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A Taste of Things to Come

Chapter 6

Penatil was shaken. He had no idea how Jordan had managed to destroy the entire moon on which he'd been residing. His fleet had been all but destroyed. With his geneticists busy at work on the Immortal experiments, he'd been distracted, hadn't seen to it that the repaired ships were returned to his home planet as soon as he should have.

He wasn't defeated yet! He would have to start again. But he had all that he needed to do so. The Goa'uld pulled the leather pouch from the box of his belongings that his lo'taur had put on the ship. Opened it. And poured out the contents. Crushed fragments of crystals. And half a dozen small stones. He roared with anger. Struck out at the innocent human lo'taur who stood nearby.

His day was only going to get worse. His First Prime approached hesitantly. "My Lord, word comes from Penna. Jordan's ships attacked those of yours that remained there, and destroyed them, as well as your palace."

"What? How can that be? Did he not just…" Penatil dropped onto a chair. Jordan hadn't attacked him. Hadn't sent the bombs…hadn't destroyed the moon. Which meant that Potter hadn't acted alone! "Tau'ri!" he hissed. "We will go to Gamma. I will be rid of those pests!"

The Jaffa bit back his reply. He'd never seen his god…afraid; and it had been fear he had seen in Penatil's eyes when they moved away from the small moon just seconds before it was completely destroyed. Perhaps the whispers he had heard were true…that Penatil was not a god at all! He most certainly wasn't going to point out that the Tau'ri of Gamma had been able to destroy two motherships and had caused considerable damage to three others. And that if what he suspected was true…that the Tau'ri had been responsible for the setting that moon on fire, Penatil's single ship stood no chance against them. "Yes, My Lord."

Penatil slammed his meaty fist into the table beside him. How had those Tau'ri managed to get close enough to attack without his knowledge? He had ordered two al'kesh into orbit. He paused…he'd spent so many days in the laboratory…no, he was certain he'd given that order! He leaned his head back, closed his eyes. He had been so consumed with getting the notes he had found translated, and learning the secrets of Immortality that he'd ignored everything else.

The Chosen! He should have beheaded that pain-in-the-ass when he'd had the chance, rather than using him as leverage against The Beautiful One. His heart lurched as he thought of her. He could still smell her, the sweet scent that filled his dreams. The softness of her skin. The fire in her green eyes. He would have her. And he would kill The Chosen. He would take Gamma, and then he would make Jordan pay for his insolence.

His long legs took him to the pel'tak of his ship. "When we approach Gamma, send this message. Tell them that the one called Casey Jackson is to be sent to me. I will spare their a'roush if they do so. When my Jaffa take their settlement, I want the one known as Daniel Jackson brought to me. He will be executed publicly…a warning to any who would try to move against me."

The First Prime inclined his head. "Yes, My Lord."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey pulled on a clean BDU, watched Emily brush her hair. "As soon as you return, your memories will…change. You'll remember events differently. And your father and I will both be there for you."

"I hope we don't remember any of the…bad stuff," the young woman said softly.

"You won't."

"I hear it in my sleep…I see his Quickening just…fade away…" Emily bit back a sob. "I don't want to remember it anymore."

She wrapped her arms around her daughter. "You won't, Baby. I promise."

The women met up with the men in the 'gate room. Hugs were exchanged all around. Daniel hugged his children. "It's okay now," he whispered. "I promise."

Casey hugged Nicholas. "When you get back…"

The young man grinned, and held up a note. "Eth…um…well…he said to bring this…so that I'd have it when we got back. We'll let you know, Mom, I promise. Just keep the 'gate open."

She nodded. "We will."

Daniel put his arm around her shoulders, felt her trembling. "It's okay, Angel," he whispered.

With waves and smiles, the young people disappeared as suddenly as they had arrived. Five minutes passed. Then ten. Fifteen. Casey was pacing in front of the ramp, reaching out, trying to move past the barriers of time to connect with her children.


'We're okay, Mom. Everything is good here. We have to go, Dad's getting pissy, and Unka Duncan is totally torqued…he's telling us the 'gate isn't here for our experiments. Gotta go. Thanks for everything.'

'You're welcome. Love you, sweetie.'

'Love you too, Mom.'


She wiped tears from her face. "It worked. Nicholas said everything was good there, that you were getting pissy," she said to her Husband, who grinned at her. She turned to Duncan. "He also said that you were 'totally torqued', and told them the 'gate wasn't there for their experiments. Cut 'em some slack, will ya?"

Duncan grinned, hugged her tightly. "I'll think about it. Those boys must get it from you!"

She giggled. "Probably."

"Uh, boss, Colonel Bailey reports a Goa'uld mothership just entered the system. Headed this way," Kyle reported. "Thor is sending the same message."

The Highlander sighed. "Okay, team, time to take him out."


A  A  A  A  A  A


"My Lord, an Asgard ship protects the Tau'ri," the First Prime reported.

Penatil clenched his fists tightly. He would not survive an encounter with the Asgard. Not with one ship. "Very well. We will return home." Without another word he stormed from the pel'tak, returned to his quarters. He still had the knowledge of how to create Kull warriors. When he had enough, he would sweep through this galaxy, and claim it as his own. And then he would do the same with every galaxy he encountered. Because he was Penatil, the greatest of all gods!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Kyle was grinning as the team assembled to ring up to the Phoenix. "Ship left in a big hurry. Colonel Bailey thinks it was because of the Asgard."

Jack laughed. "Gotta love it! Let's call it a day, campers. I'm beat."

Wade and Methos 'gated to Regatta, where the Hak'tyl would pick them up, and they would resume their mission to meet with Morganna. Hopefully she would be a good source of intel for the SGC…unwittingly, of course.


A  A  A  A  A  A


It was nearly six-thirty when Daniel and Casey greeted their children. Casey held both of them longer than she normally did.

"Mommy, is you 'right?" Emily asked worriedly.

"I'm fine, Baby," she smiled. "I just really missed you today."

"Missed Mommy!" Nicholas said, throwing his arms around her neck.

"Missed you, Little Man." She kissed his blonde head. Looked up into the smiling blue eyes of her husband. "Ethan Melburn."


"Ethan Melburn Jackson. Your youngest son's name. Nicholas, and even Emily, managed to slip enough times for me to realize that's what we named this baby."

"I thought you liked Ethan James," Daniel replied.

"I do. But…I just thought…well, your name, and your grandfather's name have been passed on. It seems only fair that your father's name be passed on as well," she said shyly.

Daniel cupped her cheek. It was typical of her to think in such a manner. "Sounds good to me," he said softly.

Erin had gathered her things, was ready to leave. "There was quite a…disturbance…today," she said softly. She watched as Daniel's face paled. Realized what he was thinking. "It had nothing to do with what you were forced to do," she told him, putting one hand on his cheek. "There is no blame for what happened. Those responsible have been dealt with."

"Mom?" Casey asked, confused as to what her mother was talking about.

"Your father came by for a few minutes…he needed…he needed me," she said, blushing brightly. "Sometimes he just needs to hold me."

"I can relate," Daniel said softly.

"The Committee has been…replaced," Erin told them.

"Holy Hannah!" Casey breathed.

The Ancient woman smiled. "Yes, Holy Hannah. The Council of Elders was most displeased to learn that they were ultimately responsible for so much death, so much trouble. Life is sacred, and so are the laws of the Nine Levels. Each level must obey these laws, or there is chaos. The repercussions will continue for some time. This will not soon be forgotten."

"How long had that Committee been…well, been the Committee?" Daniel asked.

"From the beginning," Erin responded. "I think that there will never be a Committee allowed to remain in place for so long again."

"And who keeps this Council of Elders in line?" Casey asked.

"Those whose names we dare not speak," Erin replied. "Those who have truly transcended above all need for power…control. Who seek only to observe and guide."

The young blonde Immortal rolled her eyes. "Yeah, that's what everyone thought about the Committee, and look what happened."

"I think, that as time passes, Daniel, and you, will grow more powerful. Enough that even those on the highest levels will… respect…his words, his admonitions."

"I don't know about that," Daniel said, lowering his eyes, color rushing to his cheeks. Him, tell…God…what to do? No friggin' way!

Erin patted his arm. "I don't believe we'll have to worry about it. Goodnight, my children. I will see you in the morning."

"'Night, Mom," Casey replied. She kissed the smooth cheek, watched her mother hurry out the front door. She turned to face him. "I've always thought you were a god."

"Not funny, Case."

"Not trying to be funny," she replied. "Just telling you like it is. What do you want for dinner?" Her family followed her into the kitchen, each of them answering her question…all three talking at the same time. She giggled, and opened the freezer. "Okay, how about this…since everyone wants something different, I'm going to close my eyes, reach in, and grab a casserole."

"Just make sure it's a lasagna," Daniel teased.

"No, Mommy, chicken inch'ladas," Emily said, bouncing up and down.

"Ch'kin p'pie!" Nicholas yelled, clapping his little hands together.

She put one hand over her eyes, reached into the freezer, and pulled out a single casserole. Set it on the counter. And began to laugh.

Daniel read the label over her shoulder. "You did that on purpose!"

"I did not! I just grabbed the first one my hand touched!" she argued.

"What is it, Daddy?"

"Beef stew," Daniel replied, unable to hide his grin.

"But that's not what we wanted," Emily protested.

"It's what you're getting," Casey replied. She put the casserole into the microwave to thaw, grabbed her cookbook to find her favorite biscuit recipe. Another trip to the freezer produced a frozen apple pie that she had put together a few days earlier. It would go into the oven along with the casserole.

Daniel was gathering the ingredients she would need for the biscuits, his subtle way of asking her to make the coffee. Which she willingly did. "Thanks, babe," he said softly, running his hand over her hip as she walked by him.

"You're welcome," she replied. "Nicholas, what letter did you learn on Sesame Street today?"

The tot climbed onto his highchair. "Lettew 'T'! 'T' is fow toys!"

"That's right, sweety! What number?"

"Fouw! One, two, fwee, fouw!"

"Very good, Little Man! What about you, Baby? Did you learn anything interesting in school today?" Casey asked her daughter. Who launched into a description of how the first white settlers had arrived on a continent on Earth known as North America.

Daniel sipped his coffee. Fixed the wheel on the dump truck that Nicholas thrust at him. Listened to his daughter. Watched his wife roll out biscuit dough. This was what kept him going. What made getting out of bed…made fighting the Goa'uld…made being The Chosen One…worth the hassle. Worth the pain. He winked at her when those green eyes flickered in his direction. Grinned at the slight blush on her cheeks. God, he loved how she blushed! So damned beautiful!




Silly songs had been sung. Three chapters of 'David Copperfield' had been read, taking longer as Casey quietly explained to Nicholas what was happening in the story. Answering questions from Emily. The kids were tucked in, and were already asleep.

Casey stood in the doorway of Emily's room, watching her daughter sleeping.


She smiled over her shoulder at him. Leaned back against him when his arms went around her waist. "She's a beautiful little girl. She was a beautiful young woman."

"Yes, she was. Will be," Daniel replied softly.

"She was so very angry with me. Until she understood."

"Understood what?"

"That you're all that holds the darkness away from me. That I can't live…can't function without you."

Daniel smiled. "Apparently she forgot that I can't live, can't function without you, either."

"Two halves of the whole," Casey whispered. "We're two halves of the whole."


"Forever," she repeated. She leaned up and kissed his chin. "Let's take a shower."

"Sounds like a good idea," he smiled. He led her to their room, and their bathroom.

As always, they gently, tenderly bathed one another, whispers of love, giggles and soft touches reassuring, pleasing…arousing. She giggled again when he swept her into his arms and carried her to the bed.


The Triad watched quietly. What had occurred had not been totally unexpected. Suspicions had been mounting among The Beings of Light. When the Council of Elders began to question them, they were certain that something was wrong. The Beings of Light had notified the First Triad to be especially vigilant in watching over The Chosen One. If a champion was needed, he would be the only one capable of facing powerful enemies. First suspected that the Elders were not as surprised that the…gifts…of The Chosen, and His Chosen, continued to grow, as those on the lower levels had been. Nor would she be surprised to learn that those gifts would continue to grow.

"Let us leave now," First smiled. "I believe that The Chosen and His Chosen will make love now."

"As they do every night," Second giggled.

"His need for her is great," Third admitted. "Nearly as great as his grief when she was taken from him."

"Perhaps more so," First said. "And it is not our concern. That he is safe is all that we need to worry about." She led her companions away.


Daniel pulled her close. "Love you."

"Love you, too," she murmured, settling at his side, her head on his chest. She listened to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. Ran her fingers up and down his chest, heard the quickening of that beat.

"Need you, Angel."

She looked up at him. "No more than I need you, Stud Muffin," she whispered. She began to place tiny kisses on his skin, around his nipple, over the cleft between his pecs, around the other nipple. Smiled inwardly as his breath caught, and then sped up. She wasn't surprised when his hands wrapped around her face, brought her up to his for a kiss. Nor was she surprised when she was suddenly on her back, looking up into blue eyes, eyes full of love…full of desire.

Her eyes sent messages of love that his very soul responded to. He gently caressed her cheek, then began to take comfort from those sweet lips once again. When her arms tightened around his shoulders, pulling him closer, his heart sighed with happiness. Once again she had saved him. He had been…forced…to do the unthinkable. It had nearly destroyed him to do so. Her love, her faith in him, had seen him through. His battered heart, his wounded soul, needed her gentle touch as much as his body did.

His lips moved over hers gently, his tongue moved into her mouth so tenderly, touching her, tasting her as if she were too delicate for more demanding thrusts. She let him take what he wanted, what he needed, until her own desires, her own needs began to make demands on her. With a caress of her tongue against his, she took control. Slipped into his mouth to taste him, to touch him, reveling in the shivers she felt beneath her fingertips. As she so often did, without even being aware of it, she sent her love to him, wrapped him in its warmth. Felt that love returned measure for measure.

He smiled inwardly as she fought with him for control of the kiss, the struggle turning him on, making his already aching cock harder, throb faster. His entire body was on Fire for her. She was the only one who could satisfy him. Her love was the only thing that could calm the raging need that rushed through him. He kissed her until he felt her relinquish her very will to him. The soft sigh that she gave when he began to kiss and lick and nibble that elegant neck fanned the flames that burned in him.

Every touch of his lips, of his tongue against her skin sent fingers of pleasure up and down her spine. She shivered when he marked her, the sensations making her hard nipples begin to ache for attention. She could feel the responses in his body as well, knew that he was taking as much as he was giving. She was certain, however, that she was receiving much more than he could ever take. When he began to kiss and lick and nibble his way toward her breasts, she couldn't hold back the gasps that his touch elicited.

Settling himself on her, he wrapped his hands around those beautiful breasts, took his time greeting each nipple, making certain that every inch of the delightful orbs was the recipient of his full, undivided attention. Her back was completely off the bed as she continued to arch into his caresses. Like she did every time he made love to her. He shivered with the thrill that came from the knowledge that only his touch could arouse her, only his touch was accepted…wanted…needed. As much as he needed her, she needed him. Works out rather well, he thought smugly, that deep, mutual need. He teased a rosy nipple until he was certain that it could harden no farther, then teased it some more…just to be sure.

He was suckling with abandon, his mouth taking one nipple until she thought she'd cry out from the sheer pleasure, and then he would leave it to kiss and lick his way to its twin, and give it the same treatment. Her hands were in his hair, fingers clenched around the dark blonde locks. Tendrils of fire danced from her breasts, through her belly and filled her very center, creating more and more need as the Fire burned ever hotter, flames reaching higher with each caress.

That sweet, hot little twat was pressed up against him, her hips pushing with every nip he took of her breasts. Her breath was coming faster with each pass his tongue made over her skin. When he slid down and began to lavish his attention on her belly, gently caressing the slight curve that indicated his baby was growing inside her, tiny sounds of need were filling the back of her throat. He so loved it when she was burning, the Fire preventing her from remaining silent as he made love to her. He teased her, tormented her, every caress adding fuel to the inferno that was burning in her, added to the heat of his own Fire.

She watched him as he made his way to her hips. His eyes locked with hers, the blue filled with such love, and not a little satisfaction that he was driving her out of her ever loving mind. His mouth moved from one hip to the other, leaving her skin damp…he nuzzled the soft, carefully trimmed curls that covered her mons. His hands wrapped around her thighs, pushed them gently apart as he slid lower on the bed. He was about to send her flying. She shivered with anticipation.

So damned sweet! He took a deep breath of that heavenly aroma, shivered as her scent filled his nose, his lungs, his very being. Prepared himself for the jolt of Fire that would race through him when his tongue took the first taste of that delectable flesh. He pressed kisses on the skin of her thighs. He'd shaved, so when he rubbed his face against her, she merely giggled. He grinned, then carefully licked her from top to bottom and back again. The resulting shiver that her body gave pleased him. His own body was making demands that could be ignored no longer. His tongue carefully examined her, moved over every soft, swollen fold of her womanhood. His gaze still focused on those amazing green eyes, taking satisfaction in the Fire that raged in the beautiful emerald depths, he shoved his tongue into her, took the flood of her sweet, sweet honey when she gasped, thrust her hips up against his face.

The look of hunger, of desire, of rapture that filled his eyes in quick succession mesmerized her as she watched him take his fill of her, taking what she gave him, what he needed from her. Her toes were on the edge of the cliff, she was looking at the clouds she was about to soar into as he continued to make love to her. She couldn't hold back the tiny moan that escaped when his fingers slid into her and began to stroke her. When he clamped his mouth over her sensitive clit, she whimpered softly, reaching for the climax that danced in front of her. Her body was tense, waiting for that explosion of pleasure that would send her sailing into the heavens.

Her thighs were beginning to quiver against his shoulders. When that beautiful whimper filled her throat he slowed the pace of his fingers, began to lick the wet folds, listened to her soft pleas.

"Please…let me come…please," she begged breathlessly, hanging on the very edge of the precipice.

With a victorious grin, he began to tease that hard, swollen little nub until her hips were moving against his face. One hand held her steady, the other began to stroke deeper, harder. He flicked his tongue over her clit, her gasp letting him know that he had her right where he wanted her…seconds from taking flight. Once again he clamped his lips over her, sucked her clit into his mouth as his tongue continued to tease it. Listened to her sing her love to him as she cried out.

She could feel the muscles of her well clench and convulse around his fingers, felt him move down to take the flood of honey her climax produced, felt his tongue push as deep into her as possible. She closed her eyes as the waves of pleasure ebbed and flowed over her, through her, taking her higher and higher until she was spiraling among the stars. When he kissed and licked his way back to her lips, her hands moved over his arms, his shoulders, until she could once again wrap her arms around him, hold him close, feel the hot skin of his chest as it pressed against her breasts.


"Much," she whispered. "My turn."

He grinned. She never allowed him to pleasure her without returning the favor. He had often thought about the fact that he'd never had a lover as in tune with his own needs, nor one so damned determined to make love to him just as passionately, with just as much care as he made love to her. He was certain that the reason the physical aspect of their lovemaking was so incredible was due to the fact that their very hearts and souls were entwined, that they were so deeply in love with one another that it was difficult to tell where one ended and the other began.

Her hands pushed gently against his broad chest until he was laying on his back. For one moment the anguish he'd suffered filled her mind. She'd been terrified that what he had been forced to do had broken him completely…that his gentle, loving heart had been unable to withstand the agony of what had happened. She began to place gentle kisses on his cheeks, his closed eyelids, his jaw, the tip of his nose, his chin. When she finally pressed her lips against his, waited for him to work the combination that would allow him access to her mouth, she dove into him, trying her damnedest to pull out every bit of pain she could find, to shove it as far away from him as possible.

His arms went around her slender frame, held her close when her kissed deepened. It was as if she were trying to pour her very soul into him with her kiss. He could feel her reaching into him, searching for, finding the pain, pulling it out of him. He struggled, she had enough pain of her own to deal with, she didn't need to take his as well. She was persistent, however, and soon he could feel the pain…the shame…of what he had done beginning to ease. Her love, her forgiveness filled him until there was room for nothing else. She was the balm his soul needed. He relaxed, let her heal him. Knowing that she would not relent until she was certain that his heartache had been eased as much as she was able to ease it. Heart of The Chosen. His Heart. Mending him. Loving him.

She felt his surrender. Felt him give over to her comfort, felt him allowing her to take it all. She let go of her own pain as she sent his away, until nothing was left but love…desire…Fire. She moved her lips over his jaw, to his throat. Ran her tongue lightly over his ear, smiled at the slight shiver she felt in the strong body beneath hers. Felt his arms tighten when she began to suckle on the muscle behind his ear that so turned her on. Moved down to lick the hollow of his throat, up to tease his Adam's apple, not content until he had swallowed twice from the gentle pressure. She left her mark on him before moving to his collarbones.

Fire raced up and down his spine and straight into his throbbing cock when she began to tease his nipples with her tongue. Her hands were in constant movement, caressing him so gently, with so much love that his heart was soaring as high as his body. When she moved down to his belly, the soft curves of her breasts brushing against him, he couldn't help but smile. She would tantalize him until he was nearly out of his mind before she finally allowed him to find relief. And he would love every second of it.

She could feel his erection pressing up against her chest. She grinned mischievously as she moved slowly, deliberately against him, letting her breasts rub against that warm, throbbing flesh. His gasp let her know that her attention was having the desired effect on him. She held his gaze with her own, the flames in his blue eyes telling her that he was burning out of control, as she began to kiss and lick his belly. When she thrust her tongue into his navel, he gasped again, the shivers in his body an indication that he was getting close to the end of his endurance. Never taking her eyes from his, she let her tongue move over the head of his swollen shaft. Took that teardrop of precum to her mouth, then went in search of more. She shifted until she was over him, her hands on his thighs. The only thing touching his cock was her tongue.

Sweet Jesus, she's trying to kill me! He watched her, the Fire that burned, the pleased look she had as she continued to torment him. Watching that pink tongue move over and around his cock was enough to drive him insane! Come on, he begged silently, suck me…please suck me! He knew exactly what that sweet mouth, and those soft hands could do for him, and his body was straining, every muscle taut as he waited for those sweet caresses.

It was difficult not to giggle out loud. His eyes, his entire body was begging for her touch. She reached up and began to gently caress his heavy balls. The other hand went around the base of his shaft, began to stroke him with slow, steady movements. He had taken a breath, was waiting for her to take him into his mouth. The question of how long he could hold that breath danced across her mind…another giggle that had to be suppressed. His hands were full of her hair, and clenched tightly. She ran her tongue from his balls to the tip of his shaft and back again. When she finally sucked him into her mouth…hard and fast, his shoulders came up off the bed, and his gasp echoed around them. Oh, yeah, she thought, grinning inside. I own you, baby!

Her eyes were dancing, and when she finally started sucking him, she was so damned proud of herself he could feel it. Little minx! She was driving him crazy and she knew it…and not only did she know it, she was reveling in it! Oh, god…that's it, he thought, his eyes drifting closed as fingers of pleasure began to wrap around him. The woman knew exactly what to do, and when to do it. That talented tongue of hers was working him over as if there was no tomorrow. He pulled one leg up, let it fall to the side, allowing her more access to his body as she continued to caress him.

Velvet and steel. Hard and fast. He was throbbing hard and fast. Which meant he was close. She wasn't quite ready to let him fly…not just yet. She let him fall from her mouth, began to lick him like a lollipop. Her favorite sucker, she thought, giggling to herself. The fact that his hips kept moving up toward her, trying desperately to force her to do what he wanted only added to her delight. Okay, if the hips needed attention…she began to kiss and lick him, nibbling on his hipbones. Smiled against his skin when he groaned his dissatisfaction. Her hands were on his thighs again, gently caressing the strong muscles there.

She was most definitely trying to kill him. No doubt about it. He was going to keel over dead, a heart attack…from need. His heart was hammering against his ribs, and he knew from experience that when she finally let him go over the edge, it would be doing its best to beat its way out of his chest. Her hands went back to his balls and the base of his shaft, and when her mouth closed around him once again, he sighed. His hips were meeting her as she bobbed up and down on him. He opened his eyes… he loved to watch that blonde head moving between his legs. It was such a turn on!

It was time. She had teased him long enough, the signals his body sent let her know that he'd reached the brink of his endurance. She shifted slightly, pressed her tongue against the underside of his throbbing shaft, set up and maintained the rhythm that would send him to paradise. His balls tightened in her hand. She tugged gently…she wanted him to get off…but not just yet. Just another minute. Her hand was moving in time with her mouth, twisting gently each time, causing such a hard throb that it was difficult to keep her tongue in place.

When he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat, he knew the ride was over. She began to swallow, and his eyes rolled back in his head as pleasure…so intense it was damned near painful…washed over him. His toes curled as he took flight, the spasms that sent his creamy white love down her throat so hard they shook his entire body. He collapsed into a boneless, mindless heap as she gently licked him clean.

She took everything he gave her, then began to lick and kiss her way to his lips. His arms went around her once again, held her tightly. She kissed him, could feel his love with every touch of his lips, his tongue against hers. She slowly pulled away. "Feel better?"

"Feel great," he said lazily.

"Good," she smiled. She put her head on his shoulder, snuggled close. Content that not only had his body been pleasured, but his heart…his soul had found solace as well.

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