what he was talking about. True, it was nearly impossible for her to ask him to do anything…out of the ordinary…when they made love. She rolled her eyes mentally. Okay, it was impossible for her to ask him to do anything! But she had discovered ways of letting him know what she wanted. This, however, was something totally different.

He couldn't help but smile when she giggled. "Don't make me come in there and look for it," he threatened playfully.

If she thought for one minute that he was serious, she would have been worried. She knew for a fact, however, that he would never, ever do that to her. "You wouldn't be able to find it anyway," she teased in return.

"What, your mind is like that purse of yours? That explains a few things," he retorted, laughing at her now.

She punched his arm. "Oh, that is so not funny!"

His smile faded slightly. "Come on, Case. Just ask. It's okay, I promise."

She could feel the heat rise in her cheeks once again. She was curious…Her fingers began to skim up and down his arms, her eyes locked on his chest. "I was just…wondering…when I was…gone…and you were alone… and…well…we…at least once every day…and then…well …I was just wondering…if…well…if you…did you ever…um…did you jerk off while I was dead?"

He stared at her for a minute. Had she just asked…she had just asked that! He tried. He really tried. Fought for several minutes to keep the grin from his face. Lost the battle. There was no way to stop the laugh that filled his throat. He shook his head. "No, Angel, I didn't," he gasped between snickers.

She watched him laugh. "It wasn't funny. Certainly not that damned funny!" she muttered.

Daniel planted a wet kiss on her forehead. "Oh, Angel, that's what you were afraid to ask me?"

"For good reason, apparently," she replied, somewhat huffily. "It's a legitimate question! I was gone for six weeks…and you're used to getting it everyday!"

He started laughing again. "God I love you!" he exclaimed delightedly. He pulled her up with one arm, hugged her against his chest, then lowered her gently back to the floor. "Angel, I won't say there weren't times that I wasn't…uncomfortable. But it would have been too much like…cheating on you. I couldn't do that."

Her eyes went wide. "Cheating on…How in the world do you figure that?"

Daniel shrugged slightly. "I belong to you, Casey. The only way I get…release…the only way I want to get release, is from you…with you. When we make love."

Casey felt tears in her eyes. "Daniel Jackson that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard in my life!"

He smiled slightly, shrugged again. "It's the truth. That's the way I feel."

For six long, lonely weeks he had not only grieved for her, wept for her, he had denied himself any sort of physical relief. Granted, he probably hadn't been 'uncomfortable' often, but still… "Daniel?"


"Let me taste you…let me love you," she whispered. She wanted to give to him…needed to give to him.

He shivered. He could see in her eyes that she wanted to do this. Even had an idea how she wanted make love. But she would never be able to tell him…show him…unless he asked her. "How?"

Her eyes shining, she put gentle pressure against his shoulders, pushing him toward her hips. The other hand reached for his hip, caressed him, her fingers tugging slightly.

"Love you, Angel," he whispered, just before he kissed her lips. He turned his back to her, swung his leg over her shoulders, and settled himself above her. He lowered his hips slightly, until he felt soft resistance from her hands.

"Love you, Sweetheart," she replied, just before she took his hard shaft into her mouth. Oh, yes! This was what she wanted to do! The taste of him set off the flames in her own body. She wrapped her hand around him, stroked him gently as her tongue moved around his quickly swelling flesh. Every throb against her tongue gave her pleasure, made her feel powerful, in control. She tilted her head back slightly, took more of him in. She liked making love to him this particular way for that very reason. It seemed that she could take more of that magnificent cock into her mouth in this position.

He gasped when he felt her begin to love him. Closed his eyes when she tugged at his hips, pulling him just a bit lower, taking him deeper. Oh, god, she has the most talented tongue! He settled himself, resting on his forearms. He could smell her, she was aroused again. His tongue flickered out to take a taste of that sweet honey. He would never get his fill of her nectar, never get enough of the soft skin that surrounded that sweet well. He ran the flat of his tongue over those soft folds, felt her shiver from the touch.

She concentrated on making love to him, trying desperately to ignore the caresses, the tender, loving attention he was giving her body. One hand caressed his balls, not as heavy as they had been earlier, but full nonetheless, the other moved up and down, stimulating him as much as her mouth and tongue did. Before she had met Daniel, she had never experienced oral lovemaking, neither the giving nor the receiving. Making love to him this way was probably her most favorite thing to do. Or at least right up there in the top ten…top five…nope, top three. She closed her eyes, let her other senses take over. The soap he used combined with his own natural scent made him smell so good! He tasted good, too, like…Daniel…masculine, a bit salty…and very stimulating. She loved the velvet and steel feel of him in her mouth and hands, loved the way he throbbed when she pleased him. She was sucking steadily now, her head moving up and down beneath him; long, hard strokes that were sure to bring him to his climax within minutes.

Her hips were in motion now, she was enjoying the sensations that he was giving her, the stimulation she needed to reach that sweet release. He swirled his tongue over her, pushed into her sweet well, moved it back and forth and in and out of her, tasting her, teasing her. The tiny moan that she gave set off tendrils of pleasure that washed up and down his cock. His fingers had joined his tongue, moved over her, caressed that hard, swollen nub. He was the only man to ever experience her this way…the only man who she had ever made love to in this way. That thought always thrilled him whenever it crossed his mind...Oh, god, what she was doing to him!

Her body was shaking; she was so close to flying again. She held back, fighting to maintain control as she continued to suck him, stroke him. She wanted him to fall over the edge first, wanted to give him pleasure before taking her own. But oh, what he was doing felt so good! She increased the pressure of her tongue, began to stroke him a bit faster, her hand gripping him a bit tighter, taking him farther into her mouth until he was touching the back of her throat. She began to swallow, shifted slightly, tilted her head back a bit more…felt him slide deeper than she had ever taken him before.

Sweet Jesus! He was going to lose his mind! He felt his engorged shaft move deeper, felt her swallow…He pushed his fingers inside her, stroking deep, hard; teased that swollen nub with his tongue, then sucked it as far into his mouth as he could. Her thighs were beginning to quiver. 'Give it to me, Angel.'

'Fly with me, please fly with me!'

The moan that filled her throat as her orgasm overtook her vibrated around him - was enough to set him off. He came harder than he had in a long time, pulsing again and again. Together they danced among the stars, twirled around the planets, spun through sparkling nebulae. He cried out her name as he continued to spin beside her.

Her body was still shaking when he so very gently pulled away from her. He turned around, kissed her belly, her breasts, tugged her to lay on top of him. She leaned up and kissed him, tasting the honey that he was so addicted to. She snuggled into his arms.

"You're incredible, Casey," he said softly.

She smiled. "I was just thinking the same thing about you."

He smiled. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, why?"

"Just wondering…I've never gone that deep before. I didn't hurt you, did I?"

It was typical of Daniel to be worried about her, concerned for her. "No, My Heart, you didn't hurt me. I…I liked that I could do that. It made you come so hard."

He chuckled now. "You like doing that to me, don't you?"

"Making you come hard? Yep. It's a power thing," she replied. She grinned up at him, her eyes full of laughter.

"Control freak, huh?" he teased.

She giggled. "Only when it comes to pleasing you." She sat up, reached for one of the glasses of wine, took a drink. She looked down at him, smiled, took another mouthful. She leaned down and pressed her lips to his, let the wine flow into his mouth.

This was the best way in the world to drink wine, he decided. He smiled at her, encouraging her to do it again. He closed his eyes when she poured wine on his chest and then licked it off, the caresses sending the flames shooting skyward again. He reversed their positions, took the wine, shared it with her, licked it from her sweet, soft body. Yep. Best way in the world to drink wine.

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