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Lost Souls 

Chapter 4

It had been two days since he'd been with her, tasted her. And the need was becoming overwhelming. Without a doubt she'd be hesitant to do anything, at least, not in the tent, with a dozen men laying around, able to hear anything that happened.

"Feel like taking a walk?" he asked softly.

She glanced over at him. The light from the campfire cast shadows on his bearded jaw; didn't hide the need...the lust...that filled those beautiful blue eyes. He needed a fix. She nearly giggled out loud when she thought about the morning he'd kissed his way to her hips, declaring her the sexiest 'jones' that a man could have. "Where to?"

"How about that little cave a few yards down the path?"

She smiled. "I think it sounds...nice."

"Such an agreeable little praxis," he grinned.

There was no way she was going to admit that she had no clue what he meant. As soon as they were home, she'd look it up. "I do my best," she replied.

He caught Jack's eye. The older man glanced at Casey, and nodded. Daniel stood up, dusted his pants off, held his hand out, waited for her to put her fingers against his. He never said a word as he led her out of the cave.

"Did you...did you bring the serum with you, just in case?" she asked softly as they followed the path, lit only by the pale moonlight.

"Yeah, I did," he replied.


"Rather just have you," he said.

She smiled. "You'll get no arguments from me."

He flicked on his penlight, moved it over the bare stone walls, making certain that there wasn't any animal in the cave.

She stared at the blanket and the candles that waited. "When...?"

"Earlier. When everyone was taking a turn at bathing," he replied. If the water hadn't been so damned cold, and if there hadn't been others waiting a turn in the small pool, he would've made love to her there.

Casey watched as he pulled a book of matches from his pocket, and carefully lit the small candles. "I didn't know you'd packed those," she said softly.

"I didn't. They're Teal'c's. He still meditates, and he likes having the candles around. He saw me bring the blanket in. I was still looking around when he brought them to me."

"Remind me to thank that man," she smiled.

"I'll do that," he smiled in return. "C'mere, you."

She stepped into his embrace. Could feel his arousal as he pulled her close, held her tightly against his body. "Why, Doctor Jackson, are you happy to see me, or is that a pickle in your pocket?"

He barked with laughter. "You're a smartass. Just for that, you'll have to find out for yourself!"

"Oh, that sounded like a challenge," she teased.

"Take it however you want," he replied. He shivered with anticipation when her hands began to move over him...up his arms, over his shoulders, down his chest. Her fingers tugged at his belt, worked the buttons of his BDU pants, slipped inside to caress his hot, throbbing flesh.

She sighed when her fingers moved beneath the cotton material of his boxers, wrapped around the firm length of him. "It's not a pickle."

He chuckled. "Glad you figured that out." He gasped when her fingertips brushed lightly over the sensitive glans, then moved back down the swollen shaft of his erection. His hands were already cupping her breasts, his mouth moving over her jaw. "Let's get undressed," he whispered.

"Sounds like a good idea," she whispered in reply. One hand pushed at the shirt that covered his shoulders, but wasn't buttoned, the other still stroking him gently.

He impatiently shrugged the shirt from his shoulders, tugged his tee shirt off, although it meant his hands were stilled momentarily in their pursuit of finding her soft skin. He pushed her shirt off of her, the depravation of her touch that his body suffered as a result brought a soft moan of complaint. He lifted the black tee shirt over her head. "That's a nice color," he said softly, his fingers running over the top of her lacy bra.

"It's Passionate Peach," she replied.

"Very...appropriate," he grinned. Just before his fingers deftly twisted the catch that held the cups together. He brushed the silky material aside, almost moaned out loud with satisfaction to feel the soft warmth of those beautiful breasts against the palms of his hands.

Her hands had moved back to his pants, were pushing them over his hips, down to his thighs, her body sliding down as she did so. That magnificent erection danced right in front of her. She ran her fingers through the thick, curly hair that surrounded it, wrapped her hand around him at the same time that she took as much of him into her mouth as she could.

"Sweet Jesus," Daniel moaned, his eyes fluttering closed as that hot, sweet mouth began to work its magic on his aching flesh.

She pulled away from him long enough to ask a question, the answer of which would determine just how much she'd be willing to do. "Are we going to be able to bathe in the morning?" she asked softly.

"Yes," he moaned, "I promise."

With a smile, she went back to what she'd been doing. He was holding her head, his fingers woven through her hair, his hips rocking gently back and forth. She pushed against his thigh with one hand, seeking easier access to his body. He eagerly complied, moving his legs farther apart.

Oh, what she could do with that talented little tongue! His head dropped forward, his chin rested on his chest while she teased him...tormented him...gave him so much pleasure that it made him shake. Her fingers were exploring, touching, caressing; the softness of her fingertips as they grazed his skin made him moan with appreciation. "Oh, yeah, just like that," he whispered.

She smiled to herself. Loved knowing that she was pleasing him, making him feel as good as he'd make her feel when he was ensconced between her thighs. It wasn't difficult to find the rhythm he needed. Her hands worked in concert with her mouth, one stroking his shaft, the other caressing his heavy balls. Down as far as she could go, her hand meeting his balls, then up, her hand moving up toward that part of him that her mouth couldn't quite reach. Swirl the tongue over the head, tease the underside, trace the mushroomed edge, do it all again. Repeat as necessary. She almost giggled at that errant thought. She took her time. Wanted to make his pleasure last as long as possible. When she felt him swell even more, she knew that he was as close as she could get him before he exploded. She shook her head back and forth, wiggled her tongue over him, then sucked harder.

"Oh, god!"

And still the champ! She wanted to laugh out loud as his hands tightened around her head, and the thrusting of his hips became more intense. She shifted slightly closer. Relaxed her throat. Took him as far as she could, and began to swallow. The moan that echoed around them came deep from his belly as he gave up that precious cache of creamy white love. She licked him clean, watched with satisfaction as his body dropped to the blanket beside her.

It was all he could do to flop onto his back. When the woman decided to blow his mind, she didn't fool around! Granted, he'd been on edge since they'd been forced to leave the garage before finishing what she had so delightfully started the day before. There wasn't a trace of tension in his body now!

She stretched out beside him. "Better?"

"Incredible," he replied. He rolled to his side, his hand moving automatically to her breasts. "I didn't get to greet my beauties this morning."

She giggled. "I see you survived."

"I'm a consummate actor," he retorted.

The giggles intensified. "You're full of it," she gasped.

"Nah. You just sucked my balls dry."

A tiny squeak escaped as she fought to control her laughter. "You're in a good mood," she said softly, when she'd regained her composure.

His hand moved up to trace her cheek. "I'm with you. Don't need anything else to make my life complete, to make me happy."

She sighed. "You say the most beautiful things."

He smiled. "C'mere, Angel." He pulled her close, nuzzled her cheek, then moved his lips over hers. She opened to him as soon as the combination had been played out, and he dove into her mouth; tasting, touching, caressing...loving. Warm and sweet. He smiled mentally when her felt her hands moving over his jaw. Remembered the blushing confession she'd made one morning as she watched him shave, when she'd told him what a turn on his 'scruffy look' was. Knew that she enjoyed a bit of 'whisker burn', when it was gentle and tender.

When he applied gentle pressure, she shifted to her back, one arm around his shoulders, her hand on the back of his neck. When she'd satisfied her need to feel that masculine rasp of whiskers against her fingertips, those fingers would find their place in his hair. God how she loved his kisses! How he took and gave and teased and challenged her for control. How each caress of his tongue could send her heart soaring, set her body on fire.

Kissing her was right up there at the top of his list of favorite things to do. Probably number one on the list. He could still remember the feeling that had washed over him when he'd overheard her talking to Sam. That his kisses were 'the breath of life' for her, that she couldn't exist without them. The woman was so damned good for his ego! His own need, that addiction to her sweet honey was beginning to make itself known. He slowly moved away from her sweet lips, over her jaw, to that elegant, sexy throat. He couldn't resist leaving his mark on her collarbone. It would be covered by her tee shirt. And if anybody had a problem with it, well, they could just talk to him about it!

When he gently settled himself on her, she smiled, ran her hands through his hair. Her back inevitably arched, pushing her body toward his hands.

"Hey, there, my sweet beauties," he whispered, just before giving each pink tip a soft kiss.

"The girls are happy to see you, too," she whispered playfully.

"Glad to hear it," he grinned.

It was her turn to moan with delight as he began to make love to her breasts. Fingers of pleasure moved through her, skipped up and down her spine, centered in the ever growing heat between her thighs.

Firm, round, the skin so soft and fragrant, the nipples hard against his tongue, like pink pearls. Oh yeah, definitely in love with these beauties. He made sure that every inch of each globe was kissed, licked, tasted; before moving back toward nipples so hard they were puckered, the areola's puffed up with desire. He loved taking his time, making certain that she was teetering on the brink before moving toward the ultimate prize. She was breathing hard, making those adorable little noises that always signaled her passion, her need, that always turned him on.

Making love to him orally always left her breathless with need. Daniel never failed to take advantage of that fact, driving her insane with kisses and caresses, taking her higher and higher, the anticipation of what was to come making her tremble with desire. Her fingers were clenched in his hair, her back arched, pushing against him, her hips pressing up against him each time he tugged on her nipples. She was nearly delirious as she reached for that beautiful release, the fire between her thighs scorching hot.

Each breath caught with a tiny little gasp. She was so close that it wouldn't take much to send her spinning among the stars. That she'd been halfway there before he'd ever started, the result of making love to him, never ceased to amaze him. It blew his mind that she could derive almost as much pleasure from her oral ministrations to him as he did. Never once did it occur to him that it was no different than the reaction in his own body to making love to her. His tongue sought, found that sexy little belly button. His kisses marked her from hip to hip. His fingers moved through that narrow vee of soft curls, slipped down and opened her gently for his first intimate kiss.

She gasped when his tongue moved over her wet folds, her hips moved up toward his face. "Mmmm...oh yeah," she whispered, tossing her head to the side. She moaned softly when he thrust his tongue inside her, bringing forth the first wave of pleasure.

Like a man dying of thirst in the desert, Daniel took down every drop of that sweet nectar, her soft moans and cries satisfying his soul as much as her honey satisfied his body. Her hips were moving up and down, a sure sign that she was close. "Feeling good, Angel?"

"Mmmhmm...very good," she whispered breathlessly.

He smiled. Began his investigation of that sweet flesh all over again, tracing every inch with his tongue. When he flicked it over that swollen little nub, her entire body jerked. He did it again, elated when the response was the same.

"Please..." she begged.

Two warm, long, slender fingers slid inside her, began to stroke her gently. He moved the flat of his tongue over her, again and again, until she was trembling with need. The tip of his tongue moved over her clit again, the resulting moan telling him that she was in dire need of release. He flicked it, teased it for just another second, then began to suck on that hard little nub, keeping the tip of his tongue moving. Her body was nearly off the blanket completely, and she cried out, her aria of love filling the air around them. He drank greedily from her pulsing well, then slowly kissed his way back to her lips.

She was still trying to catch her breath when he stretched out beside her. His hand was gently caressing her torso, moving from her breast to her belly and back again.


"Any better and I'd be unconscious," she smiled.

He watched his hand move over her, the mark on his finger where his wedding ring normally sat unmistakable in the candlelight. He didn't know why the brass insisted that anyone going through the 'gate leave their wedding rings on the base. The marks that those rings left there were hardly hidden. Their rings were in the velvet box they'd come in, locked in his desk drawer. This time last year, he thought, if he'd been on a mission, and no doubt he'd been on some planet or another, he'd been alone and lonely. Oh, he'd had Sam and Jack and Teal'c to talk to, of course. But the emptiness that had been his companion since the day he'd lost Sha're had been there. He looked at her face, into those amazing green eyes, felt as well as saw the love that filled them. "Thank you," he said softly.

"For what?"

He smiled at the puzzled look that moved over those delicate features. "For saving me."

"From what?"

"The cold emptiness that was my life before I found you," he replied.

Casey smiled, wrapped her hands around his face, pulled him in for a kiss. "You saved me, Sweetheart."

"We saved each other," he whispered, before his lips captured hers again. He shifted over her, parted her legs with his knee. Gasped when her hand moved between them, guiding his aching, throbbing shaft...the result of making love to her...between those delectable folds. He pushed against her, sank into her welcoming warmth.

Oh yeah, she sighed silently. That incredible, unbelievable feeling. So full, so completely full of Daniel. As always, their first thrusts were slow, easy, gentle.

A man could lose his mind from such pleasure, he thought fleetingly. Her body welcomed him, held him, caressed him. From the muscles she used deep inside that sweet well to massage every inch of his aching cock, to the arms around his shoulders and the legs around his waist. He buried his face against her throat as he thrust into her, breathing deeply of her sweet scent.

She closed her eyes. She wanted only to feel him, only to smell that wonderful scent that was his, that masculine scent that drove her wild. She moved her hips up and down each time he buried himself in her waiting body, felt the shivers that moved over his shoulders each time she did so.

They made love every day, or damned near. Yet each time he entered body, each time he led them through that intimate dance of love, it was just as incredible as the first time he'd held her in his arms. He knew every inch of her body, knew what pleased her, what drove her wild. She knew him just as well. But the wonder never faded. The amazing feeling of being with her, being the only man she knew. The only man she wanted...the only man she loved. He had no clue how he'd managed to get so lucky. He could only thank the gods in the heavens that he had.

More. She needed...wanted more. She wanted him completely inside her, she wanted inside him. Wanted their bodies to merge as wholly as their hearts, as their souls. She moved harder, faster, until his hips pressed against hers and stilled for a moment. His way of letting her know that he was setting the pace.

He couldn't help but grin against the softness of her neck. Casey was a passionate woman. And when that passion took control...well, he could only hold on and enjoy the ride. But he wasn't ready to let her take over just yet. The signals his body sent would slow her down. For all of about ten seconds. Until that overwhelming need took over.

She was lost in the pleasure of loving him, being loved. Images, cold and brutal, flashed through her mind. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, tightened her arms around his shoulders. Chains. What looked like some sort of hypodermic needle. Men with menacing smiles, and lust-filled eyes...and Jaffa tattoos on their foreheads. Flashes of red-hot pain, and icy cold terror.

He felt the shudder that moved her body, knew her well enough to know that it wasn't a response to the love they were making. He rose up, looked down at her. Barely missed the flash of terror that had filled her eyes before she so carefully hid it away. "Babe?"

"Love me," she whispered. Her fingers caressed his jaw, moved over his chin, brought him in for a kiss. Miss Eloise's words echoed in her head. "You're strong, Casey. Stronger than you realize. No matter what happens, you will survive. And no matter what happens, He will always love you." She firmly pushed them away. She'd face whatever she had to in the stark light of morning. While she was in his arms, in the glow of the candles, she'd think only of him. Only of their love.

The fire that burned so hot began to demand more, until he was on outstretched arms, pounding into the warm, willing body of the woman he loved, feeling her take as much as she gave. Just as her soft cries left her lips, his own cry of completion filled the air, their bodies throbbing and pulsing together as they soared into the stars. He collapsed on top of her, spent, his breath coming in gasps.

She held him tightly. Fought against the feeling that this would be the last time she'd hold him in her arms, be held by him. She pressed a kiss to his shoulder. "I love you," she whispered.

"Love you, too, Angel," he replied.

They drifted slowly back down from the heights of pleasure, their bodies satiated. Reluctantly they moved away from each other, pulled their clothes on. Daniel shook the blanket out and folded it, just before he blew out the candles. With the illumination of his penlight, he gathered the small wax balls, put them on top of the blanket to gather in the morning.

Major Parker, Jack, and Teal'c were the only ones still awake when they walked back into the cave. Smiles were tossed in their direction as they moved toward and into their tent.

Daniel pulled her close. She was trembling, and he knew that it wasn't just an after effect of their incredible flight of passion. She hadn't said anything, and experience had taught him that to probe now would only result upsetting her. Especially if she didn't have definitive answers. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, and hoped that she'd be able to talk about whatever it was that was bothering her after they'd gotten some sleep.


A   A   A   A   A   A


The water was cold, especially since the sun was nothing more than a streak of pink and orange light on the horizon. She washed quickly, making certain that none of the evidence of their lovemaking the night before remained on her skin.

Daniel warmed his hands on his cup of coffee before he braided her hair. He'd caught the glances from some of the men with them. Barely kept his face arranged in a casual expression. He wanted to laugh and grin and shout that hell yes, she was his, and he could run his fingers through this soft, blonde silk any damned time he wanted.

"SG-1 and -2 are going down into that village today," Jack announced, as soon as everyone was gathered around the camp fire, eating breakfast. "There's the chance that those villagers know where Tem's ships are." He looked over at the young archaeologist who looked as if he were on the verge of exploding with excitement. "Daniel, you're going to have to convince them that we're the good guys. And you aren't going to have long to do it. I suggest that you have Teal'c help you."

Daniel glanced at his Jaffa friend. No doubt hearing from a Jaffa who was free of Goa'uld slavery would help to assure the villagers that they, too, could be free. If need be, he'd suggest moving them to a 'safe planet', one that they knew had no Goa'uld presence. "Got it."

"Radar, I need to know anything and everything that you can tell me."

Casey frowned slightly. Reached out as far as the village. "As long as the Jaffa don't come for their...supplies, those people will be willing to listen. The minute Jaffa show up, they're going to go with the easiest way to survive. There are too few of them to be willing to fight."

He'd feared as much. "Okay, we'll have to move fast. If Tem's goons didn't show up yesterday on schedule, chances are they will today, if they're still around. If they aren't, then we'll be facing Ba'al's Jaffa. I'd prefer to do that somewhere other than where innocent civilians can be hurt. We'll have a better chance if we choose where and when we fight."

The men nodded their understanding.

"If we need help, we'll call," Jack said. "Gear up, campers. Let's get this show on the road."


A   A   A   A   A   A


The hike to the village was long, and took the teams through a dense patch of forest. Jack glanced around as they moved forward slowly, carefully. Something about this hill seemed...odd. He just couldn't put his finger on it.

Casey frowned. Why did the word 'false' keep flashing through her mind? False what? God? Well that was a news flash, wasn't it? No, that's not what it was. Damn it! What was false...no...fake? The trees seemed real enough. The ground cover was fairly thin, considering the number of trees and bushes that crowded the area. But then, she wasn't a forestry expert. Maybe that was normal for an area so thick with plant life.

Daniel took note of the frown. Remembered the tremors he'd felt in her body last night. "Case?"

"Just something...odd...about this place," she said softly.

Jack's head flew around, and he looked at her. "Did you say 'odd'?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I was just thinking the same thing."

"As was I," Teal'c admitted.

"Hold up," Jack said softly. "Anything specific?"

She shook her head. "I keep seeing the word 'false'...well, it feels more like 'fake', but I have no clue what it means. Not yet, anyway."

The older man frowned. This mission was starting to creep him out. The whole friggin' planet felt...strange. Casey had said that the castle that overlooked the small village had been cursed. He didn't believe in that stuff. Not really. But right now he'd lay even money that the whole damned planet had been hexed by some totally whacked out, pissed off witch. If he had any sense, he'd lead the teams to that 'gate, take out any Jaffa guarding it, and go the hell home. But he'd never had a lot of sense. And he'd been given orders. Which he followed. Well, most of the time, he thought, grinning inwardly as he looked at Daniel. Who never wanted to follow orders. His gaze moved back to Casey. "If you pick up anything, I want to know ASAP."

The young blonde nodded her understanding. She wanted to go home. That had happened a few times on other missions, when things had been...tense. This was a homesick-please-mommy-come-get-me-take-me-home-now feeling. It would be some time before she would remember that feeling, and subsequently regret not begging Jack to take them back to the SGC.


A   A   A   A   A   A


The men who'd spent the night watching the village hadn't seen any Jaffa. Didn't mean there wouldn't be a few waltzing into the place at any moment. Jack had left orders that as soon as the observers saw them enter the village, they were to get back to the cave. There was no telling if Jaffa might be snooping around, and he didn't need two men on the run and in need of help. The plan was to stay totally invisible to the Jaffa. It was a risk, talking to these people. But Daniel had been certain that if there was a chance that these folks knew where those ships were, it would be worth that risk to get to them before Ba'al and his minions did.

When the village came into sight, Jack, Sam and SG-2 held back, allowing Daniel, Teal'c and Casey to move closer. Hopefully the village leader would understand that it was meant as a peaceful gesture.

"Greetings," Daniel said quietly. The villagers had been staring at them as soon as they'd come into view on the narrow dirt road. But there hadn't been one sound; no screams, no cries of surprise, they hadn't even spoken to one another.

An old man stepped forward, his back bent with age, from too many years spent beneath the sun toiling in the small fields that could be seen just a few hundred yards away. "What do you want?"

"We come in friendship, and offer our friendship, and any...assistance, that you might need," Daniel said in his most humble tone of voice.

"And what is the price for this...assistance?"

"Just a bit of information."

The old man snorted. "We know nothing. We have nothing. We want nothing. Go away."

"I come from a place very far from here. My home is threatened by the presence of a Goa'uld known as Tem. We will defeat him, as we have defeated other Goa'uld. To do so, we need...we must know where his fleet is hidden, in order to prevent him from using it," Daniel insisted.

"I know nothing of this...fleet. Go away." The old man turned his back on the visitors, shuffled toward one of the small cottages.

The young archaeologist looked at the faces of those who stood nearby. "You have no reason to fear us, I promise you. Please, help us, and let us help you! Please, many, many lives are at stake-" He broke off when one by one the villagers began to disappear into their homes.

"Not very friendly," Casey mused.

"They are afraid," Teal'c said.

"With good reason," Daniel replied. "If I could just convince them that we don't mean any harm to them..."

Casey reached up, caressed his cheek. "Sometimes, Daniel, they just won't listen. There isn't anything you can say, or do, that will change their minds. At least, not right now."

He pressed his face against her soft hand. "There has to be a way to get through to them."

"I don't know how. Unless you're willing to stand out here and shout all day, there's nothing we can do." She looked around. She knew how much Daniel wanted to help these people. But she could feel their...indifference. They survived, from one day to the next. It was all they knew. And not one of them had ever considered that there might be something other than just bare survival. They'd lived this way for too long; the feelings, or lack thereof, were ingrained in them...hundreds, thousands of years, too many generations to count, had lived this way.

The quiet morning air was broken by the unmistakable sound of Jaffa armor. And the sound was growing closer.

"Oh, hell," Jack hissed. "Let's move it campers. That way!"

She was running beside Daniel, well aware of the fact that he'd adjusted his stride to meet hers. Teal'c had done the same thing, was just behind her, offering protection as they followed their teammates and SG-2 into the relative darkness of the pine forest.

When the little girl darted out from behind a bush, it startled her. She stopped suddenly, not sure why. Only that she had to show this child that the strangers were not a danger to her, or her people. A little child shall lead them, she thought hurriedly. She dropped to her knees in front of the girl. "Hello. What's your name?"

The child said nothing, but stared, then pointed at the ear piece from the radio.

"Oh, this. It's just something I use to keep in contact with my friends." She took it off, unclipped it from the radio, and showed both to the girl.

"Casey Jackson, we must leave!" Teal'c said, glancing nervously toward the sound of the approaching enemy.

"Just a sec, Teal'c. This could be important." She dug into her pack. She knew there was a candy bar there somewhere. Ah, here it is. She unwrapped it...took a small bite, then held it out.

Hesitantly, the little girl took the candy. Sniffed it. Licked it. Gave a bright smile, took a bite. She nodded, laughed, and skipped toward the nearest cottage.

It was at that moment that Casey realized that the Jaffa had arrived in the village. "We have to get them to follow us! They'll leave the people alone if they're interested in getting us!" she cried out, tugging Teal'c's arm in the opposite direction in which they'd been running. Teal'c took the lead, watching over his shoulder to make certain she was following. When she tripped, the Jaffa were on the edge of the village square. He dove for cover in the nearby underbrush.

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