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 Lost Souls

Chapter 9

Teal'c was over the wall, and to his amazement, all of the Jaffa who'd been standing guard were racing toward the gate that no longer protected the keep from intruders. Had he been the First Prime, many of those Jaffa would find themselves severely punished for dereliction of duty...allowing a large portion of the wall to go undefended. The sound of gunfire filled the air as he climbed down the ladder, raced across the courtyard. The sounds of the P90s were new to these Jaffa, and the noise, as well as the hail of bullets that was bringing death to their number, was adding to their confusion. He took full advantage, and ran through the inner gate, knocking aside any Jaffa who crossed his path.

He didn't know where to go! For one dark second, hopelessness flooded over him. Perhaps the old seer who guided Casey Jackson would be able to help him. He had no other to turn to. "Miss Eloise," he whispered. "Guide me!"

A scream of pain split the air, ripped his heart to shreds. He began to run toward the sound.




"I obey, I obey!" she cried, as Ba'al slapped her again. Her breasts burned from being pinched and twisted so cruelly.

She'd done nothing wrong. Well, other than the fact that the little bitch had used up all of the ker'nish'ta he had with him. And he'd already learned that he had to keep her completely under the influence of the drug to keep her docile. The minute the drug began to dissipate in her system, she began to fight him. "You are nothing!" he hissed, reaching for the leather whip that lay on the table. Nine strips of twisted, knotted leather, held together with a long handle.  A device that would leave bloody welts on tender flesh. "If it is my will to kill you, I will do so!"

"Forgive," she begged.

He slapped her, let her fall to the floor. If he hadn't been so...distracted...by this beautiful siren, he'd have found those damned ships by now! They would be his, and he could meet the approaching System Lords...and destroy them, a message to any and all who would dare to stand against him. He lifted his hand, then dropped it, the leather whip cracking as it made contact with her skin.  Again and again he hit her, listened to her begging for mercy.  Her fault!  Breaking her had distracted him from his true purpose on this planet!  His rage continued to burn.  "Take her!" he snarled.

The three Jaffa in the room lowered their staff weapons, approached the crying woman. The first dropped to his knees, opened the front of his uniform, then yanked her legs apart.

She screamed as white hot pain seared her body, the tender flesh aflame as the man on top of her pushed and shoved his erection into an unready...an unwilling...body. This was wrong...so wrong! She had to get away! If only she could push him away...and run...she could run, she was certain she could! 

Those beautiful blue eyes smiled at her. Escape, they told her. Escape!




It was all he could do to keep from revealing himself as the second man climbed on top of her, thrusting like an animal into her shaking body. He remained in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment...

NOW! his mind screamed at him.

All attention was on the woman who wept so pitifully, one man satiated, one thrusting, the other waiting eagerly for his turn. The Goa'uld watched, a look of sheer hatred on his face. Teal'c dove toward the center of the room, rolled in the direction of the staff weapons, came up to his feet, two weapons aimed and charging. He killed the man on top of her first, then the other two.

Ba'al jerked with surprise, barely activated his personal defense shield before the shol'va, for he most certainly recognized Teal'c, could fire at him. He had no doubt the Jaffa would kill him with his bare hands if given the opportunity. The sounds of the battle outside had ended abruptly. Had one of the System Lords arrived? He ran toward the door on the far side of the room. He would determine what was happening from the safety of the shadows. When his flag ship was near enough, he'd ring to it, and flee to his home on Babylonia. And he would search elsewhere for Tem's missing fleet.

The man had stopped. But he didn't get up. She pushed him away. When nothing happened, there were no blows of punishment, she scrambled to her feet and raced toward the open door.

"Casey Jackson!" Teal'c called after her. He glanced in the direction in which Ba'al had disappeared. Soon, he thought bitterly. For what you have done to her, you will pay, and soon. He dashed after the terrified young woman.




Why couldn't she think clearly? She tried to push the cobwebs from her brain, stumbled through the passageway, bumping her shoulders on the walls, bouncing from one side to the other, only one thought able to take purchase...escape. She had to escape. Images flashed through her mind...memories? Nightmares? She wasn't sure.

When her fingers came into contact with a hidden device, a panel on the wall slid open, revealing yet another empty room. A castle full of empty rooms. 'Better put your kingdom up for sale...' The words that echoed in her head had a haunting familiarity to them. She shook her head in an attempt to clear it of the disjointed thoughts.

Suddenly, the entire room began to shake. Terror gripped her as she was flung to the floor. Large cracks appeared in what plaster still remained on the stone walls. Her memory might be in shreds, but she knew enough to understand that what was happening wasn't good. Doorway. She needed to get to the doorway...




Teal'c fell against the wall as the earthquake rumbled beneath the castle. He could only hope that the structure would remain standing long enough for him to locate Casey Jackson. He was certain she'd come this way. He trained his flashlight on the floor. Fresh prints on the dusty stone led him in the direction the barefoot, nearly naked woman had run. He frowned when they seemed to disappear into the wall.

Obviously there was a hidden access here. His fingers moved swiftly over the stones. Found the indentation that would've been overlooked had he not been searching for it. He pressed it. Waited impatiently. The wall began to move, then hesitated. Another rousing shake of the castle around him incited him into action. Putting both meaty hands around the edge of the 'door', he shoved with all his might, opening it enough to slip past it, and into the room.

Casey heard the 'wall' open, looked around frantically. Hide! She had to hide! No more! She could take no more! Her body ached from the abuse she'd suffered, her head hurt as images and thoughts moved too quickly for her to focus on them, to understand what was happening to her...had happened to her.

Teal'c stepped farther into the room and looked around. Just a slight movement, but it was enough to catch his attention.

She was huddled in the shadows of one of the corners of the room, her eyes wide with fright, the green depths devoid of any recognition.

"Casey Jackson, are you injured?" Teal'c asked gently.

The sudden appearance of the large man had terrified her, and she'd sought refuge...a hiding place...in the darkest of shadows. She pressed her wounded, bleeding back against the wall, held her hands in front of her face, peeking between her fingers.


She glanced around. Was he speaking to her? Ca-see. Ca-see Jak-sun. Was that who she was?

"We must escape this building before it collapses," he said quietly.

"I'm afraid," she whispered.

Goa'uld. She was speaking Goa'uld. She'd been learning the language, was becoming proficient at it. It was clear that her time as a prisoner of Ba'al had imprinted it on her mind, even as the false god attempted to erase every other memory she held. "Give me your hand. I will not harm you."

Lies! He spoke lies! Whenever one of...them...one of the marked ones...came near her, she suffered! Her cheeks blazed with humiliation as broken images of what had been done to her flooded her memory. He would be like the others...he'd force her to take him into her body, he'd push and grunt and groan, and then slap her until He said to stop. She shook her head, tried to squeeze even farther into the corner.

"Please, Casey, we must leave here. I will let no harm come to you," Teal'c said softly. He continued to hold his hand toward her, waiting, willing her to take it.

His eyes were kind...not like the eyes of the others. Something stirred in the far recesses of her mind. Recognition struggled to be free of the drugs and the 'conditioning' Ba'al had subjected her to. She could hear a voice, that of a woman, telling her to trust her heart, and all would be well. Her heart was telling her that this man could save her. Again the room began to shake.

"We must leave, now!"

With a tiny whimper, one that tore at the heart of the large Jaffa who stood in front of her, she put trembling fingers against his outstretched hand. Felt the warmth of his skin when he closed his fingers around hers. She allowed him to pull her to her feet, gasped when he scooped her into his arms.

The Stargate was just over twelve miles from this castle. Teal'c knew that SG-2 wouldn't remain there long, and he had no GDO with which to signal the SGC. There were no other options, he had to make it to the Chappa'ai!

She'd lost weight during her imprisonment, not that she'd had any extra to spare. He shifted her easily in his arms, and began to run down through corridors. He had no idea where Ba'al's Jaffa had disappeared to, but there were none to be seen.

The gate that had closed this keep off for so many centuries was still hanging from the hinges, the burn marks left by the C-4 plainly visible on the splintered wood. He charged through the opening, no idea of what was waiting on the other side, only knowing that he had to get Casey away, and to safety.

Casey had buried her face against the strong, wide shoulder of the man who carried her. Monsters...death...lay outside of the stone walls that had protected her...imprisoned her. She dared not look at them.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Major Newsome paced nervously. "We give him five more minutes. If he's not back by then, he's not making it out of there." He continued to stare down the road. If Teal'c came back without Casey Jackson, well, they might just as well shoot Dr. Jackson and put him out of his misery. Whenever he made it back to the base. The last word that had come through was that SG-1 had been literally banned from base until Doc Fraiser said they were okay. Something about exhaustion. He figured they'd be hot as hell, especially the Doc, wanting to get back here to get Mrs. J!

"I could dial up, sir, keep anyone from trying to get through. We can keep it open for thirty-eight minutes," Spencer said quietly.

The major glanced at the young man, then back down the road. He wanted to give the Jaffa as much time as he safely could...the ground rumbled beneath their feet yet again. If the earthquakes continued, it was possible that the Stargate would fall over. As long as the 'front' remained accessible, they'd be able to escape this hell-hole. If the 'gate was already open...He frowned, then nodded. "Do it. Send the IDC. Tell General Hammond we're trying to give Teal'c a few more minutes."

"Holy shit! Look!"

His eyes followed the pointing finger. Goddamn! The 'earthquakes' were the result of nearly a dozen mother ships that seemed to be rising straight up from the ground! That's where the bastard had hidden them! Oh, fuck, this couldn't be good!


A   A   A   A   A   A


Beads of sweat trickled down his face as he ran through the village. The simple huts were laying flat on the ground now, rubble marking what had been homes. He didn't see any of the villagers. Perhaps they'd scurried into the forest to seek safety. He had no time to spare concern for them now.

His legs were pumping, long strides taking him quickly through and past the village. Casey's arms had tightened around his neck, she was clinging to him for dear life. Even with the motion of running, he could feel the tremors that shook her from head to foot.

Once before Daniel Jackson's wife had been taken from him. Once before he'd failed to protect her. His failure to prevent Casey from being discovered by Ba'al's Jaffa spurred him forward. He would return Casey to her Husband's side. Or die in the attempt.

Each breath was like fire, his lungs felt as if they were about to burst. Still he ran, pushing his body to the limit, and beyond. When at last the stone monument came into sight, he tried to yell out, to let the men know that he was on his way. No sound would move through his parched throat, past his dry lips.




"Sir! It's Teal'c!" Martinson shouted excitedly.

"Tell General Hammond to have a med team waiting," Newsome said calmly, his voice camouflaging his own excitement - and relief - to see the giant man running towards them. Casey Jackson was in his arms. Hot damn! About damned time something went right for them!




The klaxons had been wailing for nearly ten minutes now, waiting...waiting...waiting for SG-2 and Teal'c to come through the event horizon. The Marines who were in defensive positions at the foot of the ramp, the technicians in the control room...everyone in the entire mountain hoping against hope that the rescue mission had been a success.

"Med team to the 'gate room," Walter Harriman's voice echoed through the corridors.

Janet grabbed the emergency first aid kit, and raced toward the elevator. Two nurses and three medics were right behind her. If all went well, General Hammond would be making a phone-call to three very worried people. It most certainly wasn't easy on them, being ordered to stay away from the base. Of course now that order could be rescinded with no lingering questions asked.

Exhausted, near the very end of his endurance, Teal'c lurched toward the 'gate, and into the event horizon. He felt the members of SG-2 close in around him. He stumbled when his foot came in contact with the metal grating of the ramp, dropped to his knees. His arms had tightened around his prize, holding her tightly to his chest.

"Teal'c, it's all right, you can let go now," Janet said softly.  Took note that his shirt, his arms, were covered with blood. Casey's blood.

Dark eyes looked up, recognized the familiar brown eyes of the doctor. Reluctantly, he released his grip on the precious cargo he'd carried. Casey was gently lifted from his arms and placed onto a gurney, the medics pushing it toward the elevator at a run. He had no strength to fight against the plastic mask that was held to his face.

"Breathe as slowly as possible, nice deep breaths," Janet said quietly, holding the oxygen mask over his mouth and nose.

"He must have run the entire way," Major Newsome said, watching from the side.

"How far was the castle from the 'gate?" General Hammond asked.

"Little under twenty klicks."

Every face in the room turned toward the Jaffa who was now on his back on the ramp, struggling to regain his breath. "Damn!" someone whispered.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Casey looked around, her eyes wide, the fear she felt there for all to see. She cringed any time someone moved toward her, or reached out for her, pulling herself into the smallest ball possible, clutching at the sheet that covered her. Janet had been content to check out the members of SG-2 before turning her attention to the terrified young woman.  

Tears began to flow down her cheeks when one of the young medics took her arm, began to put the cuff of the blood pressure apparatus around her bicep, his hands holding her arm tightly. "No more, please, no more, I'll obey...no more!"

"Get away from her!" Heads snapped around at the sound of the Jaffa's voice as he barked his command. He hurried to the side of the bed, slowly, gently put his hand on her shoulder. "You will not be harmed, I swear it," he said softly.

"Teal'c?" Janet asked, her eyes wide. She hadn't been aware he'd finished showering. She'd never heard the Jaffa speak as harshly as he had just done.

"She was being tortured by Ba'al. He was using drugs in an attempt to erase her memory, an attempt to make her more...compliant...to his wishes. Her...punishment...when she failed to obey his commands, was rape at the hands of his Jaffa," Teal'c explained, his voice tight. He'd never be free of the images of her being taken so roughly, her body abused, her mind nearly gone. He might never be able to forgive himself for allowing her to be captured in the first place, or not stopping the rape he witnessed, for fear of exposing his presence...even though to have done so would have meant certain death for both of them.

"Oh, god," Janet whispered. She glanced at the male medics. "Out. Get out. Jill, get me an IV of ringer's lactate, put in 10cc's of Diazepam."

The nurse hurried to get the IV prepared; the medics backed slowly out of the room.

Casey struggled to understand the words that the woman, and the man who had brought her to this...place...were saying. She knew that she should understand them! Once again she questioned herself, demanding to know just why her brain seemed so...muddled. She looked up at the man. He'd saved her from the one who wanted to hurt her. His words had been hard, his voice full of anger as he spoke. Something about this dark-skinned man, his gold tattoo glittering in the harsh light of the strange room, seemed so damned familiar. A name kept popping up. "Tilk!"

Teal'c jerked, looked over at the young woman. "Yes, Casey Jackson, I am Teal'c." He shook his head slightly as she stared at him. "Tal'mac Teal'c." [I am Teal'c]

She smiled. "Tal'mac...Ca-see?" [I am...Ca-see?]

The large man smiled. "Ti'u. Teal'c kah'ne, Casey Teal'c kah'ne." [Yes. I (Teal'c) am a friend. Casey and Teal'c are friends.]

"Teal'c?" Janet asked.

"She seems unable to understand or speak her native tongue at this time," Teal'c explained.

"Well, if she remembers your name, that's a good sign," the diminutive doctor smiled.

"I hope that it means all of her memories will return," the large man said softly. "Perhaps not all of them...but certainly those of her life before her capture."

"If she was being drugged, I'd say the chances are very good that she'll make a full recovery," Janet replied. "If the drug used on her is similar to what Osiris used on Daniel, I think we'll see a very quick recovery." She'd know more when the results from the blood tests were returned.

The man inclined his head. He allowed the doctor's words to offer hope to his battered, guilt-ridden heart.

Casey watched as the nurse put the IV bag on the stand, then reached for her arm. Another whimper, and her green eyes turned to the only person she could trust. Both arms reached for him. "I'll be good! Please, don't let them do this to me!"

"You are always good, Casey. Very good. This is not punishment. This woman wishes only to help you," Teal'c replied, his voice soft, tender.

"Not punishment?"


She studied the nurse again. Tugged her lip between her teeth. As long as this man...he must be...Master?...certainly her Lord...if he was nearby, they wouldn't be allowed to hurt her. "You won't leave me?"


Satisfied that the man who rescued her...who'd claimed her...wouldn't leave her alone to be hurt, she relaxed, and let the woman proceed. She jerked slightly when the needled entered her skin.

Janet shook her head. "Until she's speaking English again, I'm going to depend on you to translate."

"I will be most happy to do so." The Jaffa settled onto a stool beside the bed. Smiled when Casey immediately reached for and held his hand.


A   A   A   A   A   A


With a sigh, Janet dropped into the chair beside Daniel. "Teal'c is still with her. She becomes agitated if he tries to leave, and until I'm certain that she's all right, I'd prefer to keep her as calm as possible."

Daniel tried not to glare at the woman. The first place he'd gone when he'd arrived on base had been the infirmary. He'd been barred from entering the isolation room where Casey had been placed. The guards at the door prevented anyone other than Janet, Teal'c, or Jill from entering the room. "I want to see her."

"I know, Daniel. Give her another hour or so. She goes into hysterics whenever any man comes near her."

That simple statement cut him to the quick. And told him everything he needed to know. She'd been raped. Abused. Brutalized. His heart clenched in his chest. Would she ever allow him to touch her again? Would he ever be able to hold her, make love to her? Would he ever be able to just sit beside her, hold her hand, talk to her?

"I'll have Teal'c explain who you are," Janet said. "Until then, please, don't expect...don't expect much from her."

Jack closed his eyes. This was all his fault! He never should have let his team become separated! He sure as hell never should have been running in front of them! He never did that! Never! What the hell had possessed him to do so?

"Don't do it," Daniel said quietly.

He opened his eyes, focused them on the blue ones across the table from him. "Do what?"

"Don't blame yourself for this. No one is to blame," the archaeologist said softly.

"I was the one who gave the order to hide where we did," Jack replied, his voice raspy. "If we hadn't been...we could have...she wouldn't have..." he shook his head, unable to put his guilt, his grief, into words.

"Yeah, well..." Daniel shook his head. How could Jack have known that the containers they were hiding behind were to be ringed to the Goa'uld's ship? Certainly he couldn't be blamed for the fact that it took them nearly two weeks to make it back to the SGC. For three of those days, they'd been dead!

Sam closed her fingers around those of the man she loved. "It wasn't your fault. Daniel's right, this is no one's fault."

Jack snorted, looked away. Casey was lying in a bed, her memory shot to shit; victim of rape and beatings, and only god knew what other horrendous tortures she'd been subjected to...there was plenty of blame to go around, and the majority of it belonged at his feet.

General Hammond cleared his throat, looked over at the medical doctor. "As soon as she's ready, take Doctor Jackson to see his wife." It didn't take an expert to see that the young man was on the verge of a complete breakdown. His hands hadn't stopped shaking since he'd sat down. His entire body seemed to be vibrating in the chair.

"Yes, sir."

"Major Newsome and his men will be reporting within the hour. I'll have you paged," the general said. He stood, walked back into his office, slowly lowered himself into the comfortable leather chair behind his desk. Casey had warned him that things were going to get bad. And she'd been insistent that they happen. He could only hope that the young woman hadn't suffered for nothing...that there was a reason for all that she'd endured... and survived.


A   A   A   A   A   A


Janet slipped into the room. "Hello, Casey," she smiled.

Green eyes once again sought permission from black eyes. She smiled in return when those eyes warmed, and Teal'c smiled at her. She looked up at the woman who wanted to continually poke and prod at her. "'Lo," she mumbled.

"Casey, someone wants to see you, very badly. He's...he's very special, Casey. He and his friends have been very worried about you," Janet said, choosing her words carefully. She didn't know if Casey was ready to hear that she was married. "May I bring him in?"

Teal'c quietly translated.

"What are your wishes, My Lord?" Casey asked, her eyes watching Teal'c's face.

"Noc! Noc! I am not your lord!" Teal'c said, his voice raising sharply. "I am your friend, Casey. I am the friend of your...I am the friend of the people who care for you, who wish to see you."

She'd jumped at his outburst. Her eyes had taken on a look of panic. "Forgive! Please, I beg forgiveness! Do not punish!"




Watching the room on the monitor in the infirmary, Daniel wrapped his arms around his waist, tears forming in his eyes. Her words, her actions and reactions, were those of a woman traumatized. Would she ever come back to him?

"What's she saying?" Jack asked.

Daniel cleared his throat, was barely able to explain what had been said.

Sam and Jack exchanged a worried look. Until Casey was 'back', Daniel was still as vulnerable, still as much at risk of being lost to them as she was.




Teal'c looked at Janet, made a decision, hoping that it was the correct one. "The man who wishes to see you is your Husband. He loves you very much. Ba'al took you from him. Tortured you."

"You rescued me. Does that not mean anything?" The pain in her head was increasing. She knew only what He had told her. She hadn't been claimed...he'd refused to do so. But this man had taken her from the...bad place...and why did the word 'husband' bring such feelings of...warmth, thoughts of...safety?

"It means that you are my friend. That I am his friend. Nothing more," Teal'c replied softly. He glanced at Janet. "Bring Daniel Jackson to see his wife."




He stepped into the room. Caught his breath. God, she was so damned beautiful! He could smell that sweet scent...spring flowers and vanilla. Her eyes moved over him, and he nearly died from the pain that gripped him. There was no recognition. None. No love. No warmth. Just as Amaunet had stared at him through Sha're's eyes, Casey looked at him through the eyes of a stranger. "Hi, Angel," he said softly. Winced when she tightened her hand around Teal'c's.

"Daniel Jackson, you must address her in Goa'uld," Teal'c said softly.

Daniel gave a sharp nod of his head. "Hello, Angel. My Beloved," he whispered.

"Hello," she replied, after a few minutes. So much pain, she thought, studying the blue eyes that those...things...on his face couldn't hide. Blue eyes...something about blue eyes...

He took another step into the room. Again he flinched when she instinctively moved closer to Teal'c. "I've missed you."

She looked from those blue eyes...they were very nice eyes...beautiful blue eyes...to the familiar gaze of her...friend. Not her lord...her friend. "He is my Lord?"

Teal'c looked at Daniel. "He is."

"I belong to him?"

"You do."

She turned her gaze back to the man who stood just barely inside the room. He looked so very sad, as if his heart was breaking. She understood that feeling, could remember the agony that had filled her day after day after day...until she could remember nothing but pain, nothing but terror. She couldn't, however, recall what had caused that agony. "I don't know him."

Never had he experienced a pain like the one that flooded him. He nearly dropped to his knees as the words echoed in the air around him.

"He is your husband...your Beloved," Teal'c replied.

Again her green eyes focused on the man beside the door. Something about those eyes... those beautiful blue eyes...she tried to grasp at the thought...the memory...that seemed to hover at the edge of the blackness that filled her mind. A name. She was certain that it was his name...if she could remember that, then certainly Tilk was telling her the truth, wasn't he? "Stud Muffin," she said softly.

He grinned through his tears.  "That's me, Angel. Tal'mac Daniel. Tal'mac...Stud Muffin. Only you call me that," he said softly. Another step into the room. He froze when her eyes went wide, terror etched on the delicate features of her face.

Both men were stunned when she slipped from the bed, knelt at Teal'c's feet and began to beg.

It had been a test! She'd failed! She'd looked at this man...looked at his eyes... his beautiful eyes...forbidden...disobedient...this man was here to test her, and she'd failed! "Forgive! Forgive! I will obey! Please...do not punish! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I have failed the test, but I beg your forgiveness! No punishment!"

Her slender body trembled visibly as she huddled on the floor. In her mind, any man who came near her was there to do one thing...rape her. As punishment for whatever disobedience she'd shown. Her shoulders tensed when Teal'c touched her. He glanced at Daniel. "You must leave," he said firmly.

In that moment Daniel knew that there was a hell. Because he was in it. Janet raced by him, having kept an eye on the situation from the infirmary, a hypodermic needle in her hand.

Casey pulled away from the woman, seeing the needle, understanding that while the device was slightly different, the result would be the same. "Noc! Noc! I obey! I obey!" she screamed, crawling away from Teal'c to cower in the corner. "Noc! No more! No more!"

The sound of her tortured sobs filled the room. Janet glanced over her shoulder. "Daniel, leave! Now!"

He backed away. His heart lay in pieces on the floor. There was no way of knowing if they'd ever be whole again. He turned and fled the room, closed the door behind him. Sank to his knees and began to weep.


A   A   A   A   A   A


The sound of a whip cracking, whistling through the air, impacting on flesh echoed in the room. A man's voice cried out. Another lash. And another. And yet another, each punctuated by a scream of pain.

He could feel the blood running down his back, over his ass, the backs of his legs. He began to beg. "Forgive! Forgive! I will obey! I will obey! No more!"

"Silence, dog!" a voice growled harshly. The whip continued its bloody assault.

"I am so disappointed in you, Kinsey," Tem said softly, holding the sobbing man's head between his hands. "Must we begin training from the beginning?"

"No, Master, no!"

"But you attempted to betray me," Tem replied.

There was no memory of this...deceit. Only the fog that filled his brain, was his constant companion. He knew nothing of where he was, who he was...he knew only his Master. And that somehow, someway he had displeased him. "Forgive," he begged.

Tem looked at the man who wielded the whip. "You may stop now." He let go of Kinsey's head, it dropped until his chin was resting against his chest. He walked toward the chair that was placed on one side of the room.

The Enforcer watched his Master. His cock ached, danced as the air that moved in the room brushed over it.

"You may proceed."

With a feral grin the Enforcer rushed forward, gripped the man's ass as he hung suspended, his arms high above his head, manacles connected to chains in the ceiling keeping him upright, the bands of metal around his ankles clipped to the rings on the floor kept him in place. Thumbs roughly parted the globes, and he pushed forward, the scream of agony from the man in front of him only exciting him more.

"Bailey, take care of Kinsey," Tem instructed.

The servant nodded. Began to tug gently on the nipple rings with one hand, the other stroking the erection that rose to greet his fingers. He looked at his Master. A nod was given, and he began to tug on the platinum ring that disappeared into the middle of the man's swelling flesh. Another cry of pain filled the air.

The Enforcer was moving faster...harder. Punishing a disobedient slave always aroused him. He'd been trained to become aroused as he beat the man...or woman...who hung helplessly, the sight of their blood making his own boil with lust.

"That's it," Tem purred. "Remind him of his place."

"Please, Master," the Enforcer pleaded. He could not reach climax unless his Master was taking him...and oh, he was so close! He wanted...his balls ached for...the sweet release that waited just out of his reach.

"Ah, yes. I suppose I should help you along, after all, you've done your job admirably." Tem stood, opened his robe, his own swollen cock bouncing as he crossed the room. He thrust into the giant man in front of him. Allowed the slave's movements to arouse him, please him.

His mind near overload as he felt the cock slide into his ass, the Enforcer grunted happily, and began to hump his victim even harder. Within seconds he was shooting his load, groaning in orgasmic pleasure.

Tem followed quickly. Smiled when he heard Kinsey groan. No matter what he did to the man, the Tau'ri could come within minutes. Truly a well trained slave!

Bailey quietly finished Kinsey off, licking him clean, his own organ pumping into his hand as he stroked himself to completion.

The depravity of the scene was lost on the participants. The Goa'uld delighted in breaking their captives. Keeping all hopes of escape...freedom...in the darkness of destroyed minds. Those who were captured by Goa'uld were lost. Lost souls...of whom only a very few would ever find their way home.


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