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He Said, She Said

Chapter 7

Daniel and Casey had been surprised to find Jack and Sam already sitting in Duncan’s office when they arrived. He hadn’t come in yet, and the four of them waited together.

When the Highlander walked through the door he knew without asking what each of the couples had to say. "So, are you all quitting permanently, or just a leave of absence?"

They all looked at one another. "We’ll all being doing the same jobs we have been," Casey said softly. "Jack will still be here to advise, Sam will still be working in the lab, Daniel will still be working on all the artifacts, I’ll still be helping wherever I can. But…the missions…"

Duncan nodded. "Major Lansing told me what happened. He said that his team figured you for dead."

Casey shuddered. "So did I."

The Scot looked at Daniel. "I understand. After all that’s happened-" he broke off, looked down at the pile of paperwork on his desk.

"I don’t want to keep pushing our luck, because someday it’s going to run out," Daniel said quietly.

"Look, we’ve saved the Earth a couple of dozen times, and now the universe, or at least the galaxy, two or three times. We deserve a little…quiet time," Jack said. "Like Daniel says, we keep pushing our luck, and we’re going to run out of it."

"We, Jack and I, would like to be able to spend more time with Evelyn. She’s growing so fast…we just want to…be here." Sam said softly.

Casey nodded. "I…we…want to be here for Emily, too. There will be times, missions where we’ll have to go. But unless it’s one of…those…we’d really rather stay home."

Again Duncan nodded. "If any team on any of the bases deserves a break, it’s SG-1. Teal'c has already come to me twice wanting to work with Master Bra'tac in bringing more Jaffa into the rebellion. Okay. I’ll pull SG-1 off the duty roster. Now, are you going to take two days off, or are you here to work?"

The four exchanged again exchanged looks. "Considering what we came in for, I think we’d all be willing to stay and get some work done," Jack said.

"Good. Jack, if you could stay for a bit, I have a couple of things I need to discuss with you. The rest of you…get to work," Duncan said, a smile on his handsome face.

Daniel, Casey, and Sam rose to their feet. With matching smiles, they waved and left the room.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey was leading three SG teams through one of the infamous Jackson/Jaffa workouts. Jack and Daniel were lifting weights on the other side of the room, watching her.

"Okay," Casey was saying. "These steps aren’t hard to do. Watch again." She repeated the sequence of bends, turns and thrusts. Made it look deceptively easy.

When the teams attempted to mimic her, they found out exactly how difficult the routine was.

Several of the team members groaned out loud.

Casey stopped the group, chose one of the men on the front row to stand next to her. "Okay, think about it this way," she said, grinning. "She dropped her handkerchief. Bend over to pick it up. Grab her, nail her a couple of times, toss her aside, then repeat the whole thing again."

Jack and Daniel began snickering loudly.

"Hey! You two on the weights! Get your butts over here!" she said, behaving as if she didn’t know them.

The two men exchanged glances.

"You heard me. If you think this is so damned funny, you get over here and show these SF’s exactly how it’s done." She waited, tapping her foot impatiently. The SG teams were starting to grin. "Don’t make me get pissy," she warned.

Still grinning at one another, Jack and Daniel joined Casey in front of the teams.

"Okay, wise-asses. Let’s go." She grabbed the remote, turned on the music, and began the routine.

Snickers turned to chuckles, which turned to laughter as the two men tried in vain to keep up with the spirited, and talented, instructor.

"We were only laughing about how you explained it," Jack said, breathlessly.

"Yeah, we weren’t laughing at the routine," Daniel said, panting beside her.

"Uh huh." Casey was having too much fun watching her Husband and CO trying to keep up with the class. "If you two are so smart, how would you have explained it?"

Another shared glance, and Daniel shrugged. "I dunno."

Unable to contain it any longer, Casey burst into giggles. "You two are pathetic. Can’t even do a little aerobic routine."

"Hey, we didn’t do so bad, considering we’ve never done it before," Jack argued.

"Go back to your weights. The rest of you get ready for some cool down stretches." She shook her head and turned the stereo back on.

"That was hard," Daniel admitted quietly as they went back to their own interrupted workout.

"Yeah, but don’t you ever let her know that," Jack replied.

Daniel watched as his Wife led the exercises, noting how limber her body was, errant thoughts dancing through his head as he watched her stretch her beautiful body in ways that were overtly suggestive.

"Damn!" Jack whistled beside him, watching as Casey lifted her legs and torso off of the floor, effectively making a ‘V’ out of her body. "That’s uh…damn! She must be able to do some …interesting things. In bed, I mean."

He thought about some of the various positions they had tried. "May look erotic, and sound erotic, but some of those weird positions are just too damned much work."

Jack looked hard at his young friend. "That sounds like the voice of experience!"

Daniel flushed slightly, but said nothing.

With a grin, Jack let it go. When they went to Langara next week, he was going to get the Space Monkey drunk…which wouldn’t take more than a few beers…and get all the answers to all the questions that had been driving him insane.

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