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After Midnight

Chapter 9

He stood under the water, let it wash the past three days from his skin, if not his mind. If Penatil had the notes on the experiments that the NID had been performing, he'd continue to try to attack Gamma. He wanted the colony, no doubt about that. But he wanted the Immortal children as well, for what he thought they would provide him. Somehow, those notes had to be destroyed, because the Goa'uld would find someone to translate them. And he would make use of the information. Penatil had become a greater threat than any of them had realized. The fact that he'd been brazen enough to attack Gamma as soon as he'd captured SG-1 proved that. He had to be stopped. And the information about the Immortal experiments had to be destroyed, once and for all!


The soft voice filtered through to him. "Hmm?"

"The water is starting to get cold."

He opened his eyes. Could feel the cooler temperature. How long had he been standing like this, hands against the wall, contemplating what needed to be done? He shook his head mentally, grabbed his soap and washcloth.

Casey was aware that he was close to the end of his 'safety window', and that he was going to need a fix soon. She would never turn him away. But she was so tired, right now all she could think about was sleep. She stepped out of the shower, picked up and tossed the robe and the belt that she had been wearing into the trash. She knew that Daniel would take care of it for her.

Exhausted, they stumbled to the bed and fell asleep in one another's arms.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The room was bathed in shadows. The last time he'd been awakened in the middle of the night, it had been to find intruders intent upon taking his children. He grinned into the darkness at the ceiling, shifted slightly, offering her greater access to his body as she continued to kiss and caress his chest, one hand moving down between his legs.

She smiled against his skin when she felt him move, let her hand slip down and caress his heavy balls before her fingers wrapped around his swelling manhood. She needed him as much as she knew he needed her. Knowing that he was awake, she kissed her way back up his chest, stopping to tease his already hard nipples for just a few minutes before she claimed his lips with her own.

He groaned with need as the sweet taste of her mouth filled his. He filled his hands with long, soft silk, wrapped it around his fists, his arms already around her slender body. Her kiss was filled with need, with want, with desire…he did his best to satisfy her. He closed his eyes when she moved her mouth from his, began kissing his jaw. Back to his lips to take from him again, give so much love in return.

"Feel like making love?" she whispered.

Daniel chuckled. "I dunno, you tell me. Does it feel like I want to?"

She giggled, her hand stroking his throbbing flesh gently, rhythmically. "The anaconda is ready. I was just wondering if you were."

"Oh, yeah, Angel. I'm ready." To prove his point, he rolled over, putting her on her back beneath him. He captured her lips, slanted his mouth over hers, let the passion take over, sending his tongue in search of the depths of her throat. She moaned softly, both hands on his head now, full of his hair, fingers clenched tightly. He began that delightful journey of discovery; tasting, licking, nibbling her jaw and throat, noting each reaction, repeating the touches that brought a shiver to the slender body under him. When he filled his hands with her soft, firm breasts, the hard rosy nipples pressing into his palms, his mouth was still leaving marks on her collarbones.

She sighed contentedly, her back arched when he finally took a nipple into his mouth. He was teasing her, setting every inch of her body on fire, every nerve ending was beginning to vibrate with need as he worked his way from one nipple to the other, back and forth. His touch was what she lived for…existed for. His attention to her body reduced her to a mass of quivering neurons, each one sending messages of such pleasure to her brain that she was near overload…and he was only getting started! He would take her so high - make her feel so good - just as he did every time he made love to her. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, held him tightly as he suckled. She knew that he derived pleasure from making love to her breasts…she could feel it in his rapid breathing, the throbbing erection that pressed against her. But he could never take as much pleasure as he gave her, of that she was certain.

Soft. Sweet. Warm. God, she tastes so damned good! It had been four days since he'd made love to her. It felt much longer. Probably because he was accustomed to having her, tasting her, feeling her twice a day. The first thing he wanted when he woke up was Her. The last thing he wanted to do before he closed his eyes to sleep was to have Her. If his kisses were the breath of life to her, as she'd told him several times, then making love to her, tasting her, feeling her warm body in his arms, was just as necessary to his survival. His body was beginning to shake with need. He'd used the serum on the mission. It wasn't nearly as good, certainly not as much fun - as pleasurable - as taking what he needed from the very source. He slid down, paid homage to that flat belly and that sexy little belly button. Smiled against her skin as the muscles rolled beneath his mouth, and those sweet little sounds of need filled the back of her throat.

He delighted in teasing her, tormenting her, taking her to the very edge, letting her feel the breeze, see the clouds, but not allowing her to fall into that abyss of pure, sweet pleasure. She smiled to herself. When he was finished, when her body finally came down from the high he was preparing her for, she would do the same to him. She knew that he had to be close to exploding from need, it had been several days since they'd been able to make love. And her adorable hornball of an archaeologist was used to making love twice a day. Yep, first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night, my Stud Muffin is getting his rocks off. Not that she was complaining! Oh, not at all! She needed him as desperately as he needed her. She wasn't so sure she would willingly admit to that. Although she was fairly certain that he already knew as much. When he settled between her thighs, she couldn't stop the moan of anticipation that filled her throat.

Sweet Jesus! His moan echoed with hers when he ran his tongue over those soft, warm, moist folds, seeking any of that sweet honey that might already be there. There was a reason that he took his time making love to her before partaking of her sweet nectar. Most definitely he wanted to give her pleasure, make her feel as good as she always made him feel. And he did love those beautiful breasts…on several occasions he'd spent hours making love to them, taking those sweet nipples into his mouth again and again and again, rolling the hardened buds against his tongue until he and his Wife were both delirious with need. But when he took his time, when he made certain that she was as aroused as he could make her, she always rewarded him with a flood of that sweet, sweet honey. He flicked his tongue over that oh, so swollen nub, then shoved it deep inside her. Another soft moan from her, and that sweet nectar was filling his mouth. His body shivered with relief, with delight, as that feeling of bliss filled him, surrounded him. Just call me a junkie, he thought, taking everything she offered, searching diligently for more. Love junkie, his brain teased him. Yeah, that's me, he replied proudly, happily.

She could feel his body tremble as he took what he needed from her. Her own need was a delicious ache, and she knew that soon he would be giving the attention her throbbing little love button needed. That her pleasure was necessary for him to receive what he needed from her was a definite bonus to the entire addiction/Hathor-gene thing. At times, she hated it. Hated that he was physically dependent on what she could give him. Because it put him at risk…because he would suffer terribly if denied for more than three days. Because he had to inject himself with a substitute when they couldn't be alone together. She hated that the pheromones she produced attracted men to her. Other times, she was secretly delighted. To know that only she could please him, satisfy him, give him exactly what he needed sent her heart and soul soaring. That it kept them from working apart on missions pleased her as well. When they were together, there was less of a chance of him winding up in the bed of some Goa'uld…or slave whore. She moaned again, her body was clamoring for release…she pushed her hips down, trying to force his mouth where she wanted it.

He bit back his grin as her hips continued to push against the bed. She was becoming desperate for relief. He knew that the longer he teased her, the longer she would keep him on the edge, that she would make sure he was out of his mind with need before letting him fly. 'Ready, Angel?'

"Yes," she whispered. "Oh, god, yes!"

He smiled, sucked that hard, swollen nub into his mouth, working his tongue over it, his fingers pushing deep into her warm well, stroking hard and fast. Her fingers were tugging at his hair, her breath coming in gasps, her hips moving up and down against his face as she struggled, reaching for that sweet release. He moved the flat of his tongue over her, back and forth, until she was moaning, and her thighs began to quiver. When he teased her again with the tip of his tongue, she whimpered softly. She was there. She was ready. He sucked hard, keeping his tongue moving, pushed his fingers into her, and listened to her sing as her orgasm washed over her, sweet nectar raining down his hand, his wrist. He moved his mouth down to catch those precious drops of honey, licked his fingers clean as she floated back to earth.

"I love you," she sighed, running her fingers over his jaw as he teased her hard nipples playfully.

"Nah, you just love what I can do for you." He yelped when her fingers found and tweaked one of his nipples. He chuckled. "I love you, too, Angel."

"Now I get to please you," she whispered, pushing against his chest with both hands.

He shivered. Most assuredly her attention would please him. Drive him out of his skull first; make him groan with need. But she would indeed give him mind-blowing pleasure. When she began to kiss him, taking and giving with equal measure, his tongue met hers stroke for stroke. He'd been so tired he hadn't bothered shaving, it had been all he could do to stand in the shower and get cleaned up. Now her fingers moved over his whiskered jaw, caressing him, even as her mouth moved down to his throat. The soft warmth of her lips against his skin made him shiver again with need. Had the anaconda starting to ache from that need. Anaconda. He grinned. He could remember the discussion they'd had when she first began calling his manhood by that particular name. He had been on the Persephone; she had been on the Phoenix, pretending to be Methos' captured Consort. Her explanation had sent his ego into orbit, even as he had rolled with laughter. He'd never considered himself to be so large… larger than average, sure; he had eyes, and he'd seen other guys in the shower. But to hear Case…his grin went wider. To hear her, anyone would think he was the best-built man alive. God, what she did to him with her love, her devotion…her adoration…her mouth…Sweet Jesus! She was suckling his nipples with so much love…so much enthusiasm…that his toes were curling! Does she have any idea how good that feels?

She loved his body. Every blessed, incredible inch of it. Just thinking about his chest could make her wet. Right now she needed…wanted to taste every bit of that warm skin, feel those hard muscles beneath her tongue. She stopped to say hello to his nipples, the gasp he gave encouraging her to prolong the greeting. Her tongue moved over them until they were so hard they were puckered. She moved down slightly, kissing his pecs and that hard stomach. She sat up slightly, felt his erection rub against the side of her breast, and the resulting shudder in his body. She straddled his legs, leaned over and moved her shoulders back and forth, dragging her breasts over and around that swollen, throbbing flesh. His moan pleased her, and she held her breasts steady and moved up and down against him. He was beginning to mumble incoherently - she was never sure exactly what he was saying, or what language he was speaking in when she had driven him to 'speak in tongues'. Which had happened three times now. She giggled, which moved her body against his straining flesh, resulting in another moan. Now - she had to taste him now! She might not be physically addicted to him, might not risk suffering withdrawal symptoms if denied his body for long, but her mental, her emotional addition to him was just as strong as his physical addiction to her. She slid down, wrapped one hand around the base of his magnificent cock, the other gently cupping, caressing his heavy balls. When she took him slowly - oh, so very slowly - into her mouth, his hips came up off the bed. He had his hands around her head, trying desperately to shove himself deeper. She resisted, until he relaxed, then she took as much of him as she could, began to use her tongue to measure him again and again.

The woman was trying to kill him, no doubt about it. The sensations of those tantalizing breasts wrapped around his throbbing cock had been enough to make him insane with need. The fact that she'd moved so slowly, surrounding him from base to tip with that soft firm flesh had been enough to have him begging her to finish him off; had him begging - not even aware he was doing so in Abydonian - the only other language that he had ever called his own. When she finally began to give him one of her amazing, mind altering blowjobs, he nearly whimpered with relief. His hips moved up to greet her with each downward motion she made. He tried to shove himself deeper, felt her pull away from him. He contented himself to fill his hands with that long blonde silk, and let her do to him what she wanted. He jerked slightly when she let him fall from her mouth, his erection slapping against his belly at the sudden release.

She ran her tongue around the girth of his shaft, from base to tip and back again, making sure that his balls received her attention as well, before she moved back up to finish what she'd started. She wanted to hear him moan…the moan that came from deep in his belly…the one that let her know that she was pleasing him, had driven him crazy with need. Up…down…up… down, swirling her tongue over the head, flicking it back and forth over the sensitive underside. She began to suck harder, move faster. Felt the head swell more, the shaft harden even more, felt the intensity of the throbbing increase. She smiled to herself when his guttural moan filled the air around them. Positioning herself over him, she let him slide back into her throat, began to swallow. 'Give it to me, Daniel, don't hold back!'

That sweet whisper echoing in his head, the intense sensations as she deep throated him sent him hurtling over the edge. His back arched, his toes curled, and he cried out her name as he began to spasm, sending spurts of creamy white come down her slender throat. "Sweet Jesus," he moaned softly, dropping back onto the bed, his body shaking from the force of his climax. She didn’t release him until she had licked him clean. He tugged at her shoulders until she was settled on top of him.


"Oh, yeah," he grinned.

Her fingers moved gently up and down his arms. "Daniel, what does 'please, babe, I can't take it…suck me off, please' mean, and what language is it?"

Daniel began to laugh. "I said that?"

"More like mumbled it between gasps," she giggled.

"It's Abydonian," he replied. "I was pretty much begging."



"You're not going to tell me."


She giggled again. "That's okay. I'll find somebody who can tell me."

"Don't you dare!"

Casey lifted her head and looked at him, his face lit only by the moonlight that filtered in through the French doors. "So tell me what you said!"

"I was just…begging," he mumbled.

She settled back down on his chest. "Love to make you beg," she whispered.

His arms tightened around her slender frame. "Yeah, I figured that out. One of these days you're going to kill me."

"You keep saying that, it hasn't happened yet," she teased. She wished she could purr, to let him know how much she enjoyed it when he caressed her so gently. His hands moved up and down her back, from her shoulders to her hips. So much love in that touch, she thought happily. She sighed contentedly.

"Penny for them," he said softly.

"You'll think it's silly," she replied.

"I like silly."

"I was…I was wishing I could purr, like a cat."


"Because I love the way you touch me, the way you caress me when we lay like this."

He smiled, pressed a kiss against her forehead. "I'm glad it pleases you."

"It does, very much." She snuggled closer. Wiggled her hips. Smiled at the response in his body. "Daniel?"


"I want…I need to feel you inside me," she whispered.

"I need to be inside you, Angel," he whispered in return. He rolled over again, felt her arms and legs go around him as he shifted over her. Her hips were pointed up, waiting for him as he pushed against her, slid into paradise.

"Oh, yeah," she whispered, arching her back, pressing her breasts against his chest. "Only you."

"Only you, Angel," he replied. "You feel so good," he whispered in her ear. "Just for me, you were made just for me."

"Just for you," she sighed. Their hips were moving in concert, slowly, gently…the dance of love starting tenderly. Soon enough the Fire would demand more.

Her body was wrapped around him, enveloping him in so much love that it surrounded him, washed over him, filled every nook and cranny of his heart, his very soul. He wanted…needed to taste her skin…his mouth moved over her throat, her head back to allow him greater access. He marked her, again and again, wishing once more than the marks would remain, visible proof that she belonged to him, and him alone.

She gasped when he began to grind his hips against hers. The first sign that the Fire was beginning to burn out of control. The stimulation fanned the flames that flickered up and down her spine. She continued to meet him, thrust for thrust, grinding, pushing back against him every time his hips met hers. He was still kissing, licking, tasting her throat, every gentle caress sending fingers of pleasure throughout her, centering in that warm, aching place between her thighs.

Her breath was coming faster, her body pressing up against him with as much force as she could muster. He continued to tease her, thrusting hard…slowly…deeply; kept giving that elegant throat his attention, knowing that very soon she would be out of control. And god he loved it when that happened!

Faster…she needed faster! Each thrust was deep…hard…but too slow! She needed for him to pound into her! She wasn't even aware of the fact that her hands had moved from his shoulders to his ass until she felt those muscles tightening, relaxing, tightening, relaxing. He had the greatest ass she'd ever seen on a man. She gripped those firm, tight buttocks, began to grind against him, taking what she needed.

"That's it babe, make it good," he whispered, letting his tongue move over and into her ear. "Ride me, Angel."

Her legs locked behind his thighs, her hands full of his ass, she did just as he commanded, moving up and down against him, felt his cock rubbing deep inside. "Unnnnggh…Daniel…please," she begged.

He rose up on outstretched arms, began to drive into her warm, willing body. Oh, god, it feels incredible! He drove into her like a man possessed, taking them both higher and higher with every thrust. She was still grinding her hips against him, taking the stimulation she needed. Her legs wrapped back around his waist, he could feel her thighs begin to quiver. "That's it, do it!" he panted. That melodic whimper filled her throat, then she arched beneath him, and cried out her pleasure.

Colors and lights exploded behind her closed eyelids. She was shaking from the top of her head to the tips of her toes as fingers of Fire zipped up and down her spine, the flames transforming from overwhelming need to mind-bending pleasure. She murmured his name as she twirled among the stars. "Now, Daniel, give me your love, fill me," she whispered.

The convulsions of her sweet well, and the soft sound of his name leaving her lips pushed him over the edge, and into the waves of intense, incredible pleasure. He jerked with each spasm that sent his love deep into her warm body. When at last he had stopped pulsing, when her warm well had ceased to milk him, he dropped down on top of her, breathing hard and fast.

She held him close, waiting for him to catch his breath. She whispered her love to him, kissed his neck, tasted the salt of his sweat.

With a groan he managed to roll to his back, his arms around her, holding her close, keeping their bodies locked together. Satiated, tired, safe, content, the lovers slipped back into the arms of Morpheus.

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