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Oh, Mother!

Chapter 7

The men of SG-1 and Marine-2 were checking weapons, waiting for word from Casey to come through the 'gate that waited in front of them. Nothing had been said when Daniel had whispered a request in Teal'c's ear, nor when the large Jaffa had held up the open sleeping bag, offering a private corner, nor when Daniel changed clothes. Only Jack and Teal'c actually understood what had happened. The Marines could only guess, although they figured that it had something to do with the archaeologist's ability to 'talk' to his wife. They had no idea that what they supposed had been a simple wet dream about her had been much, much more.

Daniel was pacing now, his pack on the ground beside the others, his P90 gripped firmly in his hands. He was fighting the desire to kill the Jaffa who had 'been with' his wife. He understood that it had been nothing more than an act, that the men had been drugged as soon as possible. That their 'memories' were nothing more than words whispered in their ears. He had to smile when he thought about that. With Casey's wicked imagination, he was quite sure that those Jaffa would have tantalizing 'memories' of her.

Jack checked his watch. Rak'nor had told them it would be two hours. They had less than twenty minutes to wait. If all had gone as planned.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey held firmly to the Jaffa's hand, making sure that her breast brushed his arm often as they walked. Sam was beside him on the other side, both women looking around with unabashed interest.

Lo'Teal strutted importantly through the corridors, his eyes moving over the Jaffa who looked at him with envy. He tightened his fingers around those of the beautiful woman at his side. He swept them into the 'gate room with a flourish. "Now, my beauty, do you believe me?" he asked softly.

She looked up at the man. "I believe you," she whispered. She had noted that there seemed to be very few Jaffa on this level. "You are indeed an important Jaffa, to be entrusted with the guarding of this Chappa'ai. You also prove that you do so well, evidenced by the obedience of the Jaffa that you lead. You are the strongest of all Jaffa, you have little need of others," she said, with what she hoped was the right amount of awe and pride.

He smiled. "You are an astute woman, Gabrielle."

With a glance at the two guards who stood on either side of the giant stone circle, she stood in front of Lo'Teal, pressed her body against his. "I wish to be alone with you," she whispered, grinned to herself when she felt the shiver that moved over his body.

"Soon, my beauty. For now, you must return to your tent, and I must return to my duties."

A glance at Sam let her know that the blonde colonel had located the mechanism that controlled the door. The tall blonde wandered back toward the opening. Glanced into the corridor. No one in sight. She could see that Casey was already reaching for her zat.

The two women were experienced. In seconds the three Jaffa were dead, the door closed and locked, for the time being.

'Now, Daniel, now!'

They waited nervously as the inner wheel began to spin, and the chevrons began to lock into place. No alarms had sounded as of yet, so their presence in the room, and the deaths of the guards was not yet known. Together they pulled the bodies out of sight, as much as possible, hiding them in the shadows of the far corner of the room.

She raced into open arms as soon as he stepped down from the 'gate. "I missed you," she whispered.

He closed his eyes, allowed himself a few seconds to accept the fact that she was all right, and in his arms. "Missed you too, Angel," he whispered in reply.

"Okay, let's go," Jack said softly.

Casey and Sam led the way to the elevator. A quick 'search' provided an idea of which areas were guarded the heaviest. The two levels of main concern, were of course, the most fiercely guarded.

Jack decided to plant C-4 on the other levels first, the detonator's set to go off when Sam pushed the button on a tiny hand transmitter. To save time, and lower the risk of detection, Marine-2 would go to the lowest level and plant explosives around all of the equipment that kept the facility running. SG-1 would personally see to it that Penatil's labs would never create another Kull warrior, nor would the ones who waited in tanks ever take a breath.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Teal'c peeked around the corner. Held up his hand, then signaled that there was a full squad who waited at the end of the corridor they needed to traverse. Stealth was needed at this point in time, and Daniel alone had a method to destroy the threat without making a sound. He moved to the Jaffa's side, peered around his friend. He called up the Fire. He had never had to throw as many fireballs as he would need to throw, nor as quickly as he would need to throw them. He felt Casey's soft touch against his mind, felt her Fire flow into him. He took a deep breath, tossed two fireballs into the front two Jaffa.

The remaining Jaffa looked around, fear in their eyes. Fire from nowhere had appeared and taken two of their companions. Suddenly two more fell. Then two more. Eyes wide with terror stared at the end of the corridor from whence death came. Had they somehow failed their god? Was this their punishment? Or was something else happening? There was no enemy at which to fire their staff weapons. Slowly the remaining Jaffa moved toward the end of the corridor, staff weapons at the ready. All of them fell to the mysterious blue fire.

"Sweet," Jack murmured, as he stepped over the bodies, leading the team toward the closed door that separated them from the lab that they had come to destroy. "Case, take a look and see if anyone is in there."

She nodded, smiled up at Daniel. Held tightly in his arms in that sunny meadow, she moved into the room that was actually one entire level of the complex. She grinned, kissed his lips when she returned to the meadow, watched him move away slowly. "Lights aren't even on. I'm thinking that they're finished for the day."

Jack grinned. "Well, how damned lucky is that?"

Sam found the control for the door, took the panel off, and managed to override the lock. "Let's just hope that hasn't set off any alarms," she said softly.

It took fifteen minutes to place enough charges in the room to guarantee total destruction. All of the team members shivered as they looked at the creatures that waited in the tanks. Teal'c dropped a vial of poison into the tank where the queen Goa'uld swam, her agitated movements alerting them to the fact that she was sending out a distress call. Within seconds all movement ceased, and the bloated body dropped to the bottom of the tank.

"Turk, come in," Jack said softly into his radio.

"Turk here, sir."

"How's it going?"

"Only ran into a dozen Jaffa. We were able to come up behind them, took them out nice and quiet," was the reply.

"Good. Status?"

"Two more charges and we're done."

"Good. 'Gate room in five."

"We'll be there."

The gray haired man turned to the young seer. "Tell me we're gonna be able to do this," he said.

She smiled. With Daniel holding her, she did another search. Began to giggle hysterically.

"What?" Jack demanded.

"There's a Goa'uld mothership on its way here. It's not Penatil, although he's on his way. I didn't take time to see exactly who it was. I did, however, feel the absolute rage. Whoever it is will claim to have destroyed this place. We're not only going to get rid of it, no one is even going to know it was us!" she replied.

Jack grinned. "Now that is just sweet! Let's go, campers. Eyes open, stay alert!"


A  A  A  A  A  A


Turk and his Marines were waiting for them in the 'gate room. Daniel dialed the address for Gamma. Just before walking through the event horizon, Sam turned around and pressed the button on the transmitters. She could hear the first of the explosions as she threw herself into the wormhole.

Kyle closed the iris as soon as Colonel Carter had cleared the 'gate. "Mac is on his way down," he reported.

Jack nodded, turned to Casey. "Well?"

She closed her eyes. Grinned. "Kaboom!" The people around her laughed delightedly.

Duncan hurried into the room. Saw the grinning faces. Felt a grin spread across his own face. "I take it all went as planned?"

"You know, I think someone should give me one of those little statues. I'm, like, the best actress you've got," Casey said with a smirk.

The Highlander laughed. "Charmed the pants off of them, huh?"

"Literally," she replied, sending the Marines into fits of laughter. "The sad thing is, we lost those great recordings."

Sam burst into giggles. "Easy enough to make more," she said.

"Okay, teams, go get checked out, debrief in an hour," Duncan said.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Rak'nor had arrived, so that he could add his observations to the debriefing. He glanced at Casey, gave her a wide smile. "It would seem that Samantha Carter and Casey Jackson befuddled the Jaffa as soon as they saw them. Word spread quickly of Casey Jackson's…charms."

The men at the table began to laugh. "I want an award," she repeated, arms crossed over her chest. "I'm good, you know."

"You are very good, according to the Jaffa you 'serviced'," Rak'nor laughed. "I listened to them tell their companions of your…abilities."

"What did they say?" she asked eagerly, leaning her arms against the table.

The man glanced at Daniel, then grinned. "That never before had they held a woman of such passion in their arms, or of such skill."

Daniel snickered.

Casey giggled. "And to think, it was all in their heads. Minds," she amended quickly, to the amusement of all.

"Did that camp go up as well?" Duncan asked.

Rak'nor had flown the transport over the planet before returning to Gamma. "It did indeed. Nothing remains but ashes. I spoke briefly to several of the Jaffa, to see if there were any rebels among them. Those who were at this place were the most loyal of Penatil's Jaffa," he reported.

"For duty such as this, he would have hand chosen each and every Jaffa," Teal'c said, nodding. "There was too much at stake for him to risk having any possible traitors among the ranks."

"Okay, write it up, folks. Good job as always, teams," Duncan said, smiling at the men and women who had just thrown a giant monkey wrench into Penatil's plans.

"Casey, you said that there was another Goa'uld ship on the way to that planet. Did they know that complex was there?" Jack asked.

"Oh, yeah. And he…no…she…she was madder than hell about it," Casey replied.

"No idea who it was?" Duncan asked.

"I only caught a glimpse of the ship, felt the anger." She dropped her eyes. "I…uh…we…we were a little pressed for time," she said softly.

Daniel wrapped his fingers around hers. "It's okay, Angel. It doesn't matter who it was."

"That's right, Case," Jack said.

"Besides, if she's going to claim responsibility for this, Methos will hear about it," Duncan added. "Speaking of Methos, it seems that Morrigan has contacted him. She wants to meet him."

"Is this good or bad?" Jack asked.

"No idea. But he requested a couple of Sectonin rings," Duncan replied.

Casey giggled. "He is just as devious as me," she said.

Daniel chuckled. "Almost. Best non-hooker in history, didn't you say?" Laughter filled the air.

"Very best. Of course, with all of my very satisfied customers dead, how am I supposed to build up a reputation?"

He chortled loudly. "You are just too much," he whispered, raising her fingers to his lips.

"Is that good or bad?" she asked in a matching whisper.

"Good, babe. Very good," he replied.

Duncan grinned. "Okay, let's call it a day. Take tomorrow off, people. Rak'nor, we greatly appreciate your assistance in this mission."

The dark man grinned. "It was most…entertaining. I should enjoy working with SG-1 again."

Teal'c smiled. "I will see you to the 'gate room, my friend." The two Jaffa stood, nodded, and left the room.

Casey began to giggle. "They're comparing notes on how entertaining the Tau'ri are."

Jack grinned. "Speak for yourself, Mata Hari!"

Turk grinned. "Sure wish I understood more Goa'uld. The only thing we understood was 'Gabreille' and 'ke'nep'. Two of them said ' Tun'cma'le ke'nep Gabrielle'. I have no idea what it means."

Daniel barked with laughter. "Loosely translated it means 'great sex with Gabrielle'."

Casey giggled. "Told you I'm good."

"It's that wicked imagination of yours," Sam managed to gasp between giggles.

"Who said it's imagination?" The young blonde wiggled her eyebrows, then looked pointedly at her Husband. Which sent the group into further gales of laughter.

Duncan wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. "Daniel, how long before those cave dwellers are ready to move?"

"Couple of weeks, why?"

"Spend the time teaching Rachel the language," the Scot replied. "So that she'll get off my back about you spending time teaching her the language."

The young archaeologist grinned. "I'll call her before I leave today."

The dark haired man nodded. "Okay. Call it a day, teams. And congratulations on a job well done."

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