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After Midnight

Chapter 10

He opened his eyes. Damn he was hungry! Grinned when he thought about the midnight exercise he'd indulged in. She was wrapped around him, her arm on his waist, her head on his chest, her slender leg over his. He pressed a kiss against the top of her head. "Case?"


"Come on, Angel, wake up," he said softly.

She moaned, rolled to her side, shifted until her back was touching him.

He grinned again, rolled to face her, wrapped himself around that soft, sexy body, began to nuzzle her neck. "Hungry?"

"Starving," she replied sleepily.

"How about a shower, and we'll go have breakfast?" He slid his fingers down over her mons, rubbed his thumb gently against her thigh until she moved her leg, allowing him access to that sweet flesh.


His mouth closed over the muscle that connected that elegant neck to her soft shoulder, marking it, then caressing it with his tongue, while his fingers worked to bring forth heat that he knew lurked just beneath the surface. Two fingers slipped inside her, while his thumb continued to move back and forth over that swelling clit.

"I thought we were going to take a shower," she complained.

"In a minute," he replied, then returned his mouth to her sweet skin.

"You can't make love in a minute. You can't make love in less than thirty minutes."

"Can so."

"Can not."

"Can so."

"Can not."


"Nope." She shifted, looked up into those incredible blue eyes, saw the laughter in them. She put her hands against his chest and pushed, then straddled his hips, taking his hard male flesh into her warm and very wet well.

"Oh, yeah," he sighed, filling his hands with her breasts.

Every morning, every night, she thought, holding back her smile. She was every bit as needy as he was. Sometimes they made it all the way into the shower before they couldn't wait any longer to quench the Fire that burned.

Her green eyes were full of love when she looked down at him, just before she put her hands on his shoulders and began to ride him hard and fast. It never ceased to amaze him that her need always seemed to match his. Thrilled him as well, to know that she wanted him, needed him, as much as he wanted and needed her. Too fast, she'd have him over the edge too soon. He grabbed her hips, slowed her down. He pulled her hands from his shoulders, laced his fingers with hers.

Oh, yeah, she liked this! Was delighted that he seemed to enjoy it as well. Using the strength of those muscled arms, the arms that held her so tenderly, held their babies so protectively, she pushed against him, finding the leverage she wanted to rise up and then push back down against him. So full…so completely full! She let her head drop back, closed her eyes and just reveled in the feeling of holding him deep inside.

Her hair brushed against his thighs, sending a shiver of pleasure over his body. She was lifting up until just the head of his swollen erection remained inside her before impaling herself once again. It felt incredible! He closed his eyes, the Fire dancing up and down his spine, up into his aching cock. He was so damned close!

She took his right hand, pushed it against her mons, guided his fingers to that swollen nub that was so in need of attention, let her fingers remain on his as he began to caress her. His touch was enough to send sparks up and down her spine and throughout her body. "I'm gonna come," she whispered. Her thighs quivered, and that whimper she could never control echoed softly around them.

"Do it, come for me," he whispered in return.

With a soft cry, she rushed over the edge, her body shaking as she came. "Fill me, Daniel. Now," she begged.

Both hands gripped her hips firmly, pushing her back and forth against his throbbing cock, his hips shoving him deep and hard with each thrust upward that he made. Her fingers were pulling at his nipples, the added stimulation enough to send him soaring. He cried out her name as he pulsed inside her. When she dropped forward onto his chest, his arms wrapped around her, held her tightly. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you too," she replied. "Shower?"

"Yep. Then we'll go to IHOP."

She smiled. The restaurant was the newest addition to the mall, and a very popular one. Daniel always ordered the waffles. She always ordered the French toast, which he always had to finish for her. She kissed him, then moved off his body and off the bed.

Daniel watched her for a minute as she rummaged through the dresser drawer. Love so deep…so intense…filled him - he thought he would explode trying to contain it all. He'd almost lost her…again. Only Jack's quick thinking had prevented him from losing her in a way that would have been permanent…and there would have been no miracle able to bring her back. He shivered at the thought of being without her.

"I'm here, I'm fine, and I'm not leaving," she said softly.

"Good," he replied with a smile. Being married to a seer…especially one as strong, as powerful as she was…could be a challenge. And he loved every minute of it. He climbed out of bed, gathered clean shorts and a tee shirt, then followed her into the shower.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Forty minutes later they walked into the IHOP. Carly and Teal'c were sitting in a large booth near the window. Carly had returned as soon as Casey had alerted her father than the team was back on Gamma. The Spanish woman smiled and waved them over. Casey was overcome by a fit of giggles when Jack and Sam showed up not more than five minutes later.

"We don’t have just entwined hearts," she gasped, trying to control her laughter. "We're connected at the hip."

Jack snorted. "Please, everybody in town is in here for breakfast!"

"Admit it, Jack, we are psychically connected," she argued. "How else do you explain all of us showing up at the same place within five minutes of each other?"

"She has a point, Jack," Daniel said. He sipped his coffee. It wasn't Casey's, but it would do. "We do seem to wind up at the same places at the same time."

Sam smiled. "We've worked together for so long, we all think alike!"

Jack looked at his wife. "I don't think so. I could never think like you or the Space Monkey."

"Gotta be as smart as them to think like them," Casey said. "Hey, I can't think like them either, I'm not brilliant like they are," she said in way of explanation when Jack glared at her.

"Thinking like Casey Jackson is not possible," Teal'c said calmly, taking a sip of tea to hide his smile.

"That is so not true!" she protested, while her Husband and teammates laughed around her. "Following the thought processes of a Jaffa isn't so easy either!"

The large man gave in and began to chuckle.

The waitress arrived, took their order, and breakfast was eaten hurriedly, in an effort to arrive at the base at the required hour. There was still time for more laughter and teasing.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Duncan smiled when he looked up from his desk and into the conference room. SG-1 had arrived. All of them were carrying mugs. Teal'c had taken to drinking tea during the meetings. He grabbed the folder that held information Methos had sent, gleaned from the men who had been on the freighter. Casey had found the facts that they needed; Methos had discovered what some of those facts meant.

When the Highlander walked into the room, he didn't miss the look that passed between Jack and Daniel. "What's up?" he asked.

"We have to go back," Daniel replied. "We have to destroy every bit of information those geneticists had. Every note, every word."

The dark haired man sat back in his chair. "That dangerous?"

"Yes," Daniel said. "If Penatil succeeds, every Goa'uld in existence is going to want the secret of Immortality. They'll capture Immortals, breed us like cattle, just so they can use the children."

Both of the mothers in the room shivered involuntarily.

"Methos sent what he got out of those guys. I agree that the notes, the information should be destroyed, so that no one can take what has already been done and advance farther," Duncan said quietly.

Casey sighed. "They haven't perfected the…process."

"No, they haven't," Duncan affirmed. "They needed…they didn't have…" he couldn't even bring himself to say what the power-crazed NID leaders and their equally insane geneticists had told the Old Man.

"They needed our babies to experiment with," Casey said softly, the horror she felt reflected in her eyes and on her face.

Duncan nodded.

"We have to stop Penatil," Daniel said. "Once he figures that out, he'll be here full force, and I don't think we can hold him off."

"We can't," Jack said bluntly. "Not alone. Sam says that it's going to take several weeks to replace those satellites. Which means we're sitting here with our asses exposed in the meantime."

Casey nodded. "The Immortal Hunters are still out there, too. We haven't been able to figure out how they can find Immortals, but if they do have some way of detecting 'the buzz', then we are definitely in danger."

"Okay, so we have to get rid of the notes. We have the hard drives and the data crystals. I want to order them destroyed. Suggestions?" Duncan asked.

"Do it," Daniel said. "If we don't, there's always the chance that someone will be tempted to sell what they know to the highest bidder."

Jack nodded. "We don't dare take the risk. To even let anyone see the research could spark more curiosity, and could lead to the same damned problem."

The Highlander stood up and walked to the phone that was hanging on the wall. He picked it up, punched two numbers. "Trash it all. I want little pieces. I don't want anything left that could ever be put back together."

The team sat back in their chairs. "I want proof," Jack said softly.

Duncan smiled grimly. "So do I. Which we should have in about thirty minutes. Now, how are we going to get rid of those notes?"

"Penatil was setting up for a long stay on P7Y 4X9," Daniel said. "He had Casey translating notes for him."

"They were mostly private diary kinds of things, but there were a lot of references to the experiments. I didn't get a chance to go through all of the stuff," Casey said. "But I have no doubt that there's enough information for another group of geneticists to make use of."

Jack sat forward, arms on the table. "We beam into that barracks that Penny is sitting in, where all of the notes are, we destroy them, and beam out. If we're really lucky, we'll get to take his ass out as well."

"You really think you can do this?" Duncan asked. Jack wouldn't have suggested it unless he had faith that the plan was workable.

"We don't have much of a choice," the general replied.

The Highlander studied his friend, his advisor, then turned to the slender blonde sitting beside Daniel. "Talk to me, honey."

She smiled, laced her fingers with Daniel's. Met him in that sunny meadow. Reached out and listened, searched, looked. She opened her eyes. "He's madder than hell right now. We got away, his ships were beaten back from Gamma, and right now the notes are useless to him. He's got to find someone who can read them to him. He's furious that we were able to take the data crystals with us. What he doesn't know is that the Jaffa on the planet with him are starting to question his strength."

"Seeing Daniel throwing around those fireballs, without any type of device on his hands frightened them," Sam said softly.

Casey nodded. "To the point that if Daniel shows up again, those who survived our escape will pledge their loyalty and allegiance to him."

"This could work to our advantage," Jack said.

"Only if they're the ones in the barracks when we beam in," Daniel replied dryly.

"I don't want you taking on Penatil alone," Duncan said. "If he's there, and you can take him out, fine, do it. Don't go after him."

Jack grimaced. "We're going to have to take him out sooner or later…preferably before he's knocking personally on the front door."

"I know, Jack," Duncan said. "He's getting stronger all the time. We're going to have to fight smart against him. Right now, our priority is making sure those notes are history."

The older man nodded his understanding. "Let's get it done. There won't be a 'good' time."

Casey nodded her agreement. "He's still bringing Jaffa in. We need to get there now, before he has so many Jaffa and advisors around that we won't have a chance to get to that stuff."

"Okay, I'll contact Colonel Bailey. Oh, Case, could you do me a personal favor?" Duncan asked softly.

"I was going to ask the same thing," Sam admitted, her voice soft also.

The young seer smiled. 'Daddy?'

'Right here, Little One.'

'How are my babies, and Sam's babies, and Tessa and Richie?'

'All are well, and sleeping right now.'

'Good. It's going to be a day or two. We still have some work to do.'

'I understand. Be careful, my precious daughter.'

'I will be. Hug Emmie and Nicholas for me.'

'I will do so.'

'Thanks, Daddy. Love you, and Mom too.'

'Love you too, Casey.'

"They're fine. All asleep right now," Casey reported.

Relief flashed on faces around the table. "Okay, team, get ready to head up to the Phoenix," Duncan said. He stood to his feet. "Thanks, Case."

"You're welcome," she replied softly.

The team would arm themselves on the Phoenix. Casey would do a search, and Sam would scan the area before they were beamed directly into the barracks that Penatil now occupied. Daniel had a bag to put the papers in, and as soon as they returned to the ship, they planned to burn every last document. No one was willing for the information to fall into the hands of someone who would be tempted to use it.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Colonel Bailey was waiting on the bridge, and relinquished command to Jack with a smile. "Let's get there, kids," he said quietly.

They were going in cloaked, hot, and hard. The plan was to be in and out within an hour, less if possible. There were already six al'kesh orbiting the planet when they arrived. Luck was with them, it was still night on the planet. Which meant only patrols guarding the area would be awake.

Sam began to scan the area, finding the needed coordinates that would place them inside the barracks. Casey gave her all the information she could remember as to placement of furnishings.

"Take a look, Casey," Jack said, as they stood in the ring transport room, ready to use the Asgard beaming devices.

She closed her eyes, met Daniel in the meadow. 


"Let's hope we can take the bastard out," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Here's hoping," he smiled. He watched her close her eyes. Pulled her closer, tightened his arms around her as he waited.

She glanced around. There were a dozen three-man patrols moving around the camp. There were two more tents than she recalled seeing before. Evidently more Jaffa had arrived. She moved to the barracks. It was empty. Worried, she moved from tent to tent, finding only sleeping Jaffa. Had Penatil left the planet? Or was he on board one of the ships? Shit! She raced back to the barracks. The notes! They were no longer spread on the table. She looked frantically.

Daniel could feel her panic. "Angel?"

"Hold me," she whispered, breathless. "We have to find out which ship he's on. He has the notes with him!"

"Oh, shit!" Daniel groused. He opened himself slowly, letting her take the strength of his Fire, held in it check. He couldn't help but chuckle as Casey flittered around each ship, looking for the Goa'uld. His sexy little Tinkerbelle.

"Found him!" she said, the delight in her voice making him chuckle again.


"All over the table."

"Well, we'll have to get on board and try to get to them," he sighed.

"Unless you can use the Fire to take them out."


"You destroyed those plans for a sarcophagus in Toren's palace, remember?"

He grinned. "Yeah, I did, didn't I?"

"Come on, Stud Muffin, you have to toss some fireballs around."

She 'tugged' gently on him until he was standing beside her in the Goa'uld's quarters. Penatil was not in the room, but two Jaffa were standing guard. She pulled her lip between her teeth.


"You're going to have to make sure everything burns quickly, or those two tin men might be able to salvage some of this stuff," she replied.

He nodded his understanding. "Send me your Fire, Angel," he said, determination in his voice, and his eyes.

She put her hands on his shoulders, stood behind him, watching around his arm as he raised his hands.

When the heat became painful, he launched two twin fireballs at the table. The flames licked at the pages, spreading rapidly. As Casey had feared, the Jaffa, shocked at first, knew only that the papers that their god deemed important were burning. Both grabbed pillows from the nearby bed and began to smother the flames as quickly as possible.

"Oh, I don't think so!" Daniel growled. He began to toss small fireballs onto every slip and scrap of paper he could see. The Jaffa didn't understand what was happening, or why, but continued to struggle against the flames. One of the men began to gather the pages that remained undamaged, as well as those that were still somewhat readable, then pointed to a nearby chest. "Shit!"

"If I can get it open you can finish the job," Casey told him.

"Okay. Let's see if these guys will back off."

Looking around warily, the two guards resumed their position by the door. Casey watched them for several seconds.

"As soon as I open this, you have to toss in a couple of really big fireballs."

"I'll do my best," Daniel replied.

She moved toward the chest. "Maybe I should make sure I can do this," she said, a twinkle in her green eyes.

He grinned. "What are you doing?"

She giggled, picked up a chalice from the table. Hurled it across the room. "Yep, should be able to get it open."

Daniel laughed at the look of fear that covered the faces of the Jaffa. Their attention was on the chalice that was rolling on the floor. Casey opened the chest slowly, quietly. He pulled up every ounce of strength that he could and pushed it toward his fingertips. When the twin orbs of white fire hit the chest, it exploded into flames.

Stunned, the two Jaffa watched for several seconds, exchanged a glance full of fear. One raced over and tried to slam the lid closed, hoping to smother the flames. Another fireball from Daniel's fingers sent the man sprawling back on the floor.

"That's my Stud Muffin!" Casey squealed delightedly.

He laughed. "Liked that, huh?"

"Yep. Almost as much as I like it when we make love." She wrapped her arms around him, kissed his chin, then raised up to kiss his lips.

He let himself get lost in the taste of her, the feel of her, the smell of her…slanted his mouth over hers and took what he needed, gave her what she craved. The sound of an alarm pulled them apart. "We should make sure that we got everything."

Casey nodded, slipped closer to the chest. Nothing remained of the contents inside. The scraps of the chest continued to burn, catching the rug and the tapestry that hung above it on fire. "I think we've done enough damage…" her voice trailed off as she looked at the desk.

"Casey?" Daniel turned to look at what had caught her attention. "Oh, shit!"

Six data crystals were sitting on the desk beside the small hand-held device that the Goa'uld used to contain their written work. "If he managed to get everything copied…"

"He hasn't had time," Daniel insisted.

"Unless he found someone who reads Tau'ri."

"Shit!" They looked at each other helplessly. There was no way for Casey to bring the device and the crystals with them. It just wasn't possible. "We can only hope that those things are there in preparation to have the notes copied," he said quietly.

"Here's hoping," she said softly. "Can you destroy them?"

He raised his hands, threw two balls of fire at the crystals. Three of them cracked from the heat. He tossed another ball of fire, two shattered, the remaining crystal cracked as well. The device, however, seemed little affected. He tossed a total of four fireballs at it, hoping to at least damage it enough that it couldn't be used. "That's all I can do," he said, beginning to feel the drain of strength.

Casey could sense his weariness. "Guess we should go. Let Jack know what's going on."


In the meadow Casey held tightly to him. "If he has those notes…"

"I know, Angel," Daniel replied. He kissed her gently. "Let's tell Jack the news."

It was taking too damned long. He knew something was wrong the minute the two opened their eyes. "What?" Jack demanded.

"Penatil, and the notes, are...were on one of the An'kesh," Daniel said quietly. "We managed to destroy the notes, I set fire to them. But he had a Goa'uld reading device, and six data crystals. I managed to take out the crystals, but I don't think I did enough damage to the reading device."

Jack blinked, not understanding the connection.

"We don't know if he managed to copy the notes or not," Casey explained softly.

"Oh, hell," Jack hissed.

"Yeah," Daniel agreed morosely.

"What are the chances?"

Daniel shrugged. "He had to spend at least five hours in the sarcophagus. I'm assuming that it was on the ship. He's had what, nine, ten hours now? You don't have to understand something to copy it. I don't know how easy that would be."

Sam was shaking her head. "He might have been able to get some of it on the reading device. He would have had to have had someone translate the notes and enter the information into the computer to get it on the data crystals."

"Even if he just has copies of some of the notes, if he has the right information, even through sheer stupid luck, it could be a problem," Daniel said.

"I agree," Sam replied. "A geneticist would be able to extrapolate what the notes were about fairly easily, especially if Penatil copied down formulas and equations."

Jack rubbed both hands over his face. "Okay, let's assume the worst. We'll have to get a spy close to him. That's the only way to find out what he has, and get rid of it."

"There are several among the Shakka who would serve well," Teal'c said quietly.

"The sooner we get it done, the better, " Jack said.

"I will speak to Master Bra'tac upon our return to Gamma," the Jaffa replied.

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