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Afternoon Delight


"Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
Gonna grab some afternoon delight...
Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.
Thinkin' of you's workin' up my appetite
looking forward to a little afternoon delight.
Rubbin' sticks and stones together makes the sparks ignite
And the thought of rubbin' you is getting so exciting.
Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight…"
"Afternoon Delight" 
by the Starland Vocal Band


It has been four weeks since Emily was born. If I don’t get some time alone with Daniel soon, I’m going to lose my mind. We make love, but it feels so hurried; we rush through the motions to reach our orgasms before Emily wakes up. We’ve tried taking our time, but always Emily wakes up before we finish. I can’t leave him like that, worked up, with no release, so as soon as I have the baby back down, I give him a blowjob. Which leaves me feeling frustrated as hell. Although the last time that happened, we pleasured one another orally, which helped. It was release…but it wasn’t…just didn’t feel like…like…making love.

I want to make love to him until he’s moaning, that moan that comes from deep inside, the one that happens when I’ve driven him slowly crazy. I want to make love to him until he can’t move. I want to touch him, taste every inch of him, I want to feel him explore every inch of me. I want more than just an hour or two. I want an evening…no, I want all night. I love my baby, she’s beautiful and wonderful and sweet and I adore her. I just need some time alone with her Daddy.

So, I called Tessa. I had already talked to Sam, and told her what my plans are. She’s not feeling well today, nothing serious, just…pregnant. She’s just coming into her sixth month of pregnancy. I remember well the days of feeling less than stellar. She agrees that since my parents are busy on a mission for the Immortal Council right now, and she’s not feeling well, Tessa is the logical choice for babysitter.

I also called Duncan. I asked him if Daniel was going to be late coming home today. He assures me that he’ll be home on time. He’d better be. I’m about to explode!

I have Emily’s bag packed, the portable crib is waiting by the door. I explained to Tessa why I need time alone with Daniel. She and Duncan have been through the Ceremony of Fire, she understands. She arrives a few minutes early, loads her car, takes my daughter, and gives me a hug. She tells me that we’ll have lunch together tomorrow. I can have my daughter back then. As soon as I close the door I want to run after her, tell her to bring my baby back. I haven’t been away from her since she was born. I’m near tears as I watch Tessa pull out of the driveway. Then I think about Daniel. My body responds to the thoughts that begin to race in my head. Emily is in capable hands. Tessa and Duncan love her as if she were their own, or at least their niece. She’ll be fine. And her mommy will be much more relaxed when she comes home. For the first time it crosses my mind that Daniel might not be pleased to come home and find his daughter not here. I smile. I know just how to handle that problem.

I take a bath, long and leisurely. It feels wonderful! I didn’t realize how long it has been since I’ve been able to take a long bubble-bath. I make sure I am especially clean. I take my time and apply the lotion that I know he loves, then dry and brush my hair until it’s soft and shiny. A glance at the clock on the dresser that stands between the pedestal sinks tells me that I need to get busy if everything is going to be ready when Daniel arrives.

I already have flower petals, they aren’t roses, but they are just as aromatic. They’re from Terra, and are beautiful colors; red, yellow, pink, ivory. I spread them from the front door to the bedroom, then over the bed, which is already turned back. Body oil is waiting, I'm hoping that we’ll need it. I haven’t had any backdoor action in awhile. I no longer shy away from the fact that I find pleasure in that particular activity. Daniel finds it exciting that I like it…and he certainly enjoys it!

I light candles throughout the house, put a bottle of wine into a bucket of ice to chill it. Then I get dressed. Daniel has mentioned my ‘little white number’ several times, I know he likes it. I’ll be wearing it when he comes in. I've taken off the garters, however, I found a run in one of the stockings. I don’t think he’ll mind. I certainly won’t mind not wearing those damned shoes. The choker is around my throat, and I'll chain myself to the foot of the bed.

I can feel myself getting wet as I think about what will transpire on that bed shortly. I’m tempted to make myself come, just once before he gets home. Maybe I should be on the bed playing with myself when he gets home? I grin at that thought. No, I’ll wait. I want every orgasm I have tonight to be from his hands, his mouth, his body.

I hear the jeep in the driveway. He’s earlier than I expected. I hurry to connect the chain to my choker, then to the bed. I kneel down just as he opens the front door. For one brief second I worry that maybe he's brought Jack or Teal'c home with him; he does that on occasion. I don’t hear their voices.

"Casey?" I hear him walk down the hall, stop at the bedroom door. Good little slave that I am, my head is lowered.

"Thy wish is my command, Master," I say softly.

"Sweet Jesus!" His voice is a ragged whisper.

I can’t help but smile. He had the same reaction the last time I did this.

He walks into the bedroom, unzipping his pants. "Suck me babe, I’m desperate here," he says softly. He’s already swollen and hard and throbbing. He must be as frustrated as I am.

I love to give him head; love the taste of him…love the feel of him in my mouth…love the absolute control I have over his body. I wrap my hand around the base of his engorged erection, cup his balls in my other hand, and begin to give him pleasure. I run my tongue around the head, feel him swell even more. He grabs my head, begins to shove himself deeper into my mouth. I relax, take as much of him into my throat as I can. I’ll have him coming in seconds.

"Oh, yeah, babe, that’s it…Oh, god!" He’s coming, his cock throbbing in my mouth. I take every drop that he can give me.


A  A  A  A  A  A


My body is screaming at me, I have such an ache between my legs that it’s painful. Without realizing it I have dropped my hands between my thighs. I need relief, and I need it now!

"On your back, babe," he tells me.

The chain is long enough that I’m able to obey his command. He kneels down beside me. One of his hands is caressing my breasts, moving from one to the other, squeezing them, pinching the nipples. The other is moving between my legs, he’s found that swollen nub, rubs it gently. My hips are already rocking against his hand.

"Give it to me, babe. I know you need it," he whispers. He has two fingers inside me, moving in and out of me, his thumb is rubbing against my clit.

His touch has always been arousing, has always pleased me. I’m so aroused that within just a few seconds I’m panting, then that whimper that I can never control, the one that he has told me he adores, is filling my throat.

"That’s it babe, come for me," he says, still whispering; encouraging me.

"Oh, Daniel!" I orgasm…I feel relief, but not complete satisfaction.

He lays down beside me. "Where’s Emily?"

"With Tessa. She and Duncan are going to baby-sit until tomorrow. Tessa says we can have her back when we meet them for lunch."

"I have you alone all night?" I can see his eyes light up.

I nod.

"Good. I’m going to screw you ‘til you can’t walk," he tells me, a wicked grin tugging at his lips.

"Oh, yes, my love, please do that!" I want him to take me, over and over again. I want him to be rough, I want him to be gentle. I just want him! I need him so badly right now that I can barely think. He’s like a drug, and I am so addicted to him that I can’t live without him. I haven’t been able to get the ‘fix’ of him lately that my body needs…craves; that my heart, my very soul desires. I can see the affect my words have on him. The blue of his eyes darkens.

He reaches over and unclasps the choker from my neck. "No chain tonight, babe. Just lovemaking."

His hand is moving over my body, his fingers linger on my breasts. He leans forward and begins to suckle. His mouth feels wonderful against my burning skin. I can feel every caress between my legs. "Let me undress you."  I want him naked, ready to take me at his whim.

He pulls away from me, then stands up. He offers his hand to me, I grab it and pull myself to my feet. He looks down at me, I can see the fire raging in him. He puts a hand on my neck, lowers his head and begins to kiss me. His kisses are magical. I need his kisses as much as I need the air that I breathe. He kisses me until I can’t think, can only feel. I become nothing more than a mouth, a tongue, and aching need.

"God, I love you, babe," he whispers.

"I love you, too," I whisper in reply. I unbutton his shirt, push it off of his shoulders. He’s wearing a wife-beater underneath it, he looks so damn sexy in those! Overcome with the need to taste his skin, I press my lips to his shoulders…his collarbones…his throat. He leans his head back, allows me to taste more of him. I work my hands under the tee shirt, and as I push it up, I lean over so that I can kiss the skin of his abdomen, his sides, his chest. I tease his nipples, pull at them gently with my teeth. He hisses a breath when I do that. His hands are back on my breasts. When I have him naked from the waist up, I unfasten his pants. He’s hard again, so I stroke him for a few minutes. I want him totally naked, so I push his pants and boxers to his ankles. He steps out of them, stands before me naked and beautiful and hard. My heart pounds against my ribs as I look at him. I want to taste him again, pleasure him again. I look up at him, see the love in his incredible blue eyes. How did I ever win the love of this wonderful, brilliant, handsome, sexy man? All I can do is continue to thank whatever gods have made it possible for me to be on my knees in front of him, right here, right now.

I desperately want to suck him again…he’s pulling me to my feet. Before I have a clue what he's thinking…planning, he picks me up and carries me to the bed. "I have to taste you, babe, before I lose my mind wanting to," he tells me. He gently lays me down. When he moves down between my thighs, I can hear him sigh. The first touch of his tongue against my skin makes me jump. His tongue and his fingers arouse me, my body responds to every caress. He watches me…he loves to watch me when he makes love to me this way.

I smile at him, reach down and run my fingers through his hair. "I love it when you worship me. It makes me feel so good." I watch his eyes, see the response to my words there. He never moves his mouth from my body. He has found the rhythm I need, his tongue is working over my clit, his fingers are moving inside me again. I want him in me, but I want to taste him again first. "Please, Daniel, let me taste you. Please let me suck you, just a little bit." I have no pride at this point. I will gladly beg for every pleasure I receive.

I can see what my request has done to him. He slowly pulls away from me. He moves up, straddles my shoulders with his legs. He’s so very hard. I pull another pillow under my head so that I’m right where I want to be. I open my mouth and take him in. I love the velvet and steel feeling of him. He closes his eyes as I work my tongue around him. I know that before he comes he’ll pull away from me. That’s okay. For now, I taste him, make love to him.

He tastes so good…he’s so hard…he’s throbbing; the sensations flow from my mouth through my belly to end between my thighs. He pulls away. I know that he wants inside me. I want him inside me. He moves down, drags his hard cock between my breasts. That isn’t something he’s ever done before...and I like it! I grab his hips, hold him there, I want to feel him throbbing against me. I push my breasts together. I can feel him…feel the heat…feel how hard he is. He smiles at me, then continues to move down. He never breaks contact with my body...his throbbing shaft jumps and dances every time the lace touches him.

I wrap my legs around his waist, pull him closer. He’s teasing me now, holding his erection with one hand, supporting himself with the other. He rubs the head up and down my folds, covering himself with my honey. He pushes against me, and we both gasp when he enters me. He fills me completely, and I close my eyes to savor the feeling. I love this man, love him with everything that I am. Oh, goddess, it feels so good, he feels so good! I work my muscles around him, clutch at him, squeeze him. Oh, yes! To feel him throb, to feel him inside me, to feel his hips push against my body…this is what I have needed, time to just feel him! I open my eyes and look up at him, see what I’m doing for him reflected in his face.

He’s supporting himself with both arms now. His head is hanging down, his eyes are closed. He’s not moving, he lets me work my muscles around him. "That feels so good, Angel," he whispers.

"I’m glad." I love knowing that my body pleases him, that I make him happy, that I can give him pleasure. I feel as if my heart is going to burst with my love for him. He doesn’t realize how good this is for me as well, every time I squeeze him, he throbs, and it resonates throughout my body.

He’s moving now, just barely, but I can feel it. He opens his eyes, looks down at me. "Get it off," he whispers.

For a minute, I’m not sure what he means.

"Take it off, babe, I want you naked under me," he explains.

It’s not easy, but I manage to arch my back enough to get one hand behind me. He reaches around with one hand, and between us, we're able to get the corset unhooked. He tosses it to the floor, then lowers himself onto me. He holds his weight on his forearms, but his chest is pressed against my breasts. The touch of his skin against mine sends the flames ever higher. My body feels so hot, the flames are burning out of control, and it feels so damned good!

He’s moving again, slowly, in…out…in…out…I meet his every thrust. I wrap my arms around his shoulders, hold him close to my body. "Give me your hand, babe," he says softly.

I obey, not knowing what he wants, not caring, willing to do whatever it is that he desires. He takes my fingers and begins to suck them, making them wet with his saliva. He raises his hips just a bit, then slides my fingers between us.

"Make it good, babe," he whispers.

I find what I’m searching for, begin to rub myself slowly, gently. He smiles down at me when he feels my hand moving. Ever since that night…his fantasy night, our fantasy night, when I masturbated for him, he has encouraged me to touch myself, often asking me to do it. I can see in his eyes how much it turns him on when I do. I don’t mind, it puts me in control of my orgasm. He tends to tease me, stopping when I’m ready to come, then working me up all over again. Oh, this feels so good!

His mouth is on my throat, I can feel his tongue licking me, tasting me. The added stimulation is enough to have me panting. I’m so close, I can feel my orgasm building.

I have never been able to control the whimper that accompanies each and every orgasm. I can feel it start, feel it fill my throat.

"That’s it babe, give it to me," he whispers in my ear, just before he starts nibbling my earlobe.

Yes, yes, yes! This is so good! He feels so damned good! Suddenly I’m there, racing into oblivion, sparks of color explode behind my eyes His name is on my lips as I take flight. It feels so good…wonderful…incredible…and I’m greedy today. I want more.

He begins to move faster, deeper, each thrust more forceful than the last. I can feel his cock pushing against the very back of my well. He’s big and hard and throbbing and I know that he’s ready for his own orgasm. I push against him, pull my legs farther up, farther apart, to offer him the deepest access to my body that I can. He’s breathing hard, his breath hot against my neck. "Love me, Daniel, fill me with your love."

He raises up on his arms, and he begins to pound into me. My god, it feels so good! I can feel myself get wetter as I come again. He tosses his head back and roars out his release. He whispers my name, then drops back down onto me. I hold him close, can feel the sweat from his chest as he lays against my breasts. When he has caught his breath, he moves his arm under my hips, and rolls us over, so that I’m lying on top of him. I love to lay like this, in his arms, his cock still buried inside me. He puts one hand on the back of my neck and holds me close, the other moves gently up and down my back beneath my hair.

"Love you, Angel," he whispers.

"Love you, my heart." I wish there were other words, better words, to let him know exactly how much I do love him; how he fills my heart, my soul, how every fiber of my being vibrates with my love for him.




I raise up, put my arms on his chest, rest my chin on them, so I can look at him. He’s so handsome, I love just looking at him. He adjusts the pillow behind him, puts the hand on my ass, then smiles down at me.

"Feeling better?" he asks, smiling that sexy, half-shy smile.

"Much." It’s true, I’m not as desperate for relief as I was when he first walked in the door. I’m far from completely satisfied, however. I still crave more of his body, more of his kisses, more of him. "I take it from your…condition…when you came in that you were a bit frustrated as well." I’m teasing him, his smile lets me know that he’s in a playful mood as well.

"Duncan and Jack sent me home. Duncan told me that my eyes were about to burst into flames."

I can't help but giggle at the mental image of him sitting there, burning for me. "What were you thinking about to bring on the fire?"

His smile widens. "You."

He can make me feel like I’m the most desirable woman alive…he makes me feel so special. He can look at me, and I feel as if I could fly. He can make my soul sing, my body soar. My spirit lives only because of him.

"You were doing a little bit of burning yourself, babe. What was on your mind?"

"You." I watch his eyes, how they darken with emotion when I answer him. His arm tightens around me. I close my eyes for just a second, thinking about how lucky I am, how much I love him.

"Tired, babe?"

I open my eyes, see the concern in his beautiful blue depths. "No. Are you hungry?"

"I could go for a something to eat," he replies. His hand is caressing my ass. He’s not trying to arouse me, the caress is full love.

"Anything special that you’d like?" I try to think of what I have in the freezer that I can fix quickly. I don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen. I want to spend tonight in his arms.

He shakes his head. "Let’s just order a pizza. Then…" he breaks off, and grins at me.

"Then what?" I have a feeling I know what he’s going to say.

"Then we’re going to start all over again."

The thought of what we’ll do later makes me shiver. He kisses the tip of my nose, then reaches for the phone beside the bed. We have all the most important numbers on speed dial. Number five just happens to be the best pizza parlor in the galaxy. It’s a joke between us.

"What kind, babe?"


He orders a large pepperoni pizza, but before he can put the phone back, I take it from him. I have to talk to Tessa, have to check on my baby.

"Hi, Tessa. Just wanted to see how Emily is." Tessa laughs, and tells me that since Duncan arrived home, she hasn’t been able to hold her for a minute. I hear him in the background talking to her. He’s feeding her, she tells me. Tessa assures me that my daughter is fine, and that if I call again, she’ll unplug their phone. I can’t help but smile.

"Everything okay?" he asks me.

I nod. "It’s the first time she’s been away from me." I try to fight back a sudden rush of tears.

He puts both arms around me and hugs me tight. "She’s okay, babe. And we really need this time alone. I’m thinking that we need to get a babysitter for at least one night a week, so that we can have time for just us."

That sounds wonderful to me. I think we need time alone together. Often. "I think that’s a great idea. I know several couples who will be thrilled to watch her for us. Let’s take a shower before the pizza gets here," When I start to move off of him, he holds me, kisses me deeply, then lets me get up. He follows me into the bathroom and turns on the water while I clip my hair up out of the way.

We take our time soaping each other, we spend most of the time we’re in the shower kissing. I love his kisses! I pull on my robe, he pulls on his sweats, and he brushes my hair. We start for the living room when the doorbell rings. He gets the pizza, I get the plates and open the wine.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel decides to build a fire, not a big one, it’s really not cold enough for that. But one to give us light, atmosphere. We push the coffee table up against the sofa, and I bring out a couple of blankets. We sit on the floor eating pizza and drinking wine. We talk about everything and nothing, something we haven’t done in awhile. This feels good…I love listening to him…love the sound of his voice.

Sitting this close to the fire, I’m getting too warm. My robe isn’t that heavy, but it’s more than I want against my skin right now, so I take it off. He grins and pulls off his sweats, so that we’re both naked again. I pour more wine for both of us, and just as I’m taking a sip, he says something that makes me giggle…I spill the wine down the front of me. I always was a klutz…

His eyes darken, and he looks at me for just a second. Then he takes my glass, and his, and sets them on the table. He moves closer and leans down to lick the wine off of my skin, sucking my nipples into his mouth to clean them as well, even though there really wasn’t anything on them. His touch sends the flames shooting through my body.

He raises up, looks at me with a smile, and grabs my wineglass. "Lay down, babe," he whispers. I comply. He tips the glass and pours the wine on my body, then leans over and cleans it off of me. My skin is on fire from the touch of his tongue.

"Don’t I get any?" I ask him, a smile on my face. He grins at me, takes a mouthful, then leans over to kiss me, letting the wine fill my mouth. I swallow, his tongue still teasing mine. This is such a turn on! "More, please, Master?" I whisper. I can see the shiver that runs down his body. He takes another mouthful and gives it to me. Is there anything more sensual, more arousing than sharing a mouthful of wine? I roll to my side, take the glass, and take the last mouthful. He lays back and I press my lips to his, letting the sweet scarlet liquid fill his mouth, caress his tongue with mine as he swallows. I’ll never be able to drink wine again and enjoy the flavor. His mouth makes it the sweetest of all nectars. His arms come around me, pull me close as he kisses me. Godess, how I love his kisses!

When he pulls away from me, I feel as if my body is being deprived of the very thing that gives it life. He smiles up at me. "Let me up, babe," he says softly. I move, watch him settle himself in one of the armchairs. He’s hard, as ready for me as I am for him. He crooks his index finger at me, motions for me to join him.

I straddle him, my legs between his and the arms of the chair. I reach down and hold him while I lower myself…the feeling of him entering my body makes me sigh with joy. He puts his hand on my hips. "Don’t move," he tells me. "Just massage me."

I smile, and begin working the muscles deep inside. I wonder if Kelley ever learned how to do this. We had purchased a book together about the secrets of making love. This was one of the secrets. I used to practice every night, in the privacy of my bedroom, using my fingers. My practice has paid off, because I can grip him firmly, hold him, squeeze a bit tighter, relax just a bit, then squeeze him again. He pulls me closer, he makes love to my breasts while I continue to massage him deep inside.

"Oh, god, Angel, how do you do that?" he whispers, his voice breathless, just a bit ragged now.


He smiles. "That’s not what I meant."

"Kelley and I bought a book, and this technique was described, and it explained how to do it. So, I practiced a lot."

He looks at me. Is that jealousy in his eyes? "On whom?"

I can’t help but giggle at that look in his eyes. He's jealous! It makes me feel…special. To think that he doesn’t like the thought of me with another man, ever. I hold my hands up and wiggle my fingers.

He grins, takes my hands and gently kisses each finger. "Feels fantastic, babe," he tells me.

"Yes, it does." I squeeze him again, relish the throb his cock makes.

"Really? For you too?" I can see the surprise in his eyes.

I nod. "Yes, my heart. It feels very good to me. Every time I squeeze you, I can feel you throb. That feeling echoes all through my body. Makes me want to squeeze and hold you tighter." I clamp down on him, holding him as tightly as I can.

He hisses in a breath. "Sweet Jesus!"

I feel suddenly triumphant, as if I have won a grand prize. I can feel him throbbing as I hold him as tightly as I can. My body trembles from the feeling it gives me. I relax just a bit, then clamp down again. I do it again and again. He’s breathing harder now.

"Stop, babe. Don’t move. Don’t do anything."

He’s about to come, I know he is. I want him to. I lean forward slightly, kiss his neck, run my tongue over his jaw. "Please, Master, let me make you come." I want so badly to give him this pleasure, to watch his face as I bring him to orgasm. I kiss him, run my hands up and down his chest, his sides.

He groans…that groan that comes from deep inside him, the one that lets me know that I please him, that I'm making him feel good; the one that makes me feel like a real woman…and kisses me back. He hasn’t objected, so I begin to squeeze him again, working my body around him. I can feel him throbbing harder, faster now. I clamp down again, hold him tightly. Then I move my hips back and forth, just a little bit. Relax…move…tighten…move…relax…tighten…move…he grabs my hips tighter, thrusts twice and lets out a moan as he fills me. The look of pleasure on his face makes my heart beat against my ribs like a run-away train. He looks at me. "What about you, babe?" he whispers.

I can't hold back a smile as a totally wicked, nasty thought crosses my mind. Something I haven’t done since I was single and desperate for release. "Watch me," I whisper in his ear. I move off of him, my body not at all pleased to be pulled away from his.

The wine bottle is empty. I put the glasses on the floor, then settle myself on the coffee table facing him. I sit with my legs apart and my heels on the edge of the table. I watch his eyes as I take the bottle and begin to lick around the top of it, take it deep into my mouth to warm it and make it wet. His eyes widen, darken. He clenches his hands on the arms of the chair. When I think I’ve teased him enough this way, I lower the bottle and ease it into my wet well.

"Sweet Jesus!" he whispers as the bottle moves into me.

I use one hand to hold the bottle in me, the other I use on my swollen clit. "Oh, yeah," I whisper, and begin to move the bottle slowly. I lean my head back and close my eyes. Memories crash into my mind, I remember doing this after a party that Kelley and Gretchen and I had when we were in college, one where one of the guys I knew and I had engaged in some heavy petting. I was still a virgin at the time, well, I had never had a man inside me, but I knew what I needed. My fingers just weren’t enough. So I had gone into the kitchen, grabbed one of the empty bottles and took it back to my bedroom. I had my first orgasm with something other than my fingers in me that night. I open my eyes, look at him. He’s watching my hands, his breath coming harder now. He’s almost fully erect again. I push the bottle deeper. It’s a slender bottle, doesn’t fill me the way he does. My Stud Muffin is quite well endowed, and he fills me completely, stretches me to hold him. But this will give me what I need, for now. It feels good...my body is responding to everything I'm doing…  It’s hard to hold myself up, and move, at this point I need to move, so I lay back, let my upper body rest on the couch.

"Oh, god," I hear him whisper.

I’ve found my rhythm, and I know that my orgasm won’t take long. I’m too worked up from what I just did for him, to him. Oh, god, this feels good. I can hear him moan as he watches me. I stop just long enough to pull a couple of the pillows from the couch under me, so that I can see him. Goddess, he’s jerking off! That is such a turn on! I watch his hand move, almost the same rhythm that I’m using on my clit and with the bottle. The sight of what he’s doing, the feelings I’m giving myself are too much…I whimper, and come hard, the spasms of my orgasm make the bottle move outside my body. I hear him gasp as he watches it dance against me. As soon as I’ve climaxed, I see him relax his grip on his erection.

"You’re going to kill me, woman," he says softly.

I can only smile. I pull the bottle out of my body, set it beside me. "Did I please you, Master?"

He smiles at me. "Oh, yeah, babe. That was…incredible."

I slide off of the coffee table and down onto the floor. I’m feeling…good. But greedy as I am, I want more. He just watches me for a minute, his cock still throbbing, although he has his hands on the arms of the chair again. What he did earlier, when he was moving down my body, flashes in my mind. Makes me wonder…want…

"Daniel…" I don’t know if I can ask this. I’ve never been able to talk openly about sex…well, not what I want in bed, anyway. I can say simple things like ‘let’s make love’, or I can lead him to the bedroom, I can push his head down between my legs if that’s what I’m wanting, beg him to worship me… but to actually ask for a specific thing, I just can’t do it.

"What babe?" He moves down to lay beside me, his hand roams over by body.

I can feel my cheeks burning…  I just can’t seem to form the words.

"It’s okay, babe. Anything you want to say, just say it. It’s just you and me." His voice is tender, full of love.

"I want…" I still can’t do it. I don’t know if I’m embarrassed, or afraid he’ll laugh at me, or be repulsed…no, neither of those things would happen. I know that for fact by now. But for some reason, the words just won’t come out of my mouth.

"Here, how about this…" He starts gently kissing my neck. "Is this what you want?"

No, not that it's not pleasant, because it is...stimulating, even.

"How about this?" He lowers his head to my breasts, teases my nipples with his tongue. It feels good, but that’s not what I want. 

"I want…well…earlier…when you…" This is ridiculous! I should be able to ask a simple thing of my husband! This is Daniel! I love him with everything that I am. I know he loves me. So why the hell can’t I just simply ask him to put his cock between my breasts?

He raises up, looks at me and smiles. He knows. I’m sure he does. He raises up to his knees, then straddles me, putting his hard cock right where I want it. "Is that what you want, Angel?"

"Oh, yes!" I push my breasts together, feel how hard and hot he is…I can feel him throb. Wow, what a complete turn on!

"That feels good, Angel," he whispers. He starts moving his hips, slowly, back and forth. The sensation of his skin against mine is wonderful.

"Mmmhmm…" I’m holding my breasts tight against him, his hands are over mine. I can tell he’s close, he almost came when I did a few minutes ago. It is amazing to feel him swell and throb against the sensitive skin of my breasts. His breath is coming faster now. It won’t be long. I pull my hands gently from under his, he’s kneading my breasts now, pinching my nipples between his fingers, as well as pushing them harder against his throbbing cock. I reach around him, so that I can caress his ass. I love his ass. I let my hands run lightly over the skin, feel him shudder when I do.

"Get ready, babe," he whispers hoarsely.

Suddenly he’s coming, and I raise my head, try to catch some of it in my mouth. I only get a little from the first spurt. I can feel the hot liquid hit my neck and jaw. I look up at him, the look in his eyes tells me he is so totally turned on that it won’t be long before he’s hard again. I run my fingers through his come, put them to my lips. I have always loved the taste of him. He watches me, the blue of his eyes darker than ever.

"I swear to god, woman, you are trying to kill me," he says softly. But he’s smiling, and his eyes are full of love. He grabs a handful of napkins and gently cleans me off.

"That was totally awesome." Except in a porn flick, I have never seen a man ejaculate before. Always with Daniel he’s been in my mouth or my body, one place or the other, when he comes.

He grins. "Think so, huh?"

I nod. "Thank you."

"For what, babe?"

"For tonight. For just now. I…um…liked it." I did really did enjoy it, and from the look on his face, I know that he did, too.

He lays back down beside me, then pulls me to lay close to him. I snuggle into his arms. I love it when I’m in his arms. "Casey, I swear, you are the most incredible woman I have ever met in my life."

I raise up on an elbow and look down at him, get lost in those gorgeous blue eyes. "What makes you say that?"

He shakes his head and laughs. "I think just about every man I know would love to have a woman like you in their life, in their bed. You give so much, ask so little, you’re so willing to try anything…you’re so…amazing!"

"I love you, why wouldn’t I want to try something if it would please you?"

"That’s exactly what I’m talking about, Angel. Do you know that there isn’t one sexual fantasy left in my head? You’ve fulfilled them all!"

I can’t help but grin. Tessa and Sam and I have agreed that there is one fantasy that every man seems to share, and that is one of having two women at once. "Right. I’ll bet I could drag at least one out of you."

He grins up at me. "Yeah, like what?"

"Me and another woman in bed with you at the same time."

He looks at me for a minute, then shakes his head. "Wouldn’t work, babe. I couldn’t stand letting anybody else touch you, and no other woman could ever please me after being with you."

My heart skips a beat at his words. I can see in his eyes that he means exactly what he says. I can feel tears well up in my eyes as my love for him floods my heart, and the sweet, warm weight of his precious love for me wraps itself around me.

"Hey, what are these about?" he asks softly as he brushes away a tear that has fallen on my face.

How can I explain? What words can I use to let him know that the empty part of me, that hole in my heart that I have had since childhood, he has filled completely? How can I tell him that his love has been a healing balm to my very soul? "I love you so much, Daniel. You're so good to me, you make me feel…special. Wanted. Loved. I love you, my heart," I manage to whisper in spite of the huge lump in my throat.

"You are special, babe. I want you so much it hurts. I need you, more than you’ll ever know. I love you, babe. Always have, always will." He pulls me down so that my head is on his shoulder. "You make me feel pretty damned special too," he says.

I snuggle closer, the need to be as close to him as I can undeniable. His arm pulls me tighter against his side. "Love you."

"Love you, too, Angel."


A  A  A  A  A  A


It’s only a little after ten.I still want to make love again…still want some backdoor action. I know that he needs to take a break. He’s come four times already, and although the Fire makes him burn out of control, and his Immortality gives him stamina, I don’t want to wear him out completely. Besides, I think I need to give him time to absorb what we’ve done so far tonight. I need time to absorb it, relish it. Daniel has fought and destroyed the demons of my past, but there are still times when my upbringing can’t be overcome. I remember the day I told him about my childhood, told him that I was a slut…a whore. He told me that I wasn’t, made me repeat again and again that I was not a slut, until he knew that I believed it. He held me while I cried, held me as the weight of that lie, that pain, was finally lifted from my soul. There are times, like tonight, that I feel my behavior is very slutty. He's told me, several times, that nothing we do together, nothing that we do for one another, with one another, is anything other than lovemaking. No matter what slutty thing I do, he accepts it as a gift, something of value that I’ve given him. When he reacts that way, how can I not want to give to him whatever he desires?

"Penny for them," he says softly.

I smile. "Just thinking about how wonderful you are, and how much I love you." His response is to pull me tighter against him. "Daniel, can I ask you something?"

"Anything, babe, you know that."

"Well, did what I do with that wine bottle…that didn’t…well, it didn’t…" Why can’t I have a simple conversation about sex with my Husband?

"Babe, that was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. It turned me on…very much. You…uh…wore the result of that."

I can’t help but giggle at that. "I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for wine bottles," I admit.

I can feel him chuckle. "Really? Why?"

"Because a wine bottle was the first thing I ever orgasmed with, besides my fingers, I mean." 

"Tell me," he says softly.

"Well, in college, Gretchen, my roommate later, was living in an apartment with a couple of other girls. They were both going to be gone one weekend, so Gretch asked Kelley and I to spend it with her. We had this party, it was a blast!…and there was a guy from my math class there…well, we’d both been drinking, so we were doing a little petting. That’s not exactly true, we were doing a lot of petting. He wanted…well…you know…but I couldn’t…I couldn’t even give him a blowjob, but I gave him a handjob. By the time he left I was pretty worked up, and I just couldn’t seem to get any satisfaction from just my fingers. I had heard Kelley talking about…toys…I didn’t know much about them at the time…and I needed something, so I sneaked into the kitchen and got a wine bottle. Afterwards I can remember thinking that maybe there was something to all this sex stuff after all!"

He laughs softly. He kisses my forehead. "I wish I could have known you then. I would have loved to have been the first one for you."

That beautiful thought makes me sigh. "That would have been wonderful. But, Daniel, you really are the first, maybe not the first to…to be inside me…but you’re the first one who ever loved me, the first one who ever made love to me. I knew about sex… and…rape…I didn’t have a clue about making love until I met you."

"You’re doing it again, Case," he says, his voice dropping to a near whisper.

"Doing what?"

"Making me feel…special."

I raise up on one arm so I can look at him. "Oh, my heart, don’t you know that you are? Don’t you realize that you’re my knight in shining armor? That you’re the hero I’ve always dreamed about? That you’re the only man who could ever touch me…not just my heart, or my body, but my very soul?"

He looks at me for a minute, his eyes dark, and for just a brief second I think I see tears shining in them. He shakes his head slightly, then puts his hand behind my head and pulls me in for a kiss. It starts out soft and tender, but soon he’s letting me know with his kiss just what my words have meant to him. I’m shaking by the time he releases me. He pulls me closer, holds me tighter against him. "Love you, Angel," he whispers.

"Love you, my heart."


A  A  A  A  A  A


"I noticed the body lotion is out," he says quietly. I always get it out and just let it set there on the bedside table when I want anal sex with him. It is so annoying to not be able to simply tell him know what I want.

"If you’re interested." He’s never refused my ‘offer’ yet, but with what all we’ve done tonight, he might be too tired.

He chuckles. "Oh, yeah, I’m interested."

I snuggle deeper into his embrace. "In there, or out here?"

"Let’s do it out here. Unless you’d rather be on the bed?"

"Out here is fine. Um…can we do it…well…um…the…regular…way…only on my hands and knees first?" I am so proud of myself! I actually asked for something without stumbling all over it…well, not too much, anyway!

"Babe, if you want to do it swinging from the chandelier over the dining room table, I’m willing."

The mental image is too funny…caricatures of him and me, wearing matching Tarzan and Jane outfits, swinging on the chandelier, and has me giggling. "I doubt that it would support our weight. Although it would be interesting to try it. Would we swing because of what we were doing, you know…you moving in and out of me…or would we swing in place of it?"

He laughs out loud. "I hadn’t really thought about it. I would say we’d be swinging because of what we were doing."

I raise up, put my arms on his chest, and look down into those beautiful blue eyes. A memory flashes into my mind, one that I haven't looked at in ages. "Ever thought about making love in a tree?"

His eyes are full of laughter, and he shakes his head. "No, can’t say that I have. Do you want me to find a tree to make love in?"

"No, I don’t think so. I got my very first kiss in a tree."


I can’t believe the number of memories, good ones, that are filling my mind tonight. It's because of him…because of his love…"Yep. He was a much older man. He was eight. I was six. He was our next door neighbor. Jimmy Palmer. I was just sure I was going to marry him. But he said we had to wait until we were at least ten, that sounded so old!"

He’s laughing again, his hand moving up and down my back. "So how did this kiss come about?"

"Well, I was hiding from…her…I can’t even remember what I had done wrong that time." I was always in trouble for one thing or another, it seemed. "Jimmy always tried to comfort me when I was in trouble. So, he told me to climb the tree in his yard and hide. Well, I climbed up, and later he climbed up to sit with me, and he had a brown paper bag between his teeth. His mom had made him a peanut butter and honey sandwich, and given him some cookies for lunch. I missed my lunch, so he shared his with me."

I can feel his hand hesitate just slightly when I mention that I missed lunch. He doesn’t know how many meals I did miss when I was little because I was in trouble, of one sort or the other.

"I thanked him for sharing it with me, and told him that he was my ‘bestest most good friend in the whole wide world.’ He told me right then and there that he loved me, and when we were ten he was going to marry me and take me away from her. Then he leaned over and kissed me. Right here." I can still remember exactly where Jimmy kissed me. And I remember what Grandma Rose had said when I told her.

"What?" He's smiling…I guess because I was giggling.

"Well, when I told Grandma Rose, she said she’d be right proud to have the wedding right there in her living room."

His smile widens. "Thank god for your Grandma Rose. I think she’s the only thing that kept you from being hurt worse than you were."

I still miss my Grandma Rose. Emily is named after her, I’m grateful that Daniel agreed to that. Grandma Rose would have approved of Daniel…she would have loved him very much. "I think she was, too. She always told me that I knew in my heart what was true, and to always listen to my heart. I think that was her way of trying to protect me from the names…she…called me."


I move one arm, let my fingers trail down his flat belly to his thigh and back up. I can feel his body shiver, can see his manhood beginning to stir. I smile inwardly, do it again, letting my fingers move ever closer.

"Are you going to tease me forever, or are you going to touch me?" he asks, smiling.

"I thought I was touching you." Teasing him has always been fun, because he's such a good sport about it.

"You are such a impudent little slave! What am I going to do with you?" He asks, mock seriously.

"Love me?"

"Done deal there, babe," he says.

I move up so I can kiss him, and at the same time let my fingers do circles around his now very hard erection…I get ever closer, but never touch the hot, satiny skin. I run my fingers through the thick, curly hair. I can feel him throb, feel the heat as my fingers move around him.

He pushes me to my back, lowers his head and begins making love to my breasts. I can feel him throb against my hip, I reach down and wrap my fingers around him, gently begin to stroke him. He shivers, his hips begin to move toward my hand with each soft stroke I make. He pulls away from me, climbs to his feet. "Don’t move," he says. I watch him walk to our room. Have I ever mentioned what an incredibly fine ass Dr. Daniel Jackson has? I love watching it, touching it.

When he comes back, he stretches out beside me, lowers his head to kiss me, then begins to tease me in the same way I had him. "Payback, babe," he whispers when I can't suppress a moan of pure need. His fingers are long, strong, warm, and he can have me close to orgasm in just a minute or so. It’s sweet agony waiting for his fingers to finally slip down between my thighs. 

When he finally begins to stroke me, it's blessed relief…and a promise more pleasure to come. I need to feel him in me, need to make love again. "I’m ready, my heart."

"On your hands and knees then, babe," he whispers in reply.

I move into position, my body aching with need that only he can fill. Making love gently is wonderful…beautiful. But that's not what I need, not what I want. I want to feel him…I want to feel dominated by him. "Hard, Daniel, take me, hard."

He drives himself into my wet, aching well. "Sweet Jesus!"

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Oh goddess, that feels so good! He pounds into me, holding my hips with his hands. I come almost instantly, and can feel my orgasm building already. Before I can move my hand between my legs, he has already leaned forward and is stroking me in time with his deep, hard thrusts. I’m almost there. I twist my hips away from him slightly. "Now, love, now…get the oil." I can barely speak, barely form a coherent thought, I’m so turned on, so close to my climax.

I can feel his fingers apply oil to my ass. He pushes one, then two fingers in gently, works them around to make me ready for him. I feel him put his erection against me, and I slowly push back. He never pushes into me, he waits for me to take him in. I think he’s still afraid of hurting me. Oh, this feels good. He’s moving, slowly, gently, one hand back between my thighs. I’m so close that I can feel my back starting to arch, my thighs are beginning to quiver. "Hard, now!" Suddenly I’m there. I’m rewarded when he pounds into my body, the waves of pleasure he gives me washing over me again and again. He grabs my hips to keep me from falling away from him as the top part of my body collapses onto the floor. "Fill me, Daniel, make it good, love."

It doesn't take long before he cries out, I can feel him throb hard and fast inside me. He gently lowers my hips to the floor, lays over me while he catches his breath. "You are amazing, woman," he says softly, kissing the back of my shoulder. "Love you."

"Love you, too." If only he knew how much I really do love him.

When we finally catch our breath, Daniel pulls out of me. He puts a napkin against my ass, then helps me to my feet. He starts running water in the bathtub while I light the candles. I find some bath salts, they make the water feel so much softer. I love taking baths with him by candlelight, it’s so sensual, and relaxing as well. It’s a perfect end to a perfect night.

He settles against the back of the tub, then pulls me against him, my back to his chest. It just feels natural to lay my head against his shoulder. His hands are on my breasts, just caressing them gently, not so much to arouse me as to please himself. He’s told me that he’s in love with my breasts. I’m glad he likes them, thrilled that my body pleases him. "Are you okay?" he asks me softly.

Every time he takes me anally, he asks me if I’m all right. He worries that he’ll hurt me physically, or that memories of the night Gargantua raped me will surface. He never does, and I don't think they ever will, not as long as he's here to love me…protect me. "I’m fine, honey."

He puts his arms around me and hugs me tight against him. "Thank you for an incredible night, Angel."

I can’t help but smile. "Oh, sweetheart, it was my pleasure. Thank you for making it incredible for me."

"My pleasure, babe…what did you just call me?"

I pause, trying to remember exactly what I said, then panic fills my heart. Where the hell did I come up with that? I know that Duncan calls Tessa ‘sweetheart’, but…oh hell, I just read it in the book I’ve been reading, ‘Hidden Passion’. Maybe that particular endearment offends him…or was something special between him and Sha're, and he doesn't want that memory sullied…"I’m sorry, I just…I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry…"

I feel his lips on the side of my face. "Shh…no, babe, no…it’s okay. It’s just you’ve never called me ‘sweetheart’ before. I…uh…I like it."

I move slightly so that I can look up into his face. "Why haven’t you said something? If you want me to call you something special, I’ll do it. Master, My Lord, God of my universe…"

"Hmm…I kinda like the ‘God of your universe’ one," he says, grinning.

"I’m not really good at coming up with ‘pet names’, I guess." I have never had anyone I wanted to give special, ‘just-for-us’ endearments before. Calling him ‘my heart’ isn’t so much a pet name as just saying out loud what he is to me. I’m curious to know if there’s a reason that he likes the term ‘sweetheart’. "Does ‘sweetheart’ mean something special to you?"

He shrugs, then gives me a half smile, the shy one that always melts my heart.

"Please, tell me?" I want, need to hear why this endearment means something to him.

He closes his eyes. Talking about his childhood has never been easy for him, either. I think this is probably only the third time in all our time together that we have. "One set of foster parents that I had were really great. They were nice and I liked living with them, and they seemed to like me okay. The Parkers. Her name was Andrea, his was Neal. I was about fourteen, I guess, and almost finished with high school. In fact, it was Andrea that saw to it that I was put into all of the advanced classes, and when it was time, she fought to get me enrolled in college. Anyway, she was beautiful: tall, willowy, dark hair and eyes, guess I kinda had a crush on her. She and Neal were very much in love. She always called him ‘sweetheart’. I decided I wanted to get married, have a wife like her, someone who would love me that much, and call me sweetheart."

I can feel tears in my eyes, thinking about Daniel at that tender age, how alone he must have felt, how much his wish reflected that loneliness. I put my hand on his cheek, turn his head so that I can kiss him. "Oh, my love, you’ve suffered every bit as much as I have, haven’t you?"

He looks at me, then over at the wall. Finally he nods. "I was never physically abused, never suffered the emotional or mental abuse that you did, but I was damned lonely most of the time," he admits.

I feel my heart break; I can't hold back the tears as I feel the pain he endured. "Oh, Daniel, I’m so sorry! I wish…I wish I could take that hurt away!"

He smiles at me, runs a finger over my cheek, wipes the tears away. "You already have, Angel, you already have." He kisses me, and I offer all the comfort that I can with my kiss.

"Love you, sweetheart." His response is to hug me tighter, and kiss me again.

"Love you, Angel."

We finish bathing. It’s late, and we’re both tired now, relaxed, satiated. He helps me extinguish all of the candles, several of them have burned themselves out. He takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom.

I had forgotten about the flower petals, so I hurriedly brush them to the floor. As lovely as they are, and as sensual as it is to make love with them on the bed, I’m not so sure I want to sleep with them.

"Babe, just what the hell is this thing called?" he asks, holding up the corset that I wore earlier.

The perplexed look on his face makes me giggle. "It’s a corset."

"Corset. Okay. Just wondered." He tosses it to the chair, unhooks the chain from the bed and the collar, and lays them on top of the corset. "Needed to know what it was that makes me crazy when I see it on you," he grins.

He lays down on the bed, waits for me to settle against him, my head on his shoulder, my arm around his waist, before he turns off the light.



"Love you."

"Love you too, Angel."



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