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Let the Games Begin

Chapter 7

Sam stomped into Casey’s room, a rose colored gown on her body…well, what there was of it was anyway. "I am not wearing this!"

Casey was wearing her own gown, the thin silk hiding nothing. She had chosen to go completely naked underneath it. She needed Ba’al as distracted as possible. "Sam, when in Rome, huh? Come on, this is a mission. That gown is a…tool…a weapon actually. Take off the bra and panties, girlfriend. We’ll get much more information out of him if his willywacker has all of his blood supply."

The colonel stared at Casey for a minute, then cracked up laughing. "Willywacker? That is too funny!" She sighed. "I suppose you’re right." She disappeared into her room, then came back a few seconds later.

"Now what?" Casey asked.

"I guess we wait for him to send for us."

They sat down side by side on the bed. And were overcome by a serious case of the giggles. Sam had given Casey two of the three rings, she figured the young blonde would be the one to need them. She showed her how they worked, then watched as Casey adjusted them on her fingers.

Their first reaction was one of panic when the door opened, and four Jaffa stepped in. Casey took a firm hold on Sam’s hand, then looked at the Jaffa. "Is Lord Ba’al ready for us?"

The Jaffa nodded, then led the way, the other three falling in behind them. They were led to a large room, as opulently decorated as their chambers, a low table in the center of the room, pillows surrounding it. The two women exchanged a look.

Ba’al was standing near the window, looking out at the Phoenix, which hung in orbit just a few thousand kilometers from his ship. He hadn’t been aware that the Tau’ri had managed to capture a Goa’uld mothership. He turned around when he heard the doors open, and the familiar clank of Jaffa armor.

If he had found Casey Jackson attractive before, she was breathtaking now. She was wearing the gown exactly as it was intended, with nothing beneath it. He could see every curve, the slight darkening at the apex of her legs, the way the soft hair there lay under the silk. As he looked at her, he could see her nipples harden. He could barely hide his delight. She was as attracted to him as he was to her. Her body told him so. She was beginning to tremble slightly.

Casey watched as his eyes devoured her, felt her body respond to the sheer animal lust that appeared briefly in his eyes. She felt a moment of terror, her body shivered. She would have to be very careful around this man…this Goa’uld.

"You look…beautiful," he said softly, looking at her, nearly drowning in her eyes. He smiled at Sam. "As do you, colonel."

Both women smiled, but said nothing.

"Please, sit, be comfortable!" He watched to see where she would sit down, then lowered himself to the cushions beside her. He gave the signal, and food was brought to the table.

"So…Ba’al," Casey said awkwardly. "What is it that you wished to discuss with us?"

He shook his head. "Not tonight. Tonight we…feast." He had plans of feasting on that exquisite body as soon as possible.

For nearly an hour they made casual chitchat, mostly about the food that was served. Ba’al continued to watch Casey, a fact that neither woman missed.

Casey squeezed Sam’s fingers under the table briefly, before she reached for a piece of fruit. A sideways glance at Sam earned her a nod. 'Operation Seduce Ba’al' was about to commence. She shifted closer to him, peeled the small fruit, then began to suck the juice out of each section, using her tongue to catch any drops, licking her lips often.

Sam fought to keep from laughing out loud. Carlotta and Tessa had given the two women a "crash course" on seduction. Their instructors would be proud to see Casey now. Sam began to ask questions, innocent ones at first. She nudged Casey with her foot, received a subtle nod that the signal had been recognized.

Casey leaned forward to get another piece of fruit, making sure that Ba’al caught sight of a bare breast. His sharp intake of breath let her know she had succeeded. She watched him, lowering her eyes whenever he looked at her, but not until she knew that he had seen her eyes on him. She ate this piece of fruit in the same way, only now she offered him sections of it from her fingers. He took each one, licked the juice from her fingertips.

Sam’s questions were becoming more probing. Casey’s hand was now on his thigh, and moving higher with each answer he gave.

They were drinking more wine when Sam noticed that Ba’al kept glancing in her direction. Trying to make me disappear, she thought with a chuckle. "I’m really getting rather sleepy," she said.

"Do you wish to return to your chambers?" Ba’al asked, so eagerly that it was all the women could do to keep from laughing out loud.

"Yes, please."

"I’ll go with you, Sam," Casey said.

"No, please, you and Ba’al are enjoying the wine. Stay if you'd like," Sam responded on cue.

"If you don’t mind…" Casey had to at least make a show of propriety.  

"I insist," Sam said, a smile on her face.

Ba’al was grinning. He signaled, and two Jaffa appeared to take Sam back to her chambers.

When Sam was out of the room, Casey turned to the Goa’uld. "If you’ll forgive me for being…forward…I can tell that you’re attracted to me. I never thought I’d say this in a million years…but…I…" she lowered her eyes. Come on, big boy, she thought, take the bait.

"You are attracted to me as well," he said. The look in his eyes was all male…all lust.

She wondered briefly if the host of the body was enjoying any of this. She nearly shuddered at the thought. She nodded, peeking up shyly, meeting his eyes and quickly lowering her lashes. Good thing Tessa had taught her how to do all of this seduction stuff, she thought.

Ba’al put a finger under her chin, raised her face. He moved slowly toward her, she leaned ever so slightly toward him. His lips met hers, pressed against them for a minute before he began to trace them with his tongue.

She parted her lips. He sure wasn’t Daniel. No man in the universe could kiss like Daniel. She tried to work up the correct responses to his caresses. She pulled away after a few minutes. "If you’d like, I’ll go make myself…ready for you," she whispered.

Ba’al smiled. Yes, this woman would be his consort. His queen. "I would like that very much." He signaled again, and again two Jaffa appeared.

"Give me ten minutes, My Lord," she whispered. When she stood, she made sure that one breast was ‘accidentally’ and completely exposed. He gasped, then reached up and gently caressed the warm flesh.

"Waiting will not be easy, my beloved," he whispered in return.

Beloved? Cool. The plan's working perfectly. She couldn’t contain her giggle, and the sound seemed to please him. She ran her finger over his face, then followed the Jaffa back to her room.


'I’m here, babe.'

‘Are you alone?’


‘Miss you.’

'Miss you, too, Angel.'

‘Love you.’

'Love you, too, my star.'

‘I…uh…have to go to work now.’

There was a pause. 'Be careful, babe. As soon as he’s close enough, jab him.'

She almost giggled out loud. ‘That’s the plan. I’ll talk to you as soon as he’s out.’

'I’ll be waiting.'

When she arrived in her quarters, a tall, light haired man was waiting, standing silently in the shadows. He didn’t speak until the Jaffa had left. "I am Jareel. I believe we have a mutual friend."

Casey nodded. "She sends her greetings."

The man handed her a stack of small cloths. "Wait until he is fully aroused before you inject him. You must put this over him, so that when he ejaculates, it will be absorbed by the cloth. Otherwise he will suspect."

Now this was a wrinkle she hadn’t expected. "What do you mean…put it over him…you mean I have to…now wait just a minute…nobody told me I’d have to actually…"

"It would be better to wait until he is naked to use the Sectonin," the Jaffa continued.

"No way…I can’t…" she objected.

"There is no other way. Put the used cloth under the bed. I will dispose of it later." Without another word the Tok’ra spy disappeared out of the door.

Shit! This wasn’t going to be so easy after all. She took a deep breath. She was a soldier. A member of SG-1. She could do this. It was just a job. She took the gown off, and pulled on one of her older teddies. It would hit the trash as soon as she left this ship. Ten minutes later, Ba'al walked into the room.

He stood staring at her. "What is that…delightful garment…that you are wearing?" Her body was nearly naked except for the scraps of lace that covered her breasts and hips. He could see her areolas and nipples peeking at him, the dark shadow of her pubic hair. His body was aroused to point of pain.

She walked over to him, pressed her body against his. "It’s called a ‘teddy’."

"I shall buy you a thousand of them. You will wear one for me every night," he said softly. He reached out and pushed her hair behind her shoulder. "Then I shall take it off of you, every night."

In your dreams, pal, she thought. She smiled. She let her head fall back, offering her throat to him. He accepted the offer, pulling her into his arms and kissing the soft, fragrant skin. "Please," she begged, "let me feel your skin against mine."

"You please me, beloved," he moaned. He pushed her teddy off of her body, then stood looking at her. The long, graceful neck, the creamy skin of her décolletage, the firm, round breasts with their dusky rose areolas and nipples, her slender waist and narrow hips, the vee of dark blonde curls, her long, shapely legs. His tore at his own clothes, ripping something in his haste to be rid of them.

Whoa, Casey thought, looking at the Goa’uld as he stood naked, and totally aroused before her. He has a pretty nice body. Not as good as Daniel’s, though, she thought, and he certainly didn’t compare to Daniel in …that…department. She almost giggled, managed to bite it back. "You please me, beloved," she whispered. She decided she should win an Oscar for her performance.

He had her in his arms once again. She put her arms around his neck, turned the ring, and pressed it against his shoulder. Within seconds he slumped against her, unconscious. She struggled to keep him from falling to the floor. "Sam!" she whispered as loudly as she dared. "Sam!"

Sam ran into the room, took in the scene, wide-eyed. "Casey?"

"Give me a break! Help me get him on the bed. I don’t have long to make this suggestion, and then our…oh, hell, I’ll tell you in a minute. Help me!"

The women managed to get the Goa’uld on the bed. Casey leaned over and whispered in his ear. "I please you more than you dreamed. My mouth against your body is heaven. My body beneath yours can be compared to nothing. You have never loved as well as you have tonight." She gingerly put the cloth over his erection, and within a few minutes he was moaning, and soaked it. She took the cloth with two fingers and tossed it under the bed. "Gross."

"What is all this about?" Sam asked, handing Casey her robe.

"Last minute details from the resident Tok’ra," she whispered. "He’d get suspicious if he woke up covered with…you know," she said, blushing.

"Okay. Selmak said we’d have an hour before he regains consciousness. We should be able to get to the control room and get a download started," Sam said.

Casey hurriedly pulled on her dark pants and shirt. "Lead the way."

Sam nodded, and the two women slipped into the corridor.

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