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Ewoks and Care Bears

"...Your body feels so gentle and my passion rises high.
You're lovin' me so easy.
Your wish is my command.
Just hold me close and love me.
Tell me it won't end.
Mm, feels so right, feels so right, feels so right..."
"Feels So Right"
Words and Music by Randy Owen
Performed by Alabama


Chapter 1

Casey held up the two teddy bears, each with a decoration on its tummy, one pink, one lavender. "So which one do you think?"

Sam tilted her head sideways and contemplated the plush stuffed toys. "Which ones are they again?"

"The pink one is 'Cheer Bear'. Thus the rainbow on her tummy. The other is 'Share Bear'. That's why she has the lollipops on her tummy, and the little purse," Casey explained.

"Did you ever have one?" Sam asked, taking the pink bear and examining it.

"I had 'Tender Heart' bear. He was brown, with a red heart on his tummy. Miss Eloise got it for my sixteenth birthday," Casey said softly.

Sam glanced over at her friend. "What happened to it?"

"Sheryl decided she wanted it. When I demanded that she give it back...she...she," Casey turned her head. Even after all of these years, what had happened still upset her. "She took it to the kitchen, got out a butcher knife and cut it up-" Her voice broke, she took a deep breath. "Sheryl was laughing when she threw the pieces at me."

The tall blonde hissed a sigh. "Damn!"

"Yeah. I cried for hours. Until-" Casey hastily wiped the tears from her eyes. "So, which one do you think we should get for Dara?"

"I say 'Cheer Bear'," Sam replied, knowing instinctively that the rest of the story was even more heart-wrenching. "Dara's always so happy."

Casey nodded. "Cheer Bear it is. Do you think Illam would like a teddy bear?"

"I'm not sure," Sam frowned. "From what Teal'c said about the last visit he made, Illam is more interested in...whatever that game is that Ja-...uh...the tribal boys play. Big hoop, small ball and a stick."

"I remember. Maybe we could find a ball for him?"

"Good idea. What about books for both of them?" Sam suggested, wandering down the aisle of toys, to the display of children's books.

"Excellent idea. They can learn Ta-...um...English as well as...well, you know."

"I agree. Might even help some of the adults," Sam mused.

"Oh, this is just too cute!" Casey crowed. She had the pink bear tucked under one arm, and held up what looked like a dressed teddy bear. "It's an Ewok!"

Sam hurried back, half a dozen alphabet books in her hands. "Oh, that's adorable! Look! It has a little bow and arrow!"

"This would be perfect for Illam!"

"I agree," Sam replied enthusiastically. She glanced around. "Okay, where did they go?"

A search for the missing male members of SG-1 resulted in locating the three men in a section of the toy store where a large racetrack was set up. All three had controllers in their hands, and were racing one another, a crowd of excited young onlookers gathered around them, cheering enthusiastically.

"Daniel, you do that again and I will so get you!" Jack threatened, maneuvering his car out of a curve and trying to gain speed on the straight away. Daniel's blue car was racing ahead of Jack's red one.

"What? Just because I have the smarts to use centrifugal force to my advantage?" Daniel asked innocently. He'd never had the opportunity to play with toys like this when he'd been a child. Each trip to Toys-R-Us to buy something for the two children the team had rescued from a deserted planet had found him enjoying something new...train sets, race cars, Legos...all the toys that had never been a part of his childhood. The fact that Jack was willing to 'play' right along with him was even more fun...he eased the blue car into another curve.

"That, too," Jack grumbled. "Now that's just not right!"

Teal'c smirked as his green car darted ahead. Only to crash when he was unable to slow down in time for the next curve.

"Down and out, T-man," Jack crowed.

"Only momentarily, O'Neill," the Jaffa replied, reaching over the plastic barrier to return his car to the track.

"The blue car is gonna win!" one little boy screeched excitedly when the plastic checkered flag clicked up on the racetrack.

Daniel grinned, gripping the controller just a bit tighter as he edged his racecar toward victory.

"Not gonna happen," Jack declared, his red car quickly catching up. Attempting to take the final curve as fast as possible, the red car flipped over, knocking the blue car off the track as well.

"You did that on purpose!" Daniel said.

"Did not!"

"Did so!"

"Uh uh!"

"Uh huh! You're just ticked because I was winning!" Daniel accused.

"Oh, you are so wrong! I was winning, Space Monkey!"

"In what reality? I had you by a full car length!" Daniel declared.

"Oh, puhleeze! In your dreams!"

"Such wonderful examples of maturity for the children," Sam commented, a wide grin on her face.

Jack and Daniel looked around at the little faces that watched them closely. "Uh, right," Jack muttered, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand. "Who was next?"

"I was!" a little hand shot into the air. The young girl pushed forward and took the controller from Jack.

Teal'c and Daniel relinquished theirs as well, watching as the next three race contestants began their own battle for supremacy.

"I think you won," Casey said, smiling up at Daniel. "Do you want the winner's kiss here, or later?"

He grinned. "If I wait, can I have more than just a kiss?"

"If you're very good." 

"I can be very, very good," he teased. Just before he stole a quick kiss, his lips barely lighting on hers long enough to taste her.

"And very sneaky," she replied. The kiss, brief as it was, had left a trace of her lip gloss on his lips.  She reached up and gently wiped it away.

"So, what'd ya find?" Jack asked.

Casey held up the bears. "The Ewok for Illam, and 'Cheer Bear' for Dara."

"And books," Sam added, holding up the selection she had picked out. Daniel looked over her shoulder as she thumbed through the alphabet books, nodding in approval. "We thought it might help the adults learn our language as well."

"Cool," Jack replied. He took the Ewok and examined it. "Check it out, Rocco! He's got a bow and arrow!"

"Indeed. Very useful hunting equipment," Teal'c said.

"Well, he can hunt during the day, and he can snuggle at night," Casey informed the men.

"Boys do not snuggle," Jack informed her.

"Right. Seems to me Illam snuggled right up to you the last time we visited," Casey retorted.

Jack grinned at the memory. It was true, as night had fallen on the Jaffa camp, Illam had settled down beside him, gotten as close as he could, and had fallen asleep against the colonel's arm. Charlie used to fall asleep against him like that. Those memories had gently filled his mind; leaving his guilt, and his anger, to slumber.

"Janet has more clothes for us to take," Sam told them as they paid for the purchases, everyone tossing cash onto the counter.

"Good. Dara had nearly outgrown everything the last time we were there," Casey said. "I pulled a few sweaters out of the closet that I don't wear any longer, I thought they might be useful."

"Me, too," Sam said. "It gets chilly in those hills at night."

"You know, we should stop by 'Bed, Bath & Beyond'," Casey suggested. "Pick up a few nice blankets."

"I believe that would be greatly appreciated," Teal'c replied.

Jack heaved a pained sigh, glanced at his watch. "I'd like to be through the 'gate before midnight. Think that will be possible?"

"I'm betting we'll be through before noon," Casey tossed at him.

"You're on!"

"I'll hold the cash," Daniel offered, his palm extended. Jack and Casey both put a five dollar bill into his hand. He grinned at both as he stuck the cash into his pocket. "Suckers."

Jack stared wide-eyed and slack-jawed after the archaeologist, who had started walking toward the entrance to the mall, whistling happily. "I don't believe he just did that!"

Casey giggled. "I do. He's been taking lessons from you for years."

The chuckle that filled the silver-haired man's throat was full of mirth. "Still surprises me sometimes, to see him so happy, to see this side of him," he said quietly, dropping an arm around Casey's shoulders. "We never saw this...'happy'...Daniel before you came into his life. You're good for him, Radar."

"Almost as good as he is for...and to...me," she replied.

He didn't answer as she hurried forward to catch up with her husband. Yep, Daniel had been good for her as well. Jack had watched her blossom from an uncertain, shy...girl, to a self-confident, gregarious woman. Watched as their fingers entwined almost automatically, as soon as they were close enough to one another. His arm went around Sam's waist. "They look good."

"Yes, they do," Sam agreed.

"I guess Radar must be over the nightmares from our adventures on the astroturf."

"She has indicated that it has been almost a week since the last nightmare," Teal'c said quietly.

"That's good. No chance of her waking the kids up tonight, if we wind up staying." The comment was not meant in malice; it wasn't a complaint, but merely an observation.

Sam and Teal'c both winced slightly as the memories of their last mission filled their minds. Casey had awakened the entire team with her cries; Daniel had been on watch, and had been able to rush to her side. It had taken three hours before she'd been able to push aside the frightening thoughts and images enough to get more sleep. It had been luck that they were only on a survey mission, and that there hadn't been a living soul for hundreds of miles in any direction. Daniel had later insisted that the presence, and understanding, from all of her teammates had helped her to sleep as well as she had. Jack only knew that he'd do whatever it took to see her through this latest crisis, brought on by enemies they never should have faced.

Casey glanced over her shoulder, noted how close Sam and Jack were, arms around one another. She hated seeing Teal'c alone, although he had informed her that he was quite content with the very...discreet...relationship he enjoyed with Gracie Anderson. She still found them to be a very 'odd' couple, but if both parties were happy, who was she to interfere? "We should have the team over for dinner," she said.

"Sounds like a good idea," Daniel agreed.

"I think I'll invite Gracie as well," she mused.

"Not such a good idea."

She looked up at him. "And just why not?"

"Angel, if Teal'c wants to include Gracie in our get-togethers, that's his decision. Not yours."


"Don't do it, Casey," Daniel said firmly. "Let them decide when they're ready to go public with their relationship."

"It's not like everyone doesn't already know," she argued.

"People might know, but they don't say anything. If that's the way Gracie and Teal'c want their relationship to be, that's their business."

She heaved a sigh. "I hate it when you're right," she grumbled.

Daniel laughed, pulled her close and kissed the side of her head. "I know."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Dara and Illam were the youngest children in the small Jaffa encampment. There were three teenaged girls, and two boys who had just entered puberty. The younger children had been welcomed with open arms, and were flourishing under the care of their 'parents', and all of the other members of the settlement. Illam had proven to be bright and inventive; and had become a shadow to the local equivalent of a blacksmith as he worked on whatever project was brought to him for repair. Dara played with the dolls that had been crafted for her, the insight to her nurturing nature evident when she treated them with such care. Both were learning the ways of the Jaffa, and were proving to be apt pupils.

It was twilight on the planet when the five team members walked into the midst of the collection of tents. Greetings were called out, and within minutes everyone was gathered near the large, central fire that served as the community center. The two children beamed smiles at the members of SG-1; giving hugs that left no doubt as to how much the five people meant to the orphans, and receiving hugs just as full of love in return.

Casey and Sam had picked out comforters for the children, a bright pink Care Bear comforter for Dara, and a blue comforter with numerous types of balls on it for Illam. There were new comforters in bright colors for the older girls; and darker, more masculine colors for the two boys. Heavy blankets were passed out to the adults as well, along with three boxes of clothes that would benefit the entire group; the gifts received with much excitement and gratitude.  Casey eagerly handed the stuffed toys to the two children.

Illam stared at the Ewok for a moment. "It is a child's toy," he said, in nearly flawless Goa'uld, the language of his new people.

Daniel glanced at his Wife, noted the crestfallen look in her eyes. "True. But it's also something that older children...and young men," he added quickly, heading off the protest he could see forming on the boy's lips, "collect as...a...a keepsake. Something that makes them smile. He's a hunter, see his bow and arrow?"

The boy looked the Ewok over again. "He is very proficient with his weapons. He can drop a ra'tec from fifty paces."

Illam sounded just like Teal'c, Daniel thought, which amused him. "That's very good. Ra'tecs are notoriously difficult to sneak up on."

"Does he have a name?" Casey asked softly.

Illam looked up at her and nodded. "He is 'Jack'."

Casey giggled. "I'm sure Jack will be honored to share his name with that very brave little Ewok."


"Mmmhmm. His people are from a moon. Teal'c might recall the name. They're very brave forest dwellers. They took on an army much larger than their own, and defeated them."

Illam held the plush toy just a bit tighter. "The Ewoks and the Jaffa must be kin."

"Perhaps, they are," Daniel replied, fighting to keep his smile hidden from the boy. "Or at least very good friends."

With a nod, Illam scampered through the throng of gathered people to show off his new little friend, a brave warrior known as an 'Ewok'.

"You have made the children happy," Emta, the children's adoptive mother, smiled. She was practicing her fluency in Tau'ri, and always enjoyed visiting with Casey.

"It's a joy to bring them things," Casey smiled in return.

"When will you and Dok'tor Jak'son appeal to the true gods for children of your own?"

Casey blushed slightly. "It will be awhile. I'm...I'm just not ready."

Emta nodded sagely. "The life of a warrior is a difficult life. I do not regret my decision to join Tass'an in starting a new life here, one of peace. He makes plans to build a house of wood."

"Really? That's great!"

"We learn the skills...relearn...what our ancestors once knew, before they became slaves of the Goa'uld."

Casey reached out and squeezed the woman's hand. She knew of the dissent between some of the Jaffa groups. There were those who wished to simply embrace their newfound freedom, live a quiet life of peace. Others who believed it their duty to battle until all Jaffa were free. The Tau'ri had chosen to befriend both groups, making it impossible for the warrior clans to 'take over' the simple settlements of battle-weary Jaffa. Daniel and Teal'c had been concerned that the split might become problematic. Luckily, their fears hadn't been borne out. "Someone has to have the villages ready for the others, when the war is won."

"That is what Tass'an says."

"He's a very intelligent man," Casey replied. "It's easy to trust a man who shows wisdom."

Emta smiled wider. "Yes, it is."

"Now, tell me about this," Casey said, nodding toward the pile of yarn on the table. It was obviously being used for something.

"One of the Tau'ri women has taught us to knit," Emta said.

"Cathy Masterson," Casey said immediately. The woman had a reputation at the SGC for being a knitter extraordinaire. She'd come to the village specifically to teach the women, and a few of the men, the art of knitting wool.

"Yes. She is very talented."

Casey was the proud owner of one of the cardigan sweaters Cathy had made. "Yes, she is. So?" She held up the soft yarn.

"It will be a blanket. I think the lieutenant called it an 'af-a-gan'."

She frowned. There wasn't enough yarn to make a very large afghan. Her eyes went wide, and she looked up at the other woman for confirmation of her suspicions.

Emta nodded, her face beaming. "When the first snows fall, I will present Tass'an with a son."

"That's wonderful news!" Casey hugged the woman's neck excitedly. "I'll bet Tass'an is thrilled."

The woman's dark eyes fell to her hands. "I have not yet told him."

"Oh. He won't be pleased?"

"I am not certain," Emta admitted.

"Well, I certainly don't know anything about the situation, but I've observed that the minute a man finds out the woman he loves is carrying his child, he starts strutting around as if he's the only man who ever impregnated a woman."

"You think he will be pleased?"

"Emta, he has honored you with the ancient Jaffa wedding ceremony. He adopted Illam and Dara, brought them into his home as if they were his own. These are things that a man who wants family does. Yes, I think he'll be pleased."

"Then I shall tell him, tonight when we celebrate your visit," Emta decided.

"Um...wouldn't you rather tell him alone...just you and him?"

The woman frowned. "Perhaps it would be better."

"I'll find Daniel, we'll take Dara and Illam for a walk. You share your wonderful news with Tass'an...and then try not to be too embarrassed when he announces it to everyone else."

Emta beamed. "You believe he will do this?"

Casey cocked her head sideways. Heard the sound of cheering, could see the wide smile on the man, the Jaffa known as Tass'an. "I believe he'll do that." She pushed herself to her feet. "Congratulations on your blessed event."

"Thank you!"

With another smile for the expectant mother, Casey ducked out of the tent, and went in search of her Husband. Dara caught sight of the blonde and came running to her side, grabbing her hand and holding it tightly. "Thank you for the heart of cheer."

She couldn't help but giggle. "Cheer Heart Bear. That's her name."

"Cha-ear-hart Bah-air," the little girl repeated carefully.

"That's very good, Dara! You learn new words very easily, don't you?"

Dara nodded proudly. "Tass'an says I will be a great 'twerp'tor someday."

It took a moment for Casey to understand the child's meaning. "Oh, interpreter," Casey smiled.

"I will be able to help traders who come to our village speak to Tass'an and the others who wish to buy and sell things."

"Yes, you will."

"Illam can do as good as me, but he's too busy trying to fix things."

"Well, that's a very important job as well," Casey replied diplomatically. "I'm certain he would rather you do the interpreting; that takes a bit of discretion...um...care...as well, and not all warriors are blessed with that ability."

Dara nodded solemnly. "Which is why the women need to keep the men in line. Sometimes they just don't know when to shut up."

Casey burst into laughter. No doubt Dara had been listening to Emta and the other women talking. "Dara, that is so true!"

"What's true?" Daniel asked, joining them as they walked toward the edge of the encampment, smiling at the sound of his Wife's laughter.

"Men just don't know when to shut up," Dara sighed.

"What?" Daniel's eyebrows moved up in absolute shock, then back down into a frown.

"Don't look at me, Stud Muffin, I didn't teach her that!" Casey protested, when Daniel's frown turned her way.

Daniel glanced over his shoulder at the tent where Emta stood, calling for Tass'an to assist her. "I'm not so sure-"

"Relax, Sweetheart. This is a normal village filled with normal people. Things like that are going to be discussed among the women. Just like men will complain about their wives."

His eyes moved around the settlement. The people were making the area their home. Tass'an had just been telling Teal'c, Jack, and him about plans to build permanent homes, that the gardens that grew behind fences would be made larger, more crops would be planted, and even more domesticated animals brought in to provide milk and wool and meat. "I never thought I'd ever see a free Jaffa village. Now I'm standing in one," he said quietly.

"All because you, Jack, and Sam had the courage to follow Apophis when he took Sha're and the others. You offered Teal'c the chance to make a difference, to save those people."

Daniel shook his sandy-blonde head. "Teal'c is the hero here," he said.

"You, Jack, and Sam were the catalyst...the inspiration," she insisted.

There she went again, making him feel as if he were far more important, more...special, than he really was. He was a simple archaeologist. She painted him in the colors of a far braver, far stronger man. Her eyes saw more in him than he'd ever seen in himself. He reached out, caught her hand, lifted it to his lips. Held her fingers there while he gathered spinning thoughts and calmed his soaring heart. "What you do to me, woman," he said softly.

The relative peace of the small village was broken by a sudden, sharp shout, then a whoop of pure joy. Tass'an raced out of his tent, his face nearly split by the grin that lit it, his eyes dancing. "I am to be a father!" he shouted. "I am a father!"

His neighbors and friends pressed in close, patting his back and shoulders, offering good wishes, calling out to Emta as well. She stepped out beside her husband, was immediately enveloped in a hug, Tass'an holding her closely.

"Well, imagine that," Casey said, smiling at the display of excitement and unadulterated joy.

Daniel looked at the smug smile on his Wife's face. "You knew."

"She told me about five minutes ago. She was afraid Tass'an would be upset."


"I guess...well, we always hope that the news that the man we love is going to be a father is good news to him. Sometimes...sometimes it's not met with the immediate joy that can assure us that he's not totally freaked out by the idea," Casey explained softly.

"Well, just to warn you right now, I'll probably be whooping louder than Tass'an when you give me the news," Daniel grinned.

She looked sharply at him.

He didn't miss her glance, the way that she tugged that full lower lip between her teeth. "Well, as long as it's not too soon. In a few years," he said.

"Are you sure?"

Daniel stopped walking, turned to face her, his hands on her shoulders. "Didn't we have this discussion once?"

"Things change," she said, shrugging slightly.

"Well, not this. Casey, now is not a good time to even think about starting a family. Not with what we do. Not until the Goa'uld are defeated."

"That could be more than a few years," she said drolly.

"I know," he replied quietly.

She wound her arms around his neck. "You always say the perfect thing," she sighed.

He held her close as she hugged him. He knew that deep inside, part of her yearned for a child. He also understood her hesitancy, her fears about getting pregnant now. Her worries about trying to be a mother, and a soldier. Granted, there were thousands of women who were doing both, and doing both successfully. But they weren't going through the Stargate every day, or almost every day; stepping into the unknown, in an on-going battle with the worst enemy that any human had ever faced. There were a handful of women in the SGC who were mothers. Only three of them were on SG teams. Those decisions had been made by those women...those mothers. The others had attempted to do the job, but had found that the pressures, the demands, the uncertainties just too much to deal with.

Several of the Jaffa men had burst into song, belting out a bawdy tune about warriors coming home to women warm and willing, whose bellies became swollen with the powerful essence of their heroic men. The adults gathered around the fire, and the conversation centered on the desire to fill the village with children; children whose bodies would never be used as host for Goa'uld prim'ta. Children who would become the first generation of Jaffa never to know the bonds of slavery to the Goa'uld.

As always, the visit ended with the entire group of Free Jaffa seeing SG-1 back through the Stargate. And, as always, the visit had lasted until late into the night. It had been nearly dawn planet-side when the team finally returned to the SGC. It was late enough on Earth that the teammates bid each other goodnight, and returned to their own homes.


A  A  A  A  A  A


He rolled over, snuggled closer to the warmth of her body. Opened one eye long enough to ascertain that the sun was shining...sunbeams were trying determinedly to slip past the closed wooden slats of the blinds that covered the windows. It was Sunday morning, and he wasn't about to get up. Not yet. The one day of the week, given that SG-1 wasn't on the weekend duty roster, that he could lay in bed and not have to deal with the world before noon. Before sleep could re-embrace him, he felt her hand moving over his hip. His body responded the way it always did when she touched him...his pulse quickened, his heart began hammering his love against his ribs, that male part of him that had been slumbering against his thigh stirred to life.

His hand began to move over her, from her hip to her breast, teasing the nipple that hardened in his fingers until he could feel her breath coming faster. Down over her flat belly, tugging gently at the platinum ring that adorned her belly button, bringing a gasp to her lips. Over her mons, through the soft curls that led to paradise. He knew she was fully awake when she shifted slightly, pushing back against him, pressing his now throbbing erection against his belly, sliding her thigh back far enough to offer his fingers access to that sweet womanly flesh.

Pressing kisses against her bare shoulder, he caressed her...soft sighs of approval filling the air around them. "Wanna fool around?" he asked softly.

"I dunno. Wouldn't you rather get seriously busy?"

He grinned. "That sounds good."

Casey scooted and wiggled until she was lying on her back. Smiled up at him. "Good morning."

"Good morning." He kissed her. His hand went back to her breasts, massaging first one, then the other. "How are my beauties this morning?" She giggled, her back arching and pressing against his palms. That soft sound was one of his two favorites, topped only by the sweet aria of love she sang each time she took flight. He lowered his head, began kissing the firm, soft orbs that left him breathless with desire.

Her fingers were wrapped in his hair as he began to suckle. Pleasure...pure, sweet, wonderful...began to move up and down her spine, settling in her belly, adding to the heat that was beginning to build between her thighs. She sighed contentedly when his hand slid down her belly again, offering the caresses that brought such wondrous sensations.

He slid up just a tiny bit when her hand reached for him again, his hips giving a jerk of sheer appreciation when she began to stroke his aching shaft.

"Let me taste you," she whispered softly.

He shivered slightly, her request making his heart pound all the harder. When she pulled the pillow from beneath her head, he understood exactly what she wanted. He positioned himself over her, lowered his head to take his first taste of her sweet honey just as her warm lips wrapped around him. His moan was one of gratitude and pleasure.

The game had begun. She couldn't help but smile mentally. Each and every time they pleasured one another in this manner, it became a contest of wills, each determined to bring the other to a shuddering climax before giving in. She had every intention of winning the contest this morning. Although...she gasped around the male flesh she was sucking so ardently...what he was doing with his tongue was certainly going to make it difficult to achieve her goal.

It was just not possible for something that felt as good as what she was doing to him to be legal. Nothing that felt that amazing could be. He groaned out loud when her tongue danced around the tip of his shaft, teasing the most sensitive spots, her hand never once slowing down as she continued to stroke him.

Tipping her head back slightly, she was able to take more of that magnificent anaconda, felt him slide just a bit deeper. She continued to raise and lower her head as she moved up and down on his swollen length. He was throbbing hard and fast, it wouldn't take much longer for him to reach the point of no return.

Her hips were moving up and down, a sure sign that she was feeling good, that soon he'd hear that delightful cry of ecstasy. Hopefully before she sent him spiraling out of control. He focused his attention on the hard pearl nestled at the top of her folds, teasing it with the tip of his tongue, then laving it with the flat of his tongue again and again.

Oh, Goddess that felt amazing! She shivered with pleasure, her body tensing with anticipation as he led her higher and higher up the side of the mountain. She renewed her efforts to bring him off, both hands stroking the part of him she could never take into her mouth.

If she kept up with what she was doing, he wasn't going to last. He tried to ignore the flames that she had ignited in his body, doing his best to not think about what that talented tongue was doing to him...for him. Determined to make her take flight before giving up what she was so diligently working for, he slipped two fingers into her hot well, stroking hard and deep...just the way he knew she liked it. Felt more than heard her moan of approval...which did nothing at all to help him avoid his own fall into oblivion.

Wanting to touch more of him, to feel more of his warm skin beneath her fingers, she began to caress his hip and belly with one hand, the other stroking him with hard, steady, fast movements which matched the movements of her mouth. Another groan from him...she smiled inwardly. He'd reached that point...another minute at the most, and he'd be filling her throat with his creamy love.

Oh, god, it felt so good! He felt her body tense, her hips thrust upwards...she was almost there...

She lowered her head, relaxed her throat and allowed him to go as deep as she could take him, then began to swallow. Lights were flashing, colors were twirling behind her eyes...

In spite of the fact that his cock was halfway down her throat, that beautiful whimper filled the air...became that dulcet song of love...just as he lost complete control and shouted her name against her warm, vibrating body. He lapped up every drop of sweet nectar, satiating his need for her; his own body jerking and pulsing as he gave her everything he had. Shaking from the orgasm that had sent him sailing into the stars, he dropped onto the bed beside her, his arm across her hips. He could feel the tremors that signaled that she was still coming down from her own flight.

Casey glanced at the clock. Not quite nine. Sometimes they slept until almost noon on Sundays. But last night, when they'd finally returned home from the SGC after visiting the Free Jaffa, it had been well after midnight. Their day had been hectic, and although they had enjoyed the visit, they had both been so tired when they'd returned that they'd collapsed into bed, wrapped in one another's arms, and had drifted to sleep before finishing their conversation about whether or not they had the energy to make love. Their bodies had determined that there had been enough rest, and that other needs had to be met. She couldn't help but smile as that thought moved through her mind.

Daniel turned around on the bed, dropped his head back on the pillow. Would have happily gone back to sleep, had that soft hand not started moving up and down his chest, waking the anaconda all over again. Not that he was complaining. When it seemed that she would be quite happy to just tease him...drive him to distraction, he took her hand, pushed it down to his burgeoning flesh.

"I love you," she said softly, stroking him gently once again.

"I love you, too," he replied. Smiled when she straddled his hips, took him into the warmth of her body. Hissed a sigh of pleasure as he felt her well close around him like a fist.

Her head dropped back, her hair falling onto his thighs, brushing against them with whisper soft touches. It always felt so good when he was inside her. She began to massage the length of him, her hips barely moving back and forth as she did so.

The touch of her hair against his skin sent shivers up and down his spine. His hands went to her breasts...holding, squeezing, massaging the firm orbs, her hard nipples tickling the palms of his hands. "That's it," he whispered. "Nice and easy."

"That feels good," she murmured, the fingers of pleasure that spread over her body each time he throbbed deep inside her intensifying with each passing moment.

"Yeah, it does," he agreed softly. He watched her face...her eyes were closed, her lips turned up into a soft smile; the flush of pink that colored her cheeks, throat and breasts each time they made love making her all the more beautiful. He was content to simply watch her as she slowly, gently rode him.

In just a matter of minutes the fire that burned just beneath the surface would demand more...but for the moment, the gentle movement of their hips was more than enough to offer pleasure.

"C'mere," he whispered, running his hands up her arms, to her slender shoulders. Tugged gently until she was lying on him, their hips rocking together rhythmically.

The warmth of his skin, the comfort of his embrace, the pleasure that filled her as their bodies moved together had her sighing with happiness. She pressed kisses against his shoulder, her hands moving with feather-soft caresses up and down his sides.

Heaven. That's where he was in that particular moment. He had an Angel in his arms, soft and warm and sweet, and his body was inundated with sensations of pure pleasure. It just didn't get any better, he thought, shivering as her lips moved over his skin, scorching him with her touch, making his heart pound all the harder.

The fire was beginning to burn hotter...brighter. The easy pace of their hips sped up, they pushed and rubbed against one another with more force. When she would have sat back up, his arms held her tight. She wasn't surprised when he rolled over...she wrapped her arms and legs around him, mewled her approval when his lips closed around that sensitive spot behind her ear.

Oh god, yes! She was hot and tight and felt so damned good, and she was wrapped around him like a blanket. Her love surrounded him just as surely as her body, sending his heart soaring.


That soft sound encouraged him...urged him on. In...out...in...out...in...out...oh god it was amazing!

Their dance of love became more heated as their bodies demanded more of them. She begged him for the release she could feel hovering so close. Moaned when he rose up on outstretched arms and began to pound into her, met him every step of the way.

That soft whimper became an aria of love, he could feel her well convulsing around him, the warmth of her honey as it coated his cock and balls. The sensations sent him over the edge, and he cried out, his body shuddering as he came.

Completely spent, he collapsed on top of her, the gentle caresses against his back and shoulders, the whispers of love in his ear enough to keep his heart spinning, even as his body slowly returned to earth.

He rolled to his back, held her close to him. Within minutes, both of them were sound asleep once again.




When they woke a second time, they made love in the shower, then pulled on sweats and tee shirts. The remainder of the day was spent in bed...reading the Sunday edition of the Colorado Springs Gazette, discussing their very enjoyable visit to the village of Free Jaffa, and speculating on what their week would bring.

Rested and relaxed, the couple was ready to face whatever missions were lined up for SG-1.


A  A  A  A  A  A


The Monday morning briefing was attended by all of the SG teams who were on the base. General Hammond had left for Washington, D.C. as soon as he had known that the members of SG-1 were safe and healthy after their ordeal on the astral plane. He had been summoned to brief the new President about the Stargate Program, although he'd put off that meeting while SG-1 had been comatose in the infirmary. He would explain the delay once he arrived. The general's absence, however, meant that Jack was in charge. And would thus be leading the briefing. Something that amused his teammates. And annoyed him.

Nearly a dozen missions...conducted while SG-1 had been fighting daemons...had netted a variety of finds, several that would result in return visits. The teams assigned to those missions would take geologists, botanists, biologists, archaeologists, or whatever expert might be needed.

Jack called the briefing to order, had just called on Major Farnsworth to give his report on the new treaty with a group of people known as the Hebrites, (whom Daniel theorized might have been precursors to Earth's Hebrews, or a hybrid society of Hebrews and Hittites, the people taken from Earth by the Goa'uld. He would, he informed the second-in-command, have to take a closer look at the documents that the Major had been able to borrow from the Minister of the People), when a young lieutenant fell through the door, tripping on the lace of her boot, which had come untied. The folders and notebook in her arms went sailing into the air, the notebook hitting Major Ferretti in the back of the head, causing him to spill his hot coffee down the front of his shirt. The result of that accident was Ferretti jumping to his feet, shoving his chair back into Major Anderson's knee. That man let out with a howl of pain. The entire thing lasted less than ten seconds. It took ten minutes for the group in the briefing room to calm back down enough to continue with the meeting.

The young lieutenant who had been the cause of the commotion, Lieutenant Alison Peters, was a new arrival to Cheyenne mountain. The Political Science major had been assigned to SG-9, Major Farnsworth's diplomatic team. The major rolled his eyes, muttering under his breath that now the SGC was now blessed with two Felgers; waiting rather impatiently for the young woman to find a seat and sit down...which she did, after stepping on Tony Sabotti's toes.

Casey watched the young woman, her heart going out to the lieutenant as her cheeks turned bright red and she lowered her eyes, mumbling apologies to anyone and everyone near her. The seer realized it was nerves that had been the cause of the accident, and that with time the lieutenant would settle into her position.

As soon as he had the attention of everyone in the room once again, Jack continued with the meeting. Wishing silently that he'd had the forethought to catch a nasty, contagious disease that would have prevented him from sitting in the front of the room, forced to listen to one boring report after another. Major Farnsworth's brief, he noted approvingly, was delightfully brief. If the furious scribbling going on was any indication, Daniel was going to request a return visit to the planet...for SG-1.

Dr. Lee reported what he considered to be interesting findings concerning two plants found on a planet designated PY3 611. Both offered what could become a source of adhesive; and if, he surmised, his preliminary tests were accurate, the adhesive could be as strong as the synthetic 'super glue' that was commercially available. Because of its natural components, it would be less toxic, a factor that could make it extremely popular on the commercial market. If the plant could be cultivated on Earth, it could offer a cash-crop for farmers in need of additional income.

Jack gave a sigh of relief when Dr. Lee's nearly monotone voice had stopped droning. He paid more attention to the next report. But mostly because he found the speaker's voice particularly sexy...even if she was spouting off analysis data. He sat back and crossed his arms over his chest as Sam began her briefing.

The blonde astrophysicist gave a quick overview concerning the planets that the MALP had investigated and offered preliminary findings of naquadah. Those planets would be noted, and would top the list of missions for the coming weeks. Two of the planets only offered trace amounts, but three seemed to have significantly more. Any sources of naquadah, especially those where there weren't indigenous peoples with whom there was a need to barter, and often to obtain permission to mine, were deemed worth further exploration. None of the planets had shown any signs of inhabitants. That fact alone would expedite the set up of any mining efforts that would bring in enough naquadah to offset the cost of the operation.

Daniel was excited about what seemed to be the first findings of Furling occupation. The ruins were older than any that had been located and examined by SG teams so far, making the Furlings the oldest known civilization. That he recognized any of the cuneiform was due to the visit SG-1 made to a place named Heliopolis by its sole occupant, Dr. Ernest Littlefield. Daniel still had the professor's notes, written over a fifty year period, as that archaeologist had waited for rescue. His own notes were much briefer, his visit lasting only a matter of hours before a storm destroyed the castle, and the already damaged DHD and Stargate that it had contained. One of the First Four, a group of advanced civilizations that had come together and formed a governing body, the Furlings were the only group that the humans of Earth had no information about at all...the ancient civilization was a complete mystery.

"So far, what I've been able to see confirms that this is indeed Furling cuneiform, and from what little we know about them, there are signs of Furling technology. They seem to be as advanced as the Asgard," Daniel said. "Further investigation is absolutely necessary if we want to find any clues to other settlements or outposts they might have occupied."

She had been checking her notes, wanting to check any cross references for possible naquadah deposits on the planet, which would add even more weight to the mission request, when a soft snore caught her attention. Sam glanced over to see Jack was asleep. She prodded him with her boot. He snorted, crossed his arms tighter over his chest. She rolled her eyes, kicked his boot harder. "Colonel, wake up!" she hissed softly.

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