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Robin K. Presents:

A Taste of Things to Come






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I don't own 'em. Not making any money off of them. All story ideas are original.



SG-1 is in for a shock when four very familiar teenagers walk through the Stargate and into SGC Gamma.  Can they prevent a future of terror, or will Penatil manage to win?  And things don't go as planned when Casey goes into labor in Duncan's office. 


Story Category: Angst/Drama



Stargate SG-1…

Dr. Daniel Jackson
Gen. Jack O'Neill
Lt. Col. Samantha Carter


Highlander: The Series

Duncan MacLeod
Tessa Noel



Casey Jackson
Emily Jackson
Nicholas Jackson
Aaron Desala (Ancient/Immortal)
Erin Desala (Ancient/Immortal)
Wade Michaels
Carlotta Sanchez (Immortal)
Kyle Lundstrom (Immortal)
Evelyn O'Neill
Richie MacLeod
Triad...First (Female)
          Second (Female)
          Third (Male)
'Taffy' (The Others)
Renegade Others
The Committee
Penatil (Goa'uld)
Timothy Potter (Immortal)
Dr. Michael Warnke (Immortal)
Dr. Bernard Montigue (Immortal)

Introducing Ethan Melburn Jackson




"Taste of Things to Come"
by George S. Clinton, from the 'Mortal Combat' soundtrack





No copyright infringement intended.

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