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White Lace and Promises

Chapter 16

Casey was lying on the chaise, white sand and blue-green water the only thing she could see. Daniel was next to her, his fingers loosely laced with hers. It had been the wee hours of the morning when they'd arrived in Denver, staying at the beautiful Brown Palace. The staff had been expecting them, and had stood at the door, applauding as they entered the lobby, still dressed in their wedding finery. A bottle of champagne and a bowl of chocolate dipped strawberries were waiting in the room, the bed turned down, the satin sheets glimmering in the candlelight.  She sighed. He hadn't forgotten a single detail.

She'd have been content to stay in Denver. Sam had driven up the next morning to pick up the dress and tux. That afternoon he'd told her to get her bag packed. Called a cab. When they arrived at the airport, her heart had been pounding with excitement. Once again he insisted on flying first class, telling her that after this, she'd learn how cramped business/economy class was if they had to fly anywhere. He'd refused to tell her where they were going. She didn't know until the flight was called. When the agent had called for first class passengers to board for the Bahamas, her eyes had gone wide. She'd hugged him, squeezing so tightly that for a moment breathing wasn't an option for him.

So far, the honeymoon had been great. After they'd arrived at the Brown Palace, she'd made love to him until he was exhausted. Nearly broken his neck hugging him when she learned where she'd be spending her honeymoon. He grinned. Spoiling her was so damned fun! The wedding and reception had been everything she'd dreamed of; more she'd said. They'd discussed their special night in detail during the flight. Much to the amusement of the passengers around them. One of the businessmen, who had recently celebrated his thirtieth anniversary, bought a round of champagne for those in First Class. Casey had been dumbfounded that a stranger would do such a thing. They hadn't even made it out of the room and to the beach until the second day on the island. And she still hadn't worn that little white number that Sam and Janet had given her. Daniel had hopes for the coming night. He heard her sigh contentedly. Had heard that soft sound often in the past few hours. His grin broadened. 



"Do you think anyone would mind if we went skinning dipping?"

He opened his eyes, turned his head and looked at her. She was developing a great tan. Interesting tan lines, too, thanks to that tiny little bikini. "I doubt it."

"So let's go skinny dipping." She sat up and untied the top of her suit, let it drop onto the bag beside her chair.

He watched her stand up, shimmy out of the tiny little bottoms, his breath catching as the sun caressed her naked body. He stood up and shed his suit, led her to the warm, blue-green water. It was just cool enough to feel good as the sun beat down on his tanned back. He'd been teaching her how to swim, they'd gone snorkeling the day before. Everything was so new to her, so exciting. He found himself looking at the world through her eyes, finding the wonder all over again.

They swam and played in the water, dunking one another, diving down to examine the abundant sea life. Tired, but happily so, they returned to the beach and pulled back on their bathing suits, ready to return to their room to shower before dinner. So far they'd taken every meal in their room, able to pretend that they were alone in this tropical paradise.




She was washing his broad shoulders, noting that the skin was a bit darker now than when they'd arrived. "I think tonight you should wear your silk boxers," she said softly.

Oh, hell, that has the anaconda's attention! "Oh, really?"

"Mmmhmm. I don't think you'll be disappointed."

I don't think so either, he thought, a grin on his face. "If you say so," he teased.

"Daniel, did you mean it when you said that nothing we do together, to show our love to one another, is…wrong?"

For a moment time was suspended. Her words echoed in his ears. His heart pounded as the implication of what she said set in. "I meant it," he said softly, as time began to flow around him once again.

"We can do…anything?"


"Even if it's…well, maybe…just a little bit…kinky?"

Sweet Jesus, he was going to die tonight. She was going to kill him. She'd use that beautiful body, and she was going to kill him. "Casey, whatever you want to do, we'll do it," he replied, his voice soft, low, firm…full of love.

She nodded, pulled on the silk pajamas that he'd bought for her. She searched through her duffel, dumped the contents of one of the plastic bags that held the assorted trinkets they'd purchased for their friends onto the floor.

He couldn't see exactly what she was doing, but she'd put several items into the bag, then closed it and put it beside the bed. He shivered in anticipation. When their dinner arrived, he forced himself to enjoy the succulent seafood tray, watching her surreptitiously as he ate. She was so damned calm, so cool, and he was about to lose his mind thinking about what they would do together. He glanced at the bed again; the anticipation was driving him crazy!

She could barely eat. She'd planned this night down to the tiniest detail. Hoped that he'd be pleased. Wondered briefly if anyone actually did the things she and Daniel were about to do. Her ideas, her fantasies, came from the multitude of books she'd read. The romance novels. The sex guides.

Watching her eating the juicy tidbits of pineapple, licking the sticky juice from her fingers, catching a stray drop on her lower lip with just the tip of her tongue was enough to have him breathing hard. Whatever she wanted, he'd do it. He wondered just exactly what she'd planned. Was certain that it would be a night he'd never forget.

She wiped her hands on the napkin, then went to wash them with soap and water. "Why don't you put on those sexy silk boxers. When you're ready, turn back the bed. You might want to keep your robe nearby."

His body was already responding. "Whatever you want, Angel." She pushed the cart that held the remains of their dinner into the hallway while he searched for and found the blue silk boxers that had been a gift from Sam and Janet. For her, the tag had said. He grinned, headed for the bathroom.

"Don't shave," she said softly.

He grinned. His little siren liked a little whisker burn. He was always careful, moving his bearded face gently against her tender skin.

As soon as the bathroom door was closed, she dialed the phone with trembling fingers, made her request, and was assured that the items were on their way up. She pressed her hands together to stop them from shaking, pacing the floor as the moment of truth drew near. When Daniel stepped back into the room, her eyes lit up at the sight of his lean, hard body in just those silk boxers. Which did nothing at all to conceal that magnificent anaconda. He was already getting hard, she noted. She gathered that sexy white teddy, slipped past him, her heart racing.

He pulled the comforter from the mattress, tossed it onto the backless loveseat at the foot of the bed. Turned back the linen sheet and soft, thermal blanket . The light tap on the door had him grabbing for his robe. He glanced at the closed bathroom door. Just what was she up to? He opened the door, found a waiter holding a tray. The man gave him the tray, a smile, and left. He carried it into the room. A bottle of Merlot. Two glasses. And a can of Reddi-Whip. Or the local equivalent.

He put the tray on the coffee table in front of the short sofa. Dropped the robe, rubbed his hands together in nervous anticipation. The soft click of the door had him turning around. The little teddy was…little! He could see her nipples poking through satin-ribbon edged openings. Dark blonde curls teased him from behind a tiny little white ribbon. The thong exposed that sweet ass to his full view. "Sweet Jesus!" he murmured.

Heart pounding, she walked toward him, kissed him lightly on the lips. "Ready to indulge your every fantasy?" she asked in a breathless whisper.

His body went hard, his cock rising straight up, pushing the boxers away from his body. "Oh, yeah," he whispered in reply. She led him to the overstuffed chair. He sat down. Watched her open the cabinet to turn on the radio. Soft island reggae filled the room. She took the bag from beside the bed, held it behind her.

"Anything you want tonight, Daniel, I will do for you. No questions, no hesitation. I want you to take me in any way that pleases you. My will is totally yours," she said softly.

Oh yeah. He was going to die. Tomorrow all they'd find would be an exhausted corpse with a smile that they'd never get off of his face! "Anything?"


Well, that left the door completely open, didn't it? He had a fantasy or two all right. When she handed him the bag, he watched as her cheeks brightened. He opened it. Bit back his gasp of surprise. Slowly took each item and placed it on the table beside the wine and the whipped topping. The fur-lined handcuffs. A bottle of flavored body oil. A vibrator that was nearly as large as he was. And purple. A vibrator ring. He looked up at her. "Anything?"

She shivered, from anticipation, nervousness. "Anything," she whispered.

"Good thing my will is made out and updated," he muttered beneath his breath. Smiled when she giggled. He looked at her. "Lay down on the bed, Angel."

She obeyed, her eyes never leaving his. She had a feeling she knew what was coming. Which she would be soon, she thought, nearly giggling out loud. She and Sam and Janet had discussed what most men held as fantasies. She knew of only one that would not be fulfilled tonight, would never be fulfilled. She didn't think he'd ever ask it of her, not after their discussion in the shower the morning before planning their wedding.

"Touch yourself, Casey. Make yourself come, make it good," he said softly.

Yep. Fantasy number two; the three women from the SGC had agreed that this was probably the second most popular dream that men had. Watching a woman satisfy herself. She glanced at the vibrator. "In what way?"

He grinned. "Just your hands this time, Angel," he replied.

She nodded. Closed her eyes. Took a deep breath. Let her hands begin to wander over her body. The routine was familiar, one that had kept her body calm before she'd met him, before she knew the heights that she could reach only with him.

He watched her - her hands moved slowly, almost tentatively. Her fingers tugged at her nipples, one hand slid down between her thighs, moving over those sweet nether lips. He watched as she dipped her fingers into her warm well, then slowly she began to stroke that nub at the top of her folds. She put her feet flat on the bed, her legs spread wide, offering him the perfect view. His hand went inside the silk boxers, wrapped around an erection so hard it hurt.

The rhythm was one she knew, one that her body recognized. She slid her other hand between her thighs, the fingers of one hand moving in and out of her body, the other moving with precision, taking her closer to the sweet release that she could feel building. She could hear him breathing harder, opened her eyes enough to look at him through her lashes. Oh, god! He was stroking himself. Her eyes opened all the way.

He grinned, stood up and pulled the boxers off, let them fall to the floor, his hand still moving.

She smiled at him. Knew exactly what he wanted. She licked her lips. He was beside her in two steps, letting her take his swollen head into her mouth, his hand working the shaft.

"Make it good, Angel," he whispered, watching her hands. Her hips were moving, she was getting into the feelings that she was giving herself. God, what an absolute turn-on!

She could feel her climax approaching. Her fingers were moving faster, and suddenly she was there, her body arched off of the bed as sweet release washed over her. It certainly wasn't as intense, as pleasurable as the orgasms he orchestrated in her. But it was relief.

He watched those slender thighs quiver. Noted that the whimper was missing. Apparently that was something only he could elicit. A thought which had his ego doing a little happy dance in his mind. He pulled away from her, even though his body protested. He climbed onto the bed, straddled her shoulders, fed his raging hard-on back into her eager mouth.

She filled her hands with his ass, kneading those firm muscles as she teased him, tasted him. He was throbbing hard and fast. Watching her had turned him on, had pleased him. He whispered her name when he came, she took down every drop.

Now, he thought, maybe I'll have a chance of surviving the rest of the night. I think. He grinned to himself. Wondered how many men were given a fantasy night on their honeymoon. He dropped down onto the bed beside her. "That was beautiful, Angel," he said softly.


"Really." He reached up and pushed a lock of hair from her face. "So beautiful," he whispered.

The look of love in his eyes left her temporarily unable to move. She could feel that love as if it were a tangible thing, moving from him, flowing into her. Every doubt she'd held about the night fled in the wake of that love. Leaving her breathless with desire, anticipation…need. The need to please him, to see his eyes darken with lust, was nearly overwhelming.

"Get the handcuffs," he told her. Watched that sweet ass as she complied. He snapped them closed around her wrists, pushed her arms above her head. "Don’t move, unless I tell you, or move you," he whispered into her ear.

She shivered, nodded her understanding. His hand was moving over her, his eyes locked with hers. His fingers investigated the openings in the cups of the teddy, moved down to skim along the sides of the lacy thong that nestled against her thighs, exposing her womanhood to his touch.

"Very sexy," he said. He lowered his head and kissed her. She responded with so much love, so much enthusiasm, offering everything to him; taking so gently, so hesitantly from him. Soon, he thought, soon she'd be out of control; demanding, taking what her body needed. But until then…He moved his mouth to her throat. The fastest way to turn her on, he'd discovered, was to pay a bit of attention to that elegant neck and throat.

When Daniel started kissing her neck, she felt every caress all the way to that aching center of need. He knew that it made her crazy when he did that, when he kissed and sucked and licked her neck and throat. He settled himself on top of her, she could feel his chest graze her hard nipples, the sensations sending fingers of pleasure up and down her spine and straight into her well. He slid down a bit, and began to tease her nipples with his tongue. He licked at her breasts through the thin, lacy material of the teddy. Which was enough to make her shiver again.

That sexy little belly button was covered for now, he'd be sure to pay attention to it later. He kissed and licked her hips, rubbed his face gently against her thighs as she opened to him. Grinned at the little ribbon that held the lace of the thong together. He licked around it, felt her body jerk at the touch. He tugged it gently, pulled the two ribbons apart. Paradise was now his for the taking. His mouth and tongue moved over her, until those soft sounds were filling the air around him.

Her hips rose off the bed when he slipped two long, slender fingers into her, and began to stroke her. Her body was clamoring for that sweet release, reaching for it as he began to tease her clit. She moaned with frustration when he slowed the pace of his fingers, began to lick her again. "Please…" she whispered…begged.

A triumphant grin flashed over his face. He loved it when she begged. "Please what?"

"Let me come," she said, panting slightly.

"I dunno…think you can be quiet?"

She bit back a smile. If she was loud, it was his fault. "I'll try," she promised, raising her hips, trying to draw his attention back to that part of her that needed his touch so desperately.

"Okay. But try to keep it down, will you?" he teased.

When his mouth clamped back down on her aching flesh, the moan that escaped was one of sheer relief. Her body began to tremble, and that amazing tongue coaxed another moan from her.

He pulled away again. "Lots of moaning going on," he said his eyes twinkling.

She looked down at him, tried not to giggle at how proud he was of himself. Decided that she wasn't going to make another sound, even if she exploded from holding it in.

Daniel watched the resolve that flashed in her eyes. It was a contest of wills now; hers to remain silent, his to make her cry out with need, with release. He closed his eyes, concentrated on making her feel good, even as the sweet taste of her, the sweet smell of her filled his senses, sent messages to his brain that had the anaconda hard again.

Oh, god what the man could do with his tongue! Her hands were clenched tightly, her body rigid as she fought to remain silent. She was so close that she could see the colors beginning to flash behind her closed eyelids.

She was shaking. Time to make her cry out. He teased that hard, swollen little clit from beneath its protective hood. Pulled it into his mouth and suckled it, the tip of his tongue flickering back and forth over it. His fingers were going deeper with each thrust.

She struggled against it, determined to hold out, to deny him what he was working for, even as she acknowledged the fact that she wouldn't be able to keep from crying out when she went over the edge. Knew that her cry was exactly what he wanted.

Now, Angel, he thought, give it to me now. Felt her body stiffen farther as she continued to fight him for control. The battle was turning him on, making him all the more determined to hear her cry out his name.

That amazing feeling was building in her belly, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. It raced through her, settled between her thighs, and then exploded. Her back arched off of the bed, her hips in constant motion against his face as she was hurtled over the cliff and thrown straight into the stars. She spun there, her body contracting around his fingers, holding them, pulling at them. "Daniel!"

And still the champ! he declared silently. He moved up her body; stopped to pay homage to her hard, pink nipples before finally kissing her. "I win," he grinned.

She smiled. "Think so? I'm the one who came," she pointed out.

"Mmmhmm. When I let you."

She shivered, that movement recognition of his statement.

Daniel carefully examined the satin straps that went over her shoulders. Well, how about that? If he tugged right…here…those straps came loose from the rest of it. How damned convenient is that? he thought delightedly. The teddy was off, and fluttering toward the floor before she had a chance to object.

"I don't suppose you have your watch on," she asked.

He frowned. "No, why?"

"Because I promised Major Ferretti I'd tell him how long I wore it."

He chuckled. "Had to be at least half an hour," he replied.

"They'll never believe it," she countered.

He grinned. "Yeah they will."

She flexed her shoulder slightly. Smiled when his hand moved up and gently caressed her. He gently pulled her arms down, rubbed them and her shoulders, his strong, warm hand easing the tension in the muscles.

"Can you put your arms back up, just for a little bit?" he asked.

She nodded, raised them again, pressed her hands against the headboard.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you, too," she whispered in reply. Watched as he sat up, swung a muscled leg over her, until he was straddling her waist. He moved up, rested his throbbing cock between her breasts.

"I'm gonna titty-fuck you," he whispered.

"Do it, please," she begged breathlessly.

It was his turn to shiver. He wrapped his hands around her breasts, massaged them gently as he pushed them against his swollen flesh.

"Body oil," she whispered.

He grinned. Left the bed long enough to get the oil and the toys. Repositioned himself. He watched her eyes as he carefully coated his aching cock, then pressed against her. "You have the best ideas, Mrs. Jackson," he said softly, moving his hips back and forth slowly.

"Glad you like them, Doctor Jackson," she replied. Feeling his rigid flesh moving between the sensitive skin of her breasts was a new sensation. She put her chin on her chest so that she could watch as that magnificent symbol of manhood moved. She could feel him throb, as well as see it. She'd already made up her mind to catch as much of his come as she could, because it turned him on when she did. She could still remember the look in his eyes when she'd watched him orgasm in the shower.

It was incredible. Her soft, firm breasts pressed against him, the oil making him slick, able to move against her skin easily. He closed his eyes as he moved, allowing himself the luxury of just feeling. He mentally examined every inch of his cock, found that the sensations were incredible, and moving him quickly toward a climax.

She watched as his cock began to swell even more, the head turning purple at the same time he began to pant. He was about to come. She watched, mesmerized when the first spurt of that precious white love shot straight toward her face.

He was watching her, the excitement on her face as he came. She opened her mouth, her tongue over her lip, trying to catch as much as she could as he ejaculated. Which just turned him on all over again. He reached down, ran his finger over her jaw, where some of his semen had landed, let her lick it off. She was absolutely amazing. Every man's dream. The most giving, willing, loving woman he'd ever had in bed. She blew his mind.

She watched as he stood up and went toward the bathroom. Frowned slightly. Had she upset him? Had she done something wrong? Said something wrong? Not said something she should have? She couldn't help but sigh when he came back into the room, his cock still hard, a damp washcloth in his hand. She remained still as he cleaned her up, her eyes watching his. The love that filled them when his eyes met hers made her heart hammer against her ribs.

Just like he'd instructed, she'd remained exactly the way he'd left her. He gently cleaned the traces of his orgasm from her body, still overwhelmed with feelings of love, and amazement that he'd been blessed with a woman like her. He was the scientist, the geek. Men like him didn't get to date women like Casey, let alone marry them. The ring on his finger caught his eye; he watched his hand as he moved it over her body. Married. It felt so different than when he'd married Sha're. Which, he supposed, was only natural. Sha're and Casey were very different women. He felt as if the part of him that had been missing had finally snapped into place. "Where's the key, Angel?"

"In my wallet. In the change pocket."

He nodded. "I will be able to find it tonight, right?" he teased. To his amazement, it was sitting on top of all of the other…stuff …that she carried. Placed there, more than likely, so that it could be easily found. He located the key, walked back to the bed. Stopped to just look at her, lying there naked, her hands handcuffed together, her arms over her head. One slender leg was spread wide, bent at the knee, offering a full view of that succulent, pink flesh. He felt his mouth water.

"What's wrong?" she asked. He'd stopped, and was just staring at her.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered. He eased back onto the bed, released her hands, and again rubbed her arms and shoulders.

"What do you want to do now?" she asked. "What fantasy do you have that needs to be fulfilled?"

He smiled. "I'll think of something," he replied lazily.

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