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This Thing Called Love

Chapter 8

The site had been carefully returned to the condition it had been found in, so all the digging had to be done again. Although the MALP had again reported no signs of life other than vegetation, Major Parker was taking no chances. Trenton was still new enough to the team that he didn’t know how to do a dig, and it was important that he learn. Texas and Tony had worked so often with Casey that the three of them were an efficient team. He sent Trenton to work with them, and took his P90 to a spot where he could see all of the expedition members, and kept guard.

There were two structures which were mostly standing, and Daniel and Mike were inside carefully recording the interiors of each. Terry, Arlen and Susan were already working on a fire pit that they had uncovered.

When he came out of the building he had been recording, Daniel glanced around, saw Sheila standing in the middle of all of the activity, looking totally lost. He frowned and shook his head. A degree in archaeology meant she should have been on at least one dig, and should know what to do when on site. He was beginning to wonder just how legitimate her credentials really were. "Ms. Roberts, were you planning on joining us, or just standing there?" he asked.

"I…uh…" she stammered. His eyes were definitely cold. Icy cold. So different than the way they warmed when he looked at his wife. Damned skinny blonde bitch.

He looked at her, considered having Casey work with her, then quickly discarded that thought. Casey would certainly be able to teach her, but it would make her vulnerable to any comments Sheila might make, completely unheard by any of the others. "Susan, would you mind taking Ms. Roberts and showing her what she should already know? Mike, go back to the 'gate and check in," he said. "Have Duncan run a check on that woman’s degrees. I want to know what her professors say about her," he added quietly.

"Got it, Danny," the dark haired man replied. He disappeared over the rise, heading toward the Stargate.

Susan looked up at the young woman, then shook her head. "Come here, my dear. Bring your kit with you."

Sheila grabbed the small canvas tote that contained various brushes and dental picks. She gave another glance in Daniel’s direction, noted that he was now squatting beside his wife, his hand moving gently over her back. It seemed that he couldn’t be near her and not touch her. She gave herself a mental shake. All she had to do was piss little wifey off enough to kick him out of the house, and he was all hers. She looked at Susan. After she got rid of this interfering bitch.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Casey was working at the spot where the first tablet had been discovered. They had only removed the top few inches of dirt, hadn’t even reached the first excavation marks yet. Her heart was beating fast, the excitement making her pulse race. I'm as bad as Daniel, she thought to herself, getting so worked up over a dig. They hadn’t been on a dig since Evvie had been born, and that had been over a year ago. They hadn’t been on one before that for nearly two years.

She settled more comfortably on the ground, shed her fatigue shirt, her arms bared in the sleeveless black tee shirt. Daniel, as well as the men of SG-6, were dressed identically.

"How’s it going, babe?" He asked, crouching beside her, his hand moving on her back.

"Not to the first excavation marks yet," she replied. She looked up at him, unaware that she had a smudge of dust on one cheek. To him, it made her all the more beautiful.

Her eyes were dancing, she loved digs as much as he did, he thought. To share his workhis passionwith her had always been a particular joy in his life. "Love you, Angel," he said softly.

She smiled up at him. "You’re just saying that because I’m sitting here doing the hard, boring work. As soon as the fun starts, you’ll get in the way," she teased.

"I do not get in the way! I am the Head Archaeologist, you know," he teased back. "Rank does have its privileges."

She giggled. "Oh, yes, it certainly does."

Her green eyes told him that she wasn’t talking about excavations. He sucked in a breath. "Be careful, babe. Don’t let your eyes make promises your body can’t keep."

Her smile widened. "Have I ever been unable to do that?"

He grinned, felt himself go hard. "Come to think of it, no."

"So don’t worry. And make darn sure you’re not too tired tonight," she replied softly.

His heart battered his ribs at the thought of what she had planned for him. "I’m never too tired for you, Angel."

Texas, Trenton, and Tony were moving back towards them. She smiled at him again. "Either pick up a shovel, Doctor Jackson, or get out of my way."

He laughed, found his kit, and took a small shovel from it. He worked with them for the remainder of the afternoon.

Mike returned to the site, quietly reported to Daniel that the investigation was underway, then joined Terry, Arlen, Susan, and Sheila.


A  A  A  A  A  A


By early evening, most of the first excavation levels had been reached. Tomorrow, the real work would begin. Camp was set up, and Daniel and Casey set their tent just slightly apart, as did Arlen and Susan. The roster for guard duty was agreed upon, and after a meal of heated MRE’s, the teams settled in for the night.

Sheila was sitting on her sleeping bag, alone in her small tent, plotting. She had taken the time to examine the structures that were still standing. One wall seemed particularly precarious, and she had looked to see how much it would take to bring it down. A few carefully removed stones, loosened dirt at the base of it, and she was sure it would be easy enough to push over. She already had a ruse to get Susan in front of it. If that blonde bitch wasn’t Immortal, she’d get her there too, kill two birds with one stone. One problem at a time, she told herself. First Susan. Then she’d go back to work on getting Doctor Daniel Jackson into her bed. She laid back, began to finger herself, his blue eyes and smile dancing behind her closed eyelids. "Oh, yes, Danny," she breathed as she brought herself to orgasm.




Doctor Daniel Jackson, at that very moment, was happily ensconced between his wife’s slender thighs, driving her crazy with his tongue and fingers. Her hips were moving up to meet his every lick, every thrust. He pulled away long enough to smile at her. "Like that, don’t you, babe?"

Her back was arching off of the sleeping bag. "Yes, yes, yes!"

His mouth clamped down on her body again. He was rewarded by a rush of sweet honey as she came.

"Let me taste you, worship you," she whispered, reaching for him.

He smiled at her. She loved it when he straddled her shoulders and fed his erection to her hungry mouth. He did just that, shivered as one hand began to caress his hip and ass, the other held and massaged the part of him that she couldn’t take. He closed his eyes and let her tongue torment him, take him closer to sweet release. It didn’t take her long to have him panting. He pulled away from her sweet kisses, slid down and entered her warm, waiting well with one strong thrust.

She wrapped around him, holding him closely. He always felt so good in her arms, inside her body. She shivered from the simple joy of holding him, feeling his skin against hers. "I love you, Daniel, with all my heart," she whispered.

He smiled against her hair as his body moved. "I love you, too, Casey," he whispered in her ear. His smile widened when her thighs began to quiver against his hips. "Give it to me, babe, come for me," he whispered again. He moved his lips to hers, took that sweet whimper and her soft cry into his mouth; felt her body tremble, the contractions her well made around his throbbing cock.

"Now, Daniel, fill me with your love," she commanded in a warm whisper.

He rushed to obey, moving harder, faster and deeper. Her fingers were pulling at his nipples, her mouth was against that tattoo that she loved so much. The added stimulation sent him barreling over the edge into that glorious abyss of release. He lowered his mouth and captured hers in a kiss, moaning into her as his climax sent shudders through his body. He rolled to his back, barely remaining on the sleeping bags. His hand was moving through her blonde hair, his fingers toying with the silky strands as he began to breathe normally once again.

"She scares me," Casey said after a few minutes of blissful silence. She had been uneasy ever since the hike to the site, and wasn’t exactly certain why.

"What? Who? Oh…babe, why?" He felt her shrug. "Talk to me, Angel. Tell me what’s bothering you," he said softly.

Another shrug. "I’m just afraid that…she is beautiful, and she has dark hair and dark eyes…"

"Like Neferteri?"

"And Sha’re."

Whoa! Where had this come from? "Casey? Babe, what is going on in that head of yours?"

"All of the women…well, except for Sarah, all of the women in your life, good and…bad… have had dark hair and dark eyes…you seem to have apreferencefor…that."

"And so you think that any woman with dark hair and eyes that crosses my path is going to catch my attention?"

Yet another shrug. "I know it’s silly…stupid actually…but… ever since…" she shrugged again

Ever since that goddamned mission where he had nearly killed her with his actions, he thought bitterly, she was afraid of any and every woman not friend or family who had dark coloring. Never before had she had those fears. And every time he was sure that it was finally, once and for all in their past, something, or someone, would open that wound again. He tightened his arms around her. "Angel, I am so sorry for hurting you like I did. If I could change it, take it back, I would. Believe me, Casey, nobody is a threat to you. I love you. I belong to you, heart, mind, body and soul. I’ll prove it to you, babe. Just let me prove it to you! I’m never leaving your side, never letting you go. Please, Angel, trust me," he said softly, his own pain reflected in his words.

"I trust you, it’s her I don’t trust," she replied.

"Babe, do you really trust me? I mean, really, deep down in your heart?" He waited for the answer, knew what he hoped for, realized that the truth was going to hurt…deeply.

"I…yes…at least…" she raised her head and looked at him, barely able to see him in the moonlight that filtered through the tent. "Oh, god, Daniel, I want to! I really do…it’s just…" she closed her eyes as the image of him standing in that throne room danced across her memory. "Your eyes were so cold, so full of…anger…hate…" she whispered.

He didn’t need to ask what she was referring to. He closed his own eyes as the vision of her green ones danced through his memory - the pain, the disbeliefthe fearthat had reflected there tearing at his heart even now. "I was angry babe, but not at you. I was furious that you had to…see that…and I hated that Goa’uld bitch from the very first time I saw her…because I knew what was…expected. I…Casey, I almost couldn’t keep from running after you, begging you to forgive me. The only thing that kept me on that platform was the thought that she would kill you the second that I moved, and behead you as soon as you revived. I never, ever stopped loving you, never. My heart never stopped beating for you, never stopped belonging to only you. There were never any feelingsother than disgustfor her. I swear."

His words wrapped around her worried heart, caressed it, comforted her soul. But couldn’t ease the pain that she still felt, still fought. "I love you so much it scares me. I…I’m sorry that I’m being so clingy and pathetic."

"I love you, babe. I don’t think you’re being clingy or pathetic. I’m so damned sorry, Casey. I’m so sorry," he murmured. He kissed the side of her head.

"Maybe I should start talking to Gwenyth about this," she said softly. "Obviously I have a real problem."

"We’ll go together, babe. If you have a problem, it’s one that I’ve created."

She snuggled against him. "Thank you," she whispered.

"You’re welcome. Sleep now, Angel. We have last watch," he said softly. He felt her body relax, felt her begin to breathe slow and deep as sleep finally overtook her. His heart ached at the pain he had caused her. He didn’t give a damn what Duncan thought, or said. Sheila Roberts was going back through that 'gate to Gamma first thing in the morning. And he wanted her off Gamma by the time he took Casey home.

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