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War of the Gods

Chapter 5

The Phoenix was on its way to the coordinates that Aaron had given them. He was in the mess hall, getting a cup of coffee. His daughter had addicted him to the rich brew, a thought that brought a smile to his face. That smile widened when the subject of his thoughts appeared beside him.

"Hi, Dad."

"Hello, Daughter."

"We found Tony. He’s had a rough time, but I think he’ll be okay," she said, smiling. She added creamer and sugar to her coffee, led him to a small table near the wall.

"I’m glad to hear that your friend is safe. It will make it easier for you and Daniel to focus on what is ahead."

She nodded. "I’m sure it will. Dad, I might be wrong about this, but you’re up to something. I can…feel it. Nothing specific. But you’ve been expecting this, haven’t you?"

Aaron smiled. "I always knew you were intelligent. Too smart for your own good sometimes," he added. "Yes. I have been expecting this. From the time I learned that The Chosen had been named. I know Simmons well. He has been pushing for the Ancients to…assist…his word, not mine…the Tau’ri in their evolvement. What he wants is a planet of people indebted to him. He would welcome the adulation. Most probably would set himself up as their ‘god’, or at least their ‘savior’. He is not unlike a Goa’uld when it comes to such ambition."

"I don’t suppose a Goa’uld can infest an Ancient," she said with a smile.

"Not hardly," Aaron laughed. "But Goa’uld are not the only ones with delusions of grandeur."

"So it seems. But why is The Chosen such a threat to him?"

"Because The Chosen will stop him from interfering with the Tau’ri. That is the very purpose of The Chosen."

She nodded, remembering the conversation the day they had come on board the Phoenix. "If anyone can whip this guy’s butt, Daniel can." She ran her finger around the top of her coffee mug. "I have to ask you something. Several times I've had the feeling I’m being watched. Then I’d feel a…breeze. When we were on our way to get Daniel, someone kept knocking on the door to our quarters. I’d look, no one there. But the last time, I felt the breeze again. Right against my cheek. Is there-" she broke off at the look on Aaron’s face.

"I hadn’t thought that they would be involved," he said slowly. He smiled. "But then, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. They were the most adamant about Daniel becoming The Chosen."


The older man sighed. "Casey, there are Beings that…well…I guess they are the closest to the concept of God that there is. They are not the highest level of beings, we haven’t actually met that group yet. But they are very near the top. They must have a Triad watching you and Daniel, protecting you.

"A Triad?"

"Yes. They always work in groups of three. Always two female, one male." Aaron closed his eyes. "Of course! They...this Triad...are the ones who helped him save you, when you were dead from that virus!"

"But, why? I mean, I’m glad they did, and to be honest, the thought of having some god-like beings watching over him makes me feel better…but is it just because he’s The Chosen?"

"I’m sure it is. They, too, are aware of Simmons. I just didn’t think that they would deign to involve themselves. We are much…lesser beings. Either Simmons is a greater threat than I thought, or this battle has much greater significance than I first believed."

"Well, I don’t care why they’re involved. I’ll take all the help I can get." Casey finished off her coffee, then stood and placed a kiss on the top of her father’s head. "Thanks for the talk. I appreciate it."

Aaron smiled up at her, kissed her hand. "Anytime. Sleep well," he said.

"You, too. Say hi to Mom for me when you talk to her."

"I will."

"Send my love to my babies, too."

"I will do that also." He watched her leave the room, then glanced around. He didn’t feel them, but then, they were able to hide their presence when they wanted to.


"She knows! She sensed us, and she knows!" The First was beaming with pride. "Her own natural talents have been enhanced by the Fire. Certainly having the Fire of The Chosen flow through her has only added to that."

"Was it wise to let her learn about us?" the Third asked.

"She sensed us. We had no choice in the matter. She sensed us for the first time at the ceremony with the Asgard."

"Shall we contact the Ancient one?" the Second asked.

"No. At least, not yet. If there is a need, we will do so. He is now aware of our presence. But we shall remain apart," replied the First.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey expected to find Daniel in their quarters. He wasn’t there. She reached out for him. He was…busy. Working in the lab set up for him, no doubt. Probably trying to find answers to questions he wasn’t even sure how to pose, she thought. She caressed him, sent her love to him, felt it returned. She smiled and stepped into the shower. She let the warm water relax the worries from her mind.


"In here," she replied. She wrapped a towel around her slender frame, took the clip off of her hair and let it cascade down her back. She stepped into the room. "Finished working for the night?"

He was already stripping. "Yep." He dropped a kiss on her cheek as he walked past her into the bathroom.

She sat down on the bed, brushed her hair. She contemplated telling him about the Beings that she had sensed, had learned about from her father. No, she thought. I don’t want him to risk himself, thinking there will be ‘extra help’, even on a subconscious level, she decided. It was enough that she knew.

She laid down on the bed, her hands beneath her cheek, watched the darkness of space and the bright stars that streaked by the window. She wasn’t even aware of falling asleep until she felt his weight press down on the bed beside her. She felt his hand move from her shoulder, down her arm to her hip. His lips pressed against her bare shoulder. He snuggled close to her. "Daniel Jackson, don’t you dare go to sleep," she said softly.

"I thought you already were," was his quiet reply.

She sat up, pulled the towel from her body and tossed it to the floor, gave him a seductive smile. "So, think you can do it six times in a row?"

He laughed. "I can always try. But I don’t think this is the place, or the time, for that," he said.

She sighed. "Probably not. Okay, make love to me once and I’ll let you sleep."

"I can manage that." He wrapped his hand in her long hair, tugged until she lowered her face to his. He kissed her, his tongue moving against her lips until she opened for him. He thrust inside her mouth, tasting her, caressing her. His hand moved to the back of her head, held her close as he slanted his mouth over hers, taking more, giving more with each stroke of his tongue against hers.

She sighed. She could kiss him for hours. He was without a doubt the best kisser in the universe. She was so addicted to his kisses that she was lost if he didn’t kiss her at least once during the day, so dependant on them that she would stop him in the middle of work to kiss him, to get her much needed ‘fix’ of him.

He laid back, his head on the pillow. She continued to lean over him, their lips still locked. God, how he loved kissing her! She gave so much of herself, with every stroke of her tongue, with every caress of her lips against his. His hands moved to her breasts. He ran his thumbs over her hard nipples. Her skin was like satin, the weight of her firm breasts made his hands burn, his body ache.

She pulled her lips away from his, trailed kisses down his jaw, to his throat. She marked him, sucked at the hollow between his collarbones, licked and nipped at them. She moved lower, the deprivation of his hands against her body making her mind scream in protest. She kissed his chest, nipped and suckled at his flat nipples, traced his tattoo with her tongue again and again. She licked her way down his flat belly, her fingers already playing through the thick curly hair that waited lower. She stroked his throbbing flesh gently as her lips continued their journey.

He hissed a sigh of contentment when he felt her mouth close around his swollen erection. He filled his hand with her hair, the other moving over the soft skin of her back. "That’s it, babe, just like that," he whispered as her tongue worked around him, teased the sensitive head. His hips raised toward her every time her head moved down. He closed his eyes, letting her take him ever higher.

As she always did, she delighted in the taste of him, the smell of him, the way he felt in her mouth, in her hands. Only she could please him, she thought, her heart and soul rejoicing in that knowledge. He had told her of Ishtar’s frenzied attempts to pleasure him. She almost smiled. She alone knew that if she let him fall all the way out of her mouth, flicked her tongue over that tiny opening, then suckedthereever so gently, that he would gasp…just like…that. She alone knew that when she flicked her tongue around the head just…so, that his hips would jerk toward her…like that. She moved over him, relaxed her throat, and before he could object, was deep-throating him as much as she ever could, her hands working on the part of his shaft she could never accommodate. He tried to pull away from her, she pushed an arm down over his hips, held him in place, and was rewarded when he began to come. She took all that he gave her, and licked him clean.

He was still panting from his release. "Your turn," he said softly. His hands pulled her up on the bed, gently eased her onto her back. He leaned on one arm, looked down at her, pushed her hair from her face, smiled tenderly at her. He kissed her again, his tongue probing her mouth, teasing her, arousing her. His fingers were already tugging on her hard nipples. He trailed kisses over her cheeks, her eyelids, down her jaw to her throat. As she had marked him, he marked her. He suckled lightly on the spot behind her ear that always made her shiver, rewarded when her body quivered beside him. Her collarbones received his attention, as well as her shoulders. He shifted lower, watched his hand move over her breasts for a few moments, mesmerized as the nipples puckered. His mouth watered as he lowered his head to her breast. He teased the nipple with his tongue, sucked it deep into his mouth, her back arching off of the bed as he did so. He rolled so that he was lying on her legs and lower abdomen, freeing both hands to touch, hold, massage her breasts. He gave both equal attention. She was breathing hard when he moved his mouth to her flat belly.

Her hands were in his hair, her fingers massaging his scalp, his neck, as his mouth made love to her body. She closed her eyes, his attention fanning the flames that already burned. Every tug of his teeth, every flick of his tongue against her nipples sent waves of pleasure through her, made her ache for him. He owned her, controlled her. His every caress was a command that her body willingly obeyed.

He teased her navel, licked around that tiny platinum ring until the muscles beneath his mouth rippled and her breath came in gasps. He could smell her arousal, the messages the aroma sent to his brain had him rising to full, aching hardness once again. He kissed and nipped at her hips, sucked the skin at the top of her inner thighs, smiling inwardly each time her body jerked. He settled himself between her legs, his hands holding her slender thighs apart. He breathed deeply. Yes! Oh, god yes! "The only altar, babe," he murmured before he lowered his head to taste of her sweetness. He licked the soft, moist skin, ran his tongue over her folds top to bottom and back again. He stopped to taste the honey straight from her hot, sweet well. Her hips were undulating under his mouth. They came off the bed altogether when he sucked her hard, swollen nub into his mouth and teased it with his tongue. She moaned, bringing forth another smile.

She was flying, her body on fire, her mind near overload from the sensations he was giving her. Gasping for breath she reached for him. "In me, please, Daniel," she whispered.

Her soft whisper made him throb painfully. He rose up, positioned himself above her, then gently slid his aching flesh into her warm, welcoming body. She sighed, and wrapped her arms and legs around him. Her hard nipples pressed into his chest, the sensations enough to make him moan. His hips were moving, she met his every thrust. He took her higher, just as she did for him. He pushed himself up, supporting his weight on outstretched arms. Her hands moved up and down his biceps, caressing him. He drove into her, harder and deeper with each stroke. He grinned when he felt her thighs quiver against his hips. That sweet whimper filled her throat. "Give it to me, babe. Come for me…only for me," he whispered.

She cried out, arching off of the bed beneath him, the contractions of her body so strong that she could feel them in her belly. Her legs pulled his body closer, held him tighter as he continued to thrust in and out of her, grinding his hips against her with each downward stroke. "Fill me with your love, Daniel, give me what only I can take from you," she whispered, just before she began to whimper again.

He could feel her body convulsing around him, grabbing at him with each movement he made. Twothreefour more thrusts and he was hurtling over the abyss, the Fire raging in flames so hot, so high, that they threatened to completely engulf him. He jerked as he pulsed inside her, filling her just as she had commanded. He dropped down onto her, his head on her shoulder, tried to catch his breath.

Her hands caressed him, her legs were still wrapped around his hips, holding him close.

"Love you, Angel," he said softly, just before he rolled to his back. He held her against his chest, one hand on her neck, holding her lightly, the other moving up and down the satiny skin of her back, to her hip, then up to her shoulder.

"Love you, Sweetheart," she replied in kind. She snuggled closer to him, smiled against his skin as his arms tightened around her. "Do you think we’ll be out here much longer?"

He smiled, kissed the top of her head. The question was her way of letting him know that she missed her babies. "I miss them, too, babe. I hope it won’t be much longer. With luck, it will be over soon. Maybe just a few days."

She nodded. "I hope so."

"Sleep, Angel," he said softly. He felt her body relax. His own body followed, and they slipped into peaceful sleep.

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