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Love Conquers All

Chapter 7

Casey was trembling. The Teacher led her through the streets of the town, past cages filled with slaves. She was taken into a large tent. She almost cried out loud with relief when she saw Daniel, Jack, and Teal'c in their robes, sitting on cushions near the back of the tent, drinking tea.

Elta’an followed her in, grabbed her arm and dragged her toward the men. He didn’t know that these men supposedly worked for Lord Ba’al, only that they were interested in the blonde woman, very interested. He had high hopes of making a great deal of profit on this sale. "I have a great prize here, my friends. See how fair her skin is," he said, running his hand over her shoulder, down her arm. He took a strand of hair, raised it to his face. "Hair as soft as silk, as fragrant as a field of flowers. She has great skills in love making."

‘Damned straight you do!’ Daniel was trying not to smile.

Keep it up, cupcake, and you won’t be enjoying any of those skills for a very long time!’ Her eyes flashed with anger. She was scared to death and he was sitting there sipping tea and enjoying the entire situation!

He had to duck his head, take mouthful of tea to keep from laughing out loud.

"She can dance as well," Elta’an was saying.

‘Yep, you certainly can dance pretty well. Your dancing could induce heart attacks!’

‘I didn’t hear any complaints.’ Now it was Casey who was biting back a smile.

‘Aren’t hearing any now, either.’ Daniel looked up at the slave trader. "How much?"

"Do you not wish a demonstration of her talents?" Elta’an asked, his eyes wide with surprise.

Jack tugged at Daniel’s sleeve, the younger man translated the conversation.

"Better take the demonstration, Daniel," Jack said, after hearing the translation.

The younger man nodded. "What kind of demonstration?"

Elta’an smiled. "Whatever would please you, sir. Perhaps you wish to take her to a more…private…room?"

Daniel exchanged a look with Jack as he translated again.

"Go ahead," the older man grinned. "It will give us some time to find out more about what’s going on here."

"You can’t speak the language," Daniel pointed out.

"Teal'c, can you understand this guy?" Jack asked.

"Yes, O’Neill."

Jack looked back at Daniel. "Go on, Space Monkey. Spend a little time with your wife."

Elta’an looked at each face as the men spoke to one another in their strange language. Finally the younger one looked up at him.

"Where can I be alone with her?"

The round man beamed and clapped his hands. The Teacher hurried into the tent. He unfastened the collar that she wore, then led the two into a nearby tent. It was small, but luxuriously furnished.

Daniel waited until the old man had lowered the flap on the front of the tent before he turned to her and pulled her into his embrace.

Casey wrapped her arms around him, still trembling from the stress of her ordeal.

"It’s okay, babe, I’m right here. I’m not going to let anything happen to you," he whispered, holding her close, his hand moving up and down her back reassuringly.

"Seems like we changed your nightmare," she said softly.

"So far. I won’t relax until we’re home," he replied. He led her to the low bed. "So, what kind of skills do you have?" he asked, a wicked grin on his face. He sat down, pulled her down beside him.

She smiled. "Oh, wouldn’t you like to know," she teased.

"As a matter of fact, I would." He leaned over and kissed her, his hand caressing her throat.

"Let’s get you out of these robes, then I’ll show you my…skills," she whispered, pushing his clothes from his shoulders. She pressed her lips to his bare skin, her hands roaming his body.

"Take those things off," he said, his face buried against the soft skin of her neck.

She pulled away long enough to strip. She stood before him, gloriously naked, so beautiful; the light of a nearby brazier flickering against her creamy skin. "Better?"

"Oh, yeah," he reached for her, she took his hand, sat down beside him. He took her chin in his hand, kissed her. He gently pushed her to her back, then stretched out beside her.

"Let me worship you," she said, caressing his already hard shaft.

He rolled to his back, watched as she slid down, gasped when she took him into her mouth. "Oh, yeah, babe…that’s it…just like that," he whispered. He closed his eyes and let her make love to him, reveling in the sensations her sweet mouth was giving him, his hands filled with her long hair. It didn’t take her long to have him on the edge. "My turn, babe," he said softly.

She moved back up. He kissed her sweet lips, trailed kisses over her jaw to her throat. She ran her hands through his hair as he made love to her breasts. His fingers teased and toyed with that tiny ring in her navel, making her arch toward him, then slid down and caressed the hot, wet flesh between her thighs. His mouth followed his fingers, teasing her until she could take no more. "Now, Daniel, please?"

He moved over her, kissed her deeply again as her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms around his shoulders. He entered her slowly, savoring the feeling of her body taking him in, caressing him, holding him. "You feel so good, Angel," he whispered.

"So do you," she whispered in reply. Her hips were pushing against him, meeting his thrust for thrust.

He began to grind against her body with each thrust of his hips. "Like that, babe?"

"Oh, yeah," she replied, her breath coming in gasps.

He could feel her thighs beginning to quiver. "Give it to me, babe. Come for me, Angel," he whispered.

She began to whimper, cried out as her orgasm rocked her. She pushed her hips against his, tightened her arms around his shoulders. "Love me, Daniel…let me feel you throb," she whispered in his ear.

He began to move faster, deeper, harder. She was wrapped around him, her soft body responding to each caress, each thrust, each kiss. She was kissing his chest, her tongue tracing patterns over the tattoo on his skin. Suddenly he was there, flying over the edge, his climax shaking him to the core. He moaned as he emptied himself into her sweet well. He collapsed on top of her. "Love you, Angel," he said softly.

"Love you, too, Sweetheart."

Daniel shifted them until he was laying beneath her, held her tightly. "Are you okay?"

She smiled, knowing instinctively what he was talking about. "I’m fine. Except for being drugged while Elta’an was bringing me here, nothing happened. What about Zinder? Did he ever show up at Lodonia?"

"I don’t know. He hadn’t before we left. SG-6 is still there. They’ll let Methos know if he shows up."

The tent flap opened, and the Teacher stepped inside, not giving them time to cover up. He smiled at the naked couple, who were obviously in the last stages of lovemaking, nodded, and backed out, closing the flap behind him.

"Get dressed, babe, we need to get this transaction taken care of."

"Did you bring the checkbook?"

He laughed. "We have a couple of things we think Elta’an will be willing to take for you."

When they were dressed, Daniel led them back outside. The Teacher hurried to greet them, took them back to the tent where Elta’an waited with Jack and Teal'c.

Elta’an smiled as they entered the tent. "She has pleased you?"

Daniel nodded. "Very much."

Casey blushed when Jack and Teal'c grinned at her.

"Now, my friends, we discuss payment." Elta’an rubbed his hands together.

Daniel took a pouch from inside his robe. He opened it, took out three large blue crystals. He laid them on the table in front of him.

The dealer looked at them, picked one up and examined it. "These are magnificent!"

"All three of them for the woman," Daniel said.

The man nodded, still turning the crystal over in his hand. "You have a deal, my friend." He waved his hand, and the Teacher appeared. He put the collar back on Casey, handed the controller to Daniel.

None of them dared to breathe until they were clear of the tent and on the way out of the city. The members of SGI-3 fell into step behind them. They walked through the gates, ringed up to the waiting ship. Once there, Daniel grabbed Casey and kissed her.

"What do we hear from SG-6 and Methos?" Jack asked.

Col. Ronson shook his head. "Nothing yet, sir."

Casey shook her head. "He doesn’t have me. He won’t go to Ba’al now," she said quietly.

Jack groaned. "Aw, hell!"

"Elta’an knows where he is," Daniel grinned.

"Correction, Sweetheart, knew where he was," Casey argued.

"Perhaps he has returned to Alteria," Teal'c said quietly.

They all turned to look at the Jaffa.

"Colonel Ronson, if you could drop us off at the nearest safe planet with a Stargate," Jack said, a grin on his face.

"Yes, sir!"

"Okay, now that we’ve settled that, can I eat? I’m starving!" Casey exclaimed.

Daniel grinned. "Come on, babe. I’m buying." He took her hand and they walked toward the elevator.

"Speaking of buying, just what were those blue stones you used to buy me?"

"Used Goa’uld data crystals."

She giggled. "Anything of interest on them?"

"A few things. Enough that Elta’an won’t be too disappointed when he finds out that’s all they are." Daniel ran his finger over the collar that still encircled her neck. He found the latch for it, pressed the release, let it drop into his hand.

When they entered the dining room, several other crewmembers were there. They greeted the SG-1 members, offered the best of what was available from the food stores. Casey thanked each of the crew, ate at least a few bites of all that was set in front of her. When they left, she was full, and the three male crewmembers had lost their hearts to the beautiful, scantily clad Immortal woman.

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