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 Afternoon Delight



"Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
Gonna grab some afternoon delight...
Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.
Thinkin' of you's workin' up my appetite
looking forward to a little afternoon delight.
Rubbin' sticks and stones together makes the sparks ignite
And the thought of rubbin' you is getting so exciting.
Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight…"
"Afternoon Delight" 
by the Starland Vocal Band


It’s been a long day. Not a bad day, just long. I’m feeling frustrated. Sexually frustrated that is. It’s not like I’m doing without. Casey has never turned me away. It’s just that since Emily was born, we never have time to really make love. We have to hurry, to finish before she wakes up. On the occasions that we tried to take our time, we are inevitably interrupted. I’d have a serious case of blue balls if not for that amazing wife of mine. As soon as she has the baby taken care of, she gives me a blowjob that blows my mind. But I know that she’s not getting the…attention…that she deserves. I haven’t been able to think about anything today but how badly I want to taste her, hold her, touch her. I want to pound into her until she’s screaming. Images from one incredible night flood my mind. I can close my eyes and taste her on my lips. Shit! Now I have a raging hard-on, and a meeting in ten minutes. I’m tempted to jerk-off, it would at least relieve some of the tension. But I doubt that I can get the relief I need in ten minutes. I start reading the mission brief. That helps me tame my throbbing cock.

I can barely pay attention in the meeting that Duncan has called. It seems that several major corporations from Earth are offering to hold contract negotiations with us. We have found some interesting ores here on Gamma, and they are very interested in that ore. Thanks to a deal with the Terrans, we now have a ship capable of transporting that ore. SG-1 will be going on this mission. Casey will go with us, this time. We have agreed that between her parents, Duncan and Tessa, and the deValicort's, not to mention Jack and Sam, Emmie’s godparents, there are more than enough capable people to take care of our daughter while we’re away. Casey is going stir crazy. She’s ready to get back to work. She loves Emily, adores her. But she’s never been the kind of woman who can just sit. She’s too full of energy, too interested in being in on the action. Too much a child of the Ancients. I’ll be glad to have her with me. I need the strength she always gives me. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a chance to screw her senseless.

Duncan is looking at me. What the hell did I miss? Damn, I’m horny! Jack and Teal'c are looking at me now, too. "What?" I try not to snap at them. It’s not their fault I’m fighting my cock for control of my blood supply.

Jack shakes his head and grins. "Go home, Daniel. Drill her into the bed. Nail her to the frickin’ wall, shove her over the kitchen counter, just do something. We need your head clear for this mission."

I can feel the heat rise in my face, know that I’m blushing. "What are you talking about?"

Duncan grins over at me. "The Fire, my friend. Your eyes are about to burst into flames. Go. We’ll talk on Monday."

I am so out of here! I nod, don’t even bother saying goodbye. They understand, they’ve felt the Fire, know what it is to burn out of control. They’ve been through the ceremony. Well, Teal'c hasn’t. But that’s okay. He never was easily offended.

I jump into the jeep and race for home. I try to do the speed limit, it’s damn hard. I’m going to try and talk her into letting Sam and Jack keep Emily for few hours tonight. If I don’t get to spend time with her, have her naked and writhing under me, I’m going to go crazy.

I open the front door, the need for her burning in me. "Casey?" It takes me a few seconds to notice the flower petals on the floor leading to the bedroom, candles burning everywhere. I’m hard when I get to the bedroom door.

"Thy wish is my command, Master," she says softly.

"Sweet Jesus!" I don’t even realize I’ve said anything until I see her smile. She’s there, wearing that little white number and nothing else, the choker on and chained to the foot of the bed. She’s on her knees, her head bowed just like a good little slave. I almost come looking at her.

I can’t help but grin. I walk over, unzip my pants. "Suck me, babe, I’m desperate here."

She raises her head, takes my cock into her mouth. Damn! Watching her do that makes me even harder. She has one hand around the base of my cock, the other cupping my balls. Holy shit, is that tongue of hers talented! I grab her head, hold her steady as I shove my cock deeper into that sweet mouth. She’s deep-throating me, I’m gonna come, I always do when she does that. "Oh, yeah, babe, that’s it…Oh, god!" I shoot my load, she doesn’t waste a drop.


A  A  A  A  A  A


I can tell she’s turned on. I can smell her from here. Her hands are already between her thighs. "On your back, babe," I tell her. She obeys instantly. I kneel down beside her and move one hand to her breasts, fill my hand with them, tease her already hard nipples. My other hand goes between her legs. She’s so damned wet, so hot!

"Give it to me, babe. I know you need it." I know she needs this as much as I needed the attention she just gave me. I slide two fingers inside of her, move them in and out of her sweet well, rub my thumb back and forth over her swollen clit.

It doesn’t take long, a matter of seconds, I think, and she’s panting, and that whimper she makes just before she comes fills her throat. God, I love that sound! That sound alone can make me hard. "That’s it babe, come for me."

"Oh, Daniel!" she cries out. I can feel her body spasm around my fingers. She arches toward me, then relaxes against the floor.

I lay down on the floor beside her. "Where’s Emily?"

"With Tessa. She and Duncan are going to baby-sit until tomorrow. Tessa says we can have her back when we meet them for lunch." She smiles at me, her eyes shine. I can see the fire that still burns there.

"I have you alone all night?" This is just exactly what I’ve needed, what she’s needed…what we have needed.

She nods.

"Good. I’m going to screw you ‘til you can’t walk." I know I’m grinning like a maniac…but I can't help it.

"Oh, yes, my love," she whispers, "please do that!"

She has no idea how much that affects me, how much it turns me on. I reach over and unclasp the choker from her neck. We both need this too much to play games. "No chain tonight, babe. Just lovemaking."

I move my hand over her body, caressing her beautiful breasts. I can’t take it any more, I have to taste her skin. I take a hard nipple into my mouth, suck it gently. I love the way she arches toward me, offers me more of her beautiful body. I know she's completely unaware of doing so. She smells good…she feels good…she tastes so damn good!

"Let me undress you," she begs.

It’s hard to leave her sweet skin, my mouth and my body protest, but I pull away from her, then stand up. I'll give her everything she wants tonight, everything she needs. I hold out my hand, she grabs it and pulls herself to her feet. She looks up at me, I can see the love in her eyes. I can see the passion, the fire that's burning as hot in her as it is in me. I have to taste her…I need to kiss her. She tastes so good, so sweet, so…right. "God, I love you, babe."

"I love you, too," she whispers in reply. She unbuttons my shirt, pushes it off. Her lips press against my shoulders, my collarbones, my neck. She’s setting my skin on fire, I can feel the flames raging up and down my spine. I throw my head back, let her taste me all that she wants. She’s worked her hands under my tee shirt, and as she pushes it up, she leans over so that she can kiss the skin of my abdomen, my sides, my chest. She teases my nipples, pulls at them gently with her teeth. Oh, God! That feels great! My cock twitches in response.

My hands search for, find those beautiful, perfect breasts. I love the feel of her nipples against my palms, the weight of them in my hands. She unfastens my pants, slips her hand inside and starts stroking me. She’s on her knees, pulling my pants down to my ankles. I step out of them, watch her eyes as she looks at me. Her eyes are dancing. She wants to suck me again, I can see it. Does she have any idea what that look does to me? I could come just watching her lick her lips, her eyes watching my cock throb iwth need.

I can’t take it any more. I pull her to her feet, pick her up and carry her to the bed. "I have to taste you, babe, before I lose my mind wanting to." My mouth is watering at the thought of what she has waiting for me. I lay her on the bed as gently as I can. Settle myself between those luscious, slender thighs. The smell of her is setting my brain on fire. This is what I want, what I need. What I love.

I open her folds with my fingers, the first touch of my tongue against her body makes her jump. I can feel every response her body gives in my mouth. I love to watch her when I worship her this way, love the way her eyes darken with desire, the way her breasts rise and fall when she breathes harder, the way her flat belly ripples when I tease her clit. She tastes like heaven, her skin and the honey that flows from her sweet, warm well fill my mouth, leave me wanting more, needing more.

She runs her fingers through my hair. Love it when she does that. "I love it when you worship me," she whispers. "It makes me feel so good."

I'm happy knowing that I please her. I continue to lick at her, keep moving my fingers in and out of her body. I find her rhythm, she’s rocking her hips against my mouth.

"Please, Daniel, let me taste you. Please let me suck you, just a little bit," she begs.

Hearing her beg to make love to me makes me crazy with desire for her. I slowly pull away from her. If she wants me, she can have me. I move up and straddle her slender shoulders, we both like it when I do this. She pulls a pillow under her head, and takes my hard cock into her mouth. The sensations she’s giving me are unbelievable. I close my eyes, let her taste me, let her drive me nearly insane with that talented tongue. I won’t come in her mouth this time. I want to be inside her when I do that.

If I don’t pull away from her sweet mouth now, I’m going to come again. My cock protests when I move away from her eager kisses…I compromise with it. I lower myself and drag my cock against her skin. The feeling is unbelievable. Her eyes widen, and she grabs my hips, holds me in place when I reach her breasts. She pushes those beautiful orbs against me...god that's an amazing sensation! If I’m not careful, I’m going to give her a pearl necklace. For a second I contemplate doing just that. If I move back and forth, her soft skin will give me what I need. No…later. I can do that later. Right now I need inside her warm, willing body.

She wraps her legs around my waist, pulls me closer. I hold my cock with one hand, support myself on the other, and rub it up and down her sweet, warm folds…she’s wet, but I want to cover myself with her honey before I shove myself inside her…and touching her like this feels so damned good. I push against her…slide into paradise. We both gasp at the same time as I fill her. I look down, she’s closed her eyes, she has a tiny smile on her lips. She needs this as much as I do.

She starts working those muscles deep inside. How in the hell does she do that? I support myself on both arms, let my head drop down, because right now, I don’t have the strength to hold it up. I close my eyes and concentrate on maintaining control. It’s all I can do to keep from coming as she continues to squeeze and massage my cock. I don’t dare move. "That feels amazing, Angel."

"I’m glad," she whispers in reply. I can hear the love in her voice. What this woman does to me!

I start to move, just barely, I’m still not fully in control here. I want…need…to feel her skin against mine. I open my eyes, look down at her beautiful face. "Get it off," I whisper.

I can see the look of confusion in her eyes. She doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

"Take it off, babe, I want you naked beneath me."

Her eyes light with understanding, and she arches her back, moves one hand behind her. She’s not going to be able to do it without some help. I reach around with one hand, and between us, we are able to get the…thing … gonna have to ask her what the hell it’s called, unhooked. I pull it away from her body, and toss it to the floor, then lower myself onto her. I support my weight with my forearms, but my chest is pressed against her breasts. Her nipples rub against me, making the flames shoot ever higher.

I start moving, slowly, gently, in and out of her body. She wraps her arms around my shoulders and holds me close. I want her to get what she needs, but I’m not willing to give up the feeling of her skin against mine. "Give me your hand, babe," I say softly. She slips her fingers into mine, and I put them in my mouth, suck them until I have them nice and wet. I raise up enough to get her hand between us. "Make it good, babe," I tell her.

I can feel her fingers moving, can see by the expression on her face that it feels good. The need to taste her is overwhelming again, I lower my mouth to her throat and lick the sweet skin.

I can hear the whimper in her throat, can feel the quiver in her thighs against my skin. That whenever she whispers to me, or that sweet whimper builds, it always burn into my brain, always make the flames race down my spine and straight into my cock. 

"That’s it babe, give it to me." I whisper in her ear, then take that soft earlobe between my teeth.

She cries out, making the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard, then she whispers my name.

I start moving, harder, deeper. I push as deep into her body as I can go. I’m so damned close…it feels so freaking good… She pulls her legs up against my sides, then opens them wider, offering me more of her sweet, beautiful body. I want to crawl inside her right now, it feels so damned incredible. I’m breathing hard, working my cock in and out of her, filling her completely with every thrust I make.

"Love me, Daniel," she whispers, "fill me with your love."

I raise up on my arms, push my feet against the spindles on the footboard, and start pounding into her sexy body. I can feel her come again, she’s suddenly so wet and hot. My brain is about to explode, my body is on fire, and suddenly I’m hurtling over the abyss. I yell out when my climax hits me, feeling as if I’m going to explode into tiny pieces, then her name is on my lips, like a prayer of thanksgiving. She pulls me back down against her, holds me close while I try to catch my breath. I slide my arm under her hips and roll over, keeping her on top of me. I’m not ready to leave her body just yet, and I want her in my arms. I know she loves laying like this as much as I do. I put one hand on the back of her neck, just enough pressure to keep her from moving, the other I get under her silky hair and move up and down her soft back. God, how I love this woman! "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, too, my heart," she whispers in reply. I can hear the love in every word, in every inflection of her voice.




She folds her arms on my chest, rests her chin on them and looks at me. I adjust the pillow behind my head so I can look into those incredible green eyes of hers. She’s smiling, her eyes moving over my face. When her eyes meet mine, I can’t help but smile at the look of love that fills them. My hand finds its way to the soft skin of her sweet ass. "Feeling better?"

"Much," she replies. She has a look in her eyes not that tells me she’s not finished yet. Which is good. I’m not either. "I take it from your…condition…when you came in that you were a bit frustrated as well." Her eyes are dancing as she teases me.

"Duncan and Jack sent me home. Duncan told me that my eyes were about to burst into flames." I watch her reaction.

She giggles. That is my second most favorite sound that she makes. "What were you thinking about to bring on the fire?"

I can only smile when I think about the thoughts that crossed my mind earlier in the day. "You."

She blushes. Whenever anyone compliments her, or whenever I tell her how amazing she is, she drops her eyes and blushes. I adore that.

"You were doing a little bit of burning yourself, babe. What was on your mind?"

She smiles up at me. "You." The look of absolute love in her eyes rocks me to the core. With one look she can make me feel as if there isn’t anything I can’t do. With one touch she can make me burn, with one soft whimper she can make me feel like a man. She closes her eyes.

"Tired, babe?" She insists on being the one to get up in the night with Emmie, she says that she can rest during the day, and that I have to get up and go to work. I know that she’s not resting as often as she probably should. If she wants to sleep, I’ll let her sleep. As long as she stays in my arms.

She shakes her head, opens her beautiful eyes. "No. Are you hungry?"

"I could go for a something to eat." I am kinda hungry. I let my hand move over her ass, just to caress her. Her skin is so soft, the muscles under my hand are firm. Thought of what I’m going to do to this sweet ass later dance in front of my eyes for a few seconds…torment me.

"Anything special that you’d like?"

I don’t feel like letting her up. She’s a great cook. But tonight I want her to just relax, and enjoy. "Let’s just order a pizza. Then…" I can’t help but grin when I think about what I want to do to her, for her.

"Then what?" she asks, smiling at me.

"Then we’re going to start all over again." I can feel the shiver that goes through her body. I kiss the tip of her nose, then grab the phone. We have all our important numbers on speed dial. The pizza parlor in town is on speed dial. It’s a private joke between us. "What kind, babe?"


Pepperoni is her favorite. I like it too, so I order a large pepperoni pizza. Before I can put the phone back, she takes it from me. She hits another number on the speed dial. Three. Duncan and Tessa.

"Hi, Tessa. Just wanted to see how Emily is," she says. The conversation is fairly one sided. I can hear Tessa talking, then laughing. She’s smiling now. She says goodbye, hands me the phone so I can hang it up.

"Everything okay?"

She nods. "It’s the first time she’s been away from me," she whispers. Her eyes fill with tears.

I wrap my arms around her and hug her close. "She’s okay, babe. And we really need this time alone. I’m thinking that we need to get a babysitter for at least one night a week, so that we can have time for just us." There is no way I’m going to wait so long to be alone with her again. I love Emily like crazy, but I need time alone with her mommy, on a very regular basis.

"I think that’s a great idea. I know several couples who will be thrilled to watch her for us," she replies. I know that she’s been every bit as frustrated as me. She moves her foot up and down my leg. "Let’s take a shower before the pizza gets here," she suggests. She starts to move, but I hold her tight, drink from those sweet lips just a bit, just enough to keep satisfied for a while longer, then let her get up. I follow her into the bathroom and turn on the water while she clips her hair up out of the way.

We take our time soaping each other, our lips locked in a kiss most of the time we’re in the shower. She pulls on her robe, and I pull on my sweats, then I brush her hair. Love to feel her silky hair in my hands. We’re just heading down the hallway to the living room when the doorbell rings. I grab my wallet from the dresser and get the pizza. When I get to the kitchen, she already has plates out, and a bottle of wine open.


A  A  A  A  A  A


It’s not really cold enough for a fire, but I build one anyway. Ambience. It’s been a long time since we made love in front of a nice fire. We push the coffee table out of the way, up against the sofa, and Casey brings out two blankets and spreads them out. We sit there on the floor and eat, and talk. We haven’t talked like this in a long time either. It feels good to share like this. I could listen to the sound of her sweet voice forever.

It’s warm sitting here, and she takes off her robe. I love looking at her beautiful body. I figure that if she wants to be naked, I should be, too, so I pull my sweats off. Now we’re both…ready. She pours more wine for us, hands me my glass. I was telling her about Teal'c, so I continue my story. Just as she starts to take a sip I say something that makes her giggle, and she spills wine down the front of her body. The sight of those dark drops on her creamy skin is enough to take my breath away. I take her glass, set it and mine on the table, then I scoot closer, lean down and lick those drops off of her skin. I can’t help but suck her nipples a little, too. There wasn’t any wine on them, but god I love the taste, the feel of them in my mouth. I want more of this. I grab her wineglass. "Lay down, babe."

She lays back, her eyes watch me, smile at me, urge me on.

I pour some of the wine on her, then lean over and lick it off. The taste of her skin combined with the wine is more intoxicating than anything I have ever had before.

"Don’t I get any?" she asks, smiling up at me.

I remember one of the guys in college talking about this. Never thought I’d ever have a chance to actually try it. I take a mouthful of the wine, lean down and kiss her, let the wine flow into her mouth. I keep kissing her, teasing her tongue as she swallows. God, what a turn on! I pull away, look in her eyes to see what she’s thinking.

"More, please, Master?" she whispers.

The look in her eyes has the fire burning so hot I’m afraid the flames will set fire to everything around me. I feel a shiver run down my spine. I take another mouthful of wine and kiss her again, taste it against the skin in her mouth as she swallows it. She rolls to her side, takes the glass and empties it into her mouth. I lay back, waiting for her to share it with me. She presses her lips to mine, opens them slightly, lets the wine fill my mouth, then runs her tongue over mine while I swallow it. I never realized how arousing this could be, how good it tastes. She’s ruined wine for me, never again will it taste the same. If I can’t share it with her, taste her with it, it’s not going to be any good. I want her close, so I put my arms around her and pull her against me. I love to kiss her, taste her, feel her. She gives everything to me in her kisses, her response to every caress of my tongue against hers makes me hotter, want her more. I want her now. It takes effort, but I pull away from her sweet lips. "Let me up, babe."

She moves off of me, slowly, her eyes dazed and slightly unfocused…she's as turned on as I am.

I get up and settle myself into the armchair. I want her on me, I want in her. Now. I crook my finger and motion her over. She comes to me with a smile, straddles me, guides my raging cock into her incredible body, giving a little sigh as I fill her. I know what I want. I know she can give it to me. I grab her hips, I want her to stay in one place. "Don’t move. Just massage me."

She smiles at me, and starts doing whatever it is that she does.

It’s almost like having her hand around me, only hotter, wetter. I want to taste her, need to taste her, so I pull her close enough to be able to kiss and lick and suck those tantalizing sweet nipples and beautiful breasts. She’s doing a good job of pleasuring me. It feels absolutely… incredible. "Oh, god, Angel, how do you do that?"

"Practice," she whispers.

I can’t help but smile. Brazen little slave. God, I love her! "That’s not what I meant."

She shrugs. "Kelley and I bought a book, and this technique was described, and it explained how to do it. So, I practiced a lot."

Practiced? The thought of her doing this to some other guy makes me jealous. "On whom?"

She giggles and holds up her hands, wiggles her fingers. Those soft, talented little hands.

I take those sweet hands and kiss each delectable finger, thanking them for what they helped her learn to do. "Feels fantastic, babe."

"Yes, it does." She squeezes again, it feels so damn good!

"Really? For you too?" I never thought that this could bring her pleasure as well.

She nods. "Yes, my heart. It feels very good to me. Every time I squeeze you, I can feel you throb. That feeling echoes all through my body. Makes me want to squeeze and hold you tighter." She clamps down on my cock.

"Sweet Jesus!" I nearly lost it that time. I can feel her tremble around me, she’s holding me so tightly. She eases up a bit, then clamps down again. She keeps doing that, over and over, and if she doesn’t stop, I’m gonna come. I don’t want to do that…not yet. "Stop, babe. Don’t move. Don’t do anything."

I’m barely in control. It won’t take much to set me off. She looks at me with a little smile. The one I know can be dangerous. The one that means she’s about to blow my mind.

She leans forward slightly, kisses my neck, licks my jaw. Her lips are soft and warm and make my skin burn. It’s a very pleasant sensation. "Please, Master," she whispers, "let me make you come." She kisses me, runs her soft hands up and down my chest. My mind is on overload as her words echo in my ears.

I can’t stop the groan that rises up from my belly as I kiss her back. She gives, and gives, and gives more as she kisses me. She starts massaging me again, only this time she’s moving her hips as well. Not much, but enough. Sweet Jesus in Heaven, I’m not going to last long. It feels so freakin’ good, all coherent thought is lost as I focus on my cock and what she’s doing to it. Ahhh…here it comes…I can feel my balls tighten…I grab her hips and thrust up…twice is all it takes and I’m shooting a full load into her sweet well. I’m still throbbing, and I feel great. But I know that she hasn’t come yet. "What about you, babe?" I'm willing to do whatever she wants me to do for her. I want her to come, I want to hear that sweet whimper, feel her soft thighs quiver against my skin.

She looks at me, and whatever has crossed her mind makes her smile. Another wicked little smile. I don’t know if I can handle much more. I swear to god she’s trying to kill me. "Watch me," she whispers in my ear. She moves off of me, my body screams in protest.

She puts the wineglasses on the floor, then settles herself on the coffee table, her legs spread apart, her heels on the edge. Oh, god! What an incredible view! I can feel my cock stirring just looking at that sweet, pink flesh. She takes the bottle, runs her tongue around the top of it, licks around it…then she takes it into her mouth. My god, what a turn on! Her eyes are smiling at me, letting me know that she can see what she’s doing to me. Little tease. Brazen little slave, teasing her Master. I love her so much it hurts. I have to clench my fists on the arms of the chair to keep from reaching for her. She’s pushing that bottle right into…"Sweet Jesus!"

She has one hand around the bottle, moving it in and out of her beautiful body, the other is working her clit, I can see how swollen it is from here. "Oh, yeah," she whispers. She drops her head back, closes her eyes. If I thought it was an incredible turn on to watch her masturbate before, this is ten times more so. I can’t seem to fill my lungs with enough air as I watch her. I can see her hips starting to move, a sign that she’s getting into it, that she’s feeling good. Her nipples are hard points now, I can see them pucker. My cock is getting harder. Damn what this woman can do to me! She lays back, her breasts thrust up into the air, her hands working between her thighs. My cock is screaming at me, and I can’t take any more. I stroke myself, watching my beautiful wife pleasure herself with a wine bottle...it feels good...watching her is about to blow my mind… "Oh, god!"… she’s pushing the bottle in deeper now…I don’t know how much of this I can take before I’m coming.

She stops long enough to pull a couple of pillows under her so she can look at me, I see her eyes widen, go darker, when she sees me with my cock in my hand. I try to match my movements to hers, we watch each other, her eyes telling me that she loves what she’s seeing as well. What an absolute, out of this world turn on! She’s whimpering now, I can see her thighs quiver. Goddamn! That bottle is dancing against her body as she orgasms! I let go of my cock before I lose it completely. "You’re going to kill me, woman."

She gives me one of her beautiful smiles, pulls the bottle from her body and sits it on the table. "Did I please you, Master?" she asks, her voice not much more than a whisper.

Oh, hell yes! She has totally blown my mind! Again. "Oh, yeah, babe. That was… incredible."

I watch her slide down to the floor. She looks happy. But there's a look in her eyes, the fire is still lurking there...she still has other plans, other needs, other…desires. I keep my hands on the arms of the chair, although it’s not easy. I don’t dare move just yet. I almost came when she did, it won’t take much to set me off.

"Daniel…" she starts to ask me something, I can tell by her voice. She stops, she looks as if she’s trying to find the right words.

"What, babe?" I have to be near her, touch her, the need too great to fight any longer, so I join her on the floor. I let my hand roam over her body, touch her soft skin. Anything she wants, anything she needs, all she has to do is let me know. She calls me Master, but I'm the one who's the Slave.

Her cheeks are blazing, she’s blushing like I haven’t seen her blush in a long time. She shakes her head.

I can see that whatever it is, it’s difficult for her. She wants something, she just can’t ask me for it. I can blame that bitch who raised her for this. My Wife can’t even make a simple request of me. If only I can let her know that there isn’t any reason to be shy, or afraid…"It’s okay, babe. Anything you want to say, just say it. It’s just you and me."

"I want…" She still can’t seem to form the words, shakes her head again.

I’ll have to guess, but if it helps her to get what she wants, I’ll do it. It can’t be something simple… she wouldn't have trouble asking for something like a kiss… but that’s how I’ll start. "Here, how about this…" I kiss her neck. "Is this what you want?"

She shakes her head no.

I move to her beautiful breasts, tease her nipples a little with my tongue. "How about this?"

She shakes her head no again. "I want…well…earlier…when you…"

Earlier? When I what? Oh, hell, she can’t be asking me to do what I’ve been wanting to do for hours now! I raise up to my knees, then straddle her shoulders, and put my aching cock in that soft valley between her breasts. "Is that what you want, Angel?"

"Oh, yes!" The way she says it makes my heart jump in my chest. There is no doubt that this is exactly what she wants...it's in her eyes, in her smile. She pushes her breasts together, surrounds my cock with that soft, warm flesh. She’s going to be the death of me. God, how I love her!

"That feels good, Angel," I revel in the sensations her body is giving me. I put my hands over hers, push them together just a little bit more, and start moving, just a little bit. Oh, god, this feels so damned good!


That little sound lets me know that she finds this pleasurable too. I’m moving faster now, I can feel my cock throbbing against those beautiful breasts and I’m about to lose my mind. She pulls her hands from underneath mine, I knead those beautiful orbs as I fuck them. She’s got her hands on my ass, just running them lightly over me, makes me shudder. Oh, god, yes! Oh, damn, I can feel it…I’m almost there…"Get ready, babe."

I start coming, she raises her head, tries to catch it in her mouth…damn, what a turn on! She only gets a little, from the first spurt. Watching my come hit her jaw and neck is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I am so turned on that I know it won’t be long and I’ll be hard again. Sweet Jesus, she’s running her fingers through it, and licking them off like it was syrup!

"I swear to god, woman, you're trying to kill me." If she keeps this up, my brain will turn to jelly and my heart will give out on me. What a great way to go! I grab a handful of napkins and clean her off.

"That was totally awesome," she tells me, her eyes shining.

"Think so, huh?" I can’t help but grin at the look in her eyes. I realize that this is her way of telling me she’s never seen a man come before. Well, she’s seen it in the video we have. I’ve always come inside her, either her body or her mouth. Maybe I’ll have to pull out once in awhile, if she likes seeing it.

She nods. "Thank you."

She’s thanking me? I should be down on my knees thanking her! "For what, babe?"

"For tonight. For just now. I…um…liked it."

This woman is amazing…incredible…I love her so much it hurts. I lay back down beside her, then tug at her until she’s laying close to me. She snuggles into my arms. I love it when she does that. "Casey, I swear, you are the most incredible woman I have ever met in my life."

She raises up on an elbow and looks down at me, surprise in her eyes. "What makes you say that?"

I can’t help but shake my head and laugh. She really has no idea what an amazing woman she is! I know guys who would kill to have a woman like her in their bed. I try to explain to her how incredible she is. "I think just about every man I know would love to have a woman like you in their life, in their bed. You give so much, ask so little, you’re so willing to try anything …you’re so…amazing!"

"I love you, why wouldn’t I want to try something if it would please you?"

"That’s exactly what I’m talking about, Angel. Do you know that there isn’t one sexual fantasy left in my head? You’ve fulfilled them all!"

She grins down at me. "Right. I’ll bet I could drag at least one out of you."

What kind of fantasy does she think I still harbor? "Yeah, like what?"

"Me and another woman in bed with you at the same time."

My Angel...and another woman? Touching each other…touching me…the other woman wanting me to touch her… Nope. Not on my fantasy list. Nothing left there now. Not after loving her. "Wouldn’t work, babe. I couldn’t stand letting anybody else touch you, and no other woman could ever please me after being with you."

Tears well up in her eyes, and one slips down her cheek.

Tears?  What's wrong...did I say something...not say something? "Hey, what are these about?"

"I love you so much, Daniel. You're so good to me, you make me feel…special. Wanted. Loved. I love you, my heart," she whispers.

"You are special, babe. I want you so much it hurts. I need you, more than you’ll ever know. I love you, babe. Always have, always will." I do my best to be worthy of this incredible woman, and she lets me know that she notices, appreciates it. I love her! I love her! One look, one touch from her can make me feel like Superman. I pull her down so that her head is on my shoulder, her beautiful body against mine. "You make me feel pretty damned special too."

She snuggles closer, I tighten my arm around her. "Love you," she whispers.

"Love you, too, Angel."


A  A  A  A  A  A


It feels good to lay here, just holding her against me. I should be tired, hell, I should be exhausted. I’ve come four times since I got home this afternoon, and I plan on coming at least once more. I noticed that the body oil is out. That’s her way of telling me she wants me to pound into that beautiful, sweet ass of hers. I've heard other men talk…complain…because their wives or girlfriends aren’t interested or willing to try anything new in bed. I don’t know how a man like me got so damned lucky, but I’ll thank every god that has ever been for bringing this incredible woman into my life. She’s quiet, I know she’s thinking about something. "Penny for them."

"Just thinking about how wonderful you are, and how much I love you," she replies. She can make me feel like…like there isn’t a damned thing in this universe that I can’t do. I don’t dare try to speak, not with this lump in my throat. So I do what I can to let her know that I appreciate what she says…I pull her closer to me. "Daniel, can I ask you something?"

"Anything, babe, you know that."

"Well, did what I do with that wine bottle…that didn’t…well, it didn’t…"

There it is again, that fear that doing something sexual…something other than the good old missionary position, something… different…is wrong. The fear that it’s going to bother me, 'repulse' is the word she’s used. If I ever run across Helen Webster, I have a few things I want to say to that psychotic bitch. I have Case past believing she’s a slut. I held her while she cried over that, and I’ll never forget the sound of her pain. But I can’t get passed all that bullshit she grew up with. All I can do is keep telling her how much I love her…how much everything she gives me in the bedroom, or living room as it were, means to me. What she did was the most amazing turn on I’ve ever seen. "Babe, that was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. It turned me on…very much. You…uh…wore the result of that."

She giggles. "I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for wine bottles."

There’s a story there, and knowing my Casey, it’s a beaut. "Really? Why?"

"Because a wine bottle was the first thing I ever orgasmed with, besides my fingers, I mean," she says.

I want to know...need to know everything about this incredible woman, the woman who holds my heart in her soft, slender hands. "Tell me."

"Well, in college, Gretchen, my roommate later, was living in an apartment with a couple of other girls. They were both going to be gone one weekend, so Gretch asked Kelley and I to spend it with her. We had this party, it was a blast!..and there was a guy from my math class there…well, we’d both been drinking, so we were doing a little petting. That’s not exactly true, we were doing a lot of petting. He wanted…well…you know…but I couldn’t…I couldn’t even give him a blowjob, but I gave him a hand job. By the time he left I was pretty worked up, and I just couldn’t seem to get any satisfaction from just my fingers. I had heard Kelley talking about…toys…I didn’t know much about them at the time…and I needed something, so I sneaked into the kitchen and got a wine bottle. Afterwards I can remember thinking that maybe there was something to all this sex stuff after all!"

I can’t help but laugh. If people knew how innocent this beautiful, sexy woman was, they wouldn’t believe it. She looks like a goddess, oozes sexuality, yet…she’s so damned sweet and innocent at the same time. It’s no wonder that men flock to her like bees to honey. I give in to my desire, kiss her on the forehead. What I wouldn’t give to have been her first lover! "I wish I could have known you then. I would have loved to have been the first one for you."

She sighs. "That would have been wonderful. But, Daniel, you really are the first, maybe not the first to…to be inside me…but you’re the first one who ever loved me, the first one who ever made love to me. I knew about sex…and…rape…I didn’t have a clue about making love until I met you."

What this woman can do to me! She’s doing her best to give me that honor…that special honor…of being the first man she’s known…in the biblical sense. She can make me feel so damned good…not just my body when we’re making love, but my heart, my soul. I'm overwhelmed by the emotions that are running through me. "You’re doing it again, Case."

"Doing what?"

"Making me feel…special."

She raises up on one arm and looks down at me with those incredible green eyes. "Oh, my heart, don’t you know that you are? Don’t you realize that you’re my knight in shining armor? That you’re the hero I’ve always dreamed about? That you’re the only man who could ever touch me…not just my heart, or my body, but my very soul?"

My heart swells with so much love that for a few seconds I’m actually afraid it’s going to rupture, explode right there in my chest. It’s not just what she said, it’s the look in her eyes as she says it, the love, the desire, the…hell, I’m not even sure what it is, but I see it there…all of it, shining down out of those pools of deep, emerald green. I never knew it was possible to love someone this much. I never thought I was capable of such deep emotion. I can speak thirty-five languages now, and I can’t think of one damned word to use to express how I feel. So I do the only thing I can to let her know. I kiss her. I only intend for it to be a soft, gentle kiss, but when she returns it, giving so much back, I have to let her know, have to convey my message with my mouth, my lips, my tongue. I don’t let her go until I’m satisfied that she received the message fully. She’s shaking in my arms. I hold her tighter. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, my heart," she whispers in reply.


A  A  A  A  A  A


"I noticed the body lotion is out." I’m ready for her, want her, need her, if she’s willing to make love again.

"If you’re interested," she says softly

I chuckle at that. How does that go…does a bear shit in the woods? I’m always interested…willing…want to pound her sweet ass. That she likes it…gets pleasure from it…only makes it more exciting; makes it better for me. "Oh, yeah, I’m interested."

She snuggles deeper into my arms. "In there, or out here?"

We’ve made love out here all evening. It’s cooling down outside, and the fire feels good now. I want to watch her in the glow of the flames as I take her. "Let’s do it out here. Unless you’d rather be on the bed?" 

"Out here is fine. Um…can we do it…well…um…the…regular…way…only on my hands and knees first?" She asks me shyly.

Finally! We have a break through! My beautiful Wife, my incredible lover has asked me for something. I’ll do whatever she wants, wherever she wants. "Babe, if you want to do it swinging from the chandelier over the dining room table, I’m willing."

She giggles. Love, love, love that sound. "I doubt that it would support our weight. Although it would be interesting to try it. Would we swing because of what we were doing, you know…you moving in and out of me…or would we swing in place of it?"

Her sense of wicked sense of humor has always delighted me. This totally cracks me up. "I hadn’t really thought about it. I would say we’d be swinging because of what we were doing."

She raises up, folds her arms across the top of my chest, and looks down at me. Her eyes are full of laughter. I love seeing her happy like this. "Ever thought about making love in a tree?"

The thought of making love in a tree is amusing. Downright funny, actually. If she wants to make love in a tree, I’ll find one. "No, can’t say that I have. Do you want me to find a tree to make love in?"

"No, I don’t think so. I got my very first kiss in a tree." Her eyes are dancing.


She nods. "Yep. He was a much older man. He was eight. I was six. He was our next door neighbor. Jimmy Palmer. I was just sure I was going to marry him. But he said we had to wait until we were at least ten, that sounded so old!"

I can’t help but laugh again. The pictures she paints with her words are wonderful…funny…sweet. I want to touch her, so I let my hand move up and down the soft skin of her back. "So how did this kiss come about?"

"Well, I was hiding from…her…I can’t even remember what I had done wrong that time. Jimmy always tried to comfort me when I was in trouble. So, he told me to climb the tree in his yard and hide. Well, I climbed up, and later he climbed up to sit with me, and he had a brown paper bag between his teeth. His mom had made him a peanut butter and honey sandwich, and given him some cookies for lunch. I missed my lunch, so he shared his with me."

I freeze for just a second when I hear that. How often did she go hungry as a child because her mother was a psychotic bitch? I doubt that I’ll ever know the answer to that. That woman had better never cross my path!

"I thanked him for sharing it with me, and told him that he was my ‘bestest most good friend in the whole wide world.’ He told me right then and there that he loved me, and when we were ten he was going to marry me and take me away from her. Then he leaned over and kissed me. Right here." She puts her fingers on her cheek, then she giggles.

"What?" Her giggle tells me there’s more.

"Well, when I told Grandma Rose, she said she’d be right proud to have the wedding right there in her living room."

That makes me smile. This woman sounds like a saint. She was one, possibly the only, sane caring adult in Casey’s childhood. "Thank god for your Grandma Rose. I think she’s the only thing that kept you from being hurt worse than you were." Emily’s middle name is in honor of this woman. Case was so excited when I agreed to that. That alone tells me how much she loved her Grandma Rose.

"I think she was, too. She always told me that I knew in my heart what was true, and to always listen to my heart. I think that was her way of trying to protect me from the names…she … called me."

"Probably." I have noticed that since the day I held her when she cried, when we took care of that ‘slut’ business, she never calls Helen Webster ‘Mom’. It’s ‘she’…or ‘her’. I just call her ‘bitch’.

She moves one arm, her fingers trail down my belly to my thighs. The light touch makes me shiver, and makes my cock twitch. She keeps doing it, moving ever closer, but never touching it. My cock is starting to ache to feel her fingers around it. "Are you going to tease me forever, or are you going to touch me?"

"I thought I was touching you," she smiles.

What a little tease…what a little smart aleck…she makes life fun. "You are such a impudent little slave! What am I going to do with you?"

"Love me?"

"Done deal there, babe." I love her more than I ever thought was possible.

She moves up and kisses me, her warm sweet lips set my soul on fire. She’s still running her fingers around my raging hard-on. When she starts running her fingers through my pubic hair, I nearly lose my mind. What a turn on! It feels great when she does that!

I can’t take it any more. I sit up, and push her to her back, lower my head and taste those hard nipples, and the beautiful breasts around them. I love her breasts! I could make love to them for hours, have come damn close to doing just that a time or two. She wraps her soft, warm hand around my throbbing shaft and starts stroking me, gently, slowly. I can feel a shiver of anticipation run down my spine. I can’t wait any longer. "Don’t move." I get up and walk into the bedroom, grab the body oil and hurry back into the living room. She’s still laying there, her hair spread out around her on the blanket, her incredible body waiting for me.

I stretch out beside her, then kiss her again, her lips begging me to take them with mine. I run my fingers up and down her side, across her belly, down her hip and thigh, teasing her as she did me. The third time around she moans for me to touch her. "Payback, babe." I can feel her body trembling.

I tease her a little more, until I can’t wait any longer to touch her sweet, wet pussy. I love to touch her, feel her body arch toward my hand as I pleasure her.

"I’m ready, my heart," she whisper.

Whenever she says that, my cock turns to steel. "On your hands and knees then, babe."

"Hard, Daniel, take me, hard," she begs.

Her words are like fire through my brain, the ability to think is nearly non-existent as my body takes complete control. I ram my cock into her beautiful body, almost come when I hit the back of her sweet well. "Sweet Jesus!"

"Yes! Oh, yes!" That cry makes my cock ache. Makes my whole body ache.

I pound into her, holding her hips with my hands. God what a feeling! I feel suddenly wetness and flash of heat, and I know she's come. I have to concentrate on not losing control. I lean over and find her swollen clit, rub it gently, then with more pressure. I stroke her with the same rhythm as I move in and out of her, each thrust hard and deep and god does it feel so damned good! I can feel her body start to quiver. She twists her hips slightly away from me.

"Now, love, now…get the oil." she whispers, breathless.

I grab the bottle of oil, cover my throbbing cock, then apply it to her sweet ass. I want to make her ready for me, it’s easier for her when I do; I'll do whatever it takes to make our intimate time together pleasurable for her. I work one finger into that tight, hot opening, then two, move them back and forth just a little. I grab my aching cock and put it against her. I never push into her, I let her take me in as much and as fast as she wants. If I start ramming into her sweet body, I could hurt her, and it would kill me if that happened. She pushes back, takes me in…sweet Jesus that feels incredible. No matter how many times I take her like this, it always feels so damned incredible. It’s so good and hot and tight and I could lose my mind feeling like this. I start moving, slow and easy, I’m too close to the edge to move any harder than this. I slip my hand back between her thighs, stroke her gently, the oil on my fingers making her slick against them. Her back is starting to arch toward me, I can feel her thigh against my arm and it’s quivering. She’s about to orgasm.

"Hard, now!" she demands softly. As her orgasm overtakes her, that melodic whimper fills her throat, builds up to that dulcet song of love that she sings for me.

I obey, pounding into her sweet ass for all I’m worth. I grab her hips before she falls away from me, I’m at the point of no return now. Her shoulders are on the floor, giving me greater access to her body. It feels so damned good!

"Fill me, Daniel, make it good, love," she whispers.

Hearing that sweet whisper is all it takes, and I’m coming, my cock throbbing hard and fast against the hot walls inside her. I cry out when I shoot into her, again and again. I lower her hips to the floor, trying to be gentle, careful not to pull out of her just yet. If I wait a minute or two, I’m not as hard, not as big, and it doesn’t hurt her when I pull away. I lay on top of her long enough to catch my breath. "You are amazing, woman." I kiss the soft skin of her shoulder blade. "Love you."

"Love you, too," she whispers. Those three words make my soul soar.

It takes a minute for me to catch my breath, she’s still breathing hard as well. By the time we’re both breathing normally, I can pull out of her sweet body without hurting her. I grab a napkin and put it against her, to catch all that I just deposited into her sweet ass. I start water running in the bathtub while Casey lights the candles around the room. She finds the bath salts that she wants and adds them to the water.

I settle against the back of the tub and pull her against me, her back to my chest. She lays her head against my shoulder. I have my hands full of those beautiful breasts, I love to hold and touch them. Each time I take her anally, I have to make sure that I haven’t hurt her, or that memories best left buried haven’t surfaced. "Are you okay?"

"I’m fine, honey," she says softly.

I put my arms around her and hug her tight, hold her against me. Making love with Casey is always incredible, always enjoyable, always fulfilling. But nights like tonight are special, and I love that she’s willing to give them to me. "Thank you for an incredible night, Angel."

"Oh, sweetheart, it was my pleasure. Thank you for making it incredible for me."

"My pleasure, babe…what did you just call me?" My heart skips a beat at the endearment. Memories that have been dormant for years flood my mind.

"I’m sorry, I just…I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry…" I feel her body tense, hear the panic in her voice. 

I press my lips to the side of her face, try to reassure her that I’m not upset. "Shh…no, babe, no…it’s okay. It’s just you’ve never called me ‘sweetheart’ before. I…uh…I like it."

She moves around a little bit and looks up into my face. "Why haven’t you said something? If you want me to call you something special, I’ll do it. Master, My Lord, God of my universe…" she smiles at me.

I can’t help but grin. Those have possibilities. "Hmm…I kinda like the ‘God of your universe’ one."

"I’m not really good at coming up with ‘pet names’, I guess," she says. "Does ‘sweetheart’ mean something special to you?"

I shrug. I hate talking about my childhood, about my life growing up. Probably as much as she does. This memory is a bit… embarrassing… for me.

"Please, tell me?" Her eyes are filled with such love, such warmth…I know that I can tell her anything; that my heart…and my pride…are safe in her soft hands.

I close my eyes as images from three years of my life flash in front of me. "One set of foster parents that I had were really great. They were nice and I liked living with them, and they seemed to like me okay. The Parkers. Her name was Andrea, his was Neal. I was about fourteen, I guess, and almost finished with high school. In fact, it was Andrea that saw to it that I was put into all of the advanced classes, and when it was time, she fought to get me enrolled in college. Anyway, she was beautiful: tall, willowy, dark hair and eyes, guess I kind of had a crush on her. She and Neal were very much in love. She always called him ‘sweetheart’. I decided I wanted to get married, have a wife like her, someone who would love me that much, and call me sweetheart."

She puts her hand on my face and turns my head toward her, tears in her eyes. She kisses me, offering comfort and love with every gentle caress of her tongue. That love goes straight to my heart, wraps around me. "Oh, my love, you’ve suffered every bit as much as I have, haven’t you?"

I look at her, know what she has suffered. I can’t look into those beautiful eyes for a minute, I have to hold it together here. Neither of us had easy childhoods. I nod, admitting that I too have suffered. My pain was that of loneliness. "I was never physically abused, never suffered the emotional or mental abuse that you did, but I was damned lonely most of the time."

Tears start falling down her face. She’s crying over hurts that I suffered. Is it possible for her to give any more than she already has? Is it possible for me to love her any more? "Oh, Daniel, I’m so sorry! I wish…I wish I could take that hurt away!"

I smile at her, wipe the tears from her cheek. She’s already done that. She fills every bit of my heart, my mind, my life. "You already have, Angel, you already have." I kiss her, and she pours her heart, her soul into kissing me back, offering comfort that is a balm to my own soul.

"Love you, sweetheart," she says softly, looking at me with shining eyes. What an incredible woman I have married! I hug her tight, and kiss her again, letting my kiss thank her for what she has given, continues to give to me.

"Love you, Angel."

We finish bathing. It’s late, and we’re both tired now, relaxed, completely satisfied…for now. I help her extinguish all of the candles, several of them have burned themselves out. I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom.

She brushes all the flower petals from the bed to the floor. I’ll help her sweep them all up tomorrow.

I pick up that white satin and lace number…I have to know what it is. "Babe, just what the hell is this thing called?"

She looks at me and giggles. "It’s a corset."

"Corset. Okay. Just wondered." I toss it onto the chair, unhook the chain from the foot of the bed and from that little collar, and toss them both on top of it. "Needed to know what it was that makes me crazy when I see it on you." I can’t help but grin.

I lay down on the bed, wait for her to settle against me, her head on my shoulder, her arm around my waist, before I turn off the light.



"Love you."

"Love you too, Angel."


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