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Boys' Night Out

"…Kept it straight just as long as I had to
Now I’ve got to let it ride…"
"Boys Night Out" by Timothy B. Schmit, Will Jennings, Bruce Gaitsch


Chapter 1

Jack and Duncan agreed. Daniel needed a night out. The man had been to hell just a couple of weeks earlier, when Casey had said goodbye to him in that special, private way of communicating that they had, believing that she was about to be beheaded. Which left them all believing she had been beheaded. Daniel had very nearly suffered a complete breakdown when she had whispered that goodbye to him. Luckilyfor all of them, most especially Daniel, of courseNergal had changed his mind and had merely killed her. An Immortal named Unlinkil had taken her from the Goa'uld's torture chambers, and had literally saved her life from the nanovirus that had been injected into her. A few hours later she had been safe and sound in Daniel's arms. That SG-1 luck had come through for them again.

Yep, Daniel needed a night out. Just the guys. Besides, there were a few questions they wanted to ask the young archaeologist. A few beers, and they'd get the answers. The man had no resistance at all to alcohol. Which was a good thing, Jack thought with a chuckle.

Sam was still on the Hak'tyl, Methos was on the Phoenix, and in two days the rest of SG-1 would be back on the Persephone, going after Nergal once again. But tonight…tonight they were going to relax. Just the four of them. A nice quiet table in the back corner in Esteban's. No wives or girlfriends around to hear them. Yep, they were going to have a fine old time.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey leaned against the dresser and watched him shave. "You'll have a great time, Daniel. You need this."

"I'd rather stay home with you and the kids." He dragged the razor over his jaw.

"Jack and Duncan were worried about you, Sweetheart. Jack says you were…that you were in pretty bad shape until you found out that Nergal hadn't taken my head after all."

He rinsed the blade under the running water, put it back to his cheek and continued shaving. "Yeah, I was in bad shape, Angel. Contemplating a future without you was enough to kill me," he replied softly.

She gave a small, sad smile. "You weren't dead, but I remember contemplating a future without you in it."

He rinsed his razor one last time, put it on the dresser, and wiped the remaining foam from his face with a towel. He poured some Old Spice cologne onto one hand, rubbed his hands together, then wiped them over his freshly shaved face. He looked over at her. "I guess it would be easier to think that you were dead than to believe that you were with him willingly, loving him," he admitted.

She shook her head. "At least knowing you were alive…there was always hope," she said softly.

He pulled her into his embrace. "It's all over, Case. All of it. Let it go. We're together, you're alive and safe and that's all I need."

Hugging him tightly, she pressed her lips to his throat. "I'll be here when you get home. Let your friends take you out. They need to do this. It's as much for them as it is for you."

He grinned, then kissed her. "I'd still rather stay home with you and the kids," he said, when he pulled away from her sweet lips. He pulled on his black dress shirt, noted with silent satisfaction that her eyes had taken on a glazed look as he buttoned it up. Keep remembering, Angel, he thought, grinning inside. I'll take care of that fire when I get home.

She watched him tie his black tie, pushed his hands away when he kept tugging on the knot. She adjusted it, ran her hands over his chest, back up to his shoulders and down his arms. She could still see him moving to the beat of the music, this shirt coming off…his bare chest…the way his muscles flexed as he danced…the leather pants and that bright red G-string and oh, momma had he looked good! She took a deep breath, the smell of his skin, his aftershave filling her senses.

He grinned as he watched her eyes, watched the flames that started to dance in them. "Kind of like this shirt, don't you?"

She jerked, looked up into his blue eyes, noted the laughter in them. "Yep. As much as you like that white one of mine…and… those jeans."

His own eyes began to burn with fire when images of her dancing filled his mind. Her body had moved to the hard beat of AC/DC, and those clothes had come off, revealing that tiny little bra and the thong…and then she had taken them off…and had driven him out of his ever-loving mind …and if he didn't think about something else he wasn't going anywhere but to the bedroom with her!

She gave a nod of satisfaction when she saw that he was remembering the afternoon in the hotel on Langara just a week ago when she had once again danced and stripped for him. Payback, sweetheart, she thought gleefully. She smiled up at him, and let her hand move over his crotch, cupped him gently, then gave a slight squeeze. She felt him rise against her fingers.

"Knock if off, Case, or you'll be dealing with itright here, right now," he warned, stepping away from her.

"Just a little something to think about while you're out tonight," she purred. "I'll be here when you get home. Of course, I might just have to get Barney and his little friend out if you're too late."

Images of his wife and her toys flashed through his head. "You are a vindictive Little Slave, aren't you?" he asked. He grinned and kissed the tip of her nose. "Play all you want. You'll be ready for the real thing when I get home."

He was too sure of himself. "I don't know, Barney and his little friend can wear me out. I might be just too tired. You can always use the body oil to take matters in hand if you need to. I'll be able to sleep right through it."

He cracked up. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, Sweetheart," she giggled. "Now, are you sure that Teal'c won't be drinking?"

"Positive. He's going to pick us up and bring us home." The Jaffa had gone drinking with the guys only once, and had become so intoxicated that it took his symbiote almost a full day to help him recover. A 'regular' human would have died from alcohol poisoning. He had never wanted to drink again.

Casey nodded. "I'll be here. Wake me up, no matter what time you get home," she whispered.

He hugged her again. "I will, babe," he promised.

The doorbell rang, and before they could make it out of the bathroom Emily had already raced to the front door and opened it wide. "Tilk!" she squealed. She launched herself into the large man's arms.

"It is good to see you, Emily Rose Jackson," Teal'c said, a smile on his face. He hugged the child tightly, then put her feet back on the floor.

"Hi, Teal'c," Casey said, giving her large friend a hug as well.

"Hello, Casey Jackson." He looked at Daniel. "You are prepared to leave?"

Daniel grinned. "Yeah, I'm ready." He kissed Casey again, dropped a kiss on his daughter's head.

"Have a good time," Casey said. She couldn't help but giggle at the wink and grin that her Husband gave her.

"I will," he said. With a wave, he followed the Jaffa to his new Blazer.

Casey watched from the door as Jack crawled into the vehicle when Teal'c pulled into his driveway, then waved as they drove by. She closed the door, and leaned against it. She had the feeling that Daniel was going to be drunk as a skunk when he came home. He'd probably tell Jack and Duncan everything they wanted to know about their sex life. She giggled. They'd probably tell all about their own as well. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that conversation!

She shook her head. It would probably be the same as the ones that she and Sam and Tessa and Carly had whenever they were together. That thought made her laugh out loud. She went into the living room and sat down on the floor to play with her children. And tried not to think about how much information Daniel was about to divulge.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel stared at the drink that the waitress had put in front of him. "I didn't order this," he said.

She smiled. "No, the lady over at the bar - dark hair, tight red dress - sent it over."

He looked over, and the woman in question raised her glass, smiled and winked. "Uh, no thanks. I'm not interested."

"You want me to take it back?"

"Yes, please. Tell her no offense, but I'm quite happily married."

The waitress smiled. She knew who he was, was well aware of the fact that Dr. Jackson was so crazy head-over-heels in love with his wife that no other woman registered with him. But the woman, a Terran, was new to Hope, and she didn’t know. "No problem, Dr. Jackson. I'll be happy to give her the message." She picked up the drink and made her way back to the bar, noting with satisfaction the frown that flickered over the woman's face.

Jack shook his head. So far each of the men had been sent at least one drink. This last one was the second for Daniel. "Maybe we should have gone to Rinaldi's," he said.

Duncan nodded. "Would have been nice to have had this much attention when I was single."

"Oh, please," Jack retorted. "You can't tell me that you didn't have women throwing themselves at you every time you turned around."

"I didn't!" Duncan replied.

"Yeah, right…with those…how did she put that…smoldering good looks of yours," Jack said, shaking his head.

"She? She who?" Duncan demanded.

"My wife!" was the annoyed reply.

"Yeah, heard that one," Daniel agreed. "That and the 'bedroom eyes' thing…whatever the hell that means."

The Scot shook his head. "What is it with women? If you're single, you can't get the time of day from them, but put a wedding band on your finger and they won't leave you alone!"

Jack grinned. "We could make a fortune selling cheap, fake wedding rings to single guys. They'd build a shrine to us…they'd get more attention than they'd know what to do with." His companions laughed heartily.

Daniel smiled. "It still amazes me to be married to a woman like Case. I can remember trying to talk to women not half as beautiful, and getting shot down before I got past hello!"

"Yep. Or they would sit there with their girlfriends, who made it damned impossible to make any progress," Jack groused.


A  A  A  A  A  A


They were on their third beer when a look was shared between Jack and Duncan. "So, Daniel, things are going okay for you and Casey?" Jack asked casually.


"Anything…exciting…happen during your two days in Langara?"

Daniel grinned. They hadn't made it out of bed but four times, to eat and shower…then they fell right back into bed and started making love all over again. Almost as soon as they had arrived Casey had cuffed him to a chair, turned on AC/DC and stripped for him. The second time had been just as exciting as the first. "Yep."

Another exchanged glance. "Okay, Daniel, give. Inquiring minds want to know," Jack said.

The beer was having the desired effect. Usually Daniel would have smiled, shook his head, and refused to say anything. But the alcohol, combined with the desire to brag…just a little bit…circumvented his preference for privacy. "She stripped for me."



"Details, Space Monkey!"

Daniel took a sip of beer, then leaned on the table. "She's incredible. Better than any of the dancers we saw the night before your wedding," he said confidentially.

Jack choked on his beer. He remembered that night, and as he recalled, there were two girls who had nearly put him into cardiac arrest. He also remembered, quite clearly, that Daniel had… appreciated…those dancers as well. "No shit?"

"No shit. My Angel can blow your mind," he said proudly.

"Details, Daniel, details," Duncan said.

The young archaeologist grinned at them. "If you think you can handle it."

His companions exchanged glances, and two men shuddered. This was gonna be good!

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