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Daddy's Little Girl

Chapter 7

The jangling of the phone woke him. It took a moment for him to remember just where he was. He reached for the instrument. "Hullo?"

"Good morning, sir. This is your requested eight a.m. wake up call."

"Yeah, thanks." He managed to get the receiver back in the cradle. He scrubbed both hands over his face, rolled to his side, ran his hand over Casey's hip. "Casey?"

"Unless my ass is on fire, leave me alone," she grumped.

He grinned. Dropped a kiss on her shoulder. "Coffee?"

"Gallons of it. Intravenous," she replied, holding one slender arm up.

He grabbed her arm, trailed kisses from her wrist to her shoulder. "Wake up, babe."

"It's my day off," she complained.

"Gotta catch a flight," he reminded her. He tossed the blankets aside, padded to the counter where the coffee maker waited, fumbled to get a pot of the dark brew started. It wasn't Sumatra Mandheling, but it would do.

With a groan, she rolled to her back. "Why do mornings have to come so damned early in the day?"

Daniel chuckled. "I don't know. They just do."

"If morning started at noon, I could so do that," she said, sitting up, rubbing her eyes with the heels of her hands.

"Come take a shower with me. By the time we're finished, the coffee should be ready."

She looked up at him, gave him a smile. "Have you showered alone since we met?"

"A time or two. Traumatic experiences, I assure you."

With a giggle, she rose from the bed. "Well, since I don't want you traumatized, because I've heard that can have a negative effect on the libido, I suppose I'd better shower with you."

"My Angel. Keeping me safe and horny," he teased.

Her giggles erupted into full blown laughter. "You are so weird. I love you."

Gentle caresses as they began washing one another lit the flames of their desire. Casey got down on her hands and knees; Daniel knelt behind her, one hand on her hip, the other moving over her body, arousing her, making certain she had as much pleasure as he. Their cries of ecstasy bounced off of the tiled walls within seconds of one another.

Satisfied, they finished their shower, hurried to get dressed. They sipped on coffee while they completed their routines. Forty minutes later they checked out of the hotel, agreed to stop at the hospital first, and then find breakfast on the way to the airport.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Upon inquiring, they learned that both Jim and Kirsten were in the same ICU room. A call to the room was answered by Amanda, who was delighted to learn that the couple was requesting permission to visit. The doctor on duty had no objections, so they were given directions to the ward.

Daniel had seen Jack, and Sam, and Teal'c after surgery, so he was prepared for the sight that greeted him. Casey, however, had never visited anyone immediately after surgery. She gasped softly, the slightly waxy-sheen of their skin, a side effect of the anesthesia, had her immediately fearing the worst. "Are they all right?"

Amanda smiled. "They're both just fine. According to the doctors, both operations were text-book perfect. It's still early, but there aren't any signs of rejection. Of course, it could take several days before we know for certain if Kirsten's body is going to accept the new kidney."

Daniel stepped closer to the little girl's bedside. Smiled when she opened her eyes. "Hi, Kirsten."


"That's right. I just wanted to stop and see you before we leave."

Kirsten gave a small, tired smile. "The doctors say I should feel better now."

"They're right, you will," Daniel promised.

Amelia walked into the room, came to an abrupt halt when she saw Daniel and his wife standing beside her daughter's bed. "What are you doing here?" She sounded petulant, she thought, but at that moment, she really didn't care. It had been a very long night, in many ways.

During the hours she'd been pacing the floor while surgeons worked on her husband and daughter, she had come to grips with several facts: she had loved Daniel, more than she'd realized; that when she'd been visiting her Aunt Larue that summer, she had been looking for a 'substitute'. She had suspected that Daniel was Kirsten's father from the day she'd been born, a secret hope she'd cherished when she'd recalled that during their last night together he hadn't used any condoms; and that upon learning that Jim wasn't Kirsten's father, and her certainty that Daniel was, she had harbored secret hopes of finally having from him what she'd so callously tossed aside the first time they'd been together. It hadn't been easy admitting those things to herself. She'd become an expert at self-delusion.

"We just wanted to see her before we left," Casey said softly. I will not hit her, she thought. Although her hands had curled into fists.

"I gave them permission to come up," Amanda interjected. "The doctor had no objections, either."

Casey noted that Amelia hadn't even looked at the other bed, where her husband was sleeping. No doubt their marriage was in deep trouble. That, however, was their problem, and no concern of hers.

"You remember what I told you," Daniel said softly, choosing to ignore the conversation going on behind him. "If you ever get to Colorado Springs, you give me a call."

"I will, I promise," Kirsten replied.

"I know you're sleepy, so we'll go now. I'm very glad I got to meet you," he said sincerely.

"Me, too," the little girl smiled. She closed her eyes.

Daniel turned, offered his hand to Amanda. "It was a pleasure to see you again."

"It was my pleasure as well," Amanda smiled. "Thank you again for being so willing to do the right thing." She reached out and patted Casey's arm. "You're a wonderful woman, Mrs. Jackson. God bless you."

"Thank you," Casey replied, giving the woman a warm smile.

Putting his arm around his Wife's waist, Daniel turned to Amelia. "Good luck. I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for," he said.

Amelia nodded briefly. Refused to look at Casey. What she'd been looking for...who she'd been looking for...was standing in front of her. Just as unattainable now as he had been before she'd located him. "Thank you," she said tersely.

With a nod at Amanda, Daniel led Casey out the door.

She watched them walking down the hallway. If she didn't ask now, she'd never know. Amelia hurried after the couple. "Daniel! Wait!"

He stopped, turned to watch the woman approaching. Tightened his grip on Casey. 

The subtle movement hadn't been unnoticed; Amelia's eyes narrowed slightly. "I...I just wanted to know...did you...did you care for me at all...when we were...when we..." she waved one hand weakly in the air.

"You never allowed it," he replied softly. He turned away, led Casey to the elevator.

Tears filled her eyes. "I was such a fool," she whispered sadly. She walked back into the room where her daughter and husband slept.

Amanda had been listening, and with a mother's instinct, she knew exactly what Amelia had done, and what she now...or at least had...wanted. "You still have a chance to make your marriage work," she said softly.

Amelia straightened the blankets over Kirsten's sleeping form. "Just before Daniel and his...wife," she spat the word, "arrived, Jim told me he was filing for divorce. Really, I think it's for the best. We've never...we've never had the kind of love that a marriage has to have in order to survive."

The older woman nodded. "I often wondered about that." She looked toward the closed elevator doors. "I take it that you treated Daniel rather...shabbily?"

The tears that had made it difficult to see spilled onto her cheeks. "I was horrible to him. I had sex with him, Mother. I never made love to him. Never allowed him to make love to me. I wouldn't even acknowledge him outside of his tent. I barely spoke to him when we were alone."

"Why?" Amanda asked, honestly baffled to learn of her daughter's behavior.

"Because I was a fool," Amelia snapped. "I had everything planned out...everything. Only...only none of it was what I really wanted. I just didn't realize that. Not until...not until very recently."

"It's a hard lesson to learn, and it has taken far too long for you to learn it," Amanda said. "You have a choice now, Amelia. Take what you've learned, and move on with your life. Or wallow in self pity and bitterness."

Her life was in shambles around her. How would she ever be able to pick up the pieces, and put it back together? For so many years, she hadn't even known what was wrong, what was making her so unhappy. When she'd finally found the answer, the solution, and she was ready to take that giant leap into a new life, it was yanked away from her. Denied to her. Just as she'd denied herself ten years ago. She ran her fingers over Kirsten's cheek. She'd focus on her daughter. Somehow, she'd learn to live again. Maybe she'd even learn how to love.


A  A  A  A  A  A


When Casey and Daniel arrived back in Colorado Springs, they went immediately to the base. General Hammond promised to give them the following day off, if Daniel was willing to stay and do research for one of the teams. They were in delicate negotiations with a group of people related to the ancient Nubians, and needed Daniel's expertise on how to proceed. His physical presence wasn't necessary, he'd be able to send them the information and any relevant instructions via the MALP.

Fascinated by the project, Daniel readily agreed. He rode the elevator as far as level eighteen. "You don't mind that I'm going to work on this, do you?"

She smiled. "It's what you do, Stud Muffin. You're the best when it comes to the nuances of a culture, that's why Major Farnsworth asked for your input. I'll go over and see how Dad is settling in."

"I'll either catch a ride home with Sam, or call when I'm ready to leave," he said, stepping off the elevator, leaning against the door to keep it open.

"Either works for me," she said amiably.

He pulled her into his arms, gave her a kiss...not caring who might see or be watching. "Love you," he whispered.

"Love you, too," she whispered in reply. She smiled when he let the door slide closed, noted that he was heading toward his office before they were completely shut. No doubt his brilliant mind was already working on the problem before him.




There was a definite chill in the air, especially after the warm temperatures in Phoenix. She pulled her jacket tighter as she walked through the parking lot toward the jeep. Settled behind the steering wheel, she searched for and found her cell phone, dialed the number she'd memorized almost as soon as it had been given to her.


"Hey, Dad!"

"Casey! How are things going?"

"Well, Daniel isn't the father because he's sterile, something that we just found out but happened when he was in college and got Dengue Fever in Guatemala and what he remembers most about that is that it ruined a 'perfectly wonderful dig' as he put it and Janet is totally beating herself up for not letting him know sooner which by the way I have to call her too, and we're back in town and Daniel is doing research for SG-9 and I thought I'd stop and grab some Sonic and bring it over for lunch if you haven't already eaten."

There was a slight pause. "Do you do that often?"


"Practice to be an auctioneer."

She giggled. "Daniel and Jack seem to find it amusing."

"I never said I didn't think it was amusing. I just asked if you do it often," Gary said.

"Not really."

Gary chuckled. If he wanted an answer closer to the truth, he'd have to talk to Daniel. "You sounded just like your mother. I swear the woman could talk nonstop for five minutes straight without taking a breath. I was lucky if I understood half a dozen words."

Another giggle. "Okay, so I talk like Mom. Have you had lunch?"

"Not yet. Been busy settling in and doing a bit of work. Charley seems pleased that I'm not rattling around the office, getting in her way, as she put it. She sent a list of projects that need to be prioritized and broken down."

"Okay. I'll grab lunch and bring it over."

"I'll be here."

"See you in a few."

When he hung up, he was still shaking his head. Not only did Casey look like a clone of Brenda, she had most of her mannerisms as well. An interesting notation for the debate over nature versus nurture, he thought, finishing up the report he was working on.




Thirty minutes later he frowned at the odd thumping against the door. He opened it to find Casey with both hands full, one balancing a cardboard drink holder which held four large paper cups, the other clinging to two bags. She had been 'knocking' with her foot.

"You do realize that it's only you and me for lunch," Gary said wryly, relieving her of the drinks.

"Well, I couldn't decided between a shake or a soda, so I got both, and then I realized I didn't know what you wanted, so I got one of each for you, too."

"And the food?"

"Two hamburgers with everything, two orders of onion rings, and a Frito chili pie."

"A bit hungry, are you?"

"Sort of. We stopped for breakfast on the way to the airport, but the service was so damned slow we didn't actually get to eat. We had to leave before our order arrived. Daniel tossed a five dollar bill on the table to cover our coffee...he'd already filled out the little 'rate our service' form. No doubt the manager will have to look up most of the words he used."

Gary grinned. "Come on in, let's get you fed before you keel over from hunger."

She followed him to the small table. Noted that the box of mementos was sitting in the middle; he pushed it to one side. She put the white bags in the space he'd made available. "I left word with Cam, one of the other archaeologists, that Daniel was to eat. He promised to drag him to the commissary himself," she said, taking the burgers and onion rings out of the bag.

There was nothing surprising in that bit of information. Casey fretted and worried about Daniel every bit as much as he worried about her. It was a comfort to know that his daughter was in such good hands, and that she was just as loving and caring. He pulled the container that held the Frito chili pie from one of the bags, handed it and the plastic fork to her. "So everything turned out okay?"

"Yeah, it did. Daniel was conflicted about being Kirsten's father, part of him wanted to be, part of him didn't. And Amelia...sheesh!" Casey rolled her eyes.

"Didn't like her?"

"I wanted to knock the bitch senseless," she admitted. "What happened between Daniel and her wasn't a love affair. It was more like..." she frowned slightly. "More like she was using him as a warm, breathing dildo."

"Ouch! That's pretty harsh," Gary replied.

"It's also the truth. Daniel doesn't even want to talk about it now. At least, not the time he was with her. Not that I can blame him," she added. "He didn't even look at women afterwards, not until Sarah Gardner showed up. She pursued him, and I think that's why he never really loved her. He cared for her, a great deal...but Amelia pretty well did him in for being pursued."

"I'll let you in on something, honey," Gary said, licking mustard - from the burger he'd unwrapped - off his finger, "most men prefer to be the hunters, not the hunted."

She nodded. "So I've heard."

"What about the little girl?"

"Kirsten is a real sweetheart. Very intuitive for her age, too. As soon as Janet arrived, and talked to Daniel, we all went to the waiting room...well, Jack stayed with Kirsten, we didn't want her to feel totally abandoned. I think she knew what was going on before the rest of us did, actually," Casey said. "Anyway, Janet told us that Daniel couldn't be the father, had the dated test results to prove it, and Jim Harmstead immediately checked himself into the hospital and signed the forms to donate the kidney. He'd been cleared, even though he wasn't Kirsten's biological father."

"So who is the father?"

Casey shrugged. "No clue. Amelia didn't even remember being with him. If her mother hadn't seen her in the car screwing the guy, chances are she'd have never known what happened. Her mother said she was completely drunk...that she was sick all night after finally going into the house. Apparently the guy had blonde hair and blue eyes."

"That's a shame," Gary said. "For medical reasons alone, Kirsten should know who her biological father is."

"I agree. But since Amelia doesn't even remember being with him, there won't be any hope of finding him."

"Well, maybe she'll remember something, or someone who can help," Gary said.

"Maybe." She pushed away what remained of the Frito pie, which was not quite half, and the crumbs that were all that remained of the bag of the onion rings. Finished off her chocolate shake.

Gary sat back, full as well. "There's a burger here."

"Put it in the fridge, they're great warmed up," Casey replied.

With a nod, he rolled the white bag down, put it on the top shelf beside the quart of milk he'd picked up that morning.

They moved around each other companionably, cleaning up after their meal, washing their hands to remove the last traces of grease from the onion rings. Casey sat back down, Gary leaned against the small cabinet of the kitchenette.

He'd seen her glancing at the box. Probably wondering if he'd even opened it. "I wanted to thank you for letting me look at those things. It...it meant a lot to me. Gave me a chance to peek into your childhood," he said. He steadfastly refused to dwell on the myriad of negative aspects of that time of her life.

Casey smiled. "I'm glad you enjoyed them. If you'd like to keep them, that's fine with me."

"You're sure?" He hadn't realized how much it meant to him, having those mementos. He'd already sorted through them three times.

"I'm positive. They were just sitting in a box in the closet. That's where they'll go if I take them home."

He nodded his understanding. "Would you mind if I framed the photos?"

"You want to frame those old things?"

"Every parent has school photos of their kids hanging on the wall," Gary teased, hoping she wouldn't deny him. He so wanted to show the world what a beautiful little girl his daughter had been. So they could see where the beautiful woman had come from.

"If that's what you want to do, I have no objections," Casey replied carefully. That he would want to frame, and display her school pictures both surprised her, and filled her with such love and warmth that she couldn't help but smile at him. His pleased reaction made that smile all the wider.

"Thanks, honey."

She opened the box, absently sorted through the grade school photos. Too skinny, she thought automatically. Too skinny and the eyes were to big for her face. She thought of her friend Jenny. Her father'd had all of her pictures hanging on the wall in the den, right beside his desk. His little girl, he had always called his daughter. She sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"I was just thinking."

"About what?"

One slender shoulder went up and down. "It's not important."

Whatever it was, it had turned that lovely smile to a frown, and brought a hint of sadness to those expressive green eyes. "Tell me anyway," he prodded gently.

She looked up, blinking back her tears. "I never got to be 'Daddy's girl'," she said softly.

His heart constricting in his chest, realizing that she was as unhappy about their 'missing years' as he was, Gary reached out, pulled her to her feet, and into a hug. "In my heart, honey, you'll always be Daddy's little girl," he whispered.

It was the most beautiful thing he could have said to her. She hugged his neck tightly. "Thanks, Daddy."

He smiled. "You're welcome, baby."

Neither noticed the subtle change. Gary was now 'Daddy', rather than just 'Dad'. And Casey was now 'baby'. The change wasn't earth shattering, perhaps. But it signified another step in their growing relationship. One that moved them ever closer.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Janet knocked timidly on the door to Daniel's office. He was busy, she could see that. But this was important, and this time she intended to do it the 'right way'. And she wasn't going to be put off, either. She needed to do this; it was a chance to redeem herself, as much as it was a way to prove her theory, one way or another.

Daniel looked up, gave the petite woman a welcoming smile. "Hey, Janet."

She pressed her hands together as she walked in. "I know you're busy. This won't take but a moment of your time, I promise."

He tossed down his pencil. "Okay. What's up?"

"You're Immortal."

He frowned. "Yeah, I know that."

"Daniel, every flaw in your body was repaired. Every flaw."

For a moment, her meaning evaded him. "Janet-"

"I want to do another test. I want to do a full, complete sperm count."

Like a lightbulb flashing on above his head, he understood what she was talking about.

"It doesn't have to be today, but soon. You could slip off to one of the supply closets, with Casey," she added with a wicked grin. "No oral, saliva would taint the results, since it tends to kill sperm. She could...you know, give you a hand, and then bring the sample to me. I could start tests right away."

He was afraid to hope. True, he and Casey had discussed the topic during their flight home. Both had tried to bolster one another's hopes, although he'd secretly resigned himself to the fact that he would never be a father. A family was something they wanted someday, a very distant someday. But knowing now that that dream was possible would certainly go a long way to soothing the ache he felt over the loss of that future family, the ache he was certain Casey was suffering as well. "You're sure about this?"

"No, not one hundred percent. But I'll be damned surprised if I'm wrong."

He looked at the notes on his desk. "I have to get this done for Major Farnsworth, and we have tomorrow off, I know Case is going to be busy cooking all day, making up casseroles for the freezer. Could we do it the day after?"

She gave him a warm smile. "That would be fine. Stop by the infirmary, I'll give you the container you'll need. It's specially coated to protect the sperm."


"No one else will need to know," she told him, sensing his unease. Noted that he immediately relaxed.

"Thanks, Janet."

"I owe you."

Daniel stood to his feet, gave the medical doctor a hug. "No, you don't."

Shoving her hands into the pockets of her white lab coat, feeling better than she had in a long time, Janet smiled again. "I'll see you the day after tomorrow."

"It's a date."

The smile became a grin, and with a flutter of her fingers, she left the office, her heart allowing her to let go of the guilt she had carried for so long. She was just certain she was right. And that Daniel was no longer sterile. She just had to prove it.


A  A  A  A  A  A


He wandered through the palace. Ares had made changes. His taste is all in his mouth, Zeus bemoaned silently, disgusted by some of the more vulgar statues and tapestries. He began to give orders, watched as slaves and Jaffa moved furniture around, or dumped it in the alley.

It had been a disappointment to arrive and find Ares gone. It hadn't taken long for him to reclaim the palace he'd built, and the city outside of it. He shook his head mentally. Thracia had indeed become nothing more than a desert, the city crumbling back into the sand around it.

Following the example of Ra, an example that had been passed down among the Pharaohs who had ruled Egypt after his expulsion, Zeus had given orders for the Temple of Ares to be destroyed, and a new temple in honor of himself was to be constructed. He had his architects working on repairing the civic buildings, and removing Ares' name everywhere it was located, replacing it with his own. And engineers were scrambling to find a way to bring water from a nearby oasis into the city.

Millennia of neglect could not be overcome quickly, he understood that. But this was a chance to rebuild his former home city, make it larger and grander...a perfect red herring for the Goa'uld watching to gobble up. While they were busy watching his progress on Thracia, and in reclaiming what he'd held so long ago, he would be making his plans to retake the First World. When that happened, the symbolism would make controlling the minor Goa'uld mere child's play. The System Lords now in power would fall, one by one. Just as the majority had done in the Andromeda Galaxy; where he ruled very quietly, very efficiently, the largest portion of that space. He'd heard rumors of Goa'uld in other far flung galaxies, some as old as he, those who'd been minor gods on the First World. Several of his own brothers and sisters had disappeared into unmapped galaxies, seeking empires of their own. Still more tales persisted that other Goa'uld had found pockets of humanoids on far flung planets upon leaving the Place of the Beginning, choosing to move far from the rather crowded galaxy where they'd been born.

Zeus dropped onto the throne in the gaudily appointed receiving room, an area the size of a banquet hall. He ran his hands lovingly over the gold-plated arms of the ornate chair. So long. It had been so very long since he'd last sat in this room.

"My Lord, the information we were able to retrieve from the computer," one of his Jaffa said, kneeling before him.

The Goa'uld accepted the reading devices. It was time to discover exactly what Ares knew. He read with growing interest. It seemed that the Tau'ri of the First World had managed to learn the secrets of the Chappa'ai, and were using it as if they were gods themselves.

A frown creased his handsome brow when he read the list of System Lords and minor Goa'uld who had fallen in battle with these rebel slaves. The number of planets freed from Goa'uld control was most...disturbing.

He studied the images of one small group. SG-1. Of SGC. Whatever that meant. Five Tau'ri. No, four Tau'ri, and one shol'va. One who'd been First Prime of Apophis. Who was now dead, at the hands of this group. That in itself was good news. That Goa'uld had always been too convinced of his own superiority...he'd been a regular pain-in-the-ass, Zeus thought idly.

Searching for any record of a System Lord returning to Earth in order to put a halt to the seeping poison of rebellion, Zeus found himself muttering under his breath. This small group had the Goa'uld of this galaxy running like frightened children! Were they all fools?

Apparently, he thought, answering his own question. The information contained in the reading devices he held in his hands changed his immediate plans. He'd leave all but his flagship on Thracia. It was vital that the other Goa'uld believe his attention was focused here.

If this SG-1 dared to wander into the galaxy at will, on nearly a daily basis, capturing them should be a relatively simple task. He'd always enjoyed the hunt. It had been a long time since he'd last done so. He'd begin setting snares for the reportedly elusive SG-1. When he captured them, they would learn that opposing their gods was not acceptable. He would teach them a lesson in humility that they would never forget.

His plans made, Zeus called for his priests. Once his orders were given, he was assured that they would be carried out to the letter.

The first order of business, was to publicly reclaim the city of Thracia. Two of his most favored scientists were Goa'uld. And in need of new hosts. Suitable prospects would be found, and he would choose the two who would become as gods. The Taking would be held during the ceremony marking his return. A most fitting reminder of the power of their god.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey slipped into the infirmary. Janet was in her office. It looked as if she were going over medical files. Probably updating the required, redundant paperwork of which the Air Force seemed so fond. "Hi, Janet."

The doctor looked up, a smile spreading over her face as she realized just who her visitor was. "Casey!"

The slender blonde looked around, made certain that no one could overhear. "Daniel told me. I'm here for the container."

Janet opened her desk drawer. She had secreted the container to her 'personal' desk drawer immediately after her discussion with Daniel. No one would ever look there. She'd already put it in a bag. One with 'Bath&Body' in bold type across the front.

She giggled as she accepted the bag. "Thanks. I'll get it back to you as soon as possible," Casey said. If anyone overheard, and saw her with the bag, the assumption would be that she was borrowing some sort of soap, or shampoo, or other such item.

"I'll be here. Casey, remember, no saliva." Janet reached into her drawer again. Handed the seer a tiny tube of KY jelly. "Use this...but as sparingly as possible."

Casey nodded. "We did a little research last night...wish we'd done it before we'd made love. All of the sites we found about male infertility suggested abstaining for at least three days before the test, to make sure that it was...well...that there were enough...swimmers...for an accurate reading."

"For what's commercially available to the fertility clinics at this point and time, that's true," Janet replied. "However, here at the SGC, I have access to equipment that isn't available anywhere else."

Okay, so Janet was planning on using some of the alien technology that they'd acquired. "Any chance some of that equipment can provide a cure...if your theory is wrong?"

Janet smiled. "If I'm wrong, I'll look into any and all options."

Another nod. "Okay. Daniel's waiting, we need to get this done. We have a briefing in an hour."

"Good luck," Janet couldn't resist saying. Casey'd often mentioned the fact that Daniel's idea of a 'quickie' took thirty minutes, at the very least.

She gave a wide grin. "I'm sure everything will come out just fine."

The double entendre of the comment sent Janet into a fit of giggles. "I'm sure it will."

With a wave and a wink, Casey rushed out the door in her typical fashion. Toward the supply closet that Daniel had declared would be the 'safest' for their tryst.

Twice she had to duck down an adjoining corridor to avoid being caught by friends. It would create too many questions if she passed by without stopping to chat, even for a moment or two. She just didn't have time, nor was she willing to try to think up an excuse for the bag. And more questions would crop up if she refused to reveal what was inside the bag she gripped tightly.

Daniel whirled around when she stepped into the closet. He glanced up and down the corridor, assured that no one had seen her, then carefully closed and locked the door. "Okay, babe, let's do this."

"Right." She looked up at him when he started unbuttoning her BDU shirt. "Daniel?"

"If you want me turned on, I have to make love to you. I'm not going to be able to do anything unless I know that you're going to have pleasure, too," he whispered.

She sighed as his hands moved over her breasts. "It's not necessary, I'll just-"

"It's necessary for me," he told her, holding her gaze for several moments. "I know how worked up you get when you go down on me."

"But I can't do that. Janet said no oral, no saliva."

"You'll still need my attention," he insisted.

Making love. It was the only way Daniel knew. The only way he'd allow himself to let go. And truth be told, she would be worked up...just stroking him to completion would be enough to have her panting for him. She nodded. "You're the most incredible man in the world," she whispered. Gave herself up to his kiss...damned near dropped the bag, and the container within, when he slid his tongue past her lips.

Her shirt was open, her tee shirt wadded up near her armpits. He twisted the clasp of her bra, sighed into her mouth when his beauties filled his hands. Daniel was well aware of the time constraints they were under. That wouldn't prevent him from taking a journey of discovery, even if he couldn't go all the way. Tonight, he silently promised himself - and her.

Casey had worked her hand inside his pants, already caressing him, feeling him swell against her fingertips. It was impossible to hold back the moan that escaped when he began to suckle.

He concentrated on her beautiful breasts as she unbuckled his belt, worked the buttons of his BDU open, and freed his already aching cock. Her hand was moving slowly, up and down the length of his shaft, the touch soft...gentle...familiar...and felt oh so good.

Fumbling with the bag with her free hand, she managed to get it onto a nearby shelf, and open. She reached in, withdrew the tiny tube. Thankfully she was able to hold the tube and get the lid off one-handed. She lowered it to his now very hard cock, squeezed a drop onto her finger, spread it over the girth of his shaft.

"Shit!" Daniel swore, jumping slightly.

"What?" she asked, concern filling her voice.

"Whatever that is, it's cold."

"Sorry. KY jelly. No saliva."

"Right." He lowered his head once again, continued to make love to his beauties, taking his time to explore every beautiful inch again and again, until he could feel her beginning to breath harder, faster.

She'd always loved the way he felt in her hand...velvet covered steel. She slowly increased the speed of her strokes, moving all the way to the tip, swirling her thumb over the wetness she could feel there, rubbing it gently against the sensitive underside...then down to his balls, holding him firmly, lovingly, squeezing ever so slightly as she moved her hand back up.

"That feels good," he whispered, pressing his face against her throat. He'd worked until her pants were open, and he was caressing her as well, his fingers moving gently over puffy nether lips.

"What you're doing feels good, too," she whispered in reply. "You have to let me know when you're ready."


"I guess we should get the jar open," she said.


They proved once again how well they worked in concert, she held the specimen jar, he twisted the lid off. She put the jar on the shelf within easy reach, he laid the lid beside it. Both actions done without actually looking.

When she started kissing his jaw, moving toward his lips, he met her, began kissing her. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth at the same moment his fingers slid inside her. Rewarded when she gave a soft moan of pleasure.

No matter what they were doing...how they were making love, whether just kissing and fondling, as they were now, or when he was buried deep inside her, Daniel never failed to make it a most incredible experience. For one fleeting second she worried that she'd be so preoccupied, that he'd have her spinning among the stars, and cause her to miss catching the prized specimen that was the reason for the entire exercise. That thought was pushed away by the fingers of pleasure that wrapped around her, took complete control.

The fact that they were standing in a supply closet at the SGC, their hands in each another's pants masturbating one another, was more of a turn on that he had realized it could be. His free hand went to her jaw, held her steady as he drank from her sweet lips. As always, she had one hand in his hair, fingers clenched, and he knew that she would tug gently as she crested the top of the mountain up which he was slowly, gently taking her.

Time meant nothing to them as they continued to caress each other, both determined to give the other as much pleasure as possible. He couldn't help but smile to himself when her hips began to move back and forth against his hand. The tremors and shivers her body made let him know that she was close. When that soft whimper filled her throat, he moved his lips from hers, whispered his love in her ear. "It's okay, Angel. Let go."

Lights flashed, colors twirled, and she dropped her head against his shoulder, pressing her face against the cotton of his BDU shirt, moaned softly as her climax washed over her.

"That's my girl," he whispered, continuing to gently caress her as she began to come down.

"Your turn, Stud Muffin," she whispered in return. Both hands went to his cock, moving down to his balls, one hand always in contact with his warm skin, fingers moving over the mushroomed head, caressing it gently, teasing every sensitive spot she knew.

He closed his eyes. Gave himself over to her gentle, arousing touch. Nothing existed in his world but the two of them. She knew exactly what she was doing...his hips were jerking; he began to hump into her hands.

When he began to breathe harder, faster; the throbbing of his cock letting her know that he was nearing his climax, she grabbed the cup. "Come for me, Daniel. Do it just for me."

With a low groan he obeyed, sweet pleasure taking him on that always enjoyable ride. He wasn't coherent enough to know, or even care, if she'd been able to catch his load. He shuddered, leaned against her for several blissful moments.

Casey carefully replaced the cap, double checked to make certain that it was on tightly, then slid the container back into the bag. She turned to find Daniel fastening his pants. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"Giving me such pleasure."

He smiled. "You're welcome."

"I have to get this to Janet, and you have to go clean up. Well, I do too, but I can do that on the way back." She hurriedly adjusted her own clothing.

"Meet me in the commissary. We'll grab a cup of coffee before the briefing."

Casey nodded, then glanced at her watch. Couldn't hold back her smile. "Thirty-two minutes."

He grinned. "Bragging or complaining?"

"Bragging, definitely," she giggled. She kissed him gently. "See you in the commissary."

"I'll be waiting."

She unlocked the door. They poked their heads out, looking for any witnesses. Not seeing any, Daniel dropped a kiss on her forehead, shoved his hands into his pockets, and wandered toward the elevator, whistling softly.

Casey waited a few minutes, then made her own way to the elevator.

Jack came to a halt as he watched. Well, imagine that. Space Monkey and Radar sneaking in a little nookie time. He grinned. Those two couldn't get within three feet of one another without doing that groping thing. He was damned glad that Daniel finally had a woman in his life who loved him as deeply as he loved her. He frowned slightly when he noticed the small bag that Casey was carrying. Nope, not going to even think about what might be in it. Would they really bring sex toys to work? Nah, no way. Maybe it was... Stop thinking about it, he told himself sternly. He wondered what Sam was up to...decided to find out. And he was not going to think about that bag. Or what was in it. At all.

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