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He Said, She Said

Chapter 9

Kelowna City was a bustling metropolis, and the three couples felt the excitement the moment they stepped out of the cab at the hotel. They agreed that dinner was the first thing they wanted, and then they would check into their rooms, and on the morrow would begin their shopping.

Duncan ordered a bottle of champagne for dinner, declaring that the first vacation he’d had in five years was worth celebrating. Tessa smiled at him, her eyes full of happiness and love and something he couldn’t quite identify.

The women were all talking excitedly about the shopping that they planned to do. The men teased them, moaning about the bills that would be created during the trip. They lingered over dessert and coffee, conversation flowing freely, all of them relaxing more with each passing minute. Anyone who was watching the group couldn’t help but see how in love each couple was, the private glances exchanged speaking volumes. When the restaurant was nearly empty they decided it was time to go to their rooms for the night.

Breakfast was passed over in preference for brunch, and then the women were eager to begin shopping. Casey and Sam had decided to shop for their daughters first, so Tessa opted to spend the day alone with Duncan. Which secretly delighted Casey. She was positive that the more relaxed the couple became, the greater their chances of becoming pregnant.

Sam and Casey kissed their respective husbands goodbye, and set off for the toy stores and children’s boutiques on their list.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel and Jack returned to the Jackson's room to watch a local sports game, similar to hockey. Jack ordered up the local equivalent of beer, telling Daniel that sports and beer just belonged together.

He was stretched out on the bed, leaning back against the pillows, his hands behind his head. Daniel finished his first beer, accepted another from his friend.

Jack waited until the younger man had drank almost half of the second beer. "So, how are things are your house?"

"Great. Thanks. You?"

"Great. Anything interesting happen lately?"


Jack took another swallow. "Okay, Space Monkey. Out with it."

"Out with what?" Daniel asked,  honest confusion written plainly on his face.

"I want to know about that strip routine."

"She danced, she stripped, we made love. What more is there to know?"

"Details, Danny, I want details."

He shook his head. "Nope. Nothing you need to know about."

"Come on, buddy, this is killing me!"

"Look, I’m not going to tell you any more than I already have."

Jack shook his head, finished off his beer. He grabbed another. "I just don’t get it, Daniel. I still don’t understand why she did it."

Daniel grinned. "Because she loves me. And loves trying to kill me."


The younger man closed his eyes, then chuckled. "Actually, her strip routine was much easier on my heart than what she did a few weeks ago."

The older man sat forward, his arms on his thighs, the beer bottle hanging loosely from one hand. "Do tell."

"Well…she…" Daniel stopped and shook his head.

"Hey, you started, Danny, don’t stop now!"

He took another swig of beer. "This goes no farther than you. Never leaves this room."

"You have my word," Jack swore solemnly.

"Well…I had been working on this tablet…three days straight as a matter of fact. Then, she comes into the den and starts rubbing my neck and shoulders. After all the time I’d spent bending over the desk, believe me, it felt good. She wanted to give me a full massage, but I told her that I really needed to get that translation finished."

"You’re pathetic, Daniel," Jack huffed in disgust.

Daniel grinned. "She told me that if I insisted, she’d leave me alone. When I looked over at her, she was walking out of the den, wearing nothing but a pair of dark red bikini panties."

Jack hissed a breath. "Damn!"

"Oh, you haven’t heard anything yet!" Daniel exclaimed. "She gave me a full body massage… front and back. I know I dozed off a couple of times. She had me relaxed, but the Fire was burning, you know?"

The older man nodded.

"Well, she took those panties off and I was thinking that I was about to get laid. She headed for the kitchen, and came back with whipped cream."

"Uh huh."

"Well she got back on the bed beside me, started rubbing my arms again…I guess I dozed off again or something, cause I didn’t really notice anything until I felt her move to the foot of the bed…she tied my ankles to the spindles with two of my old ties. She’d already cuffed my hands to the headboard."


"Yeah, well, she grabbed that can of whipped cream, and I knew from the last time how cold it was going to be-"

"Wait a minute…last time? She’s tied you down and used whipped cream on you before?"

He shook his head. "No. She didn’t tie me down the last time."

"When was this…last time?"

"The first time she wore that little white satin and lace number."

"The first time? She’s worn it more than once? Danny, we need to talk more often," Jack groaned.

"Do you want to hear this or not?"

"Please, go on."

"Okay, so there I am, laying there tied down, covered with whipped cream, and then she decides she wants chocolate syrup too. So she goes to get the syrup."

"Whipped topping was cold?"

"Oh, yeah. Had my balls crawling into my stomach. Well, she comes back with the chocolate, squirts that all over me, then licks me clean as a whistle."

"Holy shit!"

"Yep." Daniel took a swig of his warming beer.

"Well, go on!"

"Well, she…uh…goes down on me, and after all that…attention, it didn’t take long until I was ready to blow. But she wrapped those soft little hands around me and held it back…then started kissing me…you know, my belly, my chest, my thighs…"

Jack sucked in a breath.

"...Well, then she goes back down on me again. Let me tell you, Casey has the most talented tongue you can imagine. She can make me hard as steel in a second with just a flick of that tongue and a couple of sucks from that sweet mouth. Anyway, she’s got me right there, I’m ready to blow my load, and she backs off again…she stretches out beside me, starts asking me where I think I’m going to get to come. Man, I was going crazy. Then she grabs the bottle of flavored body oil, and she covers my cock, barely touches me when she does it, damn that hurt it felt so good! Anyway, I knew right then that I was getting her sweet ass…she starts … touching herself, you know…getting herself ready for me…both hands, one in front and one in back…and then she reaches over me and grabs a vibrator. She'd just gotten the thing…"

Jack shifted uncomfortably on the chair. He was hard just listening to the description of what had happened. He didn’t know how Daniel had lived through it!

"And she starts working it…in and out…damn…I thought I was going to lose my mind! I was hurting by that point, I needed it so bad. Anyway, she shoves Barney-"


"Yeah," Daniel grinned. "It’s purple."

Jack laughed out loud. "Okay, go on."

"Well, she’s got Barney where she wants him, and then she climbs on me and takes me into that sweet back door. I nearly blew, it was all I could do to hold back. She started riding me, then she turned that vibrator on, and that was it, I was over the edge. I couldn’t help it, my back was off that bed and I nearly threw her off my hips I bucked so hard! I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard in my life. And trust me, Casey knows how to make me come hard!"

Jack shivered at that announcement.

"Anyway, she starts whimpering…she makes the sweetest little whimper when she comes…then she’s crying out and I’m still pumping her full, you know? It was absolutely incredible," Daniel said. He finished his beer. "She doesn’t know it, but when we get home, she’s in for a little payback."


"Yep. Can’t let my Little Slave get away with torturing her Master like that, even if it was the best sex we’ve ever had," he grinned.

"Does she actually call you ‘Master’?"




"So, uh…what are you going to do to her?"

"Well, she told me she gets her ideas from her romance novels, so I’ve been checking them out. The stories are all predictable, plots seem to be mostly the same, but damn, the sex scenes are unbelievable. I don’t know how she can sit there and read them and not get turned on!"

"Who says she doesn’t?" Jack asked.

Daniel looked at the older man, then nodded slowly. "Could be that they do affect her. Anyway, she’s got this one, ‘Secret Passions’, it probably has the best story plot, writing is a lot better in it, and the hero isn’t this too-good-to-be-true guy out to win the too-good-to-be-true girl. Anyway, it has some smoking sex in it. In one scene, he ties her down to the bed, and teases her with a feather, and a vibrator, keeping her on the edge for hours. I know just how to get Case there, and I’ve been able to keep her there before."


"Yep. Love to watch her when I take her right to the edge and then don’t let her go over. When she finally comes, her entire body spasms…her belly ripples, her breasts heave…it’s beautiful. But the most important part is that he ties her down…and blindfolds her. I figure one good turn deserves another." He grinned over at his friend. "So, anything you want to tell me about you and Sam?"

Jack shook his head. "The sex is out of this world. But we don’t get quite as…creative…as you and Casey seem to. You say she’s worn that little white number-"


"Corset…more than once?"




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