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Robin K. Presents:

After Midnight






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I don't own 'em. Not making any money off of them. All story ideas are original.



The NID becomes bolder than ever when they launch an attack on Hope, kidnapping their goal. Only this time Daniel and Casey aren't the targets. SG-1 finds themselves in a race against time, to stop the NID from completing their hideous experiments.  The job becomes complicated when the information the team is trying to destroy falls into Penatil's hands.


Author's Note:  Just to clarify...

                       GNN...Gamma News Network
                       GMF...Gamma Military Force



Story Category: Action/Drama



Stargate SG-1…

Dr. Daniel Jackson
Gen. Jack O'Neill
Col. Samantha Carter
Sen. Robert Kinsey


Highlander: The Series

Duncan MacLeod
Tessa Noel
Robert de Valicort



Casey Jackson
Emily Jackson
Nicholas Jackson
Aaron Desala (Ancient/Immortal)
Erin Desala (Ancient/Immortal)
Carlotta Sanchez (Immortal)
Marine Two...Capt. Adam "Turk" Turac
                    Sgt. Wayne Haberman
                    Sgt. Cory Baker
                    Sgt. Bill Franklin
Hemsut (Historical/Goa'uld)
Penatil (Goa'uld)
Various slimeball NID agents




"After Midnight"
by Eric Clapton





No copyright infringement intended.

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