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Love Conquers All

Chapter 8

Ishmael greeted them when they stepped through the ‘gate. Zinder had indeed returned to Alteria. SG-6 had also returned, and had made contact with the man in charge of the port. A man who had a personal grudge against and a deep hatred for the Immortal. A man more than willing to help the strangers who had roused the locals into rebellion.

Darr Morgan was waiting, along with SG-6, in the small house where Ismael took SG-1. He stood to greet the newcomers. His spy was right, the blonde woman named Casey was beautiful. He could tell immediately, however, that she belonged to the young, dark blonde-headed man. He could see the love in her eyes each time she looked at him, could see his for her as well. Zinder had been a fool to try and take this woman. That was a mistake that Darr was sure the bastard would pay for with his life.

Major Parker had also stood when the team entered. "General, good to see you all together again."

"Thanks, major. It went a lot smoother than we hoped," Jack replied. He looked at Darr.

"General, this is Darr Morgan. He runs the port and the dock. And he has good reason to hate Zinder as much as we do. Darr, this is General O’Neill."

Jack offered his hand, was surprised by the strength in the smaller man’s grip. "Nice to meet you, Darr. This is Doctor Daniel Jackson, my wife Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel’s wife Casey," he said, pointing to each of the team members as he introduced them.

Darr nodded at each of them. "I am glad to make your acquaintance."

"You speak our language," Daniel said.

"I have had dealings with the Terrans, who have told me of your people. The man I dealt with was more than willing to teach me the tongue of the Tau’ri."

Daniel nodded. "The major said you have a good reason to hate Zinder. May I ask what that reason is?"

Darr’s eyes dropped to the floor for a brief moment, then he looked back at the young archaeologist. "My daughter was beautiful, had light hair and green eyes, very much like your wife. Zinder kidnapped her, took her to Darteen, with the intention to sell her. I followed them, hoping to reach Darteen in time to buy her back. She was a fighter, my Tatiana was, and according to one of the traders there, she fought him all the way to the block. He was furious, and ordered her to be ‘subdued’. His men took turns raping her, right there in front of everyone, several at a time attacking her. She-" tears filled the man’s dark eyes. "She didn’t survive. Her mind…before anyone could stop her, she ran towards the stalls where the wild meysan were kept. She was trampled to death. It was all over by the time I finally arrived."

As Darr told his story, Daniel’s face drained of color. "When did this happen?"

"It has been a year since my daughter was taken from me," Darr replied.

Casey looked over at her husband. What he'd seen hadn't been her abuse, but that of an innocent young woman. He didn’t have all of the facts, and his mind had filled them in, resulting in the nightmare where she had been the one who had suffered such abuse. She moved closer to him, took his hand, felt him squeeze her fingers.

"I’m…we’re sorry, Darr," Daniel said sincerely.

"Thank you," he said softly. "Major Parker tells me that Zinder took your wife, had the same plans for her."

Daniel nodded. "He was on his way to another planet first, and was intercepted by a man to whom he owed a great deal of money. That man took my wife to Darteen. That man wanted her to bring the highest price, so…"

"So she was spared any abuse," Darr said. "You are lucky, my dear. Zinder and his men are…ruthless. They take pleasure in abusing women, breaking their minds."

Casey shuddered. "Yes, I was very lucky." She stepped closer to Daniel, slid her arm around his waist, put her head against his shoulder. His arm went around her shoulders, pulled her tight against him.

"Darr, we want to take Zinder out. We also want to see Ishmael and his people freed from the oppression they live under. We’d like to have your help," Jack said softly.

Darr settled himself on one of the stools near the brightly burning brazier. "For years I have not even thought about the people who live in this village. They were nothing more than…background noise…to me. Major Parker opened my eyes to what they endure. After what happened to my daughter…what could have happened…I would like very much to help you. I have one request to make of you."

"Name it," Jack said.

"When the time comes, Zinder’s life will be placed in my hands." Darr glanced briefly at Daniel. He knew that this man also had reason to want to kill that animal personally.

Jack exchanged a look with Daniel, then nodded. "I think we can arrange that."

The small man smiled, although there was no warmth in the action. "Thank you. I will do whatever I can to help you…and Ishmael. The owners of the resorts will not be pleased, but I believe that they can be…persuaded."

The two SG teams grinned at one another. "We’re good at persuasion," Jack said.

"It would be good for Zinder to see that your wife is once again at your side, safe and unharmed," Darr said to Daniel. "The journey through the desert is a perilous one, but I have men who will go with us. They will keep the Bedouin away from our caravan."

Daniel nodded. "Then we should go now, before Zinder decides to take off again."

Darr shook his head. "There are too many men looking for him, men that have been double-crossed. He doesn’t dare leave here."

Casey smiled. "No wonder he was so eager to take me up on my proposition. He needs protection."

"What he’s going to get is what he deserves," Jack said. "His men, too."

Darr nodded. "Let us leave now. I wish to see that animal dead before the second moon comes into fullness."

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