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He Said, She Said

Chapter 8

Carly and Teal'c wouldn’t be accompanying the rest of the team on this trip. In fact, the couple had already left Gamma for the Jaffa outpost where Bra'tac was training the rebel Jaffa. They would be back for Christmas; Teal'c had promised Casey that they would be there for that holiday.

Casey was sitting at one of the outdoor tables at Curly’s with Tessa and Sam, and they were going over a list of all the shops in Kelowna City. Nearly every ladies clothing boutique was on their list to visit, at least to have a peek around. There were also three jewelry stores, five men’s stores, seven toy stores, a pottery shop, four art galleries and a furniture gallery. She was reading farther down on the list. "Hmm…this sounds interesting," she giggled.

"What?" Tessa asked, a smile on her face.

"For Lover’s Only."

Sam and Tessa exchanged a glance, then looked at the young woman beside them.

"What?" Casey asked, taking a sip of her iced tea. "We need some flavored body oils, and I’d like to look at some…uh…well, there are a couple of things I’d like to look at."

"Details, girlfriend," Sam said, folding her arms on the table in front of her and leaning forward. "We want details."

"Don’t leave out one single grunt, cry, moan, or scream," Tessa added.

Casey blushed. "Come on, you know how upset Daniel gets when anything about our private life gets…revealed."

"Daniel will never know," Tessa replied. "This is just between us girls."

"Yeah, and we’re sober, no chance of it…slipping out," Sam added.

The young blonde heaved a sigh. "What is it you want to know?"

Her two friends exchanged triumphant grins, and leaned closer.

"Okay, let’s start with the harem dance," Tessa said. "Tell us about it."

"What’s there to tell? I put the belly button…decoration…on, put the scarves on, and then took them off while I danced."

"That’s it?" Sam asked, obviously disappointed.

"Well, he was so worked up he…uh…" Casey giggled, then blushed again.

"He what?" Sam prompted.

"He could barely wait for me to get on my hands and knees in front of him when I was finished."

"Wow," Sam said.

"Wow, indeed," Tessa replied.

"Okay, now about that strip routine," Sam coaxed.

Casey took another sip of tea. "Okay, you already know how I got him to the dance studio."

Two blonde heads nodded.

"What I didn’t mention was the note I left on the bed…telling him to wear jeans and a tee shirt, boxers optional, and not to shave."

"Why didn’t you want him to shave?" Tessa asked.

"I…well…when he…worships…me, I sort of like it when his whiskers rub against me," Casey admitted, blushing again.

"Worships you?"

"Oral sex," Sam explained.

"What an absolutely lovely term," Tessa sighed.

Casey smiled. "That’s what he’s called it ever since the first time. When he came back from …that…mission, he told me that I'm the only altar for him, and that he worships only at my altar."

Sam smiled. "The man never ceases to surprise me. That has got to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!"

She giggled. "He keeps surprising me, too. He’s reading my romance novels to get some ideas for payback."

"Payback? For what?" Tessa asked.

The giggle became a laugh. "If you want to have the time of your life, and drive him crazy, here’s what you do," Casey said. She motioned for the women to lean closer. They did. "Daniel had been working three days, non-stop, on a tablet. I figured it was time for a break. So I got the bed ready, put the body oil on the nightstand, which is my signal that I want…. well," she blushed, looked down at her napkin, "anal sex," she said, her voice a mere whisper.

Tessa giggled. "Casey, they all want that. We’ve all done it."

Casey looked at the French woman for a moment. "Do…uh…we…all enjoy it?"

Sam laughed. "Honey, if we didn’t, they wouldn’t get it!"

The three woman burst into laughter.

"Okay, the oil is out…the bed is ready," Sam prompted.

"Hey, what about the strip routine?" Casey asked.

"Finish this story first, then we’ll go back to your strip act," Sam said.

"Okay…well, I have…just got…a…um…well…"

"A toy?" Tessa asked softly.

She nodded, felt her cheeks burning.

"Only one? I have three," Sam grinned.

"I have two," Tessa admitted.

Casey gaped at them. "No kidding? Wow. Well, I have one…"

"Where’d you get it from?" Sam asked.

"Lover’s Package online catalogue."

"What page?"

"Fifty three."

"Which one?"

"I think it was number six on the page."

"What color?"


"Come on, inquiring minds want to know!"

"What difference does the color make?" Tessa asked.

"The color depends on the size."

Casey blushed, but couldn’t help but brag a little bit. "I wanted one close to Daniel’s… er…size. So I got the purple one."

Sam nearly choked on her tea. "Purple? My god, that’s the largest that style comes in! It’s…"  She looked over at Casey. "Is he…uh…well…"

"Bigger…just a bit," Casey grinned.

Tessa frowned. "I’m not following here,"

Sam looked at Casey. Then held her hand about eight inches above the table.

Casey giggled. "No, more like this," she said, holding her hand slightly higher, signifying nine inches. "And, about like this," She said, circling her hands together.

"Oh, my god," Sam gasped. "He’s…he’s huge!" She was thinking back to all the times she had seen him in his boxers, remembered wondering just how large his already impressive… package…could become. Now she knew.

"Casey, you aren’t exaggerating a bit, are you?" Tessa asked quietly.

She shook her head. "Duncan is a well endowed man, right?"

Tessa smiled. "Yes, he is."

"So is Daniel. Daniel is about an half inch shorter, but about an inch bigger around. From what I remember," she grinned.

Tessa’s eyes widened. "You’re so slender…how in the world do you…my god!"

Casey looked at Sam. "Well?"

"Jack is no slouch in…that…department…but he’s not quite that…endowed. Blue," she said. "One size down from purple," she explained to Tessa. "Okay, so you have the purple vibrator …"

"Barney," Casey giggled.

"Barney?" Tessa asked, another frown on her face. Sam was giggling hysterically.

"The children’s program…the annoying purple dinosaur?"

Now Tessa began to giggle. She had babysat both Emily and Evelyn, and had watched the program with them.

Sam was still giggling. "Okay, so you and Barney are ready…go on."

Casey grinned. "Well, I put the handcuffs on two of the spindles on the headboard, far enough apart that it would keep him…where I wanted him…and hid them under the pillows. I stripped down to my bikini panties, went into the den, and started rubbing his neck and shoulders. I offered a full massage, but he said that he needed to finish. So, I started out of the room…I knew he’d look at me as I was walking out…"

"And he saw a mostly naked Casey leaving his den," Tessa finished, a grin on her face.

"Yep! Well, he was tired, and he really was all tense, so I did give him a full body massage…I wanted…needed for him to be nearly asleep. When he was, I got up, took off my panties, and then headed for the kitchen to get the whipped cream. When I got back, I started massaging his arms again, and I sort of moved them over his head, and put the handcuffs on him. He was so close to asleep he didn’t even notice," she giggled. "Then, I slid down and tied his feet with two old ties. He was…um… aware at that point…realized he was tied down. You should have heard his voice when he asked me what I was doing. He didn’t know whether to be pissed off or excited. Well, I covered him from his neck to his thighs and all points in-between with whipped cream…then I decided I wanted chocolate syrup too, so I went back to the kitchen to get it. Then I had my Daniel Sundae."

The women giggled. Sam looked at her. "That’s not all you did," she said, guessing.

Casey’s eyes danced. "Nope. I, uh…went down on him…got him just to the brink…you know…that point where one more good suck and he’s going to blow?"

Both women nodded.

"Well, I backed off…squeezed him so he couldn’t…you know…then I started kissing his thighs, and his belly and his chest…keeping him worked up. Then I went back down on him…got him to that point again…and then backed off again. Only this time, I really backed off…I stretched out beside him…and then teased him about when and where he was going to get to come."

"Casey Jackson, you’re absolutely wicked!" Tessa exclaimed. "Go on," she said with a grin.

"Well, he should have known what was coming…the body oil was out…so then I…uh…well, I put oil on…him…then I…uh…got me ready. Then I leaned over him…and got Barney, which he didn’t know about at the time. I…uh…got acquainted with Barney, and he’s laying there watching me, about to lose his mind, then he tells me he’s starting to hurt…god, I never meant to do that!" she declared. "Anyway, I… uh…mounted him…and started riding him…and Barney was still … there…" she looked at her friends, both nodded that they understood. "Well, his chest was heaving…I mean really heaving …and he was gritting his teeth, and told me not to back off again…which I had no intention of doing…anyway, I watched his face…I can always tell when he’s…you know…"

"Ready to blow," Sam said, nodding.

Casey nodded her own head. "Yep. Well, he was…and I was so damn close myself…and so I turned the vibrator on…my god, I thought I was going to go crazy!"

"What did Daniel do?" Sam asked, a wicked grin on her face.

"His back came up off the bed a good ten inches, he nearly threw me off his hips, he'd been groaning, and then, he let out with a ‘Sweet Jesus’, which is what he says whenever I’ve blown his mind. He came so hard…I mean…I felt it! Have to admit, I had one hell of an orgasm myself."

"Oh, my god," Tessa said softly. "I should get some handcuffs. Duncan has half a dozen ties I can use."

"You know, if you just need them for one night…talk to Becca. That’s what I did when I stripped. I got the handcuffs the same time I got Barney, although Daniel doesn’t know that," Casey offered

"About that strip routine," Sam said. "Is it like the one that Carly has a tape of?" She didn’t say anything, but she was filing the information about the handcuffs in her mind.

"Exactly like," Casey said. "That’s how I learned it."

"I haven’t seen it," Tessa said.

"I’ll get it for you," Casey replied.

"So, the key to…starting…all of this, is to have him nearly asleep, right?" Sam asked.

"Yep. Makes it easier to get him tied down. So that’s why he’s reading my romance novels …although he doesn’t know that I know. I’m hoping that he’ll follow what Dante does to Katrina in ‘Secret Passions’."

"Which is?"

"He ties her down and drives her out of her mind."

The three women burst into laughter.

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