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I don't own 'em. Not making any money off of them. All story ideas are original.



Casey finds her second week at the SGC a bit more exciting than she wanted, and proves 
that she's been listening during her training with Jack. And Daniel learns that he has 
friends where he least expected to find them.


A/N...fubar = fucked/fracked up beyond repair/recognition


Story Category: Romance, Action/Adventure



Stargate SG-1…

Dr. Daniel Jackson
Col. Jack O'Neill
Maj. Samantha Carter
Dr. Janet Fraiser
Gen. George Hammond
Maj. Louis Ferretti


Casey Webster
Sgt. Mark White
Gina Thompson
Beverly Adams
Kelley Campbell
Ricky Campbell
Mrs. Trumball
His Honor Judge Jim Thurman



"We've Only Just Begun"
Performed by The Carpenters
Written by Paul Williams and Roger Nichols




No copyright infringement intended.

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