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Some Kind of Wonderful

"…When I hold her in my arms,
You know she sets my soul on fire.
Oooh, when my baby kisses me,
My heart becomes filled with desire.
When she wraps her lovin’ arms around me,
About drives me out of my mind.
Yeah, when my baby kisses me,
Chills run up and down my spine…"
 "Some Kind of Wonderful"
Grand Funk Railroad


Chapter 3

Daniel pushed the chairs and the ottoman out of the way in the conversation room, found a quilt in the linen closet, spread it out in front of the fireplace. He added pillows from the bed, made sure that the small one that fit perfectly under her slender hips was among them when he carried them to the room and dropped them onto the quilt.

A click of the igniter, and a fire began to burn on the hearth. It was warm now, but with the French doors open, enough of a breeze was coming through to make sitting in front of a fire tolerable. Later the warmth from that fire would be pleasant. He brought candles from all over the house, set them on the floor, on the mantle, on the hearth, and lit them carefully. A bottle of wine and two glasses were sitting on the hearth as well.

He grinned when he went to change. He stripped, pulled on a clean pair of worn, faded jeans. If Casey thought a man wearing nothing but jeans was sexy, then that was what she was going to get. He glanced at his watch as he took it off and laid it on the bedside table. She should be back any time now. With a grin, he opened the drawer and took out Barney, his little friend, and the bottle of flavored body oil. Looked like a stop at 'For Lover's Only' was in order. The bottle was nearly empty. He realized that this was the first time in seven weeks that the drawer had been opened. His heart dropped a bit as he thought about those long, lonely days; the cruel, empty nights without her. He shook himself, and carried the items out to the conversation room.

The bouquet he had ordered the day before was on the dining room table. She had been so surprised, so excited when she had come home to find the flowers waiting for her. He smiled as he remembered the look of love on her face when she thanked him. He carried them into the other room and put them on the floor near the quilt. Their fragrance would add to the romanticism he was striving for. He went through the CD's, found Harry Connick, Jr. and put it into the player, on repeat. The soft love ballads filled the open rooms.

He waited nervously. They had made love every morning and every night since her return to him. But this was the first time that they would be totally alone in the house, able to…indulge. He almost felt is if he were waiting to make love to her for the very first time. His heart began to batter his ribs when he heard the sound of the garage door opening. He shoved his hands into his pockets, and went to stand near the back door.

Casey had no idea what to expect. She knew only that he was up to something. Her heart was racing when she opened the door. He was standing in the kitchen, looking like Adonis himself in that pair of faded jeans. The ones that hugged that sexy ass. His bare feet were crossed casually as he leaned against the island, his hands in his pockets, tugging the jeans low on his hips. Dear goddess, he was the most handsome, virile man she had ever laid eyes on!

"Hi," he said.

He gave her that shy smile, the one that always, always melted her heart and turned her on. She smiled back. "Hi."

His heart nearly stopped when she smiled at him, the smile that invariably turned his brain to mush…shy, seductive, sweet…all rolled into that one movement of her sweet lips. How in the hell did she manage that, anyway? Her eyes moved over him, from head to foot, back up to his eyes. He could see the Fire fill those green depths with desire. "C'mere," he said, holding his hand out.

She dropped her purse where she stood, reached out to take his hand. He pulled her close, hugged her tightly. Her arms went around him, and she marveled at how good it felt to hold him, to be held by him. She closed her eyes, breathed deeply. He smelled so good! He wasn't wearing cologne, this was just…Daniel. She pressed her face against his neck, breathing him in, feeling the warmth of his skin against hers.

He gave a silent sigh of absolute happiness when her arms locked around his neck. He pulled her closer, held her as tightly as he could without hurting her. She felt like heaven in his arms. Her sweet scent filled his nose, sent messages to his brain that had him aching with need. To feel her breathing, the heat of her breath against his neck; to feel the warmth of her skin as he pressed his lips against her temple, all the things that told him she was alive, and in his armssent his soul soaring. "I missed you so damned much," he whispered.

"I know," she replied, her voice muffled against him.

"I need you, Angel."

"I need you, too."

He pulled away from her, his body screaming in protest, and led her to the conversation room.

She gasped as she took in what he had done. Her eyes were dancing in the candlelight. "Oh, Daniel, it's…it's perfect!" she said softly.

"I'm glad you think so," he smiled. He walked over to the quilt, and eased his tall frame down to the floor. He said nothing, just watched her watching him.

She stood for a moment, unsure at first what to do. It almost felt as if all of this had been carefully planned to seduce her for the very first time. She was suddenly very nervous. She settled herself beside him, smiled shyly when he laced his fingers through hers.

He could feel her fingers trembling slightly. "Angel, are you all right?" he asked softly.

She smiled again, that sweet, shy smile. "Just a little nervous."

His smile warmed her heart. "Me, too." He had opened the bottle of wine before he sat it on the hearth. He leaned over and filled both glasses, handed one to her.

"Do you want…need, to talk about…things?" she asked softly, after taking a sip of Merlot.

He shook his head. "We've already discussed it all. Nothing left to be said," he replied.

She looked at him, noted the haunted look that flickered in his eyes long enough to be seen, then was gone. "You're sure?"

"I'm sure." He reached up and gently brushed her hair over her shoulder, exposing her neck and throat. His mouth watered to taste that sweet skin. "I don't want to think about any of it, not tonight. I just want to love you, Casey," he whispered.

"I’m here, Daniel. Let me love you," she whispered in return. She put her glass down, and lifted her hands to unbutton her blouse.

Daniel reached out with one hand, closed his fingers over both of her slender hands. "Let me," he said softly. His fingers shook slightly as they slowly, oh so slowly, undid each button. He let his fingertips brush against her skin as he moved from one button to the next, felt the shiver in her body from the light touch. He put his glass down, used both hands to push the blouse from her shoulders, down her arms. He tossed it onto one of the nearby chairs.

His touch was soft, gentle. She could feel the flames that each tender caress ignited. His eyes were full of Fire, full of love, full of desire, full of need. She knew that he was seeing the same thing in hers. The hunger that filled those incredible blue eyes when he pushed her blouse from her body made her catch her breath. Every look, every touch made her feel sexy, desirable...loved.

He knew every delectable inch of that tantalizing body. He felt as if he was seeing her for the first time. The hint of those rosy nipples beneath the white lace of her bra had him so hard it hurt. He leaned forward slowly, brushed his lips over hers tentatively before settling against them. His tongue worked the combination, and pushed into her mouth when she opened to him. So sweet! Always so sweet! He put one hand behind her head, held her steady as he drank from her mouth, greedy for everything that she gave him, every touch, every caress that was traded as their tongues moved back and forth.

She moaned softly. His kisses were like the breath of life for her, she needed them every bit as much as she wanted them. Her hands found their way to their favorite places, one in his hair, her fingers moving through the short dark blonde locks, the other moving over his strong, broad shoulder, to the tattoo that made her crazy with desire…love, and back again. She scooted closer, felt his arm wrap around her waist, the other hand still cupping the back of her head.

He kept the kiss as gentle as he could, for as long as he could. The passion continued to build, until he was pressing his lips against hers with more and more pressure, his tongue probing as if it was seeking to know the depths of her throat. Hers responded in kind. Their mouths opened wider as they sought to take in more of one another. Too much…too fast, his brain told him. He began to back away, easing them back to a gentler caress.

Her heart was hammering against her ribs, her body was on Fire. She could feel him temper the passion that was flowing between them, knew that he did so in order to keep them from rushing to the next step, the next pinnacle. He wanted to take his time, she wanted the same thing. She needed time to just feel him…experience him. Their lovemaking since her return had been hurried, frenzied, desperate with need…as if they were both afraid of being snatched away from the other before reaching their climax. She let her tongue move over his lips, tasting him, learning him as if she had never kissed him before. When he opened to her, she moved in gently, shyly, as if the moments prior had never happened. Her tongue retreated, his followed, relearning her mouth in the same manner.

When her kiss became…shy…hesitant, he remembered the very first time he had kissed her. It aroused him, turned him on, made him eager to know her all over again. He moved slowly, as if he were afraid of frightening her. He took the time to reassure her with his touch as he learned her mouth anew. She continued to respond to his every touch, his every caress, following willingly where he led her. He slanted his mouth against hers a bit more. How long had it been since he had kissed her like this? Longer than the six weeks she had been gone, he was certain. He leaned back against the chair that was behind him, pulled her against him, never breaking contact with her, never stopping the movement of his tongue against hers.

It was wonderful. Incredible. Absolutely mind-bending. She could kiss like this for hours. Daniel was the best kisser in the universe, a fact she had acknowledged years ago. He was the musician, she was the instrument, and he was playing her with expert precision. Every nerve ending was vibrating, humming. She was also quite sure that if he continued kissing her like this, she was going to come. He had backed away again, giving her the chance to touch him, caress him. She ran her tongue over his lower lip, then sucked gently at it. He had the most kissable mouth she had ever seen. She couldn't count the number of times she had sat through briefings and meetings, not able to pay attention to what he said as he gave his report, simply because all she could think about was sucking on that incredible lower lip. God, he tasted so good, it felt wonderful to just kiss him like this!

When she began to suckle his lip, he felt it all the way to his straining cock. She was driving him out of his ever-loving mind with her gentle touch. She still had one hand in his hairgod he loved the way she did that! The other was on his cheek now, holding him as she took from him, gave back to him. So sweet, so damned sweet! He waited, letting her take what she needed, giving her the time to kiss him the way she wanted to. When she moved away again, he followed. Oh, god, she tasted so good, felt so good! There had never been a kiss sweeter than this one, more arousing than this one, more special than this one. This was a kiss to top all kisses. He could feel the passion, the need, raging just below the surface, waiting to break free once again. Knew that when it did, the kiss would end, and they would move on to the next plateau of lovemaking. He was beginning to struggle to hold it in check.

Time stood still as they kissed. Nothing else existed anywhere; the universe consisted only of the two of them, and this kiss. Once again she was tasting him, exploring his mouth with her tongue, learning that when she stroked him in just the right way, just the right place, she could feel the shiver in his body. The knowledge pleased her, gave her a sense of power. She moved on, touching him elsewhere, then back again, felt the quiver beneath the fingers she had moved to his chest. She smiled to herself as she continued to tease him, please him. His arm tightened around her…she loved it when he held her close, protectively…possessively. In his arms was the only place in the universe where she was completely safe…completely happy.

The more he kissed her, the more he wanted to kiss her, the more he needed to kiss her. So long, his mind told him, so long since you've held her like this, so long since you've kissed her like this. He shivered from the gentle caresses that she gave him, the touch setting his soul on Fire, to burn as ardently as his body. Tracing those sweet lips with his tongue, he could feel them tremble slightly. His arms tightened around her in response. He moved his tongue back into her mouth, and suddenly lost control. The passion broke free, and once again he was pushing against her, the kiss now hard, needy…full of Fire. She responded to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and clinging to him as they rode on top of the flames that washed over them. He pulled way from her slightly, looked down at her beautiful face. Her eyes were closed, her parted lips swollen and red. He put his lips against hers once more, gently kissed her. His mouth watered to taste her skin. Move on, his mind urged; move on, his body begged. He trailed tiny kisses over her cheek, down her jaw to her throat. The taste of her skin was as intoxicating as any wine. The taste of her, the feel of her in his arms, the way she smelled…the sensations rushed to his head, making him lightheaded; igniting that deep, strong love into an inferno of desire.

When he closed his mouth over that sensitive spot behind her ear and began to suckle gently, her body trembled with pleasure. Her nipples were hard, aching points, and she could feel the wetness between her thighs. She let her head drop back, offering more of her throat to him. He accepted the invitation, moved his mouth over her. She shivered from the feel of his tongue as he licked her, his teeth as he nipped at her. She shivered again when he marked her; once, twice, three times, four times, five times. She belonged totally to him. Whatever he wanted from her, it would be his. No matter what he asked her to do, she would do it; whatever he demanded that she give, she would give him. Her soul celebrated her love for him, sang to the gods of her devotion to him. Her body responded eagerly to every caress as he directed the fiery overture that was building in her.

He held his lips against the pulse in her throat, could feel the strong, rapid beat of her heart there. Shifting slightly, he eased her to her back, keeping one arm behind her, allowing her head to rest on it, the other hand skimming slowly up and down her side. His mouth left a damp trail to her collarbones. He licked and nibbled at them, kissing her shoulders as well, nipping at the soft skin there. His fingers moved toward that valley between her breasts and the clasp that held her bra together on her body. A quick twist, and those beautiful breasts were exposed to him. He brushed the cups of the bra aside, reached up and tugged the straps from her shoulders. She lifted herself up so that he could pull it from her body, he tossed it in the same general direction as her blouse had gone. He pulled away, leaning on the arm that was beneath her, just gazed at her. "You're so beautiful, Angel," he said softly. "A goddess. My exquisite goddess."

"I'm glad you think so," she whispered. That she pleased him was all that mattered to her. That he found her beautiful made her heart pound harder in her chest.

He wanted, needed to see the rest of her body. He pulled at the snap of her jeans, tugged the zipper down with shaking fingers. She reached down and pushed the denims from her hips, kicked them away. He grabbed at them when they threatened to land against one of the candles. Tossed them toward the kitchen. His fingers moved under the lacy material of her little bikini panties, pushed them away from her hips as well. She managed to get them off, pulled her leg up, the dainty garment dangling around her ankle. He took them, held them to his nose and sniffed deeply, the sweet aroma going straight to his head and making him drunk with passion. Then he tossed them over his shoulder. He looked at her, watched his hand roam from her throat to her thighs and back again. "My goddess," he whispered. "My beautiful, tantalizing, enchanting goddess."

She reached up and touched his cheek. "My Adonis…my god…my very Heart," she whispered in return. "I love you so much it hurts."

"I know, Angel. I can feel it. I love you so much it hurts." He put his hand over her heart, felt the quickened beat, the rise and fall of her chest as her breath came in soft gasps, the warmth of her soft skin. Alive. She was alive and in his arms. Unexpectedly overwhelmed with a jumble of emotions...grief, fear, anger, relief, love, desire; he lowered his head and rested it on her shoulder. Her arms encircled him, held him tightly as he fought to maintain control against the onslaught. He had done all the grieving he was going to do. She was in his arms, she was safe. No need for tears now.

She reached out to him, caressed him as gently with her mind as she did with her hands. She pushed away the fearthe griefthe sadnessthe angerthe darkness. Sent her love to him, let it fill his heart, his mind, his soul. Rejoiced when she felt his familiar presence in return, and the warmth of his love as it flowed over her, enveloped her. She could feel him struggle, knew what he was fighting against. Tears filled her own eyes, slid down the side of her face, dropped onto his arm.

He raised his head and looked at her when he felt the wetness of tears against his skin. "Angel?"

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "You were hurt so badly, I'm so sorry!"

"Shh…" He put his finger against her lips, then brushed the tears away. "No reason for you to be sorry, Casey. It wasn't your fault."

Her green eyes searched his face, looking for any blame, any anger in his handsome features, in his beautiful blue eyes. Found only love. Fire. Passion. Desire. "It tears me up inside, knowing what you and the kids went through," she said softly.

"Angel, all that matters is that you're home. You're safe, and in my arms. Nothing else matters," he replied. Just as quickly as it had arrived, the turmoil left him. He kissed her again. A kiss of relief, of happiness…of love.

His hands and mouth resumed their journey of discovery, his lips following his fingers as they tenderly caressed her. She giggled when he ran his tongue down her sides, jumping slightly when he touched those ticklish places. He grinned against her skin. That was one of his most favorite sounds. He would hear the other soon, hopefully several times before the night was over. He pulled his mouth from her body and watched her as his hand massaged, squeezed, caressed her breasts, first one, then the other. Relished the way those green eyes darkened, the way she gasped slightly, the way her lips parted the tiniest bit, the way her back arched, pushing that firm flesh against his fingers.

There was no way to control the soft moan of pleasure that escaped her lips when he lowered his head and took an aching nipple into his mouth. Her eyes fluttered shut, her hands moved to his head, her fingers filled themselves with his hair. She wasn't even aware of the fact that her back was arching higher, trying to force more of her body into his mouth. She smiled when he gently pulled his arm from behind her head, and settled himself over her. Another tiny moan escaped when he filled both hands with her breasts, caressing them, massaging them. He would drive her insane with his touch, his kisses, take her to the very edge of the cliff, but deny her flight. Her smile widened. It would be well worth the wait. It always was. When he set her off, she would soar higher than the clouds that moved above them. She would spin among the stars. That was most definitely worth the wait!

Her soft moans had him aching. Thrilled him to the core of his being. Her sweet skin was driving him mad with need. He teased her hard nipples, delighted to feel them harden even more against his tongue. He settled down to suckle, to satiate the need for her, for the taste of her. This was one of the things he loved to do to her…for her. Knew that making love to the sensitive skin of her breasts, her nipples, would send fingers of pleasure all through her; make her neediermore prepared for him when he was ready to take her. When he tugged gently on those sweet nipples, her hips pushed up against him. Oh, yeah, that's what he liked! Knowing that he was arousing her…pleasing her. He tugged again, pushing his head back against her hands, feeling her return the pressure, forcing his head back toward her breasts. His eyes smiled up into hers as he wrapped his lips once again around a hard, pointed nipple.

He was teasing her, toying with her, driving her out of her mind. She couldn't help but smile at him when he looked up at her. She would have her chance to tease him, give him as much pleasure as he was giving her. Her mouth began to water as she thought about tasting him, making love to him. When he tugged again on her nipple, her hips pressed up against him again. She held them there, knowing that he could feel the heat from her aching pussy. She shivered when he slid down, just enough to lick around her navel. Oh, god, she was so sensitive there! Every touch, every caress was sweet torture. Her belly rippled beneath his mouth, her breath was coming in gasps now. She knew that the first touch between her thighs would set her off. She closed her eyes, let herself float along with the amazing feelings that he was giving her, moved to the edge of that cliff and peeked over, ready to feel the wind rushing past her as she flew to the heights of passion.

Every signal her body sent him told him that she was ready. So close that it shouldn't take much to make her come. Her orgasm was just minutes away. The first of many that he intended to give her tonight. He slid down further, situated himself between those slender thighs. Smiled when her legs opened willingly to him. He rubbed his unshaven face gently against the skin of her hip, then each thigh, felt as much as heard her sharp intake of breath. He lowered himself, breathed deeply. Oh, god, how he loved her, loved her sweet scent. He pushed his tongue against her wet folds, moved it slowly up and down over that sweet skin, then into that warm well. She came, the honey pouring from her. He lapped it up, taking every delicious drop, reveling in the sweet taste of his precious Angel, as he fed his most pleasurable addiction.

Her fingers were clenched in his hair, her body trembling as she waited for the caresses, the touches, the attention that would send her into oblivion. Her body was already straining, reaching for that sweet release. Her hips moved toward him; a silent signal, a mute plea for what only he could give her.

"Ready, Angel?" he asked softly.

"Yes!" she whispered fiercely, her need an intense ache. "Please, let me come."

His heart pounding, his own body responding to her words, he moved his mouth back over her, slid his fingers inside her and stroked. He sucked that swollen clit into his mouth, held it between his teeth as he teased it with his tongue. Her thighs were beginning to quiver, the first adorable sign that she was about to take flight. She was tossing her head from side to side, nearly delirious with need. He slipped a third finger inside her, pushed deep, and sucked hard on the swollen nub in his mouth. That melodic whimper filled her throat, built up into a crescendo of joy that echoed around them. He pulled his fingers from her, moved his mouth to her sweet well and drank the nectar that flowed from her trembling body, his own body shivering with need…with happiness.

She whispered his name as she floated above the clouds, ascending toward the stars. She could feel as well as see the colors that danced behind her eyes, as she spiraled around the heavens like a comet in flight. She was still breathing hard, her fingers massaging his scalp after tugging so hard when her orgasm overtook her. "That was amazing," she whispered.

"Good," he replied. He was still kissing her thighs, her hips; slowly made his way back to her breasts.

"Let me taste you…please you," she said softly, her hands moving over his shoulders as he suckled.

He shivered again, moved up slowly, trailing kisses over her skin, his lips coming to rest on hers. This kiss was gentle, tender, sweet.

Her hands had moved to his chest, she pushed gently against him. Her eyes were full of Fire, and determination. She had every intention of giving him as much pleasure as he had just given her.

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