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 The Devil In the Details

Chapter 10

Wednesday, 1610 hours

Zeus studied his opponent. "She is very beautiful."

"And she will be mine," Ba'al replied.

"Then you're more the fool than I thought," Zeus replied. "Hers is a rare heart. It will love once, and only once. That love will be complete and all consuming. You can kill her husband. But her love for him will not die."

Ba'al sipped his wine. He'd contemplated that thought before. He pushed it away. He was Ba'al! The mightiest of all Goa'uld! Even now he sat poised to rule the entire galaxy! Casey would love him. Even if he had to subject her to the ritual of the Purification Ceremony. He would perform the delicate adjustments to the memory device himself...he wanted her heart, not a devoted Jaffa. He would take her to the Holy Pool of Sacred Water, and he would wash her with his own hands. Everything in her past would be just that. She would step to his side a wholly new woman. They would consummate their marriage on the Altar of Life. And she, and her gift of sight, would be his for eternity. "I disagree."

Zeus shook his dark head. Thinking of that damned ker'nish'ta, he thought, watching his opponent's eyes. It's original variant, nish'ta, worked well for brain washing. The altered chemical was dangerous if not used with care. What good was even a slave if the most basic knowledge was permanently erased? Even if Ba'al erased Casey's memory, in an attempt to make her forget her husband, she would still never love the Goa'uld. A heart like hers would know, somehow. He'd experienced such a thing himself. There had been two who'd loved as deeply as the gods. They'd been legendary among their people. And when he had killed the husband of the woman he'd lusted after, even with the nish'ta, she had never loved him. She'd walked off the roof of his palace, falling to her death on the rocks below. The memory of her husband may not have remained in her mind, but it was never removed from her heart.

Ares snorted. "She will be the death of both of you! She has you thinking with your cocks, and not your brains!"

Zeus looked at his son. "A woman that beautiful does not stir your heart and body?"

The youngest of the three Goa'uld refused to answer. She was beautiful. And she stirred his body to painful awareness. But she was wild and dangerous. Far too insolent. However...with the proper training, she'd no doubt be entertaining. To have Thanatos in the body of Daniel Jackson, and to take that wild beauty...he shivered imperceptibly. That would be a delightful time, indeed.

"Casey will be my Consort. And she will stay at my side willingly," Ba'al said firmly.

"She will do anything to protect her husband. But staying at your side to spare his life is not the same as winning her heart, and her love," Zeus said quietly. He could almost feel sorry for Ba'al. He didn't think he'd ever known the Babylonian god to have fallen in love...until now.

Ares scowled at Ba'al. "We made a bargain...Jackson for my loyalty!"

"It seems that it is you who are thinking with your cock," Zeus taunted. He'd taken a male lover or two. However, he preferred women, sometimes several at once. His son's preoccupation with Thanatos had been one of the reasons for...removing...that young Goa'uld from Ares' life. Perhaps he should find a nubile young woman, and place Thanatos in that body. He'd learned that the friend and lover of Ares had been quite successful in controlling the self-declared 'god of war'.

Ba'al waved a hand lazily. "If and when I decide to hand Jackson over to you, I will do so."

"We had a bargain!" Ares thundered.

"Remember to whom you speak!" Ba'al retorted hotly. "You are nothing, Ares! You breathe only because it suits me that you do so!"

Seething, Ares rose to his feet. "I will not stay and listen to this!"

"You may return to your ship. Your presence is no longer required," Ba'al said, a smirk on his face. By dismissing Ares, he'd taken away any show of independence the Goa'uld might have been attempting to make.

Zeus frowned, watched as his son stormed from the room. "He is a fool."

"Yes, he is," Ba'al agreed readily.

"I should have killed him," Zeus sighed.

"I probably shall."

"No doubt. I believe that all that needed to be accomplished has been done, do you not agree?"

"I suppose so." Ba'al was slightly put out that he had not been able to send the Greek god away, a show of power, of ownership. However, with Zeus he would tread lightly. Until his ships were in position. He would conquer the First World, challenge the Asgard, and would reign supreme. And then with the cooperation of the other Goa'uld in the galaxy, he would destroy the god known among the Tau'ri as the father of the Greek pantheon.

"I shall return to my ship. The next time we meet, I will destroy you," Zeus warned.

"Perhaps it shall be I who destroys you," Ba'al countered easily, his confidence filling the air around him.

"Perhaps." Zeus sheathed his knife, stood to his feet. "This meeting has been most entertaining...and enlightening."

Ba'al frowned as he watched the Goa'uld turn on his heel and walk away. It would be a simple matter to order Zeus killed, and to destroy his ships where they sat. But it was not the way things were done. It would not be the power play that would garner him the respect, and fear, of the other System Lords. There were rules to be followed, and follow them he would...this time. He motioned Gemeti forward. "Have the musicians sent to the throne room. Then bring Casey and Jackson to join me there."

"Yes, My Lord."

Ba'al pushed away from the table, the food that covered it barely touched. Not that he noticed, or cared. Casey had requested the musicians the previous night. She wouldn't be denied hearing them this night. She would learn that he would give her anything she wanted...anything in the galaxy. Anything, except the life of her husband.


A  A  A  A  A  A


When Gemeti entered the room, Casey and Daniel were just finishing their meal. "Lord Ba'al wishes for you to join him."

Daniel tossed the linen napkin onto the table. Stood with a sigh. "I suppose we should see what he wants."

"I suppose so." Casey glanced down at herself. "I should change."

"I'd prefer it if you did," Daniel admitted, his eyes moving over her. The gown gave more than just hints at the more intimate details of her body. "But let's not risk pissing him off. Not just yet."

Parading around in a silk gown that left little to the imagination, simply for Ba'al's pleasure, wasn't on her list of 'things-I-want-to-do'. However, if Daniel thought it would be better for her to remain dressed as she was, then she would keep the gown on. She took comfort from him when he wrapped his hand around hers, laced their fingers together.

The lo'taur didn't know what had been said, only that neither the man nor the woman seemed at all pleased at being disturbed. Did they not realize that Ba'al was a mighty god? That what they wished was nothing, that they existed to please him? Or was it different for these strangers? She had heard the whispers, that the Tau'ri were free, and had been free for a very long time. What must it be like to live without the bonds of servitude...the shackles of slavery...to a Goa'uld System Lord?

Casey cocked her head to one side.

"Angel?" Daniel asked, halting mid-stride, turning to face her.

"I think it's about to become very crowded around here, if Zeus and Ares haven't already left," she said softly.


"I think so," she affirmed. "Not alone. And definitely not happy. This could get ugly."

"Thor is monitoring as much as he can," Daniel assured her. "If things get too bad, he'll beam us out."

She looked up into the calm blue eyes of the man she loved. If he wasn't worried, then there was no need for her to worry. "The sooner we go home, the happier I'll be!"

"Me, too, Angel," he murmured.

Gemeti, who had stopped in the doorway, cleared her throat. That the two had stopped to talk was nerve-racking. Ba'al was liable to be angry by the time she finally appeared with the couple in tow. When her god was angry, his fist could be cruel.




The musicians, a group of older women from the harem, those who were chosen less often for their 'services', but were musically inclined, were waiting patiently on the dais that stood at one end of the throne room, near the door through which the lo'taur ushered Ba'al's guests.

While he would have preferred that Casey sit beside him, as she had on several of the evenings when she had been with him before, Ba'al knew that to even suggest it would begin a battle of wills with her. It would also anger Jackson, and he was too weary to deal with the Tau'ri at the moment.

So two chairs waited, on the step just below his throne, facing the dais. He motioned them forward when the couple hesitated just inside the door.

Daniel struggled to keep his face neutral. The chairs that Ba'al had pointed to were sitting several feet apart. Nope, not gonna play that game. There was no way that he was going to allow that snake to even pretend that Casey was his consort. He grabbed the first chair, slid it across the floor until it was beside the second. Then dropped into it at the same time Casey settled herself in the second chair. She slipped her arm between his bicep and his ribs, wrapped her fingers around his hand. He didn't look up at Ba'al. But he was certain the snake wasn't at all happy at the display of affection. He happened to know it had been done without conscious thought. Which made the move all the sweeter. He tightened his fingers around hers, prepared for the snake to begin objecting.

Ba'al frowned when he watched as Casey snuggled as close to Jackson's side as she could get. Caught only a word or two as she spoke softly, in Goa'uld, her lips near his ear, his head tilted toward her. She was telling him about the music...how beautiful it was.

Gemeti lowered herself to the floor at the feet of her god. Was surprised when his hand began to move over and through her hair, an almost absent caress. It had been many days since he'd shown her any affection. She leaned slightly against him, praying that she was reading his mood correctly.

"You may begin," Ba'al said to the woman in charge of the musicians.

The woman recognized Casey. Understood that she had left the ship; either on her own or forced - depending upon who was telling the story - and that Ba'al had been in a state of fury when he'd learned of her escape. She remembered how the slender blonde would close her eyes as she listened. One piece in particular seemed to be a favorite, bringing a smile to her lips each time it was performed. With whispered instructions, the woman took the small harp that she played, and plucked at the strings. Soft and low, the first notes filled the air, building in tempo and volume as each instrument played an arpeggio, the music bringing to mind birds and small animals. Soon the separate melodies merged together to become one song.

She knew this particular piece. It always reminded her of a forest. She closed her eyes, unaware of the smile on her face. Let the music wash over her, soothe her tattered nerves.

The audience in the room - Ba'al, Daniel and Casey, Gemeti, and half a dozen Jaffa - listened attentively as the selections moved from what sounded like love songs, to lively songs that resembled marches.

One particularly haunting melody had Casey on her feet, tugging at Daniel's hand. He smiled, stood to his feet, and took her into his arms, moving slowly in time to the music. He dared to look at Ba'al. Met cold, angry dark eyes. He didn't know that his own gaze was filled with ice, and an unspoken challenge.

There was so much love between the couple, who stood locked in an embrace, their bodies swaying to the music, that it was tangible. It was more than he could take. The final notes had barely died away when Ba'al stood to his feet. "Enough. Take them to their quarters."

The Jaffa who had been 'assigned' as the guards for the Tau'ri led the two toward the corridor. Casey hesitated at the door. Turned and looked over her shoulder. "Thank you. I had a lovely time," she said softly.

He stared after her. She'd always thanked him for allowing her to listen to the music. But never had she spoken of enjoying the performances. No doubt the presence of her husband was the reason for that. Zeus was wrong. Casey understood that he loved her. Knew just how gentle, how generous, he could be. Once he was rid of Jackson, he would win her heart, and her love. He was certain of it.

Determination to know what she would say to Jackson, if she would tell him of the nights they had spent together, listening to his musicians, had him hurrying to his quarters.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Daniel reminded their Jaffa guard of the regular check-ins with the SGC, and they were taken to the pel'tak without argument. Walter told them that while everyone assigned to the SGC was on the base now - the response to Major Carter's discovery of more Goa'uld ships in the vicinity - most were trying to grab a bit of sleep. And that Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c were still 'busy'.

The archaeologist reported that so far nothing had changed, and it looked as if their assumptions were correct. He promised to check in again per the schedule Jack had set up. They were taken to their quarters, hearts heavy with the knowledge that no one had yet come up with a plan to get them out of the mess they were in.

The door was locked behind them. "That was entertaining," Daniel mused, toeing off his shoes, tugging his socks from his feet. "Very interesting use of the instruments on several of those melodies."

"Listening to them was the only time I could dream myself back to you," Casey said softly. "I could close my eyes, and pretend the hand wrapped around mine was yours."

He reached out, took hold of her wrist and tugged her close to the bed where he was sitting. "It's okay, Angel, we're together, and we'll be all right."

"I...I could use a shower," she said, tugging her lip between her teeth.

Warm showers always soothed her when she was upset. He had a feeling he knew why she felt the need for such comfort. It was a means of washing away the stress of the evening...cleansing the touch of the Goa'uld she'd been forced to have dinner with from her skin, he thought. "Would you like company?"

She gave him a trembling smile. "It's required."

Daniel took her to the bathroom, started the water in the shower. They undressed one another, Casey pushing the shirt from his shoulders, then tugging at the zipper of his pants, kneeling down to pull them, and his boxers, free from his body. He pushed the ribbons that held the gown in place, watched them fall down her arms, exposing her breasts to him. His hands forced the gown past her hips, and the silk forming a puddle of green on the floor at her feet. She twisted her hair and clipped it up, baring her shoulders completely. Neither of them noticed that the eyes of the falcon on the wall mural above the shower began to glow.




Ba'al activated the orb. Finally they were in the room. His Jaffa had already sent the transcript of the evening's communication with the SGC to his linguists for translation. So far there had been nothing, not one word that would give him a hint as to what the Tau'ri were planning.

He could see her, it appeared that there was water running in the shower. He didn't see Jackson. His heart sped up at the thought of watching his Beloved as she bathed. Another memory stirred, one of her bathing, the water and soapy foam dripping from pink nipples...his body reacted ardently.

She was standing with her back to him, he could see only from the top of her head to the beginning curves of her shoulders. She remained where she was, not moving. What was she doing?




"Relax," Daniel whispered, just before his tongue traced the delicate whorl of her ear. "Close your eyes, Angel. Think of the music."

She obeyed, smiling slightly as his hands began to move over her, caressing her, arousing her. His hands moved down her arms, his fingers tangled with hers for a moment, before moving to her hips; gliding slowly, softly up her sides, over her ribs, until his hands were cupping her breasts. She gasped slightly when his thumbs moved over nipples that hardened at his touch.

"So soft," he murmured. "Your skin is so soft."

It was impossible to hold back the moan that escaped when one hand slid back down her belly, fingers pushing between her thighs, stroking that moist, tender flesh gently.

His own soft moan hit the air when one soft hand reached back between them, wrapped around his throbbing cock. "Oh, yeah," he whispered, when she began to stroke him gently.

"Let's get washed, I want to hold you," she whispered.

"I want to hold you, too."




Ba'al hissed with frustration when he saw Jackson's head next to Casey's. Apparently she was standing in front of her husband. Although it was impossible to see more from this angle, he assumed that Jackson was caressing her...neither of them were moving. He continued to watch as she moved forward. Jackson was now behind her, both of them naked. No doubt now that the Tau'ri had been touching her, not even the distance of the monitoring device could obscure the look of pure lust that filled her eyes when she turned to face him. His body hardened at the sight of her standing there, her supple body exposed fully to his view. He nearly groaned out loud when she wrapped her hand around the cock that stood hard and ready from Jackson's body. He was surprised...the man was far more muscular than he'd thought. He refused to pay heed to the length and girth of the Tau'ri's rigid manhood. Pushed away the echo of her voice as she tauntingly described his own size as 'average'.

When Casey leaned forward and placed a kiss on Jackson's throat, Ba'al wanted to throw something...anything. Never had she touched him. Nor had she allowed him to touch her. Soon. Soon he would be the one receiving such tender caresses from her.




She was trembling as they stood beneath the warm spray of water, the stress of the evening's events taking their toll on her. Daniel wrapped his arms around her, held her tightly...just as he always did when she was feeling frightened or worried or stressed. "When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do, is take a look at you, then I'm not so blue..." he sang softly, remembering a hot summer afternoon when she'd needed comforting.

With a sigh, she leaned against him, her arms locked around his neck. "When you're close to me, I can feel your heartbeat, I can hear you breathing in my ear..." she sang in return.

"Wouldn't you agree, baby you and me have a groovy kind of love," they sang in unison, their voices soft, filled with that love. Daniel pulled her close, continued to hum as he held her.

Beneath the warmth of the water their lips met, their tongues dancing back and forth, taking and giving in equal measure. Need and desire collided, urging them through the routines of washing one another, each gentle touch, every tender caress as much foreplay as what they would do to, and for, one another once they moved to the bed.

As soon as she was dry, Daniel unclipped her hair. Watched it cascade down her back, over her shoulders. His eyes declared his love, the shiver that moved over his body shouted out his need. He scooped her into his arms, carried her to the other room. If the lo'taur or one of the Jaffa or Ba'al came waltzing through the door right now, he'd strangle them with his bare hands. He wanted...he needed to be with her; to hold her, taste her, feel the reassurance of her love, comfort her with his. Again, the fact that the eyes of one of the hieroglyphs on the wall were glowing went unnoticed.

He laid her gently on the bed, stretched out beside her when she shifted toward the middle. Reached out to brush a wisp of blonde silk from her face. For one moment where they were invaded his thoughts. He firmly pushed the unnerving knowledge away. The memory of holding her, loving her in that dark storage room, hiding from the Goa'uld, played across his mind. He shivered slightly. "I love you, Casey. No one will ever take you from me, I promise," he whispered.

Her fingers moved over his jaw, up to run through his hair. "I love you, Daniel," she whispered in return. She smiled when he caught her fingertip between his teeth, then sucked it gently. "I'm terrified, you know."

"I know."

"He can do anything to us, he could just...take off!"

"I know."

"We have to stop him."

"Yes, we do."

"I hate being here!"

"Me, too, Angel."

"Hold me? Please...hold me," she begged in a soft whisper.

He pulled her close, let her settle against his chest, his arms locked around her. "I'm here, Angel."

She nestled her head against his shoulder. She could feel the hard length of his manhood beneath her. The sensations sent messages to her brain that forced all thoughts other than those of pleasing him from her mind. She began to kiss his shoulder, moved to his throat.

He shifted slightly as she slid off him, her mouth never leaving his body. The journey of discovery had begun. And while it was a journey they'd taken many times together, it was always one of amazement...one of pleasure...one of love. He closed his eyes when she began to tease the brown disks on his chest, her tongue flickering over each nipple, the sensations enough to have him breathing harder. Her hand had closed around his shaft, stroking him gently as she made love to his chest and belly, her lips warm and soft against his skin.

She was well aware of the fact that he needed to get his fix. In the back of her mind she knew that they might be...interrupted. She'd expected Ba'al to send someone the night before, just to make certain that they weren't able to be together. But he hadn't, and they'd been able to make love orally. Tonight she wanted...she needed...more. She needed to be surrounded by that wondrous feeling of being one with him, to hold him tightly, and know that he was with her, safe and alive, and that he loved her.

When she turned her head towards the anaconda that throbbed and waved for her attention, and licked the teardrop of precum from that tiny slit, he moaned. She made herself comfortable between his thighs; his body tensed, waiting for her most intimate kiss...for the caresses and touches that would drive him out of his mind.

Velvet covered steel. Soft and warm and hard. She ran the tip of her tongue around the ridge of the swollen, mushroomed head of his erection. Felt his hips jerk. She wrapped her lips around him and sucked gently, just on the tip. His second moan pleased her as much as the first.




Ba'al adjusted the angle of the monitoring device. Moved his hand over another control. There was no need for the room to be brightly lit to see what was occurring within its walls. Her back was towards him, her sexy ass resting on her feet as she bobbed up and down. He watched Jackson wind one hand in her hair, the other clenched at his side. He could even see the man's toes curling as Casey made love to him. He had heard the whispers, would see to it that his linguists translated every word. Many times conversations held in the bed were not as carefully guarded. How many secrets had he discovered, having sent one of his loyal Goa'uld to seduce one enemy or another?

He wasn't aware that his hand had sought out his own aching flesh, until the constriction of his clothes thwarted his attempts to move freely. With a grunt of displeasure, he stripped completely, throwing his clothes away from him in his haste, his eyes never moving from the viewing sphere.

Gemeti waited in the corner, ever faithful; watching with obvious confusion. Not understanding, not knowing what he was seeing. Ba'al motioned, and she crossed the room, dropped to her knees.

Watching through eyes narrowed to mere slits, Ba'al could almost pretend that it was Casey kneeling in front of him. Memories from the first time he'd held her life in his hands prevented him from ever being able to fully lose himself in his illusions. Due to the fact that the lo'taur, while very talented, would never have quite the same technique as the slender seer.




"Oh, yeah, just like that," Daniel moaned softly. His breath caught, and he moaned again when that talented tongue began to dance around his girth, before settling against the sensitive underside, teasing him until his hips jumped in response. Then she set up that steady rhythm that had his entire body rocking in time, meeting her each time she moved down on him.

Her hands worked in concert with her mouth, stroking him, cupping his balls gently, her fingertips moving over the skin that continued to draw up closer to his body as he climbed the mountain, preparing to take flight. She looked up at him, the dim light of the small lamp beside the bed casting his face in shadow. "Don't hold back," she whispered, the words hot against his skin.

His eyes fluttered closed when he felt himself slide deeper into her throat. When she began to swallow, he knew that the ride was nearly over. Lights flashed, his chest began to heave, his belly rolled when that most incredible of feelings started as a tingle at the base of his skull, which raced down his spine, into his cock before exploding, throwing him onto waves of pure pleasure. He groaned loudly as his cock throbbed with each spasm of his orgasm.

She took every drop of that precious white love, gently licked him clean, before kissing and nipping her way up his chest to his lips. She pressed her lips to his gently, waiting for him to make her gasp, just as he always did. His arms locked around her shoulders, holding her tightly. She moved her lips from his, just far enough to speak. "Better?"

"God, yes!"

She giggled softly. "You're an easy man to please."

"Only because you're so damned good at doing that," he grinned in return. He rolled over, putting her on her back beside him. He saw her eyes stray to the locked door, felt her tense slightly. "Relax, Angel. It's just you and me. No one is going to bother us. Let me love you," he whispered.

She sighed when he kissed her again, then moved his lips to her throat. Her fingers were filled with his hair, she raised her chin slightly when he began to mark her. Goddess, that always felt so good...turned her on...made her need that much more intense. She shivered slightly when he nibbled that spot behind her ear.

"I'm going to make you fly, Angel," he whispered, his lips against her throat as he spoke. "I want to hear you sing your love to me."

One arm tightened around his shoulders, her legs wrapped around his hips in response, as he continued his ministrations to her throat and shoulders, licking and nipping at her collarbones until she was ready to beg him to move on, to pay attention to nipples that ached for his touch.




Ba'al shoved Gemeti away when Jackson rolled over. He watched the man kissing her; tasting, touching the woman he loved, the woman he had chosen to be his Consort. He could feel the fire of his anger burning. For one moment he contemplated sending his Jaffa to take the Tau'ri, naked as he was, to the 'training room' where once before he had been a prisoner, hanging on the metal web. Jackson's training had almost been completed. Before a shol'va among his Jaffa had helped the Tau'ri escape, taking his Consort, faithful lo'taur, and head construction engineer as well.

There would be plenty of time to deal with Jackson. When he was fully in control of the First World, he would break the Tau'ri who was his most hated enemy. Give the shell to Ares to do with as he pleased. After dumping the broken man at Casey's feet. Making her observe the Taking. Showing her that the man to whom she had been married was no more.

The lo'taur glanced over her shoulder. She wasn't allowed to see what transpired in the guest quarters when Ba'al monitored them. But she couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight of the two Tau'ri making love. For that was exactly what was transpiring on that bed. Every soft moan, every whisper, every touch was done with love.

Ba'al grabbed roughly at the servant, ripped her gown from her body, then pushed her to her hands and knees, his fingers biting into her tender flesh as he put her into the position he desired of her. His fingers searched for and found that button at the top of her folds, and he began to fondle her, his touch becoming gentle as he encountered the soft curls of her sex. Tonight, he wanted her wet and wanting and moaning. And once again he would pretend it was Casey whom he touched.




She gave a little whimper of approval when he slid down to make love to her breasts. His hands gently massaged each firm, soft globe, his lips saluted each nipple in turn, teasing and tormenting until she was squirming beneath him. So sweet, his mind sang out, as it always did each and every time he made love to her. Sweet as ambrosia. He took a stiff, pink nipple into his mouth, sucked hard, pulled away until just the very tip was between his lips. He flickered his tongue over it, then repeated the procedure.


The soft sighs, the low moans, the way her body reacted to every touch turned him on, set his very soul on fire. There had never been a woman as responsive as Casey in his bed. He could feel his cock harden as she arched beneath him, trying to force more of her sweet flesh into his mouth. He continued to make love to her until both breasts were damp from his saliva. He left a lovely purple bruise in the valley between his beauties, before sliding down to toy with that little platinum ring.

She gasped out loud when his tongue made circles around her piercing. His hands held her steady as he teased her, preventing her from moving away from him. She could see the gleam of satisfaction in his eyes when he looked up at her. He was enjoying every moment of torment, of knowing that he held complete control over her.

"Tell me what you want," he whispered. He wanted to hear her beg...loved to hear her articulate her needs.

"Make love to me."

"How, babe? Tell me exactly what you want."


"Please what?"

She let her thighs fall open. "I need your touch...please...worship me," she begged in a throaty whisper.

He slid his hands beneath her firm derriere, lifting her hips slightly. He licked her from stem to stern; her loud gasp and the jerk of her hips enough to send his soul soaring with happiness, and not a little pride. Her nether lips were puffy and wet with the sweet honey that was already flowing from her hot honey pot. He wrote his love against her skin with the tip of his tongue, felt her body quiver from the touch.




Ba'al watched closely. Reached out to adjust the monitoring device yet again. Damned the archaeologist for being between him and Casey, preventing him from seeing every charm she had to offer. He had seen her before; naked and filthy from days in a stone cell in that damned castle, being taken by his Jaffa as they raped her for whatever sin she had committed. But those were images of a slave, broken and pleading. Even as she slept at his side, he'd never caught more than glimpses of her.

He watched as she tossed her head from side to side, her long hair tangling on the pillow beneath her head. He could see her chest rise and fall faster, her belly ripple, he could even see the pointed tips of her breasts, all evidence of the pleasure she was experiencing. He could hear the soft moans...sounds of satisfaction that left him aching.

When she had both hands on Jackson's head, holding to him, her hips moving up and down, it was almost enough to make him lose complete control. Soon, he promised himself. Soon he would be the one tasting her...pleasing her. Hearing those soft cries uttered for him!




She was going to lose her mind! If Daniel didn't take care of her very needy clit, she'd do it herself! She'd barely moved her hand from his hair when he caught it, licked her palm, and placed it on her breast. His eyes were filled with love, with glee, with passion. She squeezed her breast, tugged at the hard nipple, watched his eyes darken. "Please," she whispered, "let me come!"

Oh yeah! That's what I wanted to hear! He closed his eyes, concentrated on that swollen little button, running his tongue in circles around it until she was moaning with anticipation. He flicked the tip of it over that hard nub, felt her jerk in response. Her entire body was trembling, she was so close to the edge it wouldn't take much to make her go over. With practiced movements he slid two fingers into her warm well, began to stroke her gently. Holding her tender flesh between his teeth, with only enough pressure to keep her from moving away from him, he began to tease her.

"Nngg! Yes! There! Don't stop!"

His heart battering his ribs with sheer delight, he increased the rhythm of his fingers, and began to suckle her sensitive flesh. That beautiful whimper filled her throat, her back arched completely off the bed, and she began to sing her aria of love to him. Sweet nectar poured from her well as she shuddered from her climax.

Colors and lights twirled behind her eyelids as she spun among the stars, dancing to the music he'd composed in her body. For several intense, incredible seconds she was suspended between heaven and earth, riding waves of pleasure that took her higher and higher, before finally allowing her to drift back down.

Her body was just beginning to relax against the bed when he moved up and sheathed his aching shaft in her welcoming body. Her arms and legs were around him in an instant, clinging to him, holding him tightly. He knew what she liked. Loved to please her, to make her cry out with pleasure, everything she enjoyed just as pleasing to him. His lips sought and found hers, he began to match the movement of his tongue to that of his hips.

She moaned from deep in her belly as he took her in two places at once, tightening her arms and legs around him, preventing him from moving too far away from her. Her fingers were tugging at his hair, the other hand on his shoulder, her fingernails leaving marks on his skin as she held on for the ride.

Their hips moved together in sync, giving and taking, thrusting and grinding in the dance of love. Perhaps it was because they'd been denied the chance to hold one another for over forty eight hours. Perhaps it was the knowledge of where they were, which hovered in the back of their consciousness. Whatever the reason, their need built quickly, the passion took control within a matter of minutes, driving them forward toward the ultimate destination.




The sounds she'd made as her pleasure overtook her left him panting. He shoved his throbbing cock into the lo'taur who was still on her hands and knees in front of him. Ba'al wasn't aware that his thrusts matched those of the man he watched.

He had to stop, and pull away from the warm body beneath him when Casey's moan filled his ears, lest he lose all control too soon. The sheer animal need in the sound had his heart pounding against his ribs.

Unable to wait, he began to thrust again, wanting to prolong his pleasure, wanting to hear her moan again, to pretend that she was with him. He closed his eyes. The lo'taur's perfume was close enough to Casey's sweet scent that he could fool himself, if only for a few moments.

A new sound filtered through to him, one just as primitive as those soft, needy moans; he opened his eyes and watched, mesmerized.




"Harder, faster," she begged breathlessly. "Take me, Daniel! Please!"

With a groan, he reached for her legs, wrapped his hands around her knees, pushed them toward her shoulders. He began to thrust harder, quickening the pace, the sound of their bodies slapping together a primal beat that filled the air around them. The scent of their love clung to them and wafted on the air, adding to the sensual flavor of the room. "I love you!" he panted.

"I love you," she gasped. White hot, mind bending, absolutely sensational feelings of pure pleasure washed over her from the top of her head to the tips of her manicured toes. "Nngg!"

"That's it, babe, take it, do it!" Daniel commanded, he begged.

The whimper came softly, built up quickly until she was singing once again. Her body was trembling as she hurtled into the abyss.

Daniel tossed back his head and cried out, her name echoing around them. He dropped on top of her, exhausted, sated, complete.




He had stopped moving when Jackson had pushed her legs against her body. Reached out and tapped the controls of the viewing device. A quick glance told him that all was functioning as it should. There were no measurable signs of energy coming from the room. Yet a blue haze surrounded the couple on the bed. Blue sparks seemed to jump and arc where their bodies touched. Was this a manifestation of her gift?

"My Lord, please," Gemeti begged. Her master had aroused her to the point of misery. Her body was in control as she pushed back against him, rubbed her hips up and down.

Momentarily distracted, Ba'al watched as Jackson collapsed onto the slight body beneath him. Took note that her legs were around his waist once again. Another movement of the lo'taur, and his body demanded attention. He thrust twice, three times, four times, Casey's cry of completion echoing in his ears as he came.

The woman beneath him whimpered with frustration when he stopped moving. Her time as Ba'al's lo'taur had taught Gemeti many things. Her body demanding release, she began to caress her own flesh, oblivious when her master pulled away from her. Nor did he seem to notice that she sought relief for herself.




Daniel rolled to his back, keeping her body tight against his own. "Wow."

"You're telling me?" she asked, smiling against the skin of his shoulder. "You're always amazing, Stud Muffin."

He grinned. "You always do a fine job of blowing my mind." His hands moved up and down her back in the familiar, comfortable manner that they did every time he held her after making love. They lay contentedly, their breath slowing, their bodies relaxing completely.



"How long do you think we'll be here?"

"I don't know, Angel. Ba'al can't make a move against Earth, not with Thor sitting out there. Which my entrance sort of proved."

"Loved that entrance."

"I was rather pleased with it, myself. I was so damned worried about you, scared senseless that Ba'al would just take off. I don't know that I could have made it for another thirteen or so hours that it would have taken to get from Geneva back to Colorado. I'd have been insane with worry."

"Maybe Thor knew that."

"Probably given a hint or two by Jack. Thor had him on the ship. I guess the little guy wanted a run down on what had happened, what we were doing about it."

She gave a very unladylike snort. "Not a damned thing, actually. Giving in to the freaking snake's demands for lack of any way out of the situation."

His arms tightened around her slender frame. "We managed to get a treaty that protects us, thanks to you."

She could feel the heat in her cheeks as she blushed crimson at the memory of her behavior during the negotiation meeting. "No choice," she whispered.

"I know that, Angel," he whispered in return.

"I felt like a whore," she admitted.

"Never! You are never, and were never that! You were a soldier, using the only weapon you had at the time."

Casey contemplated the thought for several moments. Then began to giggle. "So do you think twats come in more than one caliber?"

Daniel burst into laughter. "I can honestly say I've never thought about it."

She sat up. Wiggled her hips slightly, a smile tugging on her lips. "Daniel?"


"You're hard again."

"Do tell," he grinned. "What are you going to do about it?"

"Well, I thought I'd start off with a little of this," she said, just before clamping down with her inner muscles.

"Sweet Jesus!" he hissed.

"Like that?" she asked, relaxing and contracting the muscles, barely moving her hips.

"Oh, yeah," he replied. His hands moved to her breasts, began to knead them gently. "Just like that."

She let her head fall back, her hair cover his thighs as she continued to use her body to stimulate him.




Ba'al continued to watch. When it was obvious that they were going to make love again, he frowned. He prided himself on his stamina. He was a god, after all. It was nothing for him to make love all night, to several women. His arrogance prevented him from admitting that only the potions - some topical, others added to wine -  gave him that god-like vitality. Were all Tau'ri as...energetic as Jackson? Did all Tau'ri males possess such endurance?

He was still fascinated by the glowing blue haze that had surrounded them. He would have his scientists analyze the record of the event. He wanted to know exactly what it was, and how two mere humans had managed to evoke such a phenomenon.

It was impossible not to wonder what that blonde hair would feel like, touching his body as it now did her husband's. It was impossible to turn away from the sight of the two making love.




"Feels good," he whispered.


"Ride me, Angel."

His hands were on her hips, ready to help her move up and down on his throbbing shaft, and no doubt prevent her from moving too quickly before he was ready. Such a control freak, she thought lovingly.

"I am not."

"I said that out loud?"



Daniel grinned. "You don't seem to mind."

"Nope," she replied, smiling down at him. She curled her legs beside his hips, used them as leverage to slide up and down on him, moving her hips in a slow circle as she took him back into her body.

He loved to watch her take him, again and again and again...his cock disappearing into that sweet twat, the visual and physical sensations more than enough to melt his brain. He took her hands from his waist, put them on her breasts. Might just as well kill myself, he thought, watching the most erotic sight of her bouncing off of his body, her hands caressing his beauties while his own hands held tightly to her slender hips as he pushed up into her.

He groaned out loud when one of her slender hands slid down over her belly, stopped between their thrusting bodies. "That's it babe, do it, make it good," he whispered.

The sound of their labored breathing filled the room as they continued to make love. When her hands dropped to his shoulders, he understood what she was about to do. He pulled his legs up, planted his feet flat on the mattress, and shoved himself upwards each time she came down on him.

"Nngg! Yes!"

He could feel the quiver in her thighs just before she began to whimper. He was so close he was praying that he'd be able to hang on the few more seconds it would take to send her over the edge. She ground her hips against him, and cried out. He kept her body in motion just long enough to reach his own climax, crying out her name as she collapsed onto his chest.

When at last they were breathing normally, they moved only as much as was needed to pull the blankets over their naked bodies. Casey went to sleep on top of him, her head on his shoulder, his arms holding her close.




Ba'al watched for several more minutes, listened to the sound of steady breathing that indicated that the couple was asleep. In the time that had passed, almost three hours according to the chronometer of the viewing device; watching the two make love, watching the passion that Casey demonstrated, his need had turned into a living thing that twisted inside him.

His gaze wandered to the window. Watched the planet beneath him. He would have her at his side, and it would be soon. His attention moved to the darkness of space, his eyes moving from the planet to the single moon that hung nearby. Somewhere out there was an Asgard ship, ready to enforce the Protected Planets treaty. His own ships had been moved to the distance designated by the treaty. Which meant nothing. With hyperdrive, they would be beside him in a matter of minutes.

It was time to test his theory. When he took the First World, none would stand against him. Defeating Zeus would be child's play. And the Asgard would never again hold the Goa'uld Empire hostage with fear.

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