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Oh, Mother!

Chapter 5

With the move of the Children delayed, Duncan authorized the resettlement of the young women who had been in Dagon's harem. Daniel agreed that moving in one group at a time would probably be a wiser thing to do anyway. Brenna reported daily, and the good news was that the young women, and the girls, were learning basic skills from the Anthropoi women. Pallas and his men had decided to erect shelters for the soon to arrive Children. Daniel could only hope that the generous gesture would be appreciated by the cave dwellers.

"Methos sent intel last night," Duncan informed them as they sat around the conference table. "We have 'gate addresses for three planets that have the highest probability of having Penatil's laboratory on it. As far as we can find out, he only has one. That doesn't mean he's not in the process of building more. Find the one that's turning out those damned things and shut it down. Then we'll look for other possible sites."

Jack looked at Casey. "Which one, Case?" he asked quietly.

She smiled, took Daniel's hand, met him in the meadow.


"One of these days we're going to make love here," she whispered as she locked her arms around his neck.

"One of these days," he replied, with a smile. "Take a look, Angel, tell us where we need to go."

She closed her eyes, reached out, began to search. Daniel used the knowledge of the Ancients, although he wasn't aware of doing so, to guide her toward the sector of space that coordinated with the 'gate addresses. There! The third one! She moved closer. It was a large facility, and was heavily guarded. No chance of having the Phoenix or the Persephone or Prometheus bomb it, it was too far underground. Getting in would be difficult. Getting out would be even harder. She examined each level carefully, knowing that every tidbit of information she could find would be needed. "Have it," she said softly.

Daniel smiled, took the time to kiss her thoroughly before slowly moving away from her. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, Stud Muffin," she replied. 


She opened her eyes. "It's underground. It's big, and he has a lot of Jaffa guarding it."

"No Kull warriors?" Duncan asked.

"No. I could see…tanks…where they're being…grown. I have no idea how close to maturity they are," she replied.

"Okay, I'm sending Marine-2 with you," the Highlander said. "Jack, I leave all the planning in your experienced hands."

Jack nodded. "Call them in, we need to get this planned and that place shut down."

Fifteen minutes later, Casey had drawn out what she had seen. Sam was using the hologram device they had found on the lovely tropical planet where a small village had been freed from Nergal. With the young blonde's input, she was creating a 3-D image of what the compound looked like.

Turk whistled. "That's one hell of a layout. Easy to defend. Gonna be hard as hell to breach."

"What chance is there of beaming in?" Jack asked, frowning at the display, agreeing whole heartedly with the Marine's assessment.

Casey had tried to look at as much of the equipment as possible, described it to Sam as well as she could. "Dampening field," Sam replied, pointing to the lowest level. "This seems to be all of the most critical equipment, shield generators, air recyclers, power source. Two of the pieces of equipment I am assuming have to do with powering the lab itself. The last one, here in this corner, from what Case could see, could only be a generator to create a dampening field."

"Figures," Jack muttered.

"Where is the Stargate located?" Teal'c asked.

"Right here," Casey replied, pointing to the third of the eight sublevels. "There were only two guards in the room, but here and here," she pointed to three large rooms to one side of the 'gate room, "seemed to be barracks type rooms. Whether or not they're for the Jaffa, I don't know. There is a camp on top of the whole thing.

"Shit!" Jack exclaimed, tossing down the pen he had been holding.

Daniel frowned slightly. "Teal'c, would there be a camp of cron'bah nearby?"

The dark skinned man nodded. "Possibly."

"Any chance of them arriving on supply transports?" the young archaeologist asked.

Teal'c frowned. "With a Chappa'ai within the facility, transports would be unnecessary," he replied. "However, it is not unknown for cron'bah to use such methods of transportation. They would be able to…procure…such a means of arrival if necessary."

"Want to let the rest of us in on it, Danny?" Jack said, a bit waspishly.

"Casey and Sam could pose as…camp followers…"

Blonde eyebrows went up. "Whores? You want us to pose as camp whores?"

He grinned. "You love to act, sweet'um's," he replied.

Jack grinned. "He's got ya there, Case."

Sam was smiling as well. "If Case and I could somehow get inside, we could secure that 'gate room, long enough to get you guys in."

"Teal'c, you're too well known to be able to…um…deliver them. Do you know of any Free Jaffa who could pilot a small transport, and get them in?"

"Rak'nor would be just the Jaffa to do this. His face is not well known. He is a strong warrior, he would be able to protect Casey Jackson and Samantha Carter," the large man replied.

"From what I can see, this is plan of Daniel's is the only way we'll be able to get in there," Jack said. "Contact Rak'nor. We need to do this as soon as possible."

The tall Jaffa nodded, and headed for the control room, where he would send a message to his friend.

"Okay, once we're inside, we need to get C-4 planted. We'll plant a bit on every level that we can," Jack said. "But our main focus is this laboratory level here, the control level here, and the lower level where all of the generators are. If we can bring that dampening field down, and the shields, a ship right above it can wipe it out."

"How soon can you be ready to go?" Duncan asked.

"As soon as Rak'nor can get here," Jack replied. He glanced at Casey and Sam. "Just how do these…um…camp followers dress?"

"I think the Bedouin robes they have from the visit to Jarha and his people will be just fine," Daniel smiled.

The older man sighed with relief. The idea of his wife being dressed like a harem slave around a bunch of horny Jaffa scared the hell out of him.

Casey grinned. "We should each have a couple of Sectonin rings."

Sam nodded. "We'll have to um…establish ourselves…before we'll be able to slip down to that 'gate room."

Two men began to frown. Daniel shook his head. "That isn't always a sure thing," he said, remembering how Ba'al had held Casey's hands over her head as he raped her, leaving her unable to inject him with the drug.

"It'll be fine, Daniel," Casey said softly. She reached out to caress him, pushed away the worry that had flooded his mind.

He smiled at her soft, warm touch. "Won't stop me from worrying."

Teal'c re-entered the room. "Rak'nor will arrive before the hour is up. He is quite eager to stop Penatil from creating more of those abominations."

"As are we," Jack replied. "Okay teams, let's get suited up. Ladies, locate those robes, meet up in the armory in forty-five."

An hour later, Rak'nor walked down the ramp. He did a double take when he saw Casey Jackson and Samantha Carter standing near their husbands, dressed in soft, fine robes of linen, wide colorful sashes around their waists. He smiled at them. "Perhaps the Jaffa will be too in awe of your beauty to approach women of such distinction," he said.

Casey grinned, and looked over at her friend. "Oh, I think we can persuade them that for a few shesh'ti they can have a good time."

Rak'nor grinned. "Of this I have no doubt. What is our plan?"

Teal'c quickly filled the man in on what was going to happen. Or at least, what they hoped would happen.

When Casey cocked her head to one side, Jack immediately took notice. He didn't mention the blush that rose to her cheeks. She pulled Daniel aside, whispered in his ear. He bit back his grin, spoke quickly to Jack. The older man glanced at Casey and frowned, but then nodded.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Ten minutes later she was standing in the supply closet with her husband. "I hate this," she whispered, not looking at him.

He put his finger under her chin. "Babe, I doubt very much that anyone other than the Jaffa will…know."

She nodded, slipped her arms around his neck. Being in his arms, making love to him was the most beautiful, joyous thing in her life. To have to do so just so that she…smelled…like the whore she was supposed to be made her shake with embarrassment.

Daniel could feel the tremors in her body. "Easy, Angel," he whispered. "I need to get a fix of your sweetness. This mission could take a few days."

That was certainly true, she thought. She looked up into his eyes. Saw the love. She smiled. "Guess you'd better get that fix, huh?"

He pulled her closer, breathed deeply of her sweet scent. The thought of her being man-handled by Jaffa, and she would be, until she could inject them with the Sectonin, made his stomach twist and turn. He buried his face against her neck. "I love you, Casey."

"I love you, Daniel," she replied.

His lips sought hers, and he gently took her where they both needed to go…wanted to go…together as always.


A  A  A  A  A  A


She was clinging to Daniel's hand as they waited for the event horizon to open. The Shakka had managed to liberate several Goa'uld transport ships. It was to one of these that the two teams, and Rak'nor, ringed to as soon as they arrived at the desert planet.

The men of SG-1 and Marine-2, would remain hidden in the hold, where large shipping containers were available to hide in if necessary. As soon as the transport was close enough, Rak'nor would make contact, informing the Jaffa on duty that two very beautiful cron'bah were on board, seeking safety among the Jaffa on the planet. There was no doubt that they would be instructed to land. Once the women were in place, Rak'nor would leave, and take the men to the nearest planet with a Stargate.

Daniel hated the idea of Casey being alone among those Jaffa. It was true that Sam was with her, but every time they had worked apart, some damned disaster had occurred. He was pacing, his hands in his pockets, broad shoulders hunched forward slightly.

'We'll be fine, Daniel.'

He looked over at her. Forced a smile. 'I know.'

"I've already looked three times," she said softly. "We're going to pull this off."

"Yeah, I'll relax when we're home," he replied. Every one of the men in the hold with him understood his reservations. He had nearly lost Casey a dozen times. Had lost her twice. There was no doubt that if anything happened to her on this mission, he wouldn't live to see his home again. His grief, and the depression he had suffered during that long six weeks she had been dead, buried in a sea under an Oannes' city, had nearly killed him. If he lost her a third time, that pain would finally take him.

"Prepare yourselves," Rak'nor said quietly from where he sat piloting the ship. The message was sent. The expected response was then acknowledged.

He held her tightly, kissed her one last time before watching her from the shadows of the ship as she walked down the ramp beside Rak'nor. Nearly a dozen Jaffa were already gathering to view the two women. God, he hated this plan!

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