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Some Kind of Wonderful


"…When I hold her in my arms,
You know she sets my soul on fire.
Oooh, when my baby kisses me,
My heart becomes filled with desire.
When she wraps her lovin’ arms around me,
About drives me out of my mind.
Yeah, when my baby kisses me,
Chills run up and down my spine…"
"Some Kind of Wonderful"
Grand Funk Railroad


Chapter 5

They were lying on their sides, spooned together, his chest keeping her back warm as they watched the fire dance on the hearth. She stared into the flames. Swore she could actually see the happiness she felt. Every flame reminded her of Daniel, every face that appeared was his.

His hand was moving over her side and hip, a soft gentle caress. She wasn't sure that he was even aware of doing it.



"What would you say if I told you I'm thinking about retiring?"

She shifted until she was on her back, looked up at him. "I'd remind you that you're The Chosen."

"I told First I quit," he said quietly

She sat up, looked at him, her eyes wide. "You what?"

"I couldn't do it, couldn't go through the 'gate again. Especially since I was faced with the daunting task of raising Emmie and Nicholas alone. There was no way I could risk it." He twisted a strand of blonde silk around his fingers. "I missed you so damned much, and they had refused to help me… I guess I wanted to strike out at them, at whoever it is that they work for."

"Oh, my poor, sweet Daniel," she whispered. She wreathed his face with her hands, kissed him deeply, let her love pour into him, telling him with each caress that she understood. Her heart was battering her ribs when she slowly pulled away. Every kiss affected her the same way; set her body on Fire, her heart soaring, her soul rejoicing. "You're The Chosen, Daniel. Because you're a wonderful man; kind, generous…you're intelligent, you're wise…you're the best man for the job, my Heart. That's why they picked you. I don't think quitting…or retiring…is an option."

"I don't want to go through losing you again. I swear, Case, I'm raw emotionally; I'm mentally exhausted. I-" he broke off, stared into the flames. "I can't face life without you."

Tears filled her eyes, spilled over and left wet trails on her cheeks. "I'm so sorry," she whispered.

He looked up at her, reached out and brushed the tears away. "Nothing for you to be sorry about. Don't you dare blame yourself!"

She lowered her head. "It's difficult not to…your pain is because of me!"

He groaned, sat up and pulled her close. "What am I going to do with you? How do I get through to you, Casey? How do I make you understand that never - not once in this, or any other time that you've been taken from me - have you been responsible?" He wrapped his hand around her chin. Tilted her face toward him. "Look at me, Angel."

She lifted her eyes, looked into the incredible blue ones that she loved so much. Saw so much love there that it took her breath away.

"What do you see?"

She smiled. "Love."

He nodded. "That's right. I love you more than I can tell you. Do you see any blame there?"

She shook her head.

"That's because there is nothing, nothing to blame you for! How in god's name could getting killed in that room be your fault?"

"I knew something was going to happen-"

"So you knew that you and Teal'c were going to die, and you didn't say anything?" he challenged.

"No! I didn't know…couldn't see-" She shook her head. "I should have known," she murmured.

He shook his own dark blonde head. "Ah, I see. You're omnipotent now?"

"Not hardly!"

"My point exactly. Look at me, Case." He waited until those beautiful green eyes were focused on his. "I don't want you to ever apologize again for anything that isn't your fault. Do you understand? I don't want you carrying guilt for anything that isn't your fault. Understand?"

"Easier said than done, especially when I feel so guilty," she whispered.

He moaned and pulled her against his chest. Damn Helen Webster to the fieriest level of hell! "I love you so much, Angel. It hurts to see you doing this to yourself. Let it all go, all of it. None of it is your fault."

She shifted, leaned against him slightly. "How did I get so lucky? Sometimes I-" she realized what she had been about to say, panickedbroke off, shook her head.

He saw the flicker of panic that had filled her eyes for one brief second. Once again his hand wrapped around her chin. Again he waited patiently for her to finally meet his gaze. "Sometimes you what, Angel?"

Caught! The fear that hovered in the back of her mind was something that she tried desperately to keep hidden from him. No way to lie to him about it…he would know in an instant if she did. Revealing her darkest thoughts was something she always tried to avoid, for many reasons. Not the least being that she never wanted to burden him with her phobias, her apprehensions. Had she not been so…relaxed, feeling so…safe, she wouldn't have slipped up. She took a deep breath, blew it out slowly. Best to just say it and be done with it. Her eyes focused on his chin. "Sometimes I feel so…unworthy of you…and that…I guess it feels like the universe is trying to let me know that I'm not…not good enough for you…like The Powers That Be are trying to move me out of the way so that…so that…so that the woman you deserve can come into your life," she said softly.

His hand dropped; he sat stunned. He could only stare at her. Didn't know how to respond to her admission. Knew only that her words exposed the depth of her fears, her insecurities. Like a brick wall. Sometimes talking to her is like talking to a freaking brick wall! How many times would he have to beat on it, struggle to make her understand how much he loved her? She heard only what she wanted to hear, what the scars left on her heart, on her soul, would allow her to hear.

She looked at him, ice cold dread settling into her being. He had never thought of that, she could see that in his shocked expression, and now that she had brought it up…that horrible aching feeling of impending loss began to wrap itself around her heart.

"You have said a lot of things over the years that have made me angry, but I think this takes the prize," he said finally. "Casey Renee Jackson, I am this close to turning you over my knee and giving you a richly deserved spanking!" he declared, holding his hand up, his index finger and thumb less than half an inch apart.

He was angry? Oh, god! He was angry because she was right! And, being the incredible man that he was, Daniel would never voluntarily leave her. So now he realized that he was…trapped… stuck with her! That had to be it, right? Her confusion, her fears, reflected in her eyes.

He could read what she was thinking in her wide, green eyes. And she was so far from the truth that it was infuriating. After ten years, didn't she get it? Didn't she understand how much he loved her…needed her? "You're my Destiny, Casey. You always have been! Sha're even told me that - although I already knew it, and trust me - she was in…is in…a position to know! Not good enough for me? Where in the hell did you ever get that twisted notion? No, wait, don't tell me! That damn adoptive mother of yours! Jesus H. Christ! She couldn't be content with telling you that you were…using those horrible names…she had to totally destroy your self esteem, your self worth! I swear to god if I had the chance I'd break her freaking neck! What will it take to get through to you? How do I cut through all of that shit and reach you?" He stopped ranting. Because Casey was giggling. "What is so funny?"

"You. I've never seen you so angry! Not even when Nicholas tore up all of your notes!"

He shook his head, smiled at her. His hand went back to her chin, held her firmly, his eyes locked with hers. "Listen to me, and listen good, little girl. I love you. You are my Destiny. Best thing that has ever happened to me, and I do mean the best thing that ever happened to me! I love you so much I don't even know how to tell you! You are the most incredible woman I have ever known. The most beautiful, sexy, sensuous, talented, caring, generous, intelligent, wonderful woman I've ever met. If anyone is unworthy here, it's me! Did I mention that I love you? Because I do. With all of my heart. Now, I never want to hear that kind of crap again, do you understand me?"

His Destiny. She was his Destiny. Just as he was hers. Most of the time she realized this, knew it for fact. Sometimes the fears would blur those feelings, hide the facts in a haze of insecurity. She smiled, reached up and cupped his cheek with her hand. "I think I get it."

"Good." He turned his face and kissed the palm of her hand. "Now that we have all of that out of the way…I guess this means I won't be retiring, huh?"

"No, Daniel. Not for a long, long time. We'll be okay. As long as we're together," she replied.

"Together, always, Angel." He let go of her face, ran his fingers through the long blonde silk that he loved so much.

"Together, always," she agreed. She leaned forward, pressed her lips to his throat, moved to his chin, his lips. "Forever and ever," she breathed, kissing his jaw.

"Forever and ever," he repeated. He wrapped his arms around her, lowered his head and captured her lips in a kiss. More demons fought, and hopefully destroyed, his mind told him. For both of them.

Like the first kiss of the evening, this kiss had the promise of being special. Heart pounding, her pulse racing so fast she could feel it, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Love so deep, so rich, so…pure…coursed through her, from the top of her blonde head to the tips of her scarlet painted toes…left her breathless. His words echoed in her head. He loved her…he loved her… he loved her! Oh, she had known that he loved her, but to hear it the way he had just declared it…there was no uncertainty, no room for doubts, not now! She reached out to touch him, caress him, overjoyed to feel his gentle presence in return. He was pushing into her mouth, his tongue tasting her, touching her, fanning the flames that skittered along her skin, up and down her spine.

Every fiber of his being was screaming his need for her, his love for her. How could she think that she wasn't good enough for him…that he would ever let her go, regardless of what anyone…or anything, including the universe…wanted? Oh, god he loved her! He'd tell her as often as she needed to hear it, as many times a day as it took until she believed it in the very deepest part of her heart, her soul.

There was nothing in the world, in the universe, that compared with kissing her. She was leaning against him, the way she always did when he kissed her like this. The taste of her lips was sending messages of desire to his rising manhood. The touch of her soft skin against his was sweet torture, scorching him, sending the flames ever higher. He moaned when she moved closer, her nipples burning his chest as her breasts pressed against him. He pushed against her, his arm around her, easing her onto her back once again. She relaxed and laid back, never letting go of him, never taking her lips from his.

She had flown among the stars twice already tonight. Would fly there again. What she wanted now, what she needed…what her body was demanding, was to feel him…hold him…deep inside. His lips moved over her cheeks, he kissed each eyelid, trailed more tiny kisses down her jaw to her throat. If she had been mortal, her neck would have been a mass of hickeys as he marked her again and again. That thought made her smile. He knew just how much it turned her on, aroused her, when he did that. She tipped her head back slightly, sighed softly as his mouth continued to make love to her, every touch rushing to increase the heat, the ache, between her thighs. That he would take the time to love her, arouse her, make her ready for him, still filled her with awe…love…gratitude, even after all of the years she had been with him. Until she'd met Daniel, she hadn't known what love was, what making love was. She sighed again, tightened her arms around him.

The taste of her skin, her sweet scent, filled his senses until he knew nothing but her. His body ached to worship the goddess that he held in his arms, his soul gave thanks for her, and his heart beat with love and devotion to the woman who filled his life with sunshine and happiness. Her arms held him tightly, her soft sighs went straight to his heart…and his aching cock; he could feel her lips against his shoulder. He lowered his head to feast on the breasts that drove him crazy with desire. Her rosy nipples were hard and pointed and he loved them so damned much! His mouth moved from one to the other and back again until her back was arched off of the floor, pushing up against him. He needed to feel her body wrapped around him, needed to feel that warmth. He moved over her, parted her legs with his knee, felt them wrap around his waist and draw him in closer. She was so wet that there was no need to guide him, he simply pushed his hips against her and slid home. Sweet Jesus! Nothing in the world can compare to this feeling! Oh god, she feels so damned good!

Her hips moved up to greet him, to take him all the way into her waiting, needy body. She loved the way he stretched her to take him in, filled her so completelyhad always loved that. She had seen the little pillow…where was it? There. She reached for it, her fingers couldn't quite get it. He saw what she was doing, grabbed it for her, waited as she raised up, then pushed it beneath her. It helped her position her hips so that he could go as deep as possible. She closed her eyes as he began to move…slowly, gently.

No matter how many times they made love, it was always as good, as sweet, as exciting as the first time he had touched her, entered her beautiful body. Her warm well wrapped around him like a fist, held him, gripped him tightly, massaged him from the base to the tip of his aching, throbbing cock. Feeling her hold him, her body arched beneath his, tasting her sweet skin as he gave in to temptation and lowered his head to her breast once more, listening to her fast, shallow breathing as he began the dance of love, her hips meeting his beat for beat, had his own pulse racing, his heart pounding.

The most beautiful thing in the world that she knew was making love to him, with him. She thought again that for some reason it felt as if this were the first time for them…as if they were discovering each other, coming together in the tender way of first-time lovers. Soft, gentle…new. She knew his body as well as he knew hers; she knew what would drive him wild, what would help him maintain control, what would bring out that moan that came from deep in his belly. She smiled at that thought. The night wasn't over, and before it was she would do just that…make his eyes roll back in his head, make him moan his surrender to her. Her hands were gripping his shoulders, she applied gentle pressure to bring him closer, his weight on her a sweet, welcome burden.

He lowered himself onto his forearms, conceding to her silent request of him. She liked feeling his body on hers, she had told him that several times. He was always concerned about crushing her, she seemed so delicate. Her arms and legs tightened around him, bands of soft, firm flesh that held him as a willing prisoner of her body as she loved him, allowed him to love her. He pushed deeper, harder with each thrust. She was the perfect fit, his heart reminded him again, in every way. He looked down at her face, her green eyes were watching him; full of love, and Fire, and lust. He was sure she was seeing the same thing in his. "You feel so good, Angel," he whispered, panting slightly as his hips continued to move.

"Mmm…so do you…oh yes! Right there!" she sighed, grinding up against him.

He rubbed his hips against hers, offering her the friction he knew she was seeking. "Like that, huh?"

"Yes…yes…" she whispered. Tiny whimpers from the back of her throat filled the air. Her body would not be denied. Slowly her hands slid down his strong, tanned back to his lean hips. She grabbed his ass, wrapped her legs around the backs of his thighs and began to ride him, hard and fast. Oh, god, this was it…so good…so very good!

He stopped thrusting, let her take what she wanted from him, the sensations she was causing sending shivers down his spine. "That's it, Angel, do it…make it good," he whispered, encouraging her. He loved it when she lost control this way, her body demanding…taking what it needed, what she needed. Her eyes were closed, her sweet lips parted slightly, her head back, exposing her neck…it was enough to make him throb all the harder!

"Now, Daniel…please," she begged, "hard, fast…please!"

With a moan of pure pleasure he rose up on outstretched arms, began pounding into her, his own body making demands now. His cock was screaming at him, reaching for that glorious ride that waited just over the top of the mountain. Her legs were around his waist once again, he could feel her thighs quiver against him. "Give it to me, Angel. Come for me, just for me," he implored in a ragged whisper. The whimper filled her throat…her moan filled his ears, pleased him as she gave in and flew over the edge of the cliff. Her body convulsed and trembled around him, beneath him.

She gave up to the Fire, waves of pleasure washed over her, around her. Her body trembled as she hurtled toward the brightly colored stars. She tightened her hands around his biceps, locked her ankles behind his back, pushed her hips against his with every thrust he made. "Fill me, Daniel, give me your love," she whispered, arching her back beneath him.

He was so close…not much longer now…he could feel that incredible feeling moving up from his balls…just about…Sweet Jesus! He threw his head back and cried out her name as he raced over the edge, hurtling into the abyss of pure pleasure, just before he took flight. He flew over the clouds, found her, danced with her…held her tightly as they drifted back down onto the soft waves of their afterglow. He rolled to his back, keeping her with him, breathing hard. "Love you, Angel," he said softly, once he could breathe normally again.

"Love you, too, Stud Muffin," she replied. She tossed her hair over her shoulder, away from her face. It fanned out over her back, falling down to cover his arm as well. She lowered her head to his shoulder. "Are you hungry?"

"I could go for something to eat," he admitted.

"I'll get us something, then…in a minute." She snuggled closer. "Have I ever told you how much I like doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Lying like this. Close to you, having you hold me so tightly."

He smiled. "I think you've mentioned it a time or two."

"Good. Because I do. Like it. I feel so safe…so loved…" she pressed her lips to his shoulder.

"I like it too, Angel. I like feeling you close to me."

"I like how our hearts beat together," she said softly, shyly.

"Almost like one heart," he replied.

"Two hearts that beat as one," she amended. "So what shall we have to eat? I could fix-"

He wanted nothing to interrupt the flow of the evening. Having her stop to cook would do just that. "No cooking. How about a sandwich?"

"I think we still have some deli meat in there," she said. She sat up, looked down at him. "I love you."

He reached up, pushed her hair back, let his fingers move over her jaw. "I love you."

She pulled away slowly, padded into the kitchen to find the ingredients for sandwiches. She grabbed a bag of potato chips from the pantry when she went for the bread.

They stood side by side, made their sandwiches, then took them, along with the chips, and sat back down in front of the fire to eat. They giggled and laughed and talked about everything and nothing as they ate.

He smiled contentedly. He had needed this. Knew that she had as well. Being alone, just the two of them in the house, was always a pleasure. Tonight it was even more so. It had been so long since he had been alone with her. So far, it was turning out to be everything he wanted, needed. And the night was far from over.

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