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Boy's Night Out

Chapter 2

"I didn't know she had this planned," Daniel said. "We got to the room, and she looked around, then she told me that she was going to take a shower. When Casey walks into a hotel room, and the first thing she wants to do is take a shower, I'm gonna get laid."

Jack nodded, encouraging him to continue.

"I was kind of disappointed when she came out of the shower wearing this faded pair of jeans…god the way they hug her ass..." he glanced at the men around him. "Makes me hard just thinking about her in them. Usually when she comes out of the shower like that, she has on a little teddy that-" He shook his head. "Anyway, she had the jeans and this little white blouse on. She told me that I looked like my shoulders were bothering me…they weren't, but I thought maybe she was up to something. I follow where she leads, and I haven't been disappointed yet," he grinned.

"So where did she lead you?" Duncan asked.

"Well, she told me to take my shirt off. So I did. She got out the body oil-"

"Wait a minute…you packed the body oil?" Jack asked.

"Yep. Barney and his little friend, too. We always bring them along, never know when the opportunity to put them to use will present itself. Anyway, she tells me to sit down in the chair by the table. So I did. I have no clue when she got the cuffs out-"

"Handcuffs?" Duncan asked, his eyes wide.

Daniel nodded, took another drink of his beer. "Yep. I told you that she likes to drive me insane. She cuffs my hands so I can't touch her while she's dancing and stripping."

"Damn, Daniel!" Jack exclaimed.

"Hey, you haven't heard anything yet!"

The two older men exchanged yet another look.

"Well, she starts rubbing my shoulders, and then my arms and hands…then she moves in front of me and starts massaging my chest, too. I guess that's when she put the cuffs on the chair… 'cause she was kissing me, but her hands weren't on me," Daniel said. "She started rubbing my arms again, next thing I know, I'm cuffed to the chair."

"Sneaky, isn't she?" Duncan asked with a grin.

The young blonde man laughed. "Oh, yeah!" He looked around the room, as if forgetting that he was in the middle of telling them what had happened on Langara.

"Uh, Daniel?" Jack asked, trying to get his attention.


"You're cuffed down, then what happened? And don't you dare just say she danced and stripped and you made love…I want details!" Jack demanded.

Daniel grinned. "You sure you want to hear about this?"

"So help me Daniel..."

"Okay, okay!" he laughed. "Well, Case goes over and gets out her CD player and the speakers. She doesn't say a word, she just kept looking over at me and giving me that smile…the one that always means she's about to blow my mind. Next thing I know, AC/DC is pumping out of the speakers, and she's standing right in front me, dancing." He looked at his friends, he had their full attention. Even Teal'c was hanging on every word. He grinned and drank the last of his beer. He looked around for the waitress.

"Daniel…don't stop talking," Jack growled.

"I need another beer."

"No you don’t," Jack argued. Too many beers and Daniel would do nothing more than sit in his chair and laugh, at god only knew what, until he passed out. He wanted the archaeologist coherent enough to tell them about this stripping thing!

Another grin. "Okay, she unbuttons the blouse, she has this way of doing it…it's almost like you can hear that button slide out of the buttonhole, you know?"


Duncan hissed a breath; Teal'c's eyebrows went higher on his head.

"She kind of shrugged that shirt off her shoulders, all in perfect time to the music. She tossed it at me, she was wearing this tiny little bra…damn, it looked so…" he picked up his empty beer bottle, frowned at it, then sat it back down. "She took the jeans off…she was wearing shoes with five inch heels…she just bent over, perfect view of her sweet ass…" by now Daniel's eyes had a far away look. He was seeing everything he was telling them about, reliving that incredible afternoon. "She kind of shimmied out of them, then kicked them out of the way…"

Duncan shivered. He remembered the way Casey could shimmy out of her clothes. He struggled to maintain control of his body.

Jack had seen Casey in a bikini. He knew what she looked like…mostly. His imagination was filling in the rest.

Teal'c had seen Casey in her bikini. He had also caught a glimpse of her coming out of the river during a mission, when she had finished bathing, unaware that he was nearby. He was battling for control of his own body.

"Well, there's a line in the song about 'bustin' out', and when the singer got to it, she was on her knees in front of me, undoing my jeans…and I was…uh…busting out."

Jack signaled the waitress. They all needed another beer.

"Then she sort of danced there on her knees…and…well…" Daniel's face reddened.

"Come on, Daniel, don't hold back now," Jack said.

"Well…every time she got close enough, she…uh…licked me."

"Where? Your chest?"

Daniel's cheeks turned brighter red, and shook his head.


"Holy Hannah!"


"Then the song changed, and she stands up, and she's still dancing, and she takes off that tiny little bra…but she keeps her hands over them, just gave me a little peek now and again. That is so freaking erotic! I mean, I know every inch of those beautiful breasts, but to just get a peek… When the chorus came on, 'cover me with oil', she grabbed the bottle and started rubbing some on her body…it was like she was…like she was making love to herself…"

"What can I get for you gentlemen?" the waitress asked. She had only heard part of what was being said, and she wished she could stay to hear more. It sounded interesting, and the men at the table looked totally…mesmerized…by the story being told. She almost giggled out loud. And men said women gossiped!

"Another round, thanks," Duncan said, pointing to the empty beer bottles.

"More tea for you, sir?" she asked Teal'c.

"That would be most appreciated," he replied.

As soon as she was far enough from the table, Jack turned to Daniel. "Okay, she's got the oil, and she's putting it on, then what?"

"Well, she squirts some on my chest, and she uh…well…she kind of straddled me, but she never let her hips touch mine…although the tip-" he broke off, shook his head. He was drunk, but not drunk enough.

"Daniel, don't stop now!" Jack said.

"Okay, the tip of my cock was touching her," he said, exasperated.

Duncan and Jack looked at one another. Both were well aware of how…blessed…Daniel was.

"So anyway, she was rubbing the oil onto my chest…"

"With her hands?" Duncan asked, trying to get a clear mental picture.

"Uh uh."

"You don't mean…" Jack asked, his eyes wide.

"Doesn't mean what?" Duncan asked.

"Her uh…chest," Jack replied.

Daniel nodded.


"The thong came off, but she was moving so that she was sort of sideways to me, I only got a glimpse of…paradise…I still haven't figured out how she does this…maybe it's because I'm so damned worked up at this point I can't think…or see anything but her…anyway, she starts dancing right up against me…those beautiful boobs moving up and down…from my mouth to my cock and back again…then she sort of drops down and gives me a few good licks…"

Duncan shuddered. Jack squirmed in his chair. Teal'c's eyebrows were nearly off of his head.

"The last couple of bars of the music, she sits down on me…"

"Just sitting on your lap?" Jack asked.

"Nope. She sits on me," Daniel repeated.

"Gotcha." Jack shuddered.

The waitress arrived with three bottles of beer and one glass of iced tea. "There you go, anything else?"

Daniel smiled up at her. "That will be it for a little while."

The man should be arrested for flashing a smile like that, she thought. She automatically smiled back, then nodded and went on to wait on other customers.

"Well, then what?"

"She uncuffed me. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her…all of her, you know? We didn't even make it to the bed…and I uh…well…it only took a couple of strokes and I was blowing my load."

Duncan and Jack exchanged yet another look. "Daniel, you have got to be the world's biggest liar, or the world's luckiest man!" Jack declared.

"Lucky little SOB," Duncan muttered.

Daniel's eyes were wide. "Why would I lie about something like that?"

Jack shook his head. "Lucky little SOB."

Daniel took a swallow of beer. "So, Duncan, has Tessa tied you down yet?"

The Highlander jerked, nearly spilled beer down the front of his black sweater. "What did you hear?"

Jack and Daniel looked at each other, then started laughing. "He got tied down," they said in unison.

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