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Daddy's Little Girl

Chapter 6

Janet dropped down onto the chair behind her desk, folded her arms on top of it, and rested her head in the crook of her elbow. Had she been just a few minutes later, it was possible that someone at the St. Joseph's Medical Center in Phoenix Arizona would have learned the secret that Daniel held so tightly. Which could have been a disaster, in more ways than one.

It had taken time, but she'd managed to convince the techs at the lab that had conducted the genetic tests on the entire SG-1 team, after their return from a subterranean cavern and the dead, that the samples they were looking at had been 'modified' in her own lab. She'd made up what she thought was a plausible commentary of experimentation, explaining that the samples had been mistakenly sent to them. She didn't think that story would work twice, especially when it had been met with such skepticism the first time. It had been sheer luck that had seen her hand carrying the samples to that particular lab, and even though the technicians involved hadn't believed her story, they'd been unable to prove otherwise, and so her request that all samples be destroyed had been carried out. Under her supervision. She shuddered mentally at the thought of what might have happened had she not done so.

For the second time she'd managed to prevent a potential public relations time bomb. Had Daniel submitted to that test, she would have been helpless to prevent the samples from being further used for analysis. Oh, technically, labs weren't supposed to use any specimens for anything other than the prescribed tests. However, it was often the case that such samples were used for comparisons, or even 'practice' in running more complex texts. In a medical facility such as the Phoenix Medical Center, no doubt any number of tests would have been run on Daniel's DNA sample. And if just one tech had decided to examine the genomes...another mental shudder. The medical community was one where the news of such discoveries spread like wildfire, from one lab to the next. A second 'occurrence' of DNA that was absolutely perfect would cause an uproar. One that could expose not only Daniel's Immortality, but that of his wife and teammates. The entire SGC program could be brought to light. Which would cause a fiasco of planetary proportions.

Timing is everything, she thought. The random question of how often she'd have to come up with some reason, or excuse, to prevent SG-1 from having to undergo any 'routine' medical tests, and thus having someone find out about their Immortality, tickled the back of her mind. Maybe she should begin working on contingency 'disaster' plans, something that could be implemented at a moment's notice. Just as the SGC itself had numerous disaster plans in place; for fire, chemical leaks or spills, invasions, epidemics, or any other such thing.

She couldn't help but smile. She could make a secret file. Call it Emergency Rescues For Superheroes. Were all superheroes Immortal?


The word bounced around in her head. She sat up. "Immortal!" she shouted, shoving her fists upward into the air in a sign of triumph. Of course! Daniel was Immortal!

"Uh, Doctor, are you all right?" one of the medics asked, poking his head into her office.

"I'm fine," she said, smoothing her hair. "I...um...it was..." Her eyes lit on the newspaper in the medic's hand. "Crossword puzzle! The answer to one of the questions that has been stumping me all day."

The man grinned. "That's why I avoid doing them. Bugs the hell out of me when I can't get something that seems easy, but isn't. You're lucky. Usually answers I need come to me in the middle of the night. My wife doesn't find it amusing in the least."

Janet's grin matched his. "Yeah, it can be annoying to get those middle of the night revelations."

"Welcome back, by the way."

"Thanks. As a matter of fact, I need to get home. I haven't had a chance to see Cassie yet."

"See you tomorrow, Doc," the medic said, giving her a wave.

"I'll be here." Grabbing her purse, she nearly skipped to the elevator. Every flaw had been repaired when Daniel had become Immortal, down to the cellular level. If she took an x-ray of him now, she knew that she wouldn't be able to find any evidence of the broken bones he'd suffered during his tenure at the SGC. Every organ in his body worked to full, perfect capacity. Even his weight seemed to remain constant, although she wasn't positive that he didn't actually work at that.

She'd run another test. With his full knowledge and consent this time. And she'd learn if her theory was correct. She wouldn't even entertain the thought that she might not be right. Sometimes, praying for a miracle could actually net you one.


A  A  A  A  A  A


It was a typical hotel room, Daniel thought. However, they were on the top floor, in the very corner. He was pleased to note that the hotel didn't seem to be full, although it was relatively early...and that fact could change. But for the time being they seemed to be the only ones on that particular floor. And he wasn't sure, but he thought the room beneath them was empty as well. No chance of waking the neighbors, or keeping them awake. He had every intention of making love to his Wife all night long. Hearing her sing that sweet song of love to him again and again. Wouldn't mind hearing that lovely little scream, either...low and breathless and enough to make his entire body harden just thinking about it.

The first thing Casey did, before he even had the door completely closed, was take off her shoes. I spend too much time wearing combat boots, she thought, rubbing her tired feet gently.

Daniel began stripping. Suits had never been his favorite attire. He was happier in a pair of Dockers and a pullover, or blue jeans and a tee shirt. Or BDUs, which he had to admit were comfortable. Hot, sometimes, if they were on a desert planet. But comfortable.

Shoes off, wiggling her toes happily, Casey stood and began to undress as well. Her suit went onto a hanger beside Daniel's. She carefully removed her stockings, rolled them and tucked them into one of the inner pockets of her duffel. Clad only in her black demi-bra and matching, lacy bikini panties, she flopped onto the king sized bed.

Daniel tossed his socks in the general direction of his duffel, his eyes on his Wife. Dinner had been great...the food good, and they had been relaxed enough to talk and laugh as they always did. They had carefully avoided the topics of Ba'al, Kirsten, Amelia, and his sterility. As if the previous days hadn't happened. Which might or might not be a good thing. He had no idea how much Casey was internalizing, believing her feelings to be 'wrong'. He stretched out next to her, on his side, propped his head up with one hand. The other moved over her, from her throat to her hip and back again. Slow, gentle caresses.

"You're thinking again," she said softly.

He smiled. "I suppose so."

She didn't want to talk...she didn't want to think. She wanted to just shut everything out, do nothing more than make love. She wanted him crying out, whispering her name, moaning his love to her. Rolling to her side, her posture mirroring his, she mimicked his slow, almost lazy movements, ran her fingers up and down his chest, over his belly, and back again.

"Have you ever considered how amazing the human body is?" he asked.

The question was totally out of the blue. But she'd play along...for now. The first mention of anyone other than her or him, and she was going to kiss him into submission. "I don't suppose I actually have."

"The face alone is fascinating...so special. We all have the same features; eyes, nose, mouth. But we're all completely unique. No two faces are exactly alike. Take yours for example. Delicate. Sweet. Beautiful. I can't say whether it's the breath-taking emerald depths of your amazing eyes, or your nose..." his finger moved over one eyebrow, down the bridge of her nose, "or those full, luscious lips. Put together...absolutely gorgeous." His finger stopped on her lips. "Lips...how wonderful they are."

His thumb was moving back and forth over her lower lip as he cupped her cheek, sending a shiver down her spine. She pursed her lips and kissed the pad...watching the lust that flared in his beautiful blue eyes. She had no idea what he was doing. Well, that wasn't exactly true. She thought he might be trying to turn her on. He was totally succeeding.

"Lips can help us form words, so that we can communicate. They can press against those of another, in a chaste, sweet kiss. Or open to the warm depths of the mouth behind it, and all of the delightful erogenous zones within," he continued. "Kissing is one of the first sexual activities that most of us experience. Then there are the ways that those lips, and that mouth, and the tongue therein, can move over a lover's body, touching every place that brings pleasure."

She shivered slightly, waiting for the kiss she was sure to come. Was a bit surprised when he smiled at her, but didn't kiss her.

"The jaw. The working part of our face, hinged to give us the ability to move it as we need; whether for grinding food, using the molars that occupy a specific location within our mouths for that very task, or to aid the lips and tongue with creating the necessary sounds for talking or singing. The jaw can drop with shock or surprise, hang open with awe."

The tip of his finger was moving along her jaw, trailed up over the shell of her ear.

"The ear. One of the five sensory organs of our bodies. With it we can hear the sound of a storm, or a the laughter of a child, or whispers of love. It's also an erogenous zone, you know."

"So I've heard," she said, grinning mischievously.

He grinned in return. His finger moved down, to her throat. "I think you have the most elegant throat I've ever seen. I always think of royalty when I look at your throat and neck. Some of us have very sensitive places on our throats and necks, that when...stimulated...in just the right way, can bring such wonderful sensations of pleasure."

He leaned toward her, his hand applying gentle pressure against her chest until she rolled to her back. This was a new twist on their game of spoken seduction. And she liked it...very much.

"Allow me to demonstrate," he murmured. He gently kissed the spot behind her ear that always made her shiver. He wasn't disappointed. He kissed it again, running just the tip of his tongue over that sweet, fragrant skin, rewarded with another, stronger shiver.

She almost cried out with disappointment when he moved away from her.

"I have to admit I'd never actually contemplated the collarbones before." His fingers moved gently over the prominent ridges, bringing another shiver, which made him smile. "Attached to slender shoulders like yours, they really are very sexy. Then there are the shoulders themselves. A creamy expanse of flesh that always invites attention."

His finger moved down her arm. "What wondrous things our arms are. Capable of holding those we love, cradling a newborn, providing the strength to hold any object that isn't too heavy for our backs to pick up. And hands. Surely you've looked at your hand and marveled." He held his hand up, stared at it for a moment. "Our hands are capable of creating works of art, or building shelter to protect us from the elements...preparing food...delivering babies...or taking a life," he added quietly, frowning slightly.

She reached for his hand, brought it to her lips. Kissed each knuckle tenderly. "These hands hold my heart," she said softly. "They hold my universe. I've watched these hands piece together treasures from the past. Watched these hands reach out to comfort a child. Seen these hands wrapped around those of a frightened grandmother. These hands move over my body with such love, bring me such pleasure."

He smiled at her. Wrapped his fingers around hers, returned her caresses by carefully kissing each knuckle, sucking gently on each finger tip. "These hands hold my world. I've watched these hands move a pen across paper, the instrument that gives voice to your beautiful soul. I've watched them prepare meals. Watched them bind wounds. I've been transported to paradise by the touch of these hands on my body."

For no more than he'd actually touched her, she felt as if she were about to burst into flames. She shivered again when his finger moved down her breast bone.

"There is nothing in creation more beautiful than the female breast. The breast offers nourishment to babies, and such pleasure to lovers. A place to rest a weary head, draw comfort from when in the arms of a mother, or wife. I happen to be particularly fond of these perfect orbs. Round, firm, their curves fit the palm of my hand perfectly. I love the pink tips...the tantalizing nipples that taste so sweet."

She had no idea that her eyes were full of the love she was feeling, as well as the desire that was igniting the passion that smoldered within her.

He reveled in what he could see; knowing that he was arousing her in such a simple way causing a surge of excitement. The errant thought that Jack would tell him he talked too much skittered across his brain. Words were his life...they always had been. Using them to make love to his Wife was as natural as using his body to do so. "Every living creature has a navel, did you know that? Whether hatched from an egg, or born from the mother's body, during the early stages of development, all life forms are connected to a placenta. From which that growing life draws the nutrients it needs. Mammals are the only ones to have the visible marks left by the umbilical cord. We humans have very pronounced navels. Some are 'outies', while others, like this incredibly sexy example, are 'innies'."

"Very technical medical terms there," she teased.

"I know," he sighed dramatically. "I'll try to continue in laymen's terms."

"Please, go on."

"Where was I? Oh, yes. The abdomen. Commonly referred to as the 'stomach', or 'tummy' or 'belly'. Another area that is highly erogenous. Far too many people don't know that. Kisses and caresses, a few well placed nibbles, and the abdomen can bring delightful sensations."

His fingers moved over her, toyed with the tiny platinum ring. Which made her shiver again. And caused the heat to continue building.

"Then we have the hips. If the female breast is the most beautiful thing ever created, then the hips have to come in a close third."


"Haven't gotten to the second most beautiful thing ever created," he grinned.

"Oh, I see. Continue."

"The hips, which on the rear of the body include the ever delightful buttocks, or gluteus maximus. Also known as the ass. You, my beautiful Wife, have the most incredible ass it has ever been my pleasure to watch. The hips rotate from side to side as the legs move front to back, in the act of walking. That rotation can produce a sway that will cause any man breathing to stop and stare. Yours is the most awesome sway of all. I do worry that one day some poor kid at the SGC is going to take a nosedive down the stairs, or crash into a wall, being so distracted by that sexy, heart-stopping sway."

"I suppose you're in no danger of that happening," she said, with a teasing smile.

"Nope. I know better than to try and walk and watch you at the same time," he replied. His hand moved over her hips, pushed gently against one thigh. Waited until she moved her legs far enough apart for his hand to move easily between them. "Which brings us to the second most beautiful thing on the female form. Some men, myself included, usually rate it so close to the breasts that they could both be considered the most beautiful. And that second thing is the sweet, tantalizing twat."

She giggled out loud. "You've never told me just why you find that particular...term...so amusing."

"It's actually Old English for 'slit' or 'cut'. In early New England it was pronounced 'thwaite', and meant forest clearing. However, Robert Browning used it in one of his poems, I can't remember the title right off the top of my head. He had no idea that it didn't mean hat. I remember the English teacher in high school telling us that it was an excellent example of an author using words of which he didn't know the meaning, and to avoid making that mistake. Browning had that mistaken idea because of a much earlier poem, written in the fifteen hundreds, if I remember correctly, which just proved what the teacher was telling us. That author also made the mistaken assumption that it meant hat. There's only one line from it that I can remember...'They'd talk't of his having a Cardinal's Hat, They'd send him as soon an Old Nuns Twat'."

"And thus your fondness of the word 'twat'."

"Hey, I was fourteen, and the thought of a nun's twat was forbidden and risqué. Which made it all the more alluring."

"You are such a weird man, Daniel Jackson," she sighed. "I love that about you."

His grin widened. "Hush and let me finish my lecture."

"Is that what this is?"


"Go ahead. I'm listening."

"Good. Now, the twat is a thing of beauty unto itself. Like the face, and the breasts, each one is totally unique. As I can't speak on all twats, I will restrict my observations to this work of art, which lies between legs that can make me hard just thinking about them. But I digress. Soft to the touch, carefully groomed, which bespeaks of the pride of the owner of this lovely sample of womanhood, it hides the innermost secrets of a woman's body. The very center of her body, the core of her being, where she's able to take the man that she loves, sheath his baton of love-"

Casey burst into giggles. "You've got to be kidding!" she gasped. "'Baton of love'?"

"Hey, I'm trying to be romantic here," he protested.

"Don't let me stop you."

"Now I forgot where I was," he grumbled.

"Sheathing your 'baton of love'," she replied, before giggling again.

"Oh, right. Twats and sheathing." He watched her for a moment. Her eyes were dancing, she was grinning up at him. He couldn't help but grin in return. "I really did mean for this to be romantic."

The grin softened to a smile. "You are the sweetest man I've ever met. Everything you've said has been so beautiful and so...arousing. I'm sorry I laughed."

He smiled, ran a finger up and down the satin covered cleft between her legs. "I forgive you. I can't tell you about any other woman. Only you. You're all that I know...all that I want to know. The first time I saw you...looked at you, that was the first time I realized just how incredibly beautiful a woman's body truly is. Especially yours. Knowing that when you came to me, no other man had ever seen you, or touched you, or tasted that sweet flesh...had never partaken of the heavenly nectar that you create...just for me...I was overwhelmed. I was falling in love with you so quickly, so deeply...and yet, never once was I afraid." Green eyes reflected such love that for one moment, he totally lost his train of thought.

"You have the heart and soul of a poet," she whispered.

"When I make love to you, when I'm buried inside you, when our two bodies are one entity, there isn't anything, or anyone, in the universe. Just you and me. Just like a goddess of myths, you're the sun, the moon, the stars. You're the raging rivers, the docile lakes...the rolling oceans. You're the hills and mountains; the prairies and the plains. And I'm the explorer who's been blessed, chosen to claim and conquer all of that wild beauty."

"Oh, Daniel," she sighed.

"The legs of a goddess," he murmured, running his hand up and down her thigh. "With our legs we can walk, run, dance, climb. But the most amazing thing of all is the way these marvelous, shapely limbs lock around me when we make love, holding me as tightly, as closely as your arms."

She watched as he slid down on the bed. He knelt beside her, took one foot in his hand, began to massage it gently.

"Feet. Capable of supporting us all day. Toes for balance..." he raised her foot, gently kissed her toes. "And another oft overlooked erogenous zone. All the parts together are totally amazing, wouldn't you say?"

She smiled. "I suppose so. Although I have to admit, there are certain parts that you covered that really don't do a thing for me."

"Really. So tell me, what does something for you?"

"Well, I'm more partial to the male of the species," she said softly. She reached for his hand, tugged him back up to lie beside her. She carefully removed his glasses, put them on the night table beside the bed. "I totally agree that faces are extremely fascinating. The color of eyes, for example. Yours are the most beautiful blue I've ever seen. They remind me of the sky, vast and breathtaking. I can get lost in your eyes...see my entire world in them...see your love in them. I love every part of your face...your nose, your lips..."

When her finger moved over his lower lip, he did as she had done, and gently kissed it.

"Your lower lip begs to be sucked on. Which can be very distracting when you're giving a briefing, and all I can think about is kissing you, and nibbling on that delicious lip. I love the feel of your skin after you've shaved. I love the feel of your beard when you haven't. I can tell your mood by the way you hold your jaw." Her finger moved to his ear. "I love to whisper my love to you, my lips close to your ear so no one, not even the gods, can hear what I say."

Just as she'd done, he shivered slightly at her words, his heart beating faster as he listened.

"I like to press my face against your throat. Breathe deeply of you...your scent. When I do that, I'm in your arms. Which are so strong, yet hold me so tenderly. Your shoulders are strong and wide, and when I wrap my arms around them, I feel love and happiness like I never dreamed existed. When I'm in your arms, clinging to your shoulders, nothing can hurt me. In your arms, I'm always safe."

His heart hammered at her words; the look of love, the conviction of what she was saying filled her eyes. It humbled him, and made him feel invincible. When her hand moved over his chest, he felt his body stirring to life. By the time she made her way to his cock, he had no doubt that he'd be fully erect.

"I never thought much about a man's chest," she confessed softly. "I was never opposed to looking," she smiled. "I never knew the joy, the safety, the feeling of warmth that I'd experience, like I do when I cuddle up to your chest. I love the way I can make you shiver when I kiss my way from one nipple to the other. You see, a man's nipples are just as arousing for a woman, as hers are for him."

"Do tell," he murmured.

"See how hard they get when I move my finger, oh so lightly, down your breastbone?"

He could feel the reaction to her caress, watched her eyes brighten as they noted the swift change in the brown nubs as they hardened, and the dark brown disks that puckered around them.

"I love the feel of them against my tongue, the taste of your skin." Her hand moved to his hip. "I'd have to say that you have the sexiest ass I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Or grabbing. I love to straddle your hips, and ride you, make you feel as good as you always make me feel when you love me." She glanced up at his eyes, her grin just a bit wicked. Her fingertips moved over the swelling flesh that moved up to greet her hand. "Before I met you, I never would have thought of this very male appendage as beautiful. But it is...or yours is, anyway. It's long and thick, perfectly shaped, and I love it when it's deep inside me, when I can feel it every time you throb. I love making love to it, kissing and licking and sucking; love the velvet feeling of the warm skin, the way it feels like a steel rod in my hand...seeing just how hard I can make it, how fast I can make you throb before you cry out, and give me that precious white love."

He was breathing harder, a bit faster, her words doing as much to arouse him as the gentle touch of her hand.

"I love your legs," she said, caressing his thigh. "I love the way they carry you to my side. I love the way they curl around me when I sit between them. I love everything about you: your incredible, sexy body, your brilliant mind, your generous, loving heart. You're the hero I always dreamed of, the lover I yearned for. You're the breath in my lungs, the song my soul sings, you're the reason I exist. You're my entire universe."

He reached up, cupped her cheek...slid his hand to the back of her neck and pulled her close. Like a spark to tinder, the moment his lips touched hers the flames began to rage out of control. His body shivered with delight when her fingers moved beneath the band of his boxers, began to push them away from him.

"I love the way you can turn me on with just your beautiful words," she whispered, when he pulled far enough away to shuck his underwear.

"You do a pretty good job of that yourself," he murmured, his lips moving over her throat, his fingers working the clasp on her bra. Successful, he pushed the lacey material aside, filled his hand with her warm breast. It took concentrated effort not to roll her to her back and shove his aching cock into her.

She reached down, shoved her panties to her thighs, pulled her legs up so that she could get the scrap of satin and lace free, and tossed them to the floor; took the time to shrug out of her bra, and tossed it in the same direction.

"So beautiful," he whispered, leaving a trail of kisses from her throat to her collarbones, working his way to his beauties.

When he rolled to lie on her, she pressed a kiss to the top of his head, wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Her back was already moving up from the bed as his hands caressed her, his fingers tugging on nipples that hardened at his touch.

So sweet, his heart informed him. So damned sweet! He'd never known love like he'd found in her arms. He'd never felt as complete...as totally whole as he did with her. Memories from years past, stirred to life as a result of circumstances, forced their way to the front of his brain. He stopped his ministrations, rose up slightly so he could look in her eyes. "I love you. With all that I am," he whispered.

"I know, Daniel...I can see it in your eyes, I can feel it in the way you touch me. I love you with all that I am," she replied, instinctively knowing what he needed to hear.

Satisfied that she understood, he lowered his head once again, began to suckle at a sweet pink nipple, his hand teasing the other as it waited its turn for his attention.

Oh, goddess, that feels so good! He knew exactly how to touch her, exactly how to send her body soaring as high as her heart and soul with his love. The throbbing of his cock against her leg had her body pulsing in reply. The need to be one with him was burning nearly out of control. But that wouldn't happen just yet, not until he'd received his fix of her, and she'd quenched her own thirst for him.

She wiggled and squirmed and sighed and shivered as he made love to her, anointing each breast with tender kisses and gentle nips. The soft sounds of pleasure she was making sent his heart and soul soaring. Never had a woman been so alive, so...involved...when he made love to her. Not even his beautiful Sha're had reacted with such absolute joy. His heart began to pound a tattoo against his chest when he heard her whispered pleas, begging him for more. Knowing that she wanted him to move on, to bestow upon her the most intimate of his kisses, the most special of his caresses.

This was love...pure, sweet, sacred love. Not only the way their bodies came together, the pleasure they derived from one another, gave to one another. But the emotions that swelled and grew and filled their hearts and minds and very souls. This was love. This was what inspired sonnets and ballads, this was the very reason for life. The moan that left her throat was uncontrollable as he slid down her body, kissing her, tasting her. When he'd situated himself between her thighs, he looked up at her again, his eyes so full of love that it took her breath away. "I love you," she whispered, as he began to feast on her very center.

Sweet Jesus! It just doesn't get any better than this! He closed his eyes, let himself be washed away by the sensations that flooded him...the softness of her skin beneath his fingers, the heavenly aroma that filled his senses and made his entire body shake with need; the sweet taste of her honey against his tongue as he sought all that he could find, waiting...waiting...waiting...determined to draw out the anticipation for both of them. When he could wait no longer, he opened his eyes, locked his gaze with hers. Shoved his tongue inside her, lapped at the sweet nectar that flowed like fine wine; listened to the soft sigh, felt the shiver of pleasure her body gave.

White hot and intense, that most pleasurable of all sensations continued to build, the tingle between her thighs telling her that it wouldn't be long before she was soaring over the edge and straight into orbit. Her fingers were in his hair, clenched tightly as he continued to tease her, determined to drive her out of her mind with need before allowing her to take flight. She so loved how he did that...and loved even more returning the favor. She licked her lips at that thought.

Her body was damned near vibrating. He slid two fingers into that warm well, began to stroke her, his tongue moving around that swollen little nub. He flicked it once, twice, with the tip of his tongue, felt her hips jerk in response. She was so close it wouldn't take much to send her over the edge. When he began to investigate those swollen nether lips, kissing them again and again, she pushed her hips down against the mattress, trying to draw attention to her clit. He bit back a chuckle, then flicked it again.

"Please...please...please..." she moaned, her back arched completely off the bed as she reached for that shimmering climax.

Oh, hell yes! Beg, Angel, beg, he thought happily. He increased the speed with which he was stroking her, began to tease that swollen little clit mercilessly.

"Nngg...yes...yes...don't stop!"

His heart hammering his love, his soul dancing with pride and delight, he took that tender flesh between his lips, flickered his tongue over her. That beautiful whimper filled her throat, rose until she was singing her aria of love to him, her well pulsing around his fingers, tugging at them, her honey flowing over his hand. He moved down to catch that sweet nectar, drank his fill, then slowly moved up, kissing her thighs...her mons...her belly...spending a few blissful minutes on his beauties. She was still breathing hard when he moved up to kiss her lips.

"You're wonderful...amazing...terrific...marvelous..." she paused.

"Don't stop now," Daniel teased.

"Incredible...magnificent..." she ran her finger over his lips. "Hard as a rock."

"Noticed that, did you?"

She shifted her leg, pressed against him. "A bit difficult not to."

"Have any suggestions on how to deal with it?"

She slid her hands between them, palms flat against his chest. Pressed gently, until he rose up...then rolled to his back. "I think this is a matter I should tend to personally."

"Oh, I fully agree," he replied, watching her as she began to stroke his aching flesh. Moaned softly when she leaned over to tease his nipple with the tip of her tongue.

One hand gently moving up and down on his rigid length, she leaned on the other arm, and spread kisses over his chest. Moved back to his nipple, then licked her way to its twin, teasing it until it was a brown pebble against her tongue.

He knew that she was ready for business when she sat up, ran one hand over his cheek, before wrapping it around his aching cock.

"I love you," she said softly, both hands working his throbbing shaft.

"I love you, Angel," he replied. Moved his legs farther apart when she settled between them. Gasped out loud when she leaned forward and took him into the warmth of her mouth. "God, I love how you do that," he whispered. "It feels so good!"

She smiled mentally. She loved it when he told her what he liked, when he encouraged her as she worked to give him as much pleasure as possible. Giving him a wink, she set about making him feel as good as he'd just made her feel. She lavished the taut, warm skin with kisses, licked from the tip to the base of that swollen flesh, taking the time to give a proper greeting to his balls.

His eyes fluttered closed. Only since Casey had entered his life had he experienced this particular pleasure to the full extent. Every time she settled between his thighs, determined to drive him out of his mind with her caresses, he gave thanks for finding her; finding the one woman in the universe meant for him, and him alone. Oh yeah...that feels great! "Just like that," he moaned, running his fingers through her hair as she made love to him.

She moved back up, wrapped her lips around him and slid down as far as she could. Keeping her tongue flat against him, flickering it only when she pulled up and was near that sensitive underside, she set up a slow, steady rhythm. His hips were rising to meet her each time she moved down, a sure sign that he was feeling good.

Fingers of pleasure ran up and down his spine, filled his belly, made his toes curl. The sounds that accompanied the movements she made...the clicking noise as her hand moved over swollen flesh wet with her saliva, the soft moans of pleasure she made, the muffled sounds of her sucking...all served to make him just that much harder. When he was certain he could take no more, was preparing for that incredible flight, she moved away.

He was throbbing so hard and fast that she wasn't sure he'd last the few more minutes she wanted. She kissed his hips, his thighs, her hand in constant motion, not allowing him to come down, but now allowing him to fly just yet, either.

His chest heaved with each breath, anticipation making his entire body taut as a bow string. "Do it, babe, please! Let me come!"

Oh, how she loved it when he begged! She took him back into her mouth, sucking on just the nearly purple head of his shaft.

"Oh god!" The sensations were damned near overwhelming. He heaved a sigh of relief when she began to bob up and down on him once again, moving a bit faster this time. "That's it," he whispered.

His belly was beginning to contract, she could feel the tension in his thighs as they locked against her, where she knelt between them. It was time to let him soar. She slid one hand under his heavy balls, her middle finger caressing that ultra-sensitive skin; her other hand twisting just a bit each time it moved down. She relaxed her throat, took him as deeply as she could, and began to swallow.

"Sweet Jesus!" His shoulders came up off the bed, his hands held her head as he tried to force more of his exploding cock down her throat. Waves of pristine pleasure washed over him, engulfed him completely, sent him spiraling into the heavens amid flashing lights and the sound of her name leaving his lips in a prayer of thanksgiving, and satisfaction. He dropped back onto the bed as his trembling body went limp.

She took all that he gave her, licked him clean, then slowly kissed her way to his lips. She smiled with secret pride when his arms locked around her, hugged her tightly.

"I do love the way you do that," he said, once he had caught his breath.

"I love doing that for you," she replied softly. She folded her arms over his chest, rested her chin on top of them.

"I can tell."

"Is just...sex...as satisfying?"

"Not really. There's physical release, of course, but it's not as...intense. Certainly doesn't do anything for your heart," he replied softly.

"You wanted more from Amelia, didn't you?"

The question was surprising. Yet, from her, he should have expected it. "At first, I suppose."

"You felt used," she said, intuitively. "And it made you angry."

He frowned slightly. "I guess it did. I was getting my jollies...but it just wasn't...it was nothing like it'd been with Carrie. Who was my first, by the way."

"I thought so."

"I guess toward the end I was trying to be as cold to Amelia as she'd been to me. That last night..." He shook his head as the memory danced behind his eyes. "I wanted her to say something, do something. She moaned occasionally, but that was it. Half the time I wasn't sure she'd even had an orgasm. As soon as I rolled off her, or she climbed off me, she pulled on her clothes and left. I hated that!"

"Did she ever say anything?"

He gave a small nod. "The last night we were together she called me a bastard. Told me I'd just used her for my own pleasure. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. She'd been the one using me, hell, we both knew that, and I could see in her eyes that she was as surprised by her outburst as I was. Part of me wanted to tell her she got exactly what she wanted. I just grabbed my clothes and left the tent. I took a shower, and told myself that I wasn't touching her again."

"Maybe that was why you were so...reserved...with Sarah. She came onto you as well," Casey said, remembering discussions they'd had about his time with her.

"Possibly," he thought, a frown on his face. "Casey, I really don't want to talk about any of this. Not now. Maybe...maybe not ever. It's the past. Over and done with."

"I understand," she said softly.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"I want inside you, Angel," he whispered. "I need to be inside you."

"I'm here, Daniel, waiting for you, ready for you," she whispered in return.

He rolled them over, waited until her arms and legs were wrapped around him before pressing forward. He reached between them, guided his swelling member between those soft nether lips. He pushed his hips against her, slid into paradise.

"Oh, I love that feeling," she sighed.

He pressed a kiss to her temple. Lowered himself slightly when she tugged at him, felt the hard points of her nipples rub against his chest. This was love. This was the most beautiful thing in the world. He could feel her love wrap around him, just as soft and warm as her body.

Their dance began, hips moving slowly in that age old, primal beat. Soft murmurs, declarations of love, were whispered. The passion that would soon consume them lay content for the moment, allowing tender caresses to send shivers of pleasure and delight over gently moving bodies.

She knew her Husband. She knew that he wasn't the kind of man who could jump from bed to bed, taking only what he wanted. For Daniel there had always been, and always would be, making love. His beautiful, loving heart would allow him to do no less. What Amelia had done to him had been heartless and cruel. Casey pressed her lips to his shoulder. Smiled when he lowered the other shoulder slightly, pressed a kiss to it as well. Looked up into smiling blue eyes.

All he needed was her. As long as Casey was in his arms, by his side, her hand in his as they traveled through their lives, then he had need of nothing else. Had they been marooned on that cold planet, he'd have done his best to protect her, to see that she had what she needed, even if he wasn't able to provide all that she wanted. Life would have been difficult, undoubtedly. But as long as she was with him, he could have been happy even on a frozen planet with genetically altered humans as neighbors. She'd filled every empty, lonely place in his heart. She'd told him repeatedly that when they'd met, she'd felt as if she'd walked from the darkness into the light. It was the same for him. She'd turned the sunshine of her smile...focused the warmth of her love...on him; pushing away the cold darkness where he'd resided for far too long.

The need was growing stronger. She needed more...harder...faster...deeper...she wanted to feel him in her very soul. When she attempted to speed up their movements, pressing against him with more urgency, he pushed his hips against hers, stilled completely for a moment, then continued thrusting gently.

He grinned against her hair. She was on the edge. She'd be out of control in just a moment or so, that tantalizing body making demands that she couldn't ignore. He gasped, closed his eyes when he felt that deep massage, her body squeezing and holding him. In retaliation, he began to grind against her, stimulating that little nub of pleasure each time he pushed into her.

Oh, momma! That's the spot! Her hips jerked when he rubbed against her again, setting off fingers of pleasure that raced up and down her spine. She continued to work those inner muscles, knew that he derived as much pleasure as she did each time she clamped down, held him tightly. The throbbing of that magnificent manhood so deep inside her made her shiver with delight.

Each time his hips moved away from her, those lovely, sexy legs pulled him back. Her arms had tightened around his shoulders. She was holding tightly, following his lead, although he could feel her struggling. He continued to grind against her, knowing that soon she'd hit that point of no return, and she'd take him along for that incredible ride.

More! Oh goddess, she needed more! Her legs slid down, locked behind his thighs, holding him in place, her hands gripped his ass firmly. She began to ride him, as hard and fast as she could, reaching for the glimmering climax that she could feel...could see.

"That's it babe," he whispered. "Take it!'

Her head was back, and she moaned softly when his lips began to move over the exposed arc of her throat. She was so close...so very close...

He could feel the tingle in the back of his head...felt it moving down to his belly. His own body was beginning to make demands. The need to move became overwhelming, and he obeyed those commands, rising up and supporting himself on his outstretched arms, pounding into the willing, loving body beneath him.

Each time he shoved himself into her, he rubbed back and forth. He never missed a beat as he increased the pace of his thrusts. Lights were flashing, colors beginning to spin. The whimper she could never control built up, filled her throat.

"Let go, Case," he begged breathlessly.

Her toes curled, his body pushed against hers, and she was there, hurtling over the edge, catching the waves of pleasure and riding them into the stars.

When she began that sweet aria of love he drove into her once...twice...three times, then cried out as his release exploded around him...through him. His moan ended in her name, and he collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath.

Her hands moved softly over his sweat dampened shoulders. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, holding him against her.

As soon as he was able, he worked one arm beneath her hips, rolled to his back. Smiled when her head went to his shoulder automatically. "Better?"


Just as it did every time he caressed her, her back moved up to maintain contact with his hands. Holding one another in the sweet afterglow of their love was as pleasurable to him as every other moment of their time together, when they journeyed to the garden of paradise that was open only to them.



"Would you be disappointed in me if I told you I wanted to deck Amelia?"

He grinned, pressed a kiss to her head. "No, I wouldn't be disappointed in you. Why did you want to deck Amelia?"

"There was something about her that just...she used you, Daniel. She hurt you. What made me the angriest was the fact that she didn't care! She was still after what she could get from you...what you wanted or needed be damned. I wanted to bitch slap her into next week, and then do it again when I caught up with her!"

The laugh that rumbled from his chest shook her as much as it did him. "That's my Tiger."

"Doesn't it bother you?"

"Honey, Amelia is a very unhappy woman. She wants things to be exactly the way she demands. Until she realizes that wasn't what she wanted after all...and when that happens she lashes out at those who've met her demands, in spite of what they might have wanted," Daniel said softly.

Like just sex from a man who had so much love to give...and would have given so willingly. "You're very generous and forgiving."

"I never said anything about forgiving her," he said quietly. "I just understand what she was doing."

"She's a bitch."

"You'll get no argument from me," he replied. He curled a lock of blonde silk around his finger. "Be that as it may, would you be upset if I wanted to stop by the hospital before we leave, just to make certain Kirsten is okay?"

She lifted her head, looked into worried eyes. "I think that's a wonderful idea."

A glance at the clock told him it was barely after ten. He should be tired, he hadn't slept well the night before. His body was satiated, and while there weren't half a dozen contradicting thoughts bouncing around in his head, vying for his attention, he didn't feel ready to sleep. "Feel like watching a movie?"

"Do I have to move?"

"Nope. Well, just enough to let me sit up a bit."

She pulled away from him, her skin instantly cold from the air conditioning in the room. They tugged the comforter, blanket and top sheet down, maneuvered themselves beneath the linens. When he was sitting with his back against the headboard, the pillows behind him, she settled back into his lap. Put her head on his shoulder. And promptly fell asleep. She hadn't slept the night before, torn between wanting what would make Daniel happy, and what would make her happy. Fighting and berating herself for her anger and jealousy.

He pressed a kiss to the side of her face, tugged the blankets up so that they covered her. Flipping through the channels available on the television, looking for something that would hold his attention until he could fall asleep, Daniel wondered briefly why Casey's gift hadn't given them any clues as to Kirsten's parentage. Maybe, he thought, it wasn't something...important...enough. Or maybe her emotions had been in enough turmoil that she wasn't able to sense anything.

His thoughts moved to Janet. She'd been so certain he'd be angry at her. He'd been shocked, and it would've been nice to know the truth before he'd flown to Phoenix. But he couldn't be upset at the doctor...the woman who'd spent so much time patching him up after missions. He'd talk to her, see what treatments might be available to reverse his condition, if it was at all possible.

Daniel sighed. He could admit now that he was relieved with the way things had turned out. While he did still harbor hopes of being a father someday, of having a family with Casey, he was glad that there wouldn't be...outsiders...who would be a part of his life no matter his preferences. And Amelia would have been a royal pain in the ass. Casey was right, she was a bitch. She hadn't changed in ten years, there was no reason to believe she ever would.

Moving slowly so as not to wake his sleeping Wife, Daniel reached for the phone. He called the front desk, requested an eight a.m. wake up call. Settled on a program detailing the way that ships were built. And wasn't aware when he fell asleep a short time later.

Neither of them had a clue what time it was when they woke long enough to slide down on the bed, tug pillows beneath their heads. They slept soundly, their bodies entwined, their hearts beating as one.

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