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White Lace and Promises

Chapter 18

When her eyes drifted shut, he couldn't resist kissing the closed eyelids. She smiled, her hands moved over his neck, his shoulders, down his back, the soft touch adding to the heat that continued to build. His heart was beginning to pound in anticipation. He knew what he wanted to do, how he wanted to do it. He also knew that she'd do whatever he asked of her. He kissed her, let his love flow through to her. Felt it returned. "It's time," he whispered. Felt the shiver in the soft body beneath him. He moved away from her slowly. Rolled to his back. "Get the oil, babe," he instructed, already reaching for the toy and the attached ring.

Her heart was beating a tattoo against her ribs. She'd never in her life even contemplated using…sex toys. She picked up the bottle of flavored body oil, tossed there when he'd finished with it earlier, carried it to the bed.

"C'mere, Angel," he said gently. Smiled encouragingly. He handed the vibrator to her. "Let me watch you."

She blushed slightly, but took the latex toy. Daniel took the oil, poured a little on her fingers. She carefully lubed the very realistic looking vibrator. She was on her knees, she slowly spread her legs, smiled when his breath caught in his throat, then slowly pushed the fake cock into her warm well. Well now, this is interesting. It wasn't quite as large as Daniel, filled her in a different way.

He thought he was going to come as he watched her slowly moving the vibrator in and out of that sweet well. "Like it?"

"It's not you, but it's not bad," she replied honestly.

Daniel grinned. "Let me," he whispered. He reached out, took the base of the toy in his hand. Pushed it deep, pulled it nearly all the way, out, pushed it into her again. He took his time, increasing the pace slowly, steadily.

She had one hand wrapped around his wrist as he moved the vibrator in and out of her. The other was wrapped around his shaft, stroking him slowly, gently. The experience was new, and not at all unpleasant. She'd been afraid that she'd be embarrassed, but watching his face as he used the toy on her turned her on, made her want more.

"Oil me up, Angel," he said, still moving the vibrator. He stopped only long enough for her to reach for the bottle. When her soft fingers gently anointed him, he again had to struggle to maintain control. When she put the bottle back on the nightstand, he put his free hand on her hip. "I want you to ride me," he whispered.

Nodding her understanding, she straddled his hips. He held the toy inside her, waited as she guided his slick shaft into her ass, taking him slowly, until her hips were against his. Oh, goddess, it was amazing! She began to grind her hips against his, moving back and forth. Now this was something worth writing home about!

Taking her sweet ass was always pleasurable. Watching her face, her eyes wide at the feeling of being completely full, front and back, was even more so. His fingers located the tiny switches that would activate the vibrators. When she was ready, he was going to blow her mind. "Ride me, make it good," he commanded, his voice soft, full of love.

Moving up and down on him, feeling the toy moving as well as he held it stationary against his pubic bone was enough to make her moan. "Oh, god," she whispered.

"That's it, Angel, make it good," he whispered. His free hand was moving over her breasts, tugging at one nipple, then the other; squeezing and massaging those beautiful breasts. He could feel the pressure of the vibrator in her well pushing against his cock as she moved, sending fingers of pleasure shooting up his spine.

When she tried to increase the tempo of her thrusts, he grabbed her hips with both hands. She wrapped her hands around his wrists, pulled them away from her body, then laced her fingers with his, forcing him to offer the leverage she needed, wanted. The vibrator ring was pushing against her clit, she could feel it with every movement she made. She had no idea that using toys would be this…enjoyable!

She was close, he could see it on her face. When her head fell back, her long hair tickling his thighs, he pulled one hand free. Turned on the vibrators. "Sweet Jesus!"

"Oh, god!" she moaned again, her body jerking against his as the vibrations deep inside and against her clit began to overwhelm her senses.

He hadn't realized that he'd get as much pleasure from this as she would. He could feel the vibrations against his cock, and for a minute he didn't think he'd be able to hold out until she came. It was damned difficult, but he concentrated on her, his hands holding her hips now as he began to thrust up into her. Her thighs began to quiver against his hips, he smiled when the whimper filed the air. "Sing for me, Angel…come for me," he whispered breathlessly.

She cried out, her body shivering and quaking in his hands. The colors and lights that she was accustomed to seeing exploded behind her closed eyelids, she could hear her blood pounding in her ears as her body hurled to completion.

When she cried out a second time in a matter of seconds he let go, and began to pulse, filling her with everything he had, his own body shaking from the force of his release. He turned the vibrators off before the stimulation could become painful. She dropped onto his chest, breathing hard, still shaking as he moved his hands up and down her back.

"Was it good for you?" she asked finally, her breathing almost back to normal.

"Oh, yeah," he replied.

"I think I wanna pass out now," she murmured, her head nestled on his shoulder.

He smiled. "We need to clean up, babe. Toys need to be cleaned as well."

"You're just saying that because you know I can't move," she said, smiling against his skin.

"I'll hold you up, I promise," he said.

Slowly, she pulled away from him. The vibrator fell from her, landed between his legs. She picked it up, made it to her feet, and headed for the bathroom. They cleaned up, fell exhausted into the bed.

"Thank you," he said softly as she snuggled against his side. "It's been an incredible night."

"Yes, it has been, and you're welcome," she replied. She pressed a kiss against his shoulder. "We'll have to do that again, soon."

He grinned at the ceiling. Yep, she was a very passionate woman. "Any time you're ready."

"Give me a few minutes," she teased.

"Go to sleep, Casey. I'm beat. I couldn't get it up again right now if my life depended on it."

"Wanna bet?"

He grinned again, was fairly certain that if she wrapped her hand around him, the anaconda would respond. "Are you trying to kill me?"

She giggled. "Nope. Love you, Stud Muffin."

"Love you, too, Angel. Sleep."

She snuggled closer one more time, then drifted into contented sleep.

He tightened his arm around her, and fell asleep almost as soon as he closed his eyes.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Their friends were waiting anxiously for them at the baggage carousel. They waved, both sporting golden tans and bright smiles.

Janet took note of the bruises around Casey's neck. "I was going to ask you if you had a good time, but I can see that you did," she teased.

Casey blushed. "It was fantastic!"

"Obviously you made it out of bed long enough to hit the beach," Jack teased, helping Daniel with their bags.

"Oh, it was so beautiful!" Casey gushed. "We only went down to the dining room once, that was last night. Our room had French doors that opened onto a patio that wasn't more than fifty feet from the water!"

Amused glances were exchanged. "So, is that an all over tan, or do you have tan lines?" Sam asked, grinning broadly.

The young blonde blushed furiously.

"It was a nude beach," Daniel replied. "The resort was adults only, and the way the honeymoon suites were set up, you could have your own section of the beach and not even know anyone else is around."

"All over tans," Janet and Sam said simultaneously, laughing.

"Well, I hope you're both ready to go back to work," Jack said, tossing the bags into the back of his truck.

"What's up?" Daniel asked.

"We have some interesting images from the UAV," Sam replied. "Small village about two klicks from the 'gate. And the villagers didn't seem too afraid of the UAV when it flew over. They watched it for a few minutes, then waved to it."

Daniel frowned slightly. "It's possible that they believed it to be the personification of a god," he said.

"Well, you can figure it out when we get there," Jack told him.

"When will that be?"

"Tomorrow, oh-nine hundred. Briefing at oh-eight hundred."

The young archaeologist nodded. "I'd like to get a look at those images, see if I can tell anything about who these people might be related to," he said "I'll go in around seven."

Casey sighed. The honeymoon was, literally, over. It was time to go back to work, for SG-1 to do what they did best, protecting innocent people from the Goa'uld, and killing as many of the parasitical creatures as they could.

"Welcome home," Janet said softly.

The young blonde nodded. "Thanks, I think."

The petite doctor smiled. "I need to get a move on. I have to get back to Silver Springs. I have a date tonight."

"You asked him," Casey said, grinning.

"Yep. It's been a very interesting five days," Janet admitted with a wide grin.

Jack dropped his arm around Sam's shoulders. "Yes, it has," he said. "Damned nice five days."

"Very nice," Sam murmured.

Casey and Daniel exchanged a smile. The young woman looked up at Teal'c. "I think you've had an interesting time as well."

The Jaffa smiled. "Indeed."

She smiled, snuggled against Daniel's side in the backseat of the club-cab pickup. Teal'c was on the other side of her, Sam was sitting beside Jack, his hand wrapped around hers. The future was very difficult to predict, there were many factors that could change the outcome of future events. But it was safe to say that for the members of SG -1, at that particular moment, life was just about perfect.


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