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Dead Men Tell No Tales

Chapter 14

Casey stepped out of the shower. Took one of the towels hanging on the towel bar, turned around and began to dry the hard, sexy body behind her. Smiled when he reached for her towel, gently rubbed it over her arms, shoulders, her breasts and belly. "It's so good to be home," she sighed.

"Yeah, it is," he agreed.

"Do you think we'll ever go to DC again?"

Daniel smiled. "Probably. Why?"

"Well, I didn't really get to see anything," she replied.

He couldn’t help but chuckle. "I promise, the next time we go to DC, we'll go sightseeing."

"Without any…added adventures."

"Definitely no added adventures."

"I should call Tank, let him know I'm okay."

"Already taken care of," he said softly. He'd had plenty of time while waiting for her to be returned to Wyoming, and then 'rescued'. Tank had been relieved to know that Casey was all right. Had thanked Daniel for calling and letting him know. "He said to tell you hello."

She looked up into incredible, beautiful blue eyes. "I never saw him…that way. He was never anything more than a friend," she said softly.

"I know," he replied.

"My eyes, my heart, will never see any other man," she whispered.

"I'm glad." He still found it difficult to believe that a woman as beautiful as Casey saw only him. That her love for him reflected so deeply in her emerald green eyes that it seemed bottomless still left him breathless every time he saw it. He'd watched men on base - handsome young men - vying for her attention, flirting with her. And the way that she smiled...but never the bright smile that lit her face when she watched him walk into the room. Her eyes never brightened like they did when they met his.

"Only you, Daniel."

He smiled, kissed her forehead. "Only you, Angel."

"I need you," she whispered.

"Need you, too," he whispered in reply. He swept her into his arms, carried her to the bedroom. He had been terrified that during her captivity she would be abused…raped…hurt. Thank all of the gods she hadn't been. As selfish as it sounded, he was thrilled to know that he was still the only man who had ever touched her, tasted her. Prayed that he would always be the only man she ever wanted, that her body ever welcomed with such eagerness.

She shivered from the cold for the few seconds his skin wasn't against hers as he put her so gently on the bed, and then stretched out beside her. She rolled to her side, pressed against him, reached out and caressed his cheek…his neck…his shoulder…back up to run her finger over his lips. "I love you."

"Love you too."

The idea…the fantasy…continued to poke at her. She knew what had sparked it. Tried to fight it because of that reason. But it would be so…erotic. She'd watched him come…had done so on several occasions, actually. But she had always brought him to orgasm, with her mouth, finishing the job with her hands. She'd never watched him stroke himself to completion. He loved to watch her touch herself. Sometimes he wanted her to use the vibrator, sometimes he preferred that she use just her hands. He always told her that whatever she wanted wasn't wrong. That what they did to please one another wasn't anyone else's business. Her mind made up, she reached across him, pulled open the drawer on the nightstand, and pulled out her 'toys'.

He couldn't help but grin. Playtime! Oh, god he loved the things she came up with, the 'games' she liked to 'play'. "What's on your mind, Angel?"

She blushed brightly. Knew that she would find it impossible to actually put into words what she wanted. She could only show him. She smiled, kissed him, waiting for him to make her gasp, just like he always did. Stroked his tongue with her own when he gently pushed into her mouth. Her hand moved up and down his chest, her fingertips moving gently over his skin, stopping to toy with his flat brown nipples. She wanted to taste him. She would get him started. Then she wanted to watch him stroke that magnificent specimen of manhood until he came.

He shifted to his back, let her do what she wanted, take what she wanted from him. Knew that she would give back more than equal measure. His eyes closed, he sighed with contentment when her mouth began to move over his jaw, to his neck. Her hands never stopped moving over him, although she hadn't touched him yet, was completely ignoring the anaconda.

She suckled on the muscle behind his ear. God that turned her on so! She had no clue why. Didn't question the reason. Simply enjoyed the taste of his skin, the way his body shivered beneath her touch. She moved to his collarbones, left her mark on his shoulder. Again. By tomorrow the bruise would be gone. But for now, there was visible proof that he belonged to her. She moved on to his chest, kissing and licking every inch of those hard muscles. His nipples were hard, she teased them with her tongue until they were pebbled against his skin. Not every man had sensitive nipples, nor did every man enjoy having attention paid to them. Daniel's were very sensitive. And he very much enjoyed it when she nipped and suckled at his. Every reaction of his body, every soft gasp, every time he tightened his fingers in her hair told her so.

Fingers of pleasure shot from his chest, his nipples, straight into his aching cock. He so loved the way she made love to him! He was breathing hard as she moved back and forth over his chest; he was ready to beg her to move on when she slid down beside him. Teased his navel with that talented tongue of hers. Sweet Jesus, what she can do to me! His fingers were wrapped around long tendrils of blonde silk, holding tightly to the locks as she continued to tease him, torment him. His hips moved up to greet her hand when she ran her soft fingers through his pubic hair, again and again. Damn that's erotic!

She closed her eyes as she wrapped his balls with one hand, the base of his throbbing cock with the other, and slowly took him as deeply into her mouth as she could. Smiled to herself at his gasp, the barely recognizable murmur of pleasure that left his lips. She set up a nice rhythm…felt his hips rising to greet her with each stroke, then let him fall from her mouth so that she could lick him, taste him…tease him just a little bit. Her heart was pounding against her ribs in anticipation. Taking a deep breath, she reached for his hand. Guided it gently to his erection, wrapped her fingers over his and began to stroke slowly, deliberately.

He opened his eyes. Looked into green ones so full of lust and fire he nearly shot off his load. Watched her reach for the vibrator. Felt his breath catch in his throat when she slid it between her thighs, buried it in that sweet twat. Her free hand wrapped around his, he had stopped moving, and it seemed that she wanted…oh, hell. She wanted to watch him jerk off. He had a feeling he understood why…where the idea had come from. Lord knew he'd asked to watch as she pleasured herself often enough, and never, ever had she refused him. If it was what she wanted, if it would please her…He had to smile, thinking that it had been awhile since he'd been forced to take matters into hand. The last time he'd jerked off had been right after coming back from the alternate reality. Thinking about the beautiful blonde woman he had met. Just three days before he met his beautiful, amazing Wife, just three days before that mind-blowing night in a hotel room in Tacoma.

Oh, god, how erotic...watching his hand…that strong warm hand, those long, slender fingers wrapped around that beautiful cock! She stopped moving the vibrator, afraid she would come before she was ready for this session of mutual 'self-love' to end. It was difficult to keep from reaching out to touch him. Just this once she wanted to watch, to see him come without any help from her. Just once. "God, it's so hot watching you…it turns me on so," she whispered softly, wanting him to know how much he was affecting her.

He reached for her free hand. Put it on her breast. Covered it with his own until he knew that she understood. "I love watching you touch yourself," he whispered in reply.

Her fingers tugged at her nipples, she alternately massaged and squeezed her breasts. Took note that as he watched her, his hand was moving faster over his hard shaft, his thumb rubbing over the head, spreading the precum that oozed there. She was kneeling beside him. Spread her knees farther apart so that he could watch the vibrator as it moved in and out of her. Heard his gasp of approval, watched his eyes focus between her legs.

Oh, yeah, watching her make love to herself was one hell of a turn on! Soon he would be tasting that sweet flesh, then pounding his cock into her. Her free hand had left her breasts, she was rubbing that swollen nub at the top of her folds. "Do it, Angel. Do it for me," he begged.

Her body was ready. He was close as well, the swollen head of his throbbing erection was turning purple. His hand was moving faster, his other hand was caressing and massaging his balls…she smiled when his eyes closed, his chin went up slightly. He was beyond the point of no return. He groaned softly…she watched as he began to erupt; threads of creamy white love landing on his chest and belly. No more…she could take no more. She had to taste him! She leaned over and began to give him a tongue bath, taking all that creamy love, licking him clean. Whimpered her own release as she did so, her body trembling around the vibrator.

He opened his eyes to watch her. It never ceased to amaze him how much she loved him, the things she did that pleased her, and drove him wild. Watching her clean his come from his body was enough to have him rising again. He reached between her thighs, pulled the very wet vibrator away from her and put it on the bedside table. "C'mere," he whispered, one hand tugging at her hips.

She settled over him, her hips above his face. Her body was still making demands, in spite of the orgasm she'd just experienced. She'd never seen anything so erotic in her life! She began to lick his shaft clean, felt him harden once again. She settled herself on him, freeing both hands to help her. It would be awhile before he was ready to come again. But that was all right. She wanted the time to taste him, touch him, enjoy him.

That sweet, musky aroma filled his senses as he buried his tongue in her well. Honey continued to flow from her, coating his tongue, his lips, even his chin as he tasted her…teased her. His hands moved over her hips, held her where he wanted her.

His hips were once again moving toward her each time she lowered her head. So good, he always tasted good and felt good and goddess she loved giving him pleasure! His caresses, the attention he was giving her body had her own hips dipping toward him with each pass of his tongue.

The way she used her hands and mouth had him close to the edge in just a matter of minutes. Never before had he been able to make love like he could with her. Never before had he had a lover so…enthusiastic...about making love to him.

Her fingers caressed his balls, lovingly rolled them against his shaft, then let them fall back into her hand. The other hand moved up and down his glistening shaft, twisting ever so slightly with each stroke. She moved her head up and down, pressed her tongue against him, then gently swirled it over the head, tasting the come and the precum, seeking more. Traced the ridge of that mushroomed head again and again. Flickered it over that sensitive underside until his hips were twitching.

The little minx was bound and determined to drive him out of his mind! He reached forward slightly, wrapped one hand around her breast, massaged it gently before tugging at the hard, pink nipple. The fingers of the other hand slid inside that hot, wet well. He concentrated on her swollen clit, running the flat of his tongue over it again and again, then teasing it with just the tip. Her hips were pushing down against him, her thighs were beginning to quiver.

She took him back into her mouth, relaxed until the tip of his erection was rubbing the back of her throat. She began to swallow each time she felt the reflex to do so that resulted from her continued ministrations to his shaft. Her hand moved faster, gripped him just a bit harder, the other hand tugging at his balls, keeping them from tightening against his body, guaranteeing that when she finally let him fall over the edge, he'd fall hard. She liked it when he came hard…when he moaned and writhed and throbbed with each spasm.

He moved his tongue over her wet nether lips...swollen from passion; suckled them, felt her body shiver in response. His fingers continued to move slowly in and out of that sweet well, holding her just on the brink of release. Let his mind finally wander down to his cock. Bad idea!  Felt his eyes roll back in his head as she continued to deep throat him as much as she could, her tongue moving over him as if it wasn't attached to her mouth. He was going to come…and there was no way he was going to fall first. It was a matter of pride for him. He'd never allowed himself to take pleasure before his lover had been pleased. He'd never done so with Casey. Certainly wasn’t going to start now! Once again he moved his tongue to her clit. Teased it, then sucked it into his mouth, the tip of his tongue flickering back and forth, his fingers moving deep, hard and fast.

Oh, god, she couldn't hold back…no matter how hard she tried…She closed her eyes and moaned, colors and lights flashing behind her eyelids, her body shaking from the top of her head to the tips of her scarlet painted toenails as pleasure so intense, so deep flooded her senses. She moaned again, forced herself to continue making love to him.

Sweet Jesus! The stimulation from those soft moans sent him over the edge. He grabbed her hips and held on as his body throbbed and shook, his cock sending his love down her slender throat. He groaned, the sound deep from his belly, as waves of pleasure washed over him, took him tumbling into an ocean of sweet bliss.

She dropped to her side, still panting slightly. Daniel was breathing heavily as well. "Thank you," she said softly.

He grinned. He should be thanking her. After all, she'd just sucked his balls dry! "You're welcome. C'mere."

Turned around, her head on his shoulder, she snuggled close to his side. "Do you think other couples do things…like we do?"

He couldn't help but grin. One afternoon after lunch off base with Jack, he'd made a stop by an ATM. Jack had asked him if he and Casey had plans for the night, thus the need for the cash. He had admitted to his best friend that his Wife stripped for him, her routines every bit as erotic, as much of a turn on as the dancers at Deezer's. He'd told the older man about lap dances that melted his brain…the fact that he wasn't allowed to touch her until the music ended…the wild, passionate love they always made as a result of her 'performance'. Would never forget the look of pure envy that had filled those brown eyes for just a moment. "I don't know, Case. I'm sure that there are couples who do what they enjoy, what makes them feel good."

She smiled against the side of his chest. Placed a soft kiss there. Could there be couples who did their best to arouse one another - using only words, telling each other what they liked, what they were going to do to each other - prolonging the delightful agony by only allowing gentle caresses over clothes? Until the desire was so great that they could barely wait to get undressed before they were nothing more than a mass of quivering flesh and mouths and hands and need, taking each other higher and higher until they finally screamed out their release? "I suppose so."

He tightened his arm around her shoulders. Kissed her forehead. "I can tell you right now that there isn't a man in the world as lucky as I am," he whispered.

Her heart danced beneath her breast. Daniel had a way of making her feel like the most sexy, desirable woman he had ever met…and it never failed to please her. "No woman is as lucky as I am," she whispered in reply.

The woman was damned good for his ego. For the first time in his life he felt…complete…and didn’t feel as if he had to prove anything to anyone. Certainly didn't have to prove anything to her. All he had to do was hold her…love her. Loving her came as easily as breathing. Holding her…did that every chance he could, creating opportunities whenever he could.

"I was so afraid," she whispered.

He remained silent, knew that she needed to talk. They hadn't really discussed what had happened. He knew the details…but not how she had felt.

"I was terrified that they would…then I heard two of the men, one of them was the man with the scar on his face, his voice was so…cold…" she shivered slightly.

Daniel pulled her closer, one hand clamped over her shoulder, holding tightly, the other moving up and down the arm that lay across his belly.

"He said…he said that they'd 'get their turn' at me, after Kinsey was finished. I almost gave myself away when they started talking like that about Cassie. When they locked me in the bedroom…" she closed her eyes. "I was so desperate to get away. I wanted to find Cassie, and protect her. But I was nearly crazy wanting to get free so that they couldn't touch me. The thought of another man…" Her body shuddered with revulsion. "It would have killed me," she whispered.

"I know," he whispered in return. "I was afraid too, Angel. And so damned angry. I knew Kinsey was involved, I knew that he'd given the orders, that he knew exactly where you were. I wanted to kill him with my bare hands." He'd battled with his anger, the jealousy that came with the thought of Kinsey or his minions tasting her, sampling that sweet, sweet honey. The guilt of those feelings, especially when he knew that if she had been raped, it would have sent her into a mental tailspin.

"If…just if…because nothing happened…but if one of them…or Kinsey…or all of them…had…would you…would you still have been able to love me? Would you still have wanted to… wanted to touch me, make love to me?"

Her fear hadn't been just about being raped, but his reaction to the fact that she had been raped. "I will always love you, Casey. And I will always want to make love to you. If the… unthinkable…had happened, I would still have loved you. Still have wanted you. I would have waited as long as necessary until you were ready for me to make love to you again."

She remained silent for a few moments. "They would have killed me, if they had raped me."

"What makes you say that?"

"Because when I get scared or nervous, the smartass slips right out. And they would have whipped it out, and I would have laughed, and probably made a comment about their lack of equipment, because there isn't a man on this planet as gorgeous and well hung as you, and they would have killed me," she explained.

He snorted. He chuckled. He laughed out loud. "You are so good for my ego!" he said, voicing his earlier thoughts.

"It's the truth." She smiled against his skin when she felt the anaconda pressing against her arm. She wrapped her hand around him, began to stroke him gently. "You have the most amazing recovery time," she said softly.

He couldn't help but think about the conversation they'd had that first night together, regarding the time it took him to recuperate enough to be ready for making love again. What an amazing night it had been. His body had responded to her, to her touch, again and again and again. "Only because of you," he replied, his voice full of tenderness.

"I need to feel you inside me," she begged in a soft whisper.

"Soon," he promised, rolling her to her back, settling on top of her. He needed to feel himself buried inside her, feel the warmth of her body surround him. But first he was going to make love to her, make her fully ready for him. He began to kiss her, softly, gently. Took his time working the combination that would allow him access to her sweet mouth.

Breath of life. Yep. That was exactly what his kisses were to her, for her. One day she was going to sit him down on the couch. Get comfortable on his lap. And then she was going to spend hours just kissing him. He continued to stroke her, taste her. Sent shivers up and down her spine. Unable to resist, she took control of the kiss, demanding a chance to touch him, taste him, just as he had done to her.

He allowed her to take what she wanted, then slanted his lips over hers, pushed deeper into her mouth. So damned sweet! Whether it was her kisses, or that amazing honey from that sexy honey pot, she was so damned sweet! His own personal, private drug. One that no other man had ever sampled. One that caused an addiction that he reveled in. He smiled mentally when her fingers locked in his hair. He so loved it when she did that!

Her heart was hammering against her ribs as his kiss touched off an inferno, took her ever higher. When he began to pull back, tempering the kiss until it was soft and gentle once again, she knew that he'd be moving on, fanning the flames of desire…of need…that raged in her once again.

He knew every signal her body sent, could read her as easily as the hieroglyphs on the Pyramids in Giza. It was time to give that elegant neck his attention. He could turn her on with a few well placed kisses on her throat. Have her engine roaring zero to one-twenty if he nibbled right…here. A few kisses here…here…and here…he smiled against her skin as she shivered with delight beneath him.

The man was driving her out of her mind. It didn't matter that she'd already come twice, that he'd sent her soaring among the stars with that talented tongue and those long fingers. He'd stirred the hunger in her that only he could bring to life, and only he could satisfy her needs. She arched slightly beneath him, trying to draw his attention to her breasts and the hard, pink nipples that ached for his touch. Her fingers were kneading the muscles of his back, although it wasn't done consciously.

His mouth was watering by the time he slid down to properly greet his beauties. He held them in his hands. Perfect fit against his palms. He curled his fingers around the soft curves. Felt her arch higher, pushing her breasts into his hands, the movement her way of asking…begging…demanding more from him. He kissed each pink tip, laved each nipple until it was wet with his saliva. She was starting to make those adorable little noises. His aching cock twitched in reply. He carefully licked and kissed his way around each orb, left a lovely purple bruise in the sweet valley between those perfect breasts.

Her hips were pushing up against him, her need so great that she was nearly beside herself. And she knew that he'd tease her, torment her, send her higher still before he finally took her, buried himself in her. One hand tugged at the dark-blond locks that filled her fingers, the other moved over his shoulder, to his neck, and back again. She wasn't aware of the fact that every time he tugged gently on her nipples, her hips pressed against his belly, and her fingernails sank into his skin.

He'd taste her before he finally allowed himself to feel her warm body wrapped around him. He slid down again. Not since the first night they had been together had her thighs been closed to him. She opened willingly, eagerly, her hips already pointed upward, waiting for whatever attention he wished to bestow upon her. He nuzzled that narrow vee of blonde curls, slowly licked her from stem to stern. Thrust his tongue into her warm well, delighted with the flood of sweet nectar that flowed from her. He took his fill, thought once again that he was most certainly 'double-dosing' himself. Could only smile as his brain informed him that he was a junkie. Perhaps he wasn't taking one of the better known drugs. Knew for damned sure that there wasn't a narcotic in existence like his Wife's sweet, sweet honey. Felt that rush of adrenaline as he fed his addiction. Yeah, I'm a junkie, all right. Totally addicted to my Wife.

She sighed with relief, with pleasure, when Daniel kissed his way back to her lips. She wrapped her arms and legs around his strong body, pressed her lips to his throat as he pushed into her. Oh, god she loved that feeling! So full! He filled her completely, stretched her, opened her fully to accept him…take him. Greedy as she was, she wanted more. She met him thrust for thrust, her hips pushing against his each time he drove into her. Used her legs to keep him from moving too far away from her, used her arms to pull him closer to her body, needing…wanting…to feel the weight of his body on top of her as he led them up to the crest of the mountain. In his arms she was safe. In his arms she could find paradise. In his arms, her world was perfect. Lights began to flash behind her eyelids…colors were beginning to spin and swirl as that white-hot feeling raced up her spine, then built up in her very center. Her thighs began to quiver, and the whimper that Daniel had told her that he adored filled her throat.

"That's it, Angel," he whispered, panting softly as he continued to thrust into her willing body. "Sing for me."

She cried out, then whispered his name as her body dropped back onto the mattress. "Give me your love, Daniel," she whispered, holding tightly. "Fill me with your love."

He groaned, the sweet whispers burning into his brain. He rose up on outstretched arms, pounded into her until she was crying out again, her hands wrapped around his biceps, squeezing as she took flight for the fourth time. The rhythmic spasms of her well around his throbbing cock set him off, and he began to pulse hard and fast, emptying himself into her, felt her use those muscles to milk him completely. He cried out, her name echoing off of the walls around them as he was hurled into the clouds, pleasure so intense it was damned near painful enveloping him completely. With a grunt of effort he rolled to his back, keeping her body pressed tightly against his.

She settled against his chest. Smiled when his arms went around her in the warm afterglow of their lovemaking. She so loved lying like this, being held like this.

"Love you, Casey."

"Love you, Daniel."

The lovers drifted to sleep; content and secure in their love, and their safety.

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