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Boy's Night Out

Chapter 4

The waitress brought another round for the four men who were sitting at a table near the back of the room. She had heard bits and pieces of their conversation, and it seemed that Dr. Jackson had quite an…interesting…love life. She never would have suspected him of being into bondage; nor General O'Neill or President MacLeod, either, for that matter. But it seemed that they were. Maybe it was from all the tension, fighting against the Goa'uld, she thought.

"So, Carly taught you a dance routine?" Jack asked, taking a sip of his fresh, cold beer.

"Yep. When those guys…the uh…Chimpmunks…"

"Chippendales," Duncan laughed.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…whatever," Daniel said, waving a hand in the air dismissively. "Well, Carly asked them to give me a few…pointers. So they did. They even used the same routine and song during their stage routine, kind of set the mood for her private show, you know what I mean?"

Jack and Duncan grinned.

"So what did you do?"

Daniel grinned. "I had Texas and Tony 'kidnap' her from the Center. It was the Friday night after those guys had danced here, and just before her birthday. Texas drove around for about thirty minutes. The bad thing about it was, I forgot that she'd cry out to me, she was terrified, she told me later she thought the NID had managed to get here, and was after me. I got her calmed down, managed to get her to relax."

"Using…" Jack tapped his head.


"That must be amazing," Duncan said.

"It is. To…feel…her love…feel her touch…I just can't put it into words," Daniel said. He reached out to touch her, smiled when he felt her gentle caress in return.

"You did it just then, didn't you?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"The look on your face…pure…I don't know…happiness, I guess," was the general's reply.

"It makes me happy," Daniel admitted.

"Okay, back to this stripping thing…" Jack said.

Daniel grinned again. "She was fighting them like nobody's business. When Tony got her to the chair, she started kicking, Texas had to grab her legs and practically sit on her to keep her still so Tony could get her hands into the cuffs."

Jack and Duncan laughed. Both men knew that Casey was indeed a 'Tiger'. "So you cuffed her, huh?" Jack asked.

"Hey, fair is fair," Daniel said. He took another swallow of beer. "She was blindfolded, obviously, so I turned the lights on, and there was one, a bright white spot, focused on her face. It was on a timer, so that I had enough time to get the blind fold off of her and to the place where I needed to be when the music started. God, you should have seen her eyes when she saw me standing there…so wide, so surprised…and so full of fire!"

"Just so I have a clue when Tessa starts demanding this from me, did you have special clothes for this?"

Daniel laughed. "Just the red G-string. Not the most comfortable thing I've ever had on…but I didn't have it on long!"

"What else?"

"Black leather pants, this black shirt. No shoes…Case thinks bare feet are sexy…don't ask me why. I didn't have the shirt buttoned or tucked in. She looked me over, and I swear to god she was breathing hard before the music even came on!"

"What song?" Jack asked.

"Def Leppard, 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'. Case has it on CD…I've seen her be-bopping around the house and singing it…god I hope she'll use it to strip to for my birthday this year!"

"That's a good song," Jack said.

"I don't think I've heard it," Duncan frowned.

"It's not opera or classical," Jack teased, although all of the men present knew of his impressive collection of opera and classical orchestra music.

"You listen to Methos way too damn much, and your collection of opera is better than mine!" the Scot groused. "Okay, Daniel, you're standing there, she's already breathing hard…go on."

"Well, I start dancing, take the shirt off and toss it at her, and she's already pulling at the cuffs. There are a couple of moves where you lean over the woman…I got to kiss her because she's my Wife…the guys said that they can't touch the women, and the women aren't supposed to touch them, but they said they've been grabbed a lot. Anyway, at one point I'm leaning over her, and I'll be damned if she didn't lick my chest! God, that was a turn on!" He took another sip of beer, watched a couple at the bar for a minute. It looked as if they were having an argument.

"Daniel, don't make me hit you!" Jack threatened.

The young archaeologist grinned. "Okay, so I'm dancing, and when it comes time to take the pants off, she sees the red G-string, and she screamed! It was so damned funny, and made me feel…good. Then she calls out 'do it baby,' and I just couldn't stop grinning. Well, she's sitting there, and her hips are moving back and forth on that chair…she told me she actually came-" he stopped, flushed, took a sip of beer.


"Holy Hannah!"


"Yeah, well, when I was done, I knelt down in front of her, and wished her happy birthday, and she was totally out of control. She was biting my shoulder, trying to kiss me and lick my neck all at the same time, and demanding that I uncuff her. She…when we made love…god I've never had her ride me that hard…it was…incredible!"

Duncan was toying with his beer bottle. "You say Carly taught you the dance steps?"


"And those guys gave you tips on the stripping part?"


"Any chance you'd be willing to…share…some of those tips?"

Daniel grinned. "Any time. She'll love it. The fire in Casey's eyes was just unbelievable. Besides, I figure she learned those dances for me…" he shrugged. "When I was getting dressed tonight, she…uh…"

"She what, Daniel?" Jack asked.

"Well, she was running her hands over my chest and arms…she was thinking about that night. I like knowing that I've given her a memory like that…one that makes her smile, one that…makes her happy," Daniel said softly.

"Like all the good memories she's given you, huh, Space Monkey?" Jack asked, a smile on his face.

He grinned. "Yeah. God, what the woman can do to me!" His smile faded, and he frowned at the beer bottle in his hand. "I don't know what I'd do without her. I…when I thought-" he shook his head.

"I know, Daniel. We were pretty worried about you for awhile," Jack said quietly.

"Indeed, Daniel Jackson. It seemed that the very…life…had left you," Teal'c said.

"It had Teal'c. For a few seconds after she opened that door, and was in my arms, I…I almost couldn't believe it was true. I was losing hope, not being able to 'reach' her for those two days. I was beginning to think that either that Tok'ra had lied to me, or had been mistaken. When I felt her, I almost couldn't believe it."

"Has she suffered nightmares?" Duncan asked.

"A couple. One was pretty easy to deal with. The other…the other one was pretty bad. Case is tough, she said that she used the meditation techniques she learned from Gwenyth Blackstone, and from you and Teal'c," Daniel replied. "The worst part for her was when he was torturing Tiesha."

"Which is exactly why he did it," Jack remarked. "I overheard some of the SF's talking in the locker room. Nergal doesn't want to run into anyone from Gamma. When he took Casey, he made it personal for the people here."

Duncan nodded. "I don't think anyone from Alpha will be easy for him to face, either. She worked with several of the teams stationed there. George was livid when he found out. He always had a soft spot for Casey."

"Most people do," Daniel said. He smiled again. "Did you know there are posters out there of my Wife?"

"Say what?" Jack asked his eyes wide.

"Yep. Somebody was busy taking pictures of Casey when we all went on that vacation to that island resort on Langara. The pilots on the Persephone have them in their lockers. Signed now."

"You're kidding!"

"Nope. One of the posters is a shot of her walking on the beach…remember the afternoon when the wind came up a little bit? She was holding that straw Stetson on? Great shot of her. Another one is of her coming out of the water, again, a great shot. Makes me think of how she looked walking out of the lake in that valley in the Amazon where we went for vacation. Except in the Amazon she was naked."

"How did she look?" Duncan asked, knowing he probably shouldn't.

"Best way to describe it is Venus rising from the sea," Daniel replied, causing a shiver in the Highlander.

"What about the other posters?" Jack asked.

"There was only one other that I saw, and it was of her sitting on that rock wall, remember, by that little refreshment stand?"

Jack nodded. "I remember."

"There were several other smaller pictures of her, like I said, all of them were taken at that resort. There's a new website up with all of them on there, plus a few more from other trips we've made to Langara."

"So how do you feel about all of this?" Duncan asked.

Daniel studied his beer bottle for a moment before answering. "I guess I should be jealous, or angry…but I can't help but feel proud of her. She has such low self-esteem, I think it's great that now there's…well…proof, if you will, that I’m not the only man who thinks she's totally gorgeous." He shook his head. "You should hear how she describes herself!"

Duncan smiled. "How?"

"Let's see, I have to get this right…" Daniel closed his eyes in concentration. "Her hair is too limp, her ears are too big, she says she has a…how did she put that? Oh, yeah, she has a Dumbo thing happening there, she thinks her neck is too long and makes her look like a giraffe, she thinks her boobs are too small, that didn't start until after the Doria Olmstead business, she thinks her butt is too flat, and her knees too knobby. Oh, and just the other day she told me her nose is…weird." He shook his head. "I've already told her that is the most distorted description I've ever heard."

Jack shook his head. "That fat bitch did one hell of a number on her, didn't she?"

Daniel nodded grimly. "Yep. Kelley told Case that the bitch had a stroke, she's in home now, can't walk or talk."

"Should have happened before she tormented Casey," Duncan growled. "That beautiful…gorgeous woman…I don't know how Casey survived her childhood."

"Grandma Rose," Daniel said simply.

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