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Boy's Night Out

Chapter 3

Duncan gave a sheepish grin. "You were right…it's intense!"

Daniel laughed. "That's one word for it. I swear to god Case is bound and determined to kill me."

Jack was laughing as well. "I hear that!"

Teal'c looked at each of the men. "Carlotta has also bound me to the bed and proceeded to torment me."

Daniel, Jack, and Duncan stared at the huge Jaffa. "Oh, I have got to hear about this!" Jack said.

"I believe we were about to hear the details of Duncan MacLeod's experience of being tied down by his wife," Teal'c replied.

"Come on, buddy, let's hear your story first," Jack insisted.

"Carlotta massaged my body until I became drowsy. She handcuffed my wrists to the headboard of her bed, and tied my feet to the footboard with scarves. She then covered my chest and abdomen and genitals with whipped cream, which she licked off. After this, she gratified herself with vibrators, then mounted me. It was quite pleasing."

The men stared at him. "Kinda loses something in the translation, doesn't it?" Duncan asked.

Daniel began laughing. "I would love to hear that in Goa'uld," he said.

Jack snickered. "I'll bet it wouldn't sound any different."

Teal'c looked at the men. "Did I not tell you what you wished to know?"

Duncan was laughing. "Yeah, Teal'c you did. Just not as…detailed…as we…uh…"

"Wanted," Jack said, laughing. He turned to Duncan. "Okay, let's hear what happened to you. And no Jaffa version, either."

Daniel was laughing hysterically at this point.

"No more beer for you, Space Monkey," Jack said, shaking his head.

Duncan took a sip of his own beer. "I rather imagine that Tessa did the same thing to me as Sam did to you. She took notes from Casey as well."

Daniel grinned. "Yep, my Angel is quite the extraordinary lover," he said proudly.

"Daniel, I just have to know…where did 'Angel' come from? Why 'Angel'?" Duncan asked, effectively shifting interest back to the now intoxicated scientist.

"She's my Fantasy Angel," Daniel replied.

"Fantasy Angel?"

Jack bit back a smile. He knew a little bit about that night.

"Yep. She gave me a night to remember. And believe me, I do. Remember it that is. Usually when I least expect it. Gives me a friggin' hard-on every time," Daniel said.

Jack snorted. Yep, the Space Monkey was drunk.

"So, what happened on this night to remember that you remember?" Duncan asked, trying not to laugh out loud.

"She…uh…let's just say I had a few fantasies fulfilled. Now, what about you and Tessa?" Daniel asked.

Hell, maybe he needs just one more beer, Jack thought.

Duncan sighed. "Well, just like what happened to you guys, she gave me a massage, managed to get me almost asleep, tied me down, covered me with whipped cream, licked it off, drove me crazy watching her with her toys, then she nearly killed me."

"That is definitely the Jaffa version," Jack grumped.

"That whipped cream is damn cold," Daniel said.

"Yeah, it is," Duncan agreed.

"I hear that," Jack said.

"Indeed. Most cold," Teal'c said.

"But damn, when Case starts licking it off…" he shook his head. All four men were lost for a moment in the memories of having their wives…or significant other, licking whipped cream from their naked bodies.

"Daniel, have you ever put whipped cream on Casey and licked it off?" Jack asked.


Three men exchanged glances and leaned forward. "Well?" Duncan asked.

"Well what?"

"Tell us about licking the whipped cream off of Casey!" Jack exclaimed.

"She had put it on me and licked it off, so I just returned the favor." He smiled as the memories filled his mind. "Don't think I've ever had whipped cream that tasted so good. And when I licked it from her-" he broke off, shook his head.

"Licked it from where, Daniel?" Duncan asked quietly.

"Her…paradise," he mumbled.

"Nice word for it," Jack said.

"Fits well," Duncan agreed.

"What about licking it from…paradise?" Jack asked.

Daniel shook his head again. "It was incredible. It totally turned her on…and it was just…incredible."

Jack and Duncan looked at each other and grinned. Turn about was fair play!

"I'm gonna tie my Angel down, and I'm gonna cover her with whipped cream, and then I'll have my Casey Sundae," Daniel chuckled. "Yep, that's what I'm gonna do. Drive her crazy. I love to get her just…there…and then keep her there as long as I can. It's so damn beautiful when I finally let her go over the edge."

"Do you massage her first?" Jack asked.

"Yep. Nice and slow. Then I worship her a little bit…god I love that. I love to watch her eyes, and her face, when I do that to her."

"You watch her?" Duncan asked, his voice going up in pitch.

Daniel's cheeks reddened slightly. "Yeah. It's a real turn-on to see how much she's enjoying it, how much pleasure I'm giving her. Those beautiful green eyes fill with so much love…and Fire…it's amazing," he said.

The three men at the table suddenly realized that no matter what Casey and Daniel were doing to each other, or for each other, it was their deep burning love for one another that drove them to please each other, make love to one another. It was never just sex to them, it was only, and always love.

"Daniel, about that Fantasy night," Duncan said. "Have you done anything like that for her?"

The young archaeologist thought for a minute. "No, I guess I haven't. It was almost five years ago, and I haven't done a thing like that for her. I did strip for her, though," he said softly.

Jack nearly choked. He was going to have to stop trying to take a swallow of beer when Daniel was talking! "You did what?"

"For her birthday, I stripped for her."

"You little shit!" Duncan said, shaking his head. He looked at Jack. "You just know that Casey told Sam and Tess about this, probably Carly, too," he added, glancing at Teal'c.

"Carly is the one who helped me learn the routine," Daniel said.

"Yeah, and now our wives are going to expect us to do the same thing!" Duncan complained.

"It is so worth it," Daniel grinned. "I have never seen Case that worked up, that…horny…before - and I've worked the woman up, trust me!"

"I gotta hear this!" Jack declared.

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