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This Thing called Love

Chapter 7

The planet was subtropical, and Casey laughed when she saw the profusion of trees. Several dozen species it looked like. Jack would've been groaning long and loud about this place, she thought. She glanced at Daniel, knew from his smile that he was thinking the same thing.

Major Parker led the way, Trenton at his side, Texas and Tony taking up their six. Daniel and Casey were both armed with their P90’s and side arms. All of the archaeologists were wearing side arms, with the exception of Sheila Roberts. That young woman had been left intentionally unarmed; when she had come into the 'gate room, she had been frustrated to find that her bags were to be searched. The Beretta that she usually carried was locked in the armory in the SGC. Duncan had told her that it would be returned to her upon her departure from Gamma.

Casey was humming softly, and it wasn’t long before SG-6 was singing with her. Juice Newton’s "Queen of Hearts" echoed around them. Even Daniel was singing. Mike and Terry were adding sound effects, and the Whitman’s were simply enjoying the entertainment. Sheila watched the faces around her, realized that these people had worked closely together for years, were comfortable with one another, and more than likely could tell when something was wrong without a word being spoken. It would be a challenge to succeed in her plan. But she'd always enjoyed challenges.

Sheila glanced up at Daniel, having slowed down enough that she was almost walking beside him and his annoying wife.

She wants you, Stud Muffin.’

‘Too damned bad.’

‘Want to bet that she’s going to ‘trip’ over something very shortly, and grab for you?’

‘She’d better not!’

‘Oh, I can see it coming. So, do you want to bet?’

Daniel gave a sidelong glance at the dark haired woman. ‘No,’ he sighed.

Just as Casey had predicted, when the path became steep, Sheila managed to ‘stumble’, and immediately grabbed his arm. She pulled herself against him, tried to make herself tremble.

As soon as she was on her feet, he moved away from her, never saying a word. He did, however, grab Casey’s hand and pull her ahead with him, leaving Sheila to walk with Arlen and Susan, and the two SF’s who were guarding the rear. If that weren’t humiliating enough, those two military idiots were laughing at her! Her fingers itched for her Beretta! It didn’t help that now Daniel was walking with his arm around the skinny blonde's waist, his hand in her hip pocket; and she had her arm around him, with her hand in his hip pocket. They were laughing over something, and he leaned over and kissed her on the side of her head.

"They’re very much in love," Susan Whitman said, having been watching the young woman closely. "They have also been through the Ceremony of Fire."

"Ceremony of Fire? What’s that?" Sheila asked, curious enough to forgive the woman’s meddlesome comment

"It is a Marriage Ceremony created by the Ancients. Immortals also go through it. Only true love can survive the Fire, and those who do are joined heart to heart, soul to soul for eternity, forever in bodies that yearn, actually burn, for one another."

Sheila frowned. This didn’t sound promising. "So, after a few years, a little slap and tickle on the side probably sounds appealing," she insisted.

Susan smiled and shook her head. "All couples who go through the fire yearn only for one another. The Fire burns hotter in Daniel and Casey. Perhaps because they were the first of the Immortals to go through the Ceremony. Perhaps because he is The Chosen, and she is His Chosen."

There had been something in a report about communication chatter concerning ‘The Chosen’, but the Boss, and thus everyone else, discredited it as nothing more than alien myth. She shrugged that thought aside.

"Daniel has used the Fire to save Casey’s life twice now, and used it to destroy Anubis, although that took Casey’s help. They are very powerful together. Not a couple whom you would want angry with you," Susan said. She managed not to smile at the other woman’s brief look of panic. She glanced again at the young woman. "There was one woman who attempted to take Daniel from her, and Casey killed her," she said. It wasn’t exactly classified information, and the look on Sheila’s face was priceless.

"Why isn’t she in prison for murder?"

"Oh, well, that woman just happened to be working for a criminal, and had tried to kill Casey. It was self-defense, technically."

Sheila walked silently beside the older Immortal.

"Twice Casey has been kidnapped from his side, and twice Daniel searched until he found her. He killed the man who had taken her. Yes, theirs is a very strong, very deep love. He doesn’t even see you, my dear, and the more you throw yourself at him, the less respect you have from all those around you."

The young woman looked sharply at her companion. "I beg your pardon?"

"The looks, the obvious attempts to land in his arms for whatever contrived reasons, the rush to be near him whenever possible. Your actions have been duly noted, my dear. I’ve known Daniel long enough to know that he is on the verge of losing his temper with you. I would suggest that you  - cool it."

The young NID agent seethed. How dare this woman speak to her like this! Well, she might not have her Beretta, but she could still take this woman out, and make it look like an accident. Her mind set to work on this new problem, leaving, for the moment, the problem of getting Daniel into her bed and between her legs.

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