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When Last I Saw You

"…From the first time I saw you, I loved you
And to me, darling, you were romance
Was the last time I saw you, the last time?
Or will you give love one more chance?…"
"Was the Last Time I Saw You (The Last Time)"
Performed by Frank Sinatra 
by Marjorie Goetschius and Edna Osser


The klaxons were wailing, red lights were flashing, and the SFs were heading for the ‘gate room, weapons in hand. Casey followed leisurely, knowing that SG-11 was due back about now. Daniel had gone to join them two days ago, after they had reported extensive ruins. The search for the Lost City meant that no ruins were left unchecked by the head Archaeologist of the SGC. It kept Daniel busy, but most often he and Casey were together with SG-1, so the missions didn’t interfere too often in their lives.

She met up with Jack in the corridor, bumped his shoulder playfully with her own. "Remember you promised, Jack. Three days. We get three days away from here."

"Don’t know what you’re talking about," the general replied with a grin, his brown eyes twinkling. "I have SG-1 down to leave tomorrow afternoon for whatever place that is." 

"Sure hope Teal'c and Sam don’t get too lonely without us," was Casey’s reply, laughter dancing in her own eyes; both of them aware that SG-1 was on downtime until Teal'c returned from a visit to see his son and Master Bra'tac.

The chevrons were locked, and the billowing pulse of energy, that looked for all the world like water to her, signaled that the team would be emerging any second.

The team came through, and from the looks on their faces, everyone in the room knew instantly that something was wrong. When the final group came through, Casey felt her heart leap into her throat.

Daniel was being led by one of the SFs. He was looking around, his face full of confusion, as if he’d never before seen the room, or the people who waited at the end of the ramp.

Major Gary Hines stopped in front of Jack and saluted. "I think we have a problem, sir," he reported immediately.

Jack raised an eyebrow. "What happened?"

"Well, sir, Doctor Jackson was investigating the ruins. He was in a building he thought was some sort of library. Two of my men were with him. Neither one of them actually saw anything other than a burst of light, but when they got to him, Doctor Jackson was dead. He revived okay, but… uh…his memory seems to be fried. He didn’t even know his own name."

Jack frowned, and then looked down, realizing that Casey was still standing beside him. He put his arm around her shoulders. "It’ll be okay, Case. Daniel is always losing his memory, he always finds it eventually," he tried to joke.

Casey stood staring at the major, her heart pounding against her ribs. She pulled her eyes away and walked over to where Daniel stood, still looking around, a slight frown on his face. "Hi," she said.

He looked at her for a moment, then smiled shyly. "Hello." She tried to take his hand, but he backed away.

Fighting back tears, she forced a smile to her lips. "So, does any of this crazy place look familiar?"

Daniel shook his head. "No, I’m sorry, miss, it doesn’t."

Casey cringed at his words, the pain like a sword through her heart.

Jack joined the couple where they stood. "Hiya, Daniel."

Again the shy smile. "Do I know you?"

Jack smiled back at him. "Yeah, you do. I’m your boss," was the strait-forward reply.


"Why don’t you let Casey take you to the infirmary. Then you two can go home."

Daniel looked sharply at Casey. "Why would I go home with her?" he asked. "No offense, miss," he added.

A tear stole down her cheek.

"She’s your wife, Daniel," Jack said softly.

A crease formed on Daniel’s brow. "Why didn’t you say something?" he asked the woman in front of him.

"Because she’s still in shock," Jack replied. "She didn’t expect you to come home and not know her."

This answer seemed to satisfy the blonde man. He adjusted his glasses. "Well, I guess I’m ready to go to…what did you call it?"

"The infirmary," Casey said. She started to turn around, but was stopped by Daniel’s hand on her arm. She looked at his hand…the long fingers that she knew so well wrapped around her sleeve…then up into his troubled blue eyes. For a moment it looked as if he were going to say something. He remained silent, however. She took his hand into hers. "Doctor Williams is going to have a shit fit when he finds out you’ve bruised your brain," she said, hiding her tears behind her sense of  humor.

Daniel only smiled. The woman standing in front of him was beautiful, he was absolutely mesmerized by her green eyes. This incredible woman was his wife? He had wanted his memory back before, after waking up to see all those men leaning over him. Now he not only wanted it back, he needed it back! He needed to know everything about her, how they met, when they were married…how much she loved him. The last thought rattled around in his head and made him frown. Something about it prodded the back of his mind…

He looked around with open curiosity as Casey led him through the corridor to the elevator. He watched the woman beside him from the corner of his eye, didn’t miss when she turned her head and wiped the tear that had fallen from her cheek. He felt an overpowering urge to comfort her. He didn’t know quite what to do, so he remained silent, her hand wrapped around his. He liked the feeling of her skin against his. He took a deep breath, and could smell something sweet, like…well, he wasn’t sure what it was like. But he did know that the sweet scent was coming from her. And that it made him feel…better.




When they arrived in the infirmary, Casey remained at his side. She couldn’t have left anyway, because Daniel wouldn’t turn loose of her hand. 

He didn’t know her, didn’t remember her at all, but the thought of letting her go caused a flutter of pain in his heart. When the doctor came in, he felt a moment of panic. What would these people do to him? He looked up into those deep pools of green. As long as she was here, he was certain that he had nothing to fear.

Casey was gratified that Daniel chose to cling to her hand. She was hoping that somehow the physical contact would help to jog his memory. She smiled down at him when he looked at her, trust in his eyes. "It’s okay, Daniel. Doctor Williams is the best. If anybody can shake the cobwebs out of that head of yours, he can," she smiled quietly.

Satisfied, Daniel lay back, and let the examination begin. They drew blood, an exercise that Daniel found to be a bit painful. His fingers tightened around Casey’s when the needle entered his arm. Her smile comforted him. For the first time since waking up…last night? …he felt…safe. Oh, the men around him had been kind. They had seemed sincerely concerned about him. But he hadn’t felt this…warmth. He looked up again, reassuring himself that the beautiful woman with the amazing green eyes was still at his side. He didn’t understand the urge to lift her hand to his lips and kiss it. He wasn’t sure if it was...allowed. So he satisfied himself to just hold her hand.

The MRI was a bit frightening, especially since they wouldn’t let Beautiful Eyes go in with him. He called her that because he couldn’t remember the name that man with the short gray hair in that big room had used. They told him to lie still, and so he complied, hoping that by obeying their commands she would be allowed to return to his side. Somehow, that seemed very important.

Doctor Williams watched as each layer of the brain was scanned. "There seems to be a lot of activity in the subconscious, but the conscious brain seems to be almost…dormant. As if he were asleep. There's no physical damage, but as the brain’s function is that of electricity and chemicals, we can’t be sure what the damage actually is."

"Will he regain his memory?" Casey asked, desperate to know, terrified of the answer.

The doctor shrugged. "To be honest, Casey, your guess is as good as mine. Brain injuries are peculiar things. He might wake up tomorrow and be good as new."

"Or he might never regain his memory," Casey said, voicing what the doctor had left unsaid.

"Chances are good that it will return. From what I understand, he was hit with quite a jolt of power. It’s not unusual for victims of lightening strikes or electrical shock to suffer amnesia temporarily. The best thing you can do is take him home, and give him time, and love. The very fact that he’s reacting to you as he does is a sign that somewhere, deep inside, on some level, he remembers you."

Casey nodded. "Thanks, Doc. When do you want to see him again?"

"I’d like to get another MRI tomorrow, just to keep tabs on all of this brain activity."

"Fine. I’ll bring him in tomorrow morning." She opened the door and walked into the small room where Daniel waited, the MRI machine slowly moving the table where he was lying away from the large, circular, imaging device.

Daniel had a frown on his face again, and his blue eyes were full of apprehension. He let a sigh of relief escape his lips when she came into the room. He didn’t see her at first, but he could just barely pick out her sweet scent from among the other smells in the room, and he felt the warmth of her body beside him. When his head was clear of the machine, he looked up and smiled. There was something in her eyes now, sadness he thought. But she smiled back at him.

"Hey, there. How about something to eat? I haven’t eaten yet, I was waiting for you to get back to have dinner…" her voice trailed off.

She had been waiting for him? So his arrival here, wherever 'here' was, had been expected. He cast about in his mind, and discovered that he was indeed hungry. "I’d like food," he said, the simple statement an indication of how much of his memory was missing.

Casey smiled again. "Come on then. I think they’re having beef stroganoff tonight."

Daniel sat up, swung around and jumped to his feet. "Is it good?"

"That’s a matter of opinion. You’ve never been overly fond of the commissary food. You've always said..." again her soft voice trailed off.

He frowned down at her, wishing that she wouldn’t do that. He wanted to hear everything, wanted to know...needed to know...what he liked, what he didn’t like, how much he loved her. This thought, like the one before, rattled around, looking for purchase in his addled brain. It too, prodded the back of his mind.

"Well, let’s get down there before the Marines eat it all," she said lightly.

Daniel wished her eyes would light up again, the way they had when she first looked at him, back in that room, when he had entered this place. She didn’t take his hand this time, and he felt cold without it. He shoved his hands into his pockets, and followed her, his shoulder occasionally bumping into hers, the contact sending messages to his body that he struggled to control.

She didn’t say much, just pointed out different rooms, labs she called them, or people that passed them. Casey felt the knot of fear in her stomach. What if Daniel’s memory didn’t return? What if, after getting to know her all over again, he didn’t love her? She didn’t think she could stand the pain if that happened.

Once inside the commissary, she quietly instructed him on what to do. He leaned close to hear what she said, her breath warm on his cheek. No one seemed to notice, or if they did, there were only smiles.

Daniel wasn’t sure about the food. It was okay, but it didn’t taste like…taste like what? Something in the back of his mind told him that he had eaten better meals than this, and he was positive this woman had something to do with them.

When they finished eating, Beautiful Eyes took him to an office, and told him that it was his. He wandered around, looking at the books and the…stuff. He couldn’t read any of it. So he wandered back to the door and stood by her.

"Shall we head home? We were-" she stopped, took a deep breath, then looked up at him, tears shining in her eyes. "I have to stop at the grocery store on the way."

He nodded. He didn’t have a clue what a ‘grocery store’ was, but as long as he was with her, anything was okay with him.


A   A   A   A   A   A


It was dark outside, the sky full of stars. He watched them through the sunroof as they drove. Casey turned on the radio, and sang softly with the music. It had a soothing effect on him. Her voice was soft, lilting…it stirred his heart. He watched her profile, the delicate features of her face bathed in moonlight. She turned to look at him several times, her smile causing his heart to pound harder in his chest.

The Piggly-Wiggly was a twenty-four hour supermarket, but the parking lot was nearly empty when they parked. Casey waited near the front of the jeep for him, and smiled encouragingly up at him.

Inside the store was bright, and he could hear music coming from somewhere above their heads. He followed her, watching her walk when she got several steps in front of him; the swaying of her hips and the way those jeans fit her ass made his mouth go dry.

She was frowning and shaking a round, brownish-white thing when he caught up to her. She held it to her nose, then held it up to him. "What do you think, ripe?"

Daniel didn’t have a clue. He shrugged helplessly. She giggled, a sound he hadn’t heard before. He liked it. A lot.

"You never were any help in picking out cantaloupe," she smiled. "Guess we’ll just have to risk it."

They wandered up and down the aisles, putting things at random, or so it seemed to him, into the metal basket. After they had paid for the items, he lifted the brown paper bags into the back of the jeep, then crawled into the passenger seat. He waited while she returned the cart to an area marked nearby, holding his breath, almost afraid that she would leave him here. When she returned, he sighed.

Casey turned to look at him as the sigh escaped his lips. He had done that before, when she had gone into the MRI room to get him. She bit back a smile. He may not remember her, but her presence seemed to make him happy. For now, in that moment, it was enough.




The streets were dark, illuminated only by the occasional street lamp. When she turned onto a particularly quiet street lined with small bungalows, something in the back of his mind took notice. He looked around. It was…right. There was safety here. And warmth. He could feel it.

Daniel helped her carry the groceries into the house. There was a single lamp burning in the large, open room. From what he could see, it was a comfortable place. While she emptied the bags, he wandered over to the mantel above the fireplace. It was crowded with framed photographs. He was with her in almost all of them. He recognized himself as the man in the photos, there was a mirror above the fireplace where he could see himself clearly. He was smiling in most of the photos. In some he was kissing her, his eyes closed, a look of rapture on his face. He recognized the man from that room in several of the framed photos, his arms around a different blonde woman, both of them smiling happily. There were also several with a black man, a very large black man, who had some sort of… thing…on his forehead. He smiled as he looked from photo to photo.

Casey watched as Daniel perused the photos. Would one of them spark his memory? Would he recognize the photo taken the night he proposed to her? Would he look at the wedding pictures she had out and remember? With a sigh she punched the answering machine button on the phone that hung on the wall in the kitchen.

A loud beep filled the room, and then the voice of a woman. "Hi, Casey, it’s me. Jack just told me. If there’s anything, and I mean anything, that we can do, just let us know. Hang in there, girlfriend. Love ya. You too, Daniel."

Daniel had heard the voice, frowned when he heard his name. But at last he knew Beautiful Eyes’ name. Casey. He remembered now. That’s what that man had called her.

Casey was standing beside him, looking up at him. "That was Sam. Jack’s wife."


"Your boss."

"Oh, right. Do I know her?"

Casey smiled. "Yep. You and I and Sam and Teal'c work together. We’re SG-1."


"Teal'c. He’s visiting his son right now, but when he returns, you’ll meet him. Jack and Teal'c are your best friends."

"And you’re my Wife?"

The question brought a flash of pain to her heart, which mirrored briefly in her eyes. "For some time now. Technically, almost fifty years. But since Oma sent us back, it’s been four."

He nodded, not understanding most of what she was saying. Only that they had been married for awhile. "Are we…happy?"

Casey lowered her head to hide the tears that filled her eyes.

Daniel didn’t care whether or not it was right, he reached out and caught her chin in his hand, forcing her to look up at him. The tears worried him. What if they weren’t happy? What if she didn’t want to be here with him? He tried to squelch the panic that rose in his chest at that thought. "I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have asked that," he said quietly.

Casey shook her head. "It’s okay. Yes, we’re happy. I'm deliriously happy. I can’t imagine my life without you. I don’t want to imagine my life without you. I won’t live my life without you," she whispered, looking directly into his eyes as she spoke. She ached to kiss him, to hold him in her arms, to be held in his.

The words comforted him, and he smiled.

"Well, uh…I guess we should think about getting to bed. I’ll sleep on the couch."

"Do you always sleep on the couch?"

She shook her head.

"Show me where you sleep."

She led Daniel to the bedroom. The full bed was covered with a fluffy yellow and blue comforter, and pillows were piled against the wood headboard. He looked carefully at everything, then slowly walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. 

Nothing. He remembered nothing. "Do we sleep here…together?"

Casey nodded.

"Then shouldn’t we just do that?" He asked, holding his breath. He didn’t want her far from him. He didn’t know this woman at all, but he couldn’t stand the thought of her being in the other room. It didn’t make sense, but right now, nothing was making sense to him. "I promise, I won’t…touch you," he said, hoping to ease her mind.

Casey groaned inwardly. What she wanted, no, what she needed was his touch. She needed the reassurance that his caresses always gave her. Instead, she nodded. She began to toss the pillows onto the chair in the corner, then pulled the comforter to the foot of the bed. She turned down the blankets then stood and faced him. "You can undress here and get into bed. I’ll change in the bathroom."

The only response was a shy smile, a hint of a nod.

When she returned, he was already asleep, his body as far to the edge of the mattress as he could get. Tears in her eyes, she crawled into the bed and turned out the light. At least he was here with her. That was some comfort. Holding tightly to that thought, she drifted to sleep.


A   A   A   A   A   A


He opened his eyes. The young woman…Casey, his fractured memory supplied, was curled next to him, her hand low on his chest, her breasts against his arm. He could feel her nipples through the thin material of the nightshirt she wore. His groin began to complain to him about what the contact was doing. He was trying to figure out how to move away from her warm, soft body without waking her up when he looked down. She was looking at him with her beautiful eyes.

She started to sit up, the hand on his chest grazing the top of his very swollen erection. He flinched at the touch. "It’s okay, Daniel. We’re married. I’ve seen you with a hard-on before. I’ve even touched you a time or two."

He couldn’t help but smile.

"I’m sorry I didn’t stay on my side of the bed. But-" she broke off, turned her face away from him, hanging her head, hiding behind the curtain of her hair.

"But…?" he asked gently. He brushed her hair back over her shoulder so that he could see her.


"No, please, tell me."

"I’ve never had to before. I…I don’t sleep well if I’m not…touching you," she said softly.

"I take it there’s a reason for that?"

She nodded. "Long story. Couple of them as a matter of fact." Her gaze strayed to the throbbing flesh that rose from between his legs. She realized that he had seen her looking and cursed that she should feel as if she couldn’t look at her Husband’s body.

"Kinda uncomfortable," he said, shifting his body on the bed slightly.

She smiled. Daniel had said that before, on mornings when he awoke so aroused that he would seek immediate relief from her. "I guess that means you want-" she started, glanced at his face, into eyes that didn’t know her, didn’t remember her, and broke off again.

Daniel could tell by the playful tone that had been in her voice that this had happened before, between them. 'Seen you with a hard-on before…touched you…seen you…touched you…touched…seen…touched…'  The words echoed in his ears. His brain flashed images of what might have happened, her mouth on him, giving him pleasure, her body writhing beneath his. Were they memories, or his fantasies? He tried to isolate them, hold them, but they flittered to the edges of his mind and disappeared once more into the darkness.

She started to get out of bed, startled when he grabbed her arm and pulled her back beside him.

He looked at her, a shy smile on his face. She was his Wife, for crying out loud. "It’s getting really uncomfortable," he said softly. He guided her hand down to his crotch, gasped at her warm touch.

Casey smiled, her heart beating wildly against her ribs. She lowered her head and kissed his lips. He returned the kiss tentatively. She slid down on the bed, kissing his chest, his belly, his thighs. She moved his boxers, and slowly took him into her mouth, ran her tongue over the throbbing head, then down the shaft.  Her hand worked in concert with her mouth on that part of him that she couldn't take in.

Daniel felt his back arch off of the bed at her touch. Sweet Jesus, can this woman give head! he thought, knowing that he wouldn’t last long. Within minutes she had him moaning, and she didn’t stop until his spasms were over. She didn’t look at him as she climbed off the bed. He heard the bathroom door close. Then he heard the sounds of her crying.

He stood up, put his fists to his head. Why couldn’t he remember? What had happened to him? Where were the memories of this room, this bed, that beautiful woman…his Wife? He heard the shower running, and felt another need rise in his body. He stood up, stretched, and went toward the bathroom. He hesitated at the door. He really didn’t know Casey, they had only had last evening together. But thoughts of what had just happened between them, that she was his Wife, that they loved one another…deeply from what little Casey had told him…urged him forward. Perhaps, he thought, if he acted normally, or what he thought should be normal, his memory would come back. He opened the door and went in.

Casey was just stepping out of the shower when he flushed the toilet. She had told him to do that last night after he had used it. She looked startled, but said nothing. She continued to hold the towel in front of her, however.

No, that’s not right, his mind told him. She never covers up like that. Frowning slightly, he crossed to where she stood. He looked into her eyes, slowly took the towel from her. And looked down on the body of a goddess. He dropped to his knees, the need to worship her overwhelming. Worship? A tingling started in the back of his brain. He took her firm ass in his hands, nuzzled the narrow vee of dark blonde curls at the apex of her thighs. He took a deep breath, inhaling that sweet scent that seemed to be her. She used a flowery smelling soap, too. He leaned forward, placing tiny kisses along her thighs. She gave a moan, and opened her legs to him. He began to kiss and lick the delicate skin, her honey already flowing. The taste of her, the smell of her seemed so…familiar; so…right. He continued to make love to her, grinning inwardly when he felt her weave her fingers through his hair, holding him tighter against her body. He slid his fingers into her, stroking her until she began to whimper. He recognized the sound, somehow. Suddenly she was there, bucking her hips against his face, calling out his name as the flow of honey continued to drench him. He drank his fill, then looked up at her.

Casey smiled down at him, her love for him overwhelming. It reflected in her eyes. "Well, good morning to you, too," she said.

He chuckled. "I guess that means you’re not mad about…" his voice trailed off. He saw the flash of pain in her eyes, winced at the knowledge that he was the one causing it. "Uh, yeah," he said, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand.

She had pulled the towel firmly around her body again. "The towels are in this cupboard," she said softly, pointing at a gaily painted door. The pain was still in her eyes. "Just drop it into the hamper when you’re finished." She grabbed her hairbrush from the chest that sat between two pedestal sinks, and fled from the room.

She stood in her closet, trying to dress, tears flowing down her face. He didn’t remember. She had hoped that the intimate contact between them would melt whatever barriers stood between Daniel and his memories. She tried to remember what Doctor Williams had told her. Time, he had said. Time and lots of love. Well, she had both to give; both in ample measure.

Daniel stood in the shower, the water running over him. He licked his lips, where the taste of her still lingered. It was so damned…familiar. He finished washing, stepped out, drying his lean body vigorously, then pulled on the clothes she had left for him. He saw the razor on the chest, amid a jumble of items. The sparkle of diamonds caught his eye. He picked up the earrings, looked at them, felt the tingling in his brain. He took them, and went in search of her.

Casey was standing by the island, ingredients for omelets spread around her. She looked up and smiled.

"I bought these for you," he said, shoving his hand in front of her.

"Yes. Our first Christmas together." She took them and put them in her ears. A bit fancy for jeans, she thought, but if he remembered these, she was going to wear them.

He walked slowly to the end of the island, dropped down in one of the rattan bar chairs. "It was here. In this house."

She nodded, pulling her lower lip between her teeth.

He continued to look around. He stared at the kitchen floor where she was standing. "I died there."

"Yes, the first time. Well, technically that’s not true. It was the second time," she said.

"I caught that damned cold, and then you made me go to the infirmary," he said softly.

Casey let out a yelp. "Daniel, that’s a memory that Oma blocked!"

"Oma?" He frowned, concentrating, the tingling in his brain getting stronger. He pushed his fists to his forehead. "It’s here, Case. I can feel it," he said, not even realizing he had used her nickname.

Hesitantly, she came around to where he sat, reached out to him, then dropped her hand, worried that he might not welcome the physical contact.

He caught her up into his arms. "Please, don’t ever be afraid to touch me," he said, burying his face against her neck. "I need you to love me, to help me find my way back."

She put her arms around him, held him tightly. "I love you, Daniel. I have for a very long time. Nothing is going to change that. The Ceremony of Fire bound us for eternity. I’ll be here forever, my love, I’m never going to leave you, never going to stop loving you. And when you do find your way back, I’ll be right here, waiting for you."

"I love you, My Star," he whispered.

Casey tensed in his arms.

He let her go, looked up into her eyes. He swallowed. "Did I…uh…say something wrong?"

She shook her head, tears in her eyes. "Oh, no, Daniel. You said something very right. Very, very right!"

He grinned at her, then pulled her back into his embrace. "I love you?"

"Yes you do, very much," she replied, grinning in return.

"And you love me?"

"With every beat of my heart, every breath I take, every fiber of my being," she replied. "I happen to love you more than-"

"Chocolate," he said. "And I love you more than coffee."

Casey hugged him again. "Oh, yes, yes, yes!"

He held her tight, the comfort of her arms allowing him to let go of his fears, and to allow the memories to return.

They had breakfast, but before the kitchen was cleaned up, Daniel had a headache. By ten o’clock it was worse. Casey drove him back to the base, her fingers clenched tightly in his hand.




Doctor Williams immediately sent him in for another MRI. The brain activity in his subconscious was increasing, as was that in his conscious mind. Whatever was going on, Daniel was in a great deal of pain now. The doctor ordered painkillers, and started an IV drip, just as a precaution.

Casey sat by the bed, waiting, watching as Daniel drifted in and out of consciousness. She was sitting, eyes closed, her hand still wrapped tightly in his. Since being put in the bed he had refused to let go of her, clinging to her as if she were his only link to sanity.


She opened her eyes, and looked deep into his blue ones. And saw him there, all of him. Saw that he recognized her, knew her. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Aw, babe, don’t cry. Shh…C’mere." He held out his arms. He wasn’t satisfied until she was lying beside him, stretched out on her side, cuddled up against him. "It’s okay babe," he whispered in her ear. "I remember it all, Case, everything."

"Do you remember dying, on Beta?" she asked.

"Yeah, I do. Well, sort of. I remember your eyes being so full of tears, and then nothing until I…uh…woke up…on PX3-695. But I remember every precious moment with you." He pulled her tighter into his embrace. "What I don’t remember is anything from the time we walked into that library until this morning."

"Major Hines says that the guys with you saw a burst of light, and then they found you dead. He said you revived just fine, just without your memory."

Doctor Williams chose that moment to walk around the curtain that separated the bed from the others in the room. "Doctor Jackson?"

Daniel turned his head. "Hey, Doc."

"I take it that your memory has returned?" The question was asked with a good-natured grin.

"Oh yeah. And then some," was Daniel’s reply.




An hour later Casey and Daniel were sitting in Jack’s office, telling him and Sam about all the things he remembered. He kept raising Casey’s hand to his lips. He could do that, it was more than okay. Casey had her memories of their time together, but not any specifics of any of the missions they had been on. Daniel had the same gaps in his memory.

"I’m telling you, Jack, she was there ‘til the end," Daniel said, awe in his voice. He looked at the man behind the desk and grinned. "I remember going to your funeral. Big military affair," he teased.

Jack only grimaced at the mention of his funeral. Being Immortal now himself, that was something he didn’t have to worry about now. At least not too much. "So whatever happened undid the block that Oma put in your head?"

Daniel shook his head. "Not all of it. Like I said, haven’t got memory one about mission details, although I can remember going on a lot of them."

"Well, since there isn’t anything of real military value left in your head, I guess you can go home." Jack looked at Casey and grinned. "What did I tell you? He loses it, he finds it…it’s all good."

Casey grinned. It was good now. But somehow she knew that even if Daniel had never regained his memory, they would have been all right. Their love would survive whatever fate dealt to them. Even if they had to relearn that love.


A   A   A   A   A   A


They returned to their little house, Daniel driving this time. They waved at Emma, then went inside.

Daniel looked around and smiled. Home. This was home. This was where he felt the safest, the warmest. It was here that Casey showed her love in so many ways. "C’mere, you. I need a kiss."

Casey rushed into his arms. She kissed him as if she were trying to pour her very soul into him. Her body was pressed up against his, lighting the fire that she always kindled in his body. He could feel her nipples through her shirt, through his tee shirt, rubbing against his chest, driving him crazy.

"Wow, I guess you missed me, huh?" He said, pulling back slightly.

"Oh, maybe a little bit," she grinned. "I can tell you missed me," she said, rubbing her body against his raging hard-on. "How did Mae West say that…‘is that a cucumber in your pocket, or are ya just happy to see me?’" she said, doing a fine imitation of the sultry 30s era actress.

Daniel chuckled. "You’re a hussy, Casey Jackson."

"You love me anyway, Daniel Jackson."

"I damn well do love you," he growled against her neck. "And if I don’t get you to bed real soon, I’m gonna explode."

Casey pulled away, and walked toward the bedroom, tossing her clothes over her shoulder as she went. Daniel was stripping as well, and when he entered the bedroom, she was already lying on the unmade bed. She was on her side, one leg forward slightly, hiding the secrets she held between her thighs, one arm bent up and supporting her head, her breasts flushed with desire.

"Holy shit, woman," Daniel said, taking in the sight of her lying there ready for him, his swollen member throbbing harder.

"Like what you see, Doctor Jackson?" Casey asked, a sultry smile on her face.

"Oh, yeah."

She ran her hand lazily over her breasts, tweaking her already hard nipples. "Want a little of this?"

"Uh huh."

She moved her leg back, her hand trailing to the top of her thigh, then diving between her legs. "And some of this?"

Daniel swallowed. She’d never done this before, it was driving him out of his mind. He was afraid he was going to shoot his load just standing there. "Oh, hell yeah."

"You can’t touch me if you’re standing over there," she purred at him, her eyes bright with desire. She knew she was getting to him, and she loved it. She could see him tremble as he walked towards the bed.

Daniel was afraid his legs would give out on him before he made it to the bed. As he stretched out beside her, she rolled to her back, giving him full access to her body. He lowered his head and caught her lips in a kiss. He sucked at her tongue, her lips, felt her nibble at his lower lip. He pulled away, trailed kisses down her shoulder to the valley between her breasts. He made love to first one firm orb, then the other, his mouth and hands in constant motion. She was already breathing hard, arching towards his mouth as he took her nipple between his teeth and tugged gently. He moved lower, licking her belly button, thrusting his tongue in and out of it. He could feel her muscles ripple beneath his lips. He worked his way down to his favorite of places, his mouth and tongue bringing that nub of pleasure to complete hardness.

"You like that, don’t you babe?" he asked, flicking his tongue faster and faster over the hard nub.

Casey was panting by now. "Mmm, I love it," she whispered. She arched her hips toward him, begging for more of his attention.

He lovingly gave what she asked for, watching her eyes. His fingers found her warm, wet well, and began an assault of their own. "Look at me, babe," he said, "come for me Casey. Let go." His mouth went back to her aching flesh. She looked down at him, not closing her eyes until the first spasms of her orgasm began to rock her. He moved up, on his knees, lifted her hips to meet his, and drove into her body. He pounded into her, holding her body tight against his own.

"Fill me Daniel," she whispered. "Let me feel you throb when you come…I need to feel you come."

Her words were like fire in his brain, and he increased the pace of his thrusts. He was so close…she put her hands under her hips and began to push against him, moving left and right as she did so. His orgasm burst over him like an explosion, sending him reeling into oblivion. "God, woman, what you do to me," he panted, holding her against his hips until the last of the spasms were over.

Daniel collapsed onto the bed, pulling her to lie on top of him. He pushed against her and managed to get his semi-erect organ back into her body. He loved to lie like this, inside her, his arms holding her close.

Casey rested her head on his chest, heard the beating of his heart, listening as it slowed back down to normal. She sighed contentedly when his arms pulled her closer, as if he were trying to pull her into himself. "I love you."

He planted a kiss on the top of her head. "I love you, too."

"You’ll never forget me again?" she asked, a smile on her face.

"Even if my brain does, my heart never will. You’re there forever," he replied. Even this time, when his brain hadn’t remembered, his heart had. He had been pulled to her like a magnet. He helped her tug the blankets up over them, then closed his eyes as sleep overtook him. Neither his heart, nor his body, would ever be able to forget how much he loved the woman in his arms. He slept, secure in her love.

The End

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