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Oh, Mother!

Chapter 6

Casey smiled up at the two men who stood close to her. One made an offer, held out a small pouch and shook it, the metal disks inside jingling merrily. "That is music to my ears," she giggled. "Come, let us see what other…music…can be made." She slipped her arm through his.

The man grinned at his companion, and led the beautiful blonde woman into the small tent that Rak'nor had provided for their 'business'. It had been divided into two small 'rooms', one for each of the women. Sam had been the one to think about the needed sounds, and had downloaded the audio from a porn video. There were six versions that could be played, hopefully none of the Jaffa would catch on before they could get down to the third level of the underground facility.

Within seconds the guard was out. Dr. Montigue had told the two women that it would be easy enough to wake the men, and that if done carefully, they would have no idea they had fallen asleep. She whispered in the man's ear, turned on the tape, and sat back on the opposite side of the bed. 'Daniel?'

'Right here, Angel.'

'Feel like talking?'

'What's up?'

'Well, I can't go out there for awhile yet.'

She 'heard' his chuckle. 'That was fast.'

'I'm good, baby.' An idea flittered through her mind. 'Daniel?'


'Is there a chance you can get off to yourself?'

Sitting on the transport ship, he felt his heart began to hammer. 'I can try, Angel.'

'I have the feeling that one of these guys will pay for more than just thirty minutes. When that happens, I want to make love with you in the meadow.'

'I'd like that, a lot,' he admitted.

'Me, too. I hope you brought several pairs of clean boxers.'


'We might get to do this more than once.'

He barely bit back a groan of sheer need as he thought of making love to his wife, even if it was on the astral plane. 'We'll just have to wait and see.'

'Well, guess I'd better start waking sleeping beauty. Love you.'

'Love you, too, Case.'




Casey had undressed, was wearing a short, thin silk chemise. It didn't leave much to the imagination. She was still uncomfortable to not be wearing panties, but as Sam had pointed out, it would be difficult to make the Jaffa believe that they had done anything if the women were dressed. A package of Wet Ones in her pack allowed her to clean most of the man's ejaculate from his belly and thighs. It wouldn't do for him to be too clean, not with what she had told him they had done!

"You are so strong, so handsome. You know how to please a woman," she said softly, shaking the shoulders of the large man. As soon as his eyes opened her hands moved up and down his shoulders. "It would please me if you return to visit me," she said, flashing a smile.

The man took a deep breath. After all he had done to this woman, he should feel exhausted. Instead, he felt as if he had spent the time resting. She was indeed pleasing. "I must go to my duty now. But soon, I shall return, I swear it," he whispered. He pulled on his clothes, glancing at her as she remained on the bed, lying on her side watching him.

"If you have any friends out there who have pockets that jingle, send them to me," she said softly.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel continued to wait, eager to be with her, fighting down the jealousy every time he thought about what she was doing, what she had to do in order to get into that damned bunker.  A bunker where a Goa'uld was busy creating Kull warriors.


'Right here, Angel.'

'Have a couple of hours?'

'Ran into a big spender, huh?'

'Yep. I put the tape player under the pillow. Anyone listening will hear a lot of muffled sounds for awhile. I have it on repeat, after a fifteen-minute pause.'

He grinned. 'Good thinking. Hang on, Angel.' He turned to his best friend. "I'm gonna…uh…get a couple hours of rest."

Jack looked at the young man, noted the Fire that burned in his eyes. Envied the archaeologist the ability to 'be' with his wife, even when they weren't together physically. "No problem."

Daniel found a corner, pulled his sleeping bag off his pack and curled up in it.


She was waiting for him in the meadow, her eyes shining. As soon as she saw him, she ran toward him, giggled when he grabbed her, hugged her tightly. "We're finally going make love in the grass," she whispered.

"Oh, yeah," he grinned. He nuzzled her cheek, then brushed his lips against hers. Felt the Fire rush through him. Startled, he pulled back. "Case?"

Her green eyes were wide. "I felt it too," she said softly. "Do you still…"

His fingers brushed that fine, blonde silk over her shoulder. "Oh, yeah," he whispered. He lowered his head, captured her lips with his own. His tongue worked the combination to her sweet mouth, plunged inside when she opened to him. Every caress that she returned sent the flames dancing along his spine. He had no doubt that when he drank from her sweet well, that incredible feeling he always got would wash over him, just like it always did.

The breath of life. His kisses. One in the same to her. Her fingers were in his hair, pushing through the short, dark blonde locks. She shifted closer when his arms tightened around her, pulling her against his chest. Always safe in his arms. She moved her tongue over his, followed it into his mouth, tasting him, touching him, just as he had done to her. She could feel the heat move over her body, settle between her thighs. She pulled away slightly. "Too many clothes," she complained.

He stepped away far enough to strip off his BDU, watching her as the skirt, the blouse, and the thong fell to the ground. He took her hand, knelt down in the grass, the warmth of the sun on his bare skin adding to the pleasure of the moment.

When she was lying on her back, his mouth reclaimed hers, his hand moving slowly up and down her side. Her fingers traced patterns over his tattoo, the other hand full of his hair. She tilted her head back slightly, offering more of her throat to him as he began to nibble there.

Every pass of his tongue over her, every kiss, every time his teeth grazed her skin, he could feel the shiver in her body. Which totally turned him on. Urged him on. Her fingers were scorching him, tormenting him, teasing him. He slid down, rolled so that he was lying on her, and filled his hands with her breasts. Her soft moan of approval was echoed in the throbbing of his erection.

Her back was arched, pushing against him as his mouth began to move back and forth, kissing and licking every inch of those firm mounds before settling down to suckle, driving her insane with need. She wrapped her legs around his, could feel his hard, male flesh pushing against her, tormenting her with its presence. Her hips rose up, pressed against his chest each time he tugged gently on her hard nipples. Like always, he was building the fire slowly, would wait until her need was a delicious ache between her thighs before he finally allowed her to fly.

He could feel the heat from that sweet twat every time she pressed against him. She was beginning to wriggle beneath him, her need growing with each passing second. He slid down, her navel ring rubbing against the skin of his chest. He pushed his tongue into that sexy little 'inny', moved it in and out, her flat belly rippling in response. Soft sounds from the back of her throat drifted to his ears, making him smile against her skin. Only he could bring those sounds forth, only his touch could set her on fire, only he could please her, satisfy her. The thoughts brought comfort, as well as filling him with happiness so complete it was nearly overwhelming. His love for her filled him, surrounded them.

She nearly cried out with relief when he settled between her thighs. She could feel the fire building to an inferno as his tongue moved over her tender flesh. When he pushed it inside of her, she sighed, and felt the warmth as she came. He lapped at her, taking every drop.

He was shaking from head to foot as he satiated his need for her. Not more than two hours ago he had tasted her, taken her. It felt as if it had been days. The Fire roared through him, his blood pounded in his ears as he took what she gave so sweetly. He began to kiss her hips. "I feel it, Case," he whispered.

Tears formed, caught in her lashes. If need be, and they could at least find a place where their bodies would be safe, she could give to him what he needed from her. "I'm so glad," she whispered in return.

He moved his mouth back down, kissed her warm skin, licked at the soft folds that thrilled him so, before finally taking that hard, swollen nub into his mouth. He slid two fingers into her warm well, began to stroke her, gently taking her where she wanted…needed to go. 'Give it to me, Angel.'

He had succeeded in working her up to the point that it would not take her body long to find the release for which she sought. She reached for the climax that sparkled just beyond her fingertips as his mouth and fingers took her ever higher. Her thighs began to quiver, and that whimper she could never hold back filled her throat.

Knowing that to have her cry out his name could bring harm to her, he reached up with his free hand, covered her mouth, let her moan against his palm. He sucked that hard button into his mouth, teased it with his tongue, felt it when her body slid over the edge into ecstasy. He slid his face down, took every sweet drop of her nectar.

She was still shaking when she tugged at his shoulders. When he would have rolled to his back she grabbed his hips, pulled them forward.

He grinned, straddled her chest, put his throbbing cock between those beautiful breasts. Slow gentle movements pushed him back and forth, her hands on his ass, squeezing and caressing him as he moved, sending the flames ever higher.

"I need to taste you," she whispered.

He moved up, watched her take his aching cock into her sweet, warm mouth. She locked her gaze on his as she began to make love to him, one hand stroking what she couldn't take in, the other moving slowly over his hip, to slide down his thigh, up to cup his balls. "Yeah, babe, just like that," he murmured, before his eyes closed, and he let the incredible sensations wash over him.

She tilted her head back, took more of him in, let him set the rhythm he wanted. Today was for him, about him, whatever he wanted from her. She smiled to herself when his hips began to move, pushing him deeper with each thrust. He was throbbing hard and fast, he was close. She moved her head back farther, felt him slide to the back of her throat. She began to swallow, his low moan accompanied the spurts of his precious white love as he came.

He gently pulled away from her, dropped down to the grass beside her. "I do so love how you do that," he said, pulling her close.

"I'm glad I please you," she replied.

'Always, Angel. You always please me," he whispered. "You should probably…check…make sure every thing is the way it should be."

She nodded. "Don't move. I'll be right back." She stood up, walked away, disappeared.


The Jaffa was still asleep. She turned the ring, touched him again, just to make sure. The tape had been paused, suddenly muffled moans and grunts began to fill the room again. She had less than an hour to be with Daniel now. Another glance around the room told her that all was as it should be. She could hear the tape playing in Sam's 'room' as well. With a grin, she ran back to the meadow, and her waiting Husband.


'It's all right?"

"Yep. Tape just restarted, so we have less than an hour," she sighed.

His hand was moving over her as she settled once again at his side. "Guess I'd better get busy, huh?"

She giggled. Reached between his legs to stroke the erection that stiffened his magnificent manhood. "Yep. I have an itch, Doctor Jackson."

"I'm good at scratching itches," he grinned.

"Oh, yeah you are," she whispered. "You're the best there is!"

His heart singing from her praise, he pulled her to lie on top of him. "Ride me, Angel," he whispered.

She settled herself on him, leaned down to kiss him. "Love you."

"Love you, too."

She rose up, guided him between her soft, wet folds, slowly took him into the warmth of her body. "I just thought of something," she said softly.


"Are you going to be able to change your boxers?"

He grinned at the look of serious concern on her face. "I'm sure I can manage."

"Good. Just don't gloat about it."

Blue eyes went wide. "Gloat? Me?"

"Yes, you."

The grin widened. "I'll try."

It became difficult to think about anything other than his hands, and what they were doing. Those strong, warm hands, one moving over her breasts, massaging the soft curves, tugging at hard nipples. The other between them; long slender fingers moving against that ever-swelling nub.

He loved to watch her face as they made love. How it softened, how her eyes filled with Fire and lust and love…how her lips turned up the tiniest bit at the corners when she was feeling good. He loved to see the effects of her climax, the love, the pleasure that animated those delicate features. Her tongue peeked out between her lips as she began to move up and down on him, long, hard strokes that had him breathing harder.

Full. Completely, absolutely full. Goddess, how she loved that! She moved down, taking all of him, wanting more. She pushed down, rubbed back and forth against him, then slowly pulled her body up. She held onto him, using the muscles deep inside; smiled when she thought of the times she had been able to make him cry out from just that deep massage. Nearly giggled when she thought about the time he had told her to 'work me, babe' when she had clamped down on him…just like…that. His gasp pleased her. She did it again. And again, his sharp intake of breath each time telling her that it affected him as much as it did her.

Sweet Jesus, what the woman could do to him! He reached for her, pulled her down to his chest. Ran his hands up and down her back for a minute as their hips continued to rock against one another in a rhythmic dance of love. She squeezed hard again, held him. Goddamn that felt good! The need to pound into that sweet, willing body was overwhelming. He rolled them over, rose up on outstretched arms, began to move hard and fast.

Yes! she thought. She loved it when he was aggressive, demanding. When he took from her what he needed, giving back what she needed. Her hips met his thrust for thrust, the sound of their bodies moving together echoed around them, mixed with their gasps and moans and heavy breathing. The scent of their lovemaking moved up between them, she watched as he closed his eyes, breathed deeply, felt the result in the shiver of his body, and the even more determined moves he was making. "Oh, Daniel," she moaned, her toes hanging over the edge of the cliff, her body ready for the fall.

"Give it to me, Case," he panted. "Give me what's mine!"

Her thighs quivered, that soft whimper filled her throat. Her hands went into his hair as his mouth covered hers, taking her moan of completion, his own moan filling her. She was flying, streamers of color spinning around her as she danced among the stars.

He was shaking, locked his lips against hers and moaned deeply again as he throbbed against the still pulsing walls of her sweet well. He jerked with each release, dropped down on top of her when at last the spasms were over.

She held him tightly, her hands moving over his shoulders. "I need to get back," she said softly.

"I know," he replied. He kissed her shoulder, moved away from her slowly. "Case…are you…do you have to be…"

"Yes," she replied softly, not meeting his gaze. "They wouldn't believe it otherwise."

He nodded. "I understand."

"Nude beaches."


"That's how Sam and I deal with it. We just think nude beaches," she explained.

He smiled. "Be careful, Angel."

"Always. You too. It shouldn't be too long. We've had a steady supply of customers all afternoon. Rak'nor has set himself up as our…body guard. There are two Jaffa who seem…well, I don't think it will take much to convince them to give me a tour of the place."

He grinned. He had no doubt that if she wanted them to kill one another, they would. "Love you."

"Love you, Stud Muffin. I have to go." She had finished dressing. "Please, keep talking to me."

"I'm right here, Angel. I'll never leave you," he said softly. "Guess I'd better see what's going on."

"And change your shorts," she giggled.

"Smartass." He kissed her one last time, slowly moved away from her.

She watched until he disappeared, then hurried back to the room where she was pretending to be nothing more than a ha's.


She glanced at the tiny clock beside the blankets that served as her 'bed'. She turned the tape off, ran her hands over the Jaffa's shoulders. "You are an incredible lover," she said, watching as he opened his eyes, grinned up at her. "I nearly didn't survive that!"

The man's chest puffed out slightly. "You are a beautiful woman. Very passionate," he replied, his mind 'remembering' what he and this incredible woman had just done. "What would it take for you to service only me?"

Her heart jumped in her chest. Well that happened much faster than she had dared to hope! "How am I to live, if I have no way to make the money I need?"

"I am in charge of sixty Jaffa. It is my duty to supervise the guarding of the Chappa'ai. I will take care of you," he said softly.

She made her eyes go wide. "Chappa'ai? There is not one here!"

He smiled. "Yes there is. Our god has seen to it."

"You tease me," she said, batting playfully at him.

He glanced around. "It is inside the underground rooms."

Her heart pounding, she arranged her face in one of disbelief. "You wish for me to be your mistress, yet you tease me so!"

He grinned. "Perhaps I will show you."

That's right, big boy, she thought excitedly. She sat up on the bed, reached for her clothes. "I think that you tell me these things only to impress me."

He sat up as well, pushed her long hair behind her shoulders. "Must I prove to you that I am capable of taking care of you?"

She studied him for a minute, wondering if she should dare to push. "I have learned the hard way that men will say anything in order to stay in my bed."

He nodded. "This I understand. I must return to my duties. In two hours time, I will come for you. And show you that what I say is true."

"I will bring my sister," she said. "I have no desire to be raped by your men."

His eyes hardened for a moment. Softened when he saw the fear in hers. "You have lived a harsh life, my beautiful one. Bring her, so that she might see along with you that what I tell you is true. Promise me that you will bring no other here tonight."

She pulled her lip between her teeth. Watched his eyes, could see the eagerness in them. "I promise," she whispered.

He leaned forward, kissed her, then stood to his feet and began to dress. "Two hours and I will come for you."

"I will be here." She watched him leave, barely able to suppress her excitement. A glance into Sam's 'room' showed that she still had a Jaffa sleeping on the 'bed'. She raised an eyebrow, pointed to her wrist. Sam shook her head, held up five fingers. With a nod, she slipped out to let Rak'nor know what was going on. He nodded, then began to speak a bit louder, so that the Jaffa who wandered near the tent would hear.

"If you do not appreciate the safety I offer you, I will not stay!"

"What safety? You skim from the top, taking what rightfully belongs to me!" she hissed. The Jaffa nearby began to watch the two argue, several of them grinning at the display.

"Be silent, woman!"

"Go, I have no need for you!"

Rak'nor gave her a subtle wink, and stormed toward the transport. Within minutes it was lifting off, moving away from the planet. She watched, glanced around nervously, hoped that none of the worry she felt was reflected on her face. And hoped like hell that she and Sam would be safe until they could get to that 'gate! She wrapped her arms around her slender waist, tossed a smile at one of the nearest Jaffa, then went back inside the tent.

The Jaffa who had 'been' with Sam left the tent. Casey pulled the flaps closed, a signal to the men outside that the women would not be accepting any offers for awhile.

"What's going on? I thought I heard you and Rak'nor arguing," Sam whispered.

"We were…just a show for the audience. The last Jaffa I was with is going to be back here in two hours, well, hour and a half now. He's going to prove to me that he can afford to take care of me," Casey said, a tiny giggle escaping her lips. "He's going to show me the Chappa'ai."

Sam grinned. "That was fast. Must be that wicked imagination of yours."

Another giggle. "Anyway, I convinced him to let you come along. Rak'nor is taking the guys to the nearest 'gate, and when we control the one here, I'll tell Daniel."

"Good. I suggest we get cleaned up and dressed."

"I agree. Let's eat, too. I'm starving!"

Sam raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Hey, while that Jaffa was out cold, thinking he was rocking my world, Daniel really was," she said with a wicked grin.

"Must be nice," Sam mumbled.

"I'd lose my mind if I couldn't talk to him, be with him," the young blonde said softly, her eyes reflecting her seriousness.

"I know, Case," Sam replied.

The two women used the water that Rak'nor had provided for them, washed and dressed, then settled down to eat. Zat'nik'tels were carefully concealed beneath their robes, as well as the 9 millimeters that were the only other weapons they possessed. Then they waited.

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