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Love Conquers All

Chapter 6

She opened her eyes. She was in a large room. There were several other women there as well, all of them watching her. She sat up, groaned as her head began to spin. She held a hand to her temple, waiting for her Quickening to take care of the pain. She looked down at her legs, realized she was dressed in a harem-like costume. Great. Just what she needed…not!

A door on one side of the room opened, and the old man she had seen earlier entered. He looked around, spotted her, motioned for her to follow him.

She stood slowly.

"Come, don’t be shy," the old man said.

She followed him into the adjoining room. Sitting on a wide bench piled high with pillows was a rotund man with a long moustache. He was dressed in satin, and had large gem-stoned rings on each finger.

"Elta’an, this is the woman you took from Zinder. She says she can do a harem dance," the old man said.

"Show me," the large man said.

Music began to play from somewhere behind her. She glanced over her shoulder and saw that several musicians were sitting in what looked like a cage. The old man shoved her to the center of the room. She closed her eyes for a second, tried to collect her thoughts. She began to move her body. She didn’t have scarves, certainly didn’t want to strip for this man. But she could improvise.

Elta’an watched, approval shining in his eyes as Casey moved around the floor, her body undulating to the music. This woman would fetch a high price at the market. He would take her to the special auction, where her talents could be showcased. He nodded to the Teacher.

The music stopped, and the old man nodded at her. She followed him back to the room where she had awakened. He left her there, took two of the other girls to face Elta’an. The other women huddled together, almost as if they were afraid of her. She smiled at them, but received nothing in return but looks of suspicion. She sighed. ‘Sweetheart?’

‘Right here, babe.’

"I just met Elta’an. Had to do a dance for him. He seemed happy enough about it. I don’t know how far from Darteen we are."

‘We should be there in three hours.’

‘Miss you.’

‘Miss you, too, Angel.’

‘Love you.’

‘Love you, My Star.’




The Prometheus was in orbit above Darteen two and a half hours later. The men of SG-1 ringed down outside of the large town, having decided that Sam’s blonde hair and blue eyes might potentially put her at risk in the market. She wasn’t happy about being left out, but understood their reasoning. The men were dressed in the robes and headdresses they had worn on Alteria. They made their way through the open gates, and upon asking, were directed to the slave market in the center of town. They walked past rows of cagesin which men, women, and children huddled, waiting for their turn on the selling block.

SGI-3 met them. They had already heard of Elta’an’s arrival, and his ‘special’ merchandise. They had learned that a beautiful blonde woman was to be sold in one of the private auctions. An auction that required an invitation to attend. Daniel set out to get an invitation. It proved to be more difficult than he had imagined. They had located the trader’s building, and had asked directions to those in charge of the private auctions. They were now standing in a small room, facing a man who didn’t seem the least bit interested in talking to them.

"I am sorry, sir, but you must have credentials to attend any of our private auctions," the bald man with a large gold earring told him, not looking a bit sorry at all.

"What type of credentials?" Daniel asked.

The man glared at him. "If you must ask, then you have no business dealing here. Be gone!"

Daniel looked up at Teal'c, nodded slightly. The large man grabbed the auctioneer by the neck and shoved his head down to the desk in front of him. "Now, I’ll ask again, what type of credentials?"

The man continued to glare, refused to answer.

Frustrated, Daniel pulled his zat from beneath his robe and held it to the man’s head. "Last time, mister."

"That is a Goa’uld weapon!" the man hissed.

"Yes it is," Daniel replied.

"Do you work for a System Lord?"

Daniel glanced at Jack, translated, made a suggestion. The older man nodded. "Lord Ba’al."

The man nodded. "That, my friend, would qualify as acceptable credentials."

Teal'c released the man.

"We have word that Elta’an is bringing in a woman…a blonde woman," Daniel said, hoping his voice sounded more calm than he felt.

"Yes, he is. Does Lord Ba’al wish this woman for himself?"

"Yes. He does not wish for her to be…displayed," Daniel said.

Again the man nodded. "I can arrange for a private showing. Just you and Elta’an, and the woman. He should be arriving within the hour. If you wish, you may wait in the buying room. I will have refreshments brought to you."

"We wish it," Daniel said.

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