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War of the Gods

Chapter 6

Aaron sat quietly in his quarters. He could feel his old friends. They were near. He waited, knowing that the decision they grappled with was not an easy one. He and Erin had discussed returning to the mortal plane of existence when they learned that their daughter had been abducted by Framone the first time. Oma had told them of her suspicions, and what she knew to be true. When Daniel had found her…saved her…then completed the Ceremony of Fire with her, they had both breathed a sigh of relief. His name had been known among those who would make the decision on who would become The Chosen for some time.  His...accomplishments...only served to affirm what many suspected about him.

When Oma came to them a second time, telling them that Framone had once again kidnapped their daughter from her husband’s side, that he was intent on ‘breeding’ her with the Highlander, ‘The One’ according to the ‘game’ he had devised, Erin could wait no longer. They had left quickly, quietly. The Council of Elders was required to strip them of their powers. But Aaron had at least one friend on the Council. He and his wife had indeed lost their powers. But not their natural ‘abilities’. It was a fine line, and if their abilities were left slightly more ‘enhanced’ than they should have been, well, let the others prove that.

It had been difficult to pretend an inability to reach his daughter at will when she was lost in an alternate time line. But Aaron had been aware that Simmons was watching him. If it had become necessary, he would have brought Casey home himself, taking the risk of exposing his strengths to his enemies. Fate, and probably the Triad, had smiled on all of them. Samantha Carter had found the exact time for the needed solar flare, and Casey had returned home safely.

His thoughts turned to his son-in-law. The young man was already more powerful than any of the Committee had expected. Certainly more so than his enemies suspected. Aaron was almost certain that Daniel’s time as an Ascended being played a significant role in this fact. Knowing that Oma had not erased his memory, that everything he had learned while he was Ascended was still there, waiting to be accessed, made him smile. She had risked much to save him, to make sure that the knowledge he would need as The Chosen was available to him. She had risked much to follow her cousin, to see to it that nothing happened to her. Her unseen cousin had protected Casey all through her life. Casey’s suspicions that Oma had ‘arranged’ for SG-1 to come through the ‘gate to rescue her at exactly the right moment were correct. Oma had been punished for her ‘interference’. She had still been doing her ‘penance’ when Framone kidnapped her the first time. She was punished again for interfering when the Immortal Goa’uld tried to force Duncan and Casey into the Ceremony of Fire. Both would have perished in the flames had she not. Her punishment was extended when she urged Daniel and Casey to choose their paths. It was expected that eventually the two would complete the Ceremony. It was not expected to happen so soon. Oma’s defense had been the strong love, the link that bound the two together that already existed between them.

The Ancient rose, walked to the window. He smiled when he remembered Oma coming to him, livid that Framone had once again kidnapped Casey. She had already made her decision to return to her Immortality. But she remained among the Ascended long enough to ascertain that her cousin, and The Chosen, were reunited.

"It is time, my old friends," he said softly. "We knew that the day would come when we would have the opportunity to walk again with those we have protected for so many millennia. It is our duty to continue to protect them. It is our right to live as we wish, to be with the children we were denied."

Twin flashes of light filled the room. Liam and Amanda Seeney stood beside him. They looked…uncertain.

Aaron smiled. "Welcome, old friend," he said. He extended his hand. Liam grasped it, the men hugged one another. He hugged Amanda, kissed her cheek. "Erin will be delighted to see you again."

"She is not here?" The woman asked. Her son had dark hair and eyes just like hers.

"No. She is caring for our grandchildren."

"Grandchildren?" Amanda said, the word almost a sigh.

Aaron beamed. "Yes. I have a granddaughter named Emily, who looks…and acts…just like her beautiful mother, my daughter. And a grandson, Nicholas. The boy looks like his father, and will hopefully be as intelligent."

"That sounds so…wonderful," the woman said, a smile on her face.

"You also have a grandson. Richard Connor MacLeod. The son of your son, Duncan MacLeod. Who just happens to be the President of Gamma," Aaron said, a smile on his face.

Liam grinned broadly. "My son has done well!"

Amanda shook her head. "For so long we dared not inquire, although our hearts ached to know." She lowered her head, felt the tears on her cheeks. "We should have had more courage, left when you and Erin did."

The tall blonde man shook his head. "It is better for all of us that you waited. What news of the Renegades?"

The tall dark haired man who looked suspiciously like Duncan smiled. "Their actions have not been as well hidden as they would like to believe. A summons has just arrived at the Council. It seems that the Committee has some questions they would like answered. There have been reports filed against certain Ancients. Concerning The Chosen. Who I would like very much to meet," Liam added.

Aaron closed his eyes and nodded. "Casey has ‘felt’ the presence of a Triad for some time now. I’m amazed that she can sense them. It probably has to do with the fact that she is His Chosen. Her gift is considerable. She isn’t aware of her capabilities yet. Daniel, I think, knows that he has great powers. He uses several with ease now. Their communication being one of its manifestations."

Liam nodded. "Simmons has tried to appear uninterested, but the latest reports have him… concerned. That His Chosen was able to restart the engines on that Asgard ship…" he broke off when he saw Aaron’s grin.

"Casey was merely the conduit. Neither of them are aware of this fact…yet."

The dark haired man smiled. "Then The Chosen is far more powerful that Simmons realizes. His plans will fail…We have already spoken quietly with others. It won’t be more than a matter of…hours…before the Council is aware of Simmons’ actions."

"Good," Aaron replied.

"You do know that Simmons will confront The Chosen openly, in an attempt to destroy him."

"Yes, I know that. But he will have to come to this plane of existence to do so. He might be Immortal, but he can still be killed. Daniel is just the man to do it."

"When do we get to meet your daughter and The Chosen?" Amanda asked.

Aaron looked at the watch on his wrist. "They are sleeping now. Come, I will see to it that you are given quarters. We’ll talk of old times. Then you will meet my beautiful, talented daughter and her husband."


"So the time arrives," said the Second.

"Sooner than we had anticipated," replied the Third. He turned to his companion. "You are sure that The Chosen is capable of defeating this renegade Ancient?"

The First smiled. "Very sure. Simmons will continue to behave as he always has. He will elect to attack she who is most important to The Chosen, believing that this will weaken The Chosen with grief. It will, in fact, only make the Fire hotter. Daniel will destroy Simmons, and save his wife."

The Second and Third exchanged smiles. "You have confirmation of this?"

"With 97.793% accuracy," the First replied.


If the quartermaster of the ship was surprised to have Aaron Desala request quarters for two suddenly arrived people, he didn’t let on. He found a room near the Ancient’s, led them to it, and then went to inform General O’Neill of their new…arrivals.

Amanda walked around the room, touching everything. "I had forgotten how wonderful tactile input can be."

Aaron smiled. "It is indeed pleasing. Wait until you try coffee!"

"Coffee?" Liam asked.

"Come, we’ll have a cup of coffee, and talk. Just as we did when we were young," Aaron said. He led them to the mess hall.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey opened her eyes. Felt his warm body beside hers. She cuddled closer, smiled when his hand began to move up and down her arm. She pressed her lips to his shoulder. "Are you awake, Sweetheart?"

"Yeah." His voice was soft. He continued to caress her. "I’m kinda uncomfortable, babe," he whispered.

Her smile widened, she slid her hand down his body, found his throbbing shaft, caressed it gently. He hissed a sigh at her touch, bringing a satisfied smile to her lips.

Daniel closed his eyes again, focusing his thoughts on the attention his aching cock was receiving. He had awakened in the middle of the night to find Casey’s hand wrapped firmly around him. He could only assume that she'd had that damned nightmare about Ba’al again. If touching him, holding him, comforted her, then he certainly wasn’t going to complain!

She leaned up to kiss him. She wasn’t quite ready to take him in yet, she could do so, but it would be uncomfortable for both of them until she was wet enough. His hands went to her breasts, tugged at her nipples. She could feel the responses of her body. She moved up, offered her breasts to his mouth. He suckled, his hands still holding, massaging the soft, firm globes. So good, it always felt so good when he touched her, made love to her this way.

He sighed with contentment when she offered her sweet nipples to his mouth. The taste, the smell of her skin only increased his desire, made him harder for her. He knew that she needed his…attention…in order to become ready for him.

It never took long…just a few seconds really. A kiss, a caress, and she was ready. She straddled his hips, guided him between her folds, settled down against his body.

"Oh, god, babe, you feel so good," he sighed. His hands were already on her hips, holding her as he thrust up into her warm, welcoming body.

"You do too, my heart," she whispered. She moved against him, angled her hips so that she could use the friction of their bodies moving together to stimulate her already swollen nub.

"Hurry, babe," he begged, knowing that it wouldn’t take long for his climax to overtake him.

"A helping hand?" she asked. His fingers went immediately between them, teasing, caressing her hard clit. "Oh, yeah, that’s the spot," she moaned softly.

He could feel her body respond to every caress he made. She was gripping him with those muscles, god how he loved it when she did that! She’d have him over the edge in just a few short minutes. He increased the pressure and tempo of his fingers against her, felt her hips jerk and move toward his hand.

"Oh…oh god, yes…right there…just like that…don’t stop…oh god, I’m gonna come!"

Her whispers delighted him, sent the fire raging through his veins. Her thighs were quivering against him, his favorite of all sounds filled her throat. As soon as her body began to spasm around him he grabbed her hips and thrust upwards. Three strokes was all it took to have him crying out her name.

She dropped down onto his chest. "Feel better?"

"Much," he replied, smiling. "Love you, Angel."

"Love you, Sweetheart."

They took a quick shower, then headed towards the mess hall for coffee. 


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey stopped short in the doorway when she saw the couple sitting with her father. She studied them for a minute. "He’s going to flip out!"

Daniel looked at her. "Huh?…Who? What?"

She nodded toward her father. "I think Dad is sitting with Duncan’s parents."

He looked at his father-in-law, then at the two people sitting with him. "Yep, looks like."

"Let’s go meet them, shall we?" Casey said, already moving in that direction.

Daniel smiled. "I’ll bring the coffee."

She threw a smile over her shoulder, quickly moving away from him. "‘Morning, Dad," she said brightly, dropping a kiss on the top of his head, not bothering to hide her curiosity about his companions.

The dark haired woman gasped. "Oh, Aaron, she is the image of Erin!"

Aaron grinned. "And she has my intelligence. Liam, Amanda, please greet my daughter Casey Jackson. Casey, my darling daughter, please greet Liam and Amanda Seeney. They are-"

"Duncan’s parents, yes, I know. Pleased to meet you," Casey said, smiling warmly at them, shaking their outstretched hands.

"You know my son?" Amanda asked anxiously.

Casey grinned and rolled her eyes. "I think the expression is ‘and how’. We were…together …for a time, when Daniel had been taken from me."

"He is…well?"

"He’s doing great. Beautiful wife, two month old son…he’s still walking ten feet above the ground! He’s the President of Gamma. And one of my dearest, closest friends," Casey replied. She looked at Liam. "He looks just like you, with his mother’s coloring" she added, smiling at Amanda.

Daniel joined them, set a cup of coffee in front of his wife. "Good morning, Aaron," he said, sipping from his own cup.

Aaron nodded, squeezed the young man’s shoulder when he sat down. "Daniel, these are two of the friends I was telling you about, Liam and Amanda Seeney. Liam, Amanda, this is my son-in-law Daniel Jackson. The Chosen."

Both Seeney’s shook his hand firmly, warmly, their eyes blazing with admiration. "It is an honor to meet The Chosen," Liam said.

The young archaeologist, his cheeks flushed slightly, mumbled a thank you. He didn’t miss the worried look that crossed Aaron’s face. "What’s up?"

The older man looked into curious blue eyes. "You will be confronted by Simmons. Not here on the Phoenix, of course. He will take you to a place where he feels comfortable. You must fight him."

"How am I supposed to do that? He’s an Ancient!" Daniel exclaimed.

"He must come to this plane of existence to fight you. He’s Immortal…but then, so was Anubis," Aaron said.

Daniel studied his father-in-law. Suddenly he knew exactly what to do. "Can you get Casey there?"

Aaron nodded. "When the time arrives."

The young man nodded. "When?"

"That, my son, I do not know. Only that it will be soon."

Casey looked from face to face as they talked. "So we sit here and wait? We can’t take the fight to him? Force his hand?"

Daniel grinned, rubbed his hand over her shoulders. "That’s my Tiger!"

Casey looked up at him, the love and devotion in her eyes amazing the two Ancients that sat across the table. "I’ll whip his ass any day of the week and twice on Sunday if that’s what it takes to keep you at my side," she said determinedly.

He leaned over and kissed her temple. "You would, too, wouldn’t you?"


"Well, I think this is one battle I have to take care of. Doesn’t mean I won’t need your help," he added, gently tapping the tip of her nose with his fingertip.

She nodded. "Always, My Heart. Always by your side. Always together."

He lost himself in her green eyes. "Always together, Angel."

Aaron cleared his throat quietly. Watched with a smile as the two of them ‘rejoined’ the world around them.

"I have never…oh my," Amanda said softly. "I had heard rumors about their love, but to see it! Incredible!"

Casey blushed, and Daniel grinned.

Jack and Sam approached the table. "Aaron, I heard that your friends arrived last night," Jack said, looking the newcomers over with a trained military eye.

Introductions were made, and the two were brought up to speed on what was about to happen.

"So we just hang around here waiting?" Jack asked.

Aaron nodded. "I’m afraid so. Liam and Amanda’s return to this plane has by now caused ripples among the remaining Ancients. We have mutual friends who will use this opportunity to expose Simmons. As soon as that happens, he will confront The Chosen."

"I don’t like the fact that this happens somewhere else. Anyway to make sure we get to chose the spot?" Jack asked.

Casey was pulling her lip between her teeth.

"Angel?" Daniel asked quietly.

"He’s already on the move, I can feel it," she whispered. "Dad, what if we went to one of the nearby planets? Would he be content to fight Daniel there?"

Aaron frowned. "I don’t know, Daughter. If The Chosen is already on a planet, it would take considerable effort to move him to another."

Liam pursed his lips. "I believe that Simmons would be arrogant enough to do just that." He looked at Casey. "Between the three of us, we will be able to keep you at the side of The Chosen."

Casey nodded her understanding.

"Let’s find a planet and go for a picnic," Jack said. Waiting for a battle was always the most difficult part.

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