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Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll

Chapter 3

Casey put down the folder, looked up at Daniel with a frown on her face. "Why didn’t you tell me I was making out with an alien?"

"Babe, you didn’t know what you were doing," he said softly. He could see the fear in her eyes. "You’re worried that I’m angry, right?"

She pulled her lip between her teeth and nodded. She toyed with the papers on his desk.

"I’m not. You were under alien influence. You didn’t know what was happening. You still don’t remember, do you?"

She shook her head. "I have an image in my mind of a man…but I don’t remember him or anything about him, or any of…this," she said, motioning at the report.

Daniel lifted her to her feet, put his arms around her and pulled her close. "Then, as far as I’m concerned, it never happened."

Casey put her arms around his neck, nuzzled his chin, then held her face up, begging for his kiss. He responded to her request, and the taste of him, the feel of him, caused the fire to rage within her. "Let’s go home," she whispered.

The words caused the flames to shoot up in him, his spine tingled from the unspoken promise she made.

The ride to the surface found them locked in each other’s embrace, the kisses they shared fanning the flames that burned within them. The ride home was silent, but the looks they exchanged expressed their love in ways that words never could.

They showered together, washing each other, the kisses and the touching they did causing sweet agony. When they had dried off, the towels dropped carelessly onto the floor, Daniel picked her up and carried her to their bed.

He put her on the mattress, leaned over her and kissed her deeply. She pulled away, and sat up, his erection just inches from her face. She looked up at him with a seductive smile, then began to kiss and lick the taut, warm skin.

He hissed out a breath when she took him fully into her mouth, her tongue working around his throbbing flesh. His hands were on her head, his hips moving with her as she bobbed against him. He was close to release, too close. He pulled her away, pushed her down once again. He stretched out beside her, buried his face in the soft skin of her neck, kissed her behind the ear, trailed kisses to her breasts. He rubbed his cheek against her hard nipples, then turned his face to suckle, moving from one breast to the other, running his tongue around and around each puckered bud. He kissed her flat belly, ran his hands over her hips. She opened her legs, and he settled between them, sighing at the sweet scent and the intoxicating taste of her. He would never get tired of this, he thought, never get enough of her sweet nectar. He lapped at her honeyed skin, moved his tongue in and out of her warm well, nibbled at that hard nub at the top of her folds. She was whimpering, her hips pushing against his mouth.

"You want it, babe?" he asked, teasing her with his tongue, his fingers moving in and out of her.

"Yes!" she panted, her fingers woven through his hair. She lifted her hips, seeking his face, the caress of his tongue.

"You’re close, babe. So close," he whispered, his breath warm against her skin. "Come for me, babe, give it to me." His mouth clamped down on her, and she cried out. Within seconds she was arched against him, moaning as her body pulsed with her orgasm, her cry of ecstasy sounding like an aria that she sang just for him.

Before the spasms were over, Daniel had moved above her, and with one thrust entered her. Her warm, sweet well clutched at him, and he threw his head back, moaned at the feeling of her body caressing him. He began to move against her, slowly at first, then faster, thrusting deeper and harder.

She wound her arms around his neck, her legs encircled him and drew him closer. "Come for me, Daniel, My Heart. I need you to throb inside of me," she whispered, kissing his neck, nibbling his ear. "Fill me with your love."

The words were like flames running across his brain. He was on fire, every touch of her skin sweet torture. He pounded into her body, crying out her name as he emptied himself into her. Spent, his breathing ragged, he collapsed onto her. She stayed wrapped around him, holding him close. When he could move again, he rolled over, taking her with him, unwilling to leave the warmth of her body.

She snuggled deeper into his embrace when his arms went around her. "I do remember one thing," she said softly.

"What’s that?" he asked, one hand working its way through her blonde hair, caressing her neck, her back.

"I remember hearing you call to me," she replied.

"I was terrified that he would take you from me," he admitted quietly.

"Never," she whispered. "I belong to you, and only you. No one can take me from you."

He shivered at her words, feeling the love they held, the power they gave him. "I love you, Casey."

"I love you, too, Daniel." She sighed contentedly, then began to move her hips, felt him harden again. She sat up, and began moving against him.

"What you do to me, woman," he groaned softly. He was thrusting up into her body ever so slightly as she rocked back and forth on his hips.

"Whatever I do to you, you do to me also, Love," she whispered. She threw her head back as his hands began to massage her breasts. "I love the way you love me." She continued to ride him, gasping when his fingers moved between them, caressing that hardened nub that brought such pleasure.

"Look at me, babe," he commanded softly. She looked down at him, her green eyes full of her desire. He could see the fire burning in their depths. He continued to caress her, could feel the tension in her body signifying that she was about to orgasm. "Don’t close your eyes, babe. Look at me. Come for me. Let me see you come, babe."

She obeyed, her eyes locked with his as her release over took her. She watched as the blue darkened when her body convulsed around him. "Let me watch you," she whispered. His hands were on her hips, holding her as he drove upwards into her body. "Look at me, Daniel. Fill me with your love." Her eyes widened as she watched him; his eyes were full of fire and love and desire. She felt him throb deep inside her when he reached his orgasm, a slight smile on his lips. She leaned down to kiss him. She settled herself once again on his chest, his arms held her tightly. Satiated, they slept.


A   A   A   A   A   A


The stereo was on, Tom Petty was singing about free falling when he walked through the door. Casey stood at the kitchen sink, her body swaying as she washed the last of the saucepans from dinner. Daniel grinned, watching her, aware that she hadn’t heard him come into the house. He slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

She let out a squeal of surprise. "I sure wish you had the buzz," she complained good-naturedly.

"Why? I wouldn’t be able to sneak up on you then," he replied with a devilish grin.

"Exactly," she grinned. She pulled him closer, her body once again swaying to the music. "I love you anyway, even if you do sneak up on me."

"I love you too."

She pulled her lip between her teeth.

He looked down at her, knowing the action meant that something was troubling her. "What’s wrong, babe?"

"I was just wondering, do you think I should give up listening to music…at least on missions?"

He grinned. "Jack says that one strange incident out of several dozen missions isn’t a good enough reason to piss off the troops. Since you never play music unless it’s safe, he says there’s no reason to change. Everybody enjoys it when you sing and dance."

"What about you?" she asked quietly.

"Case, I wouldn’t change anything. I like to watch you, too," he replied. "You love music. It’s a part of who you are. Didn’t we already have this discussion?"

She smiled and nodded. "I just wanted to make sure…after what happened."

"Nothing happened," he said, pulling her close. "Nothing happened at all."

"Because you were there to keep me safe," she whispered. "Never let me go."

"Never, Casey. I’ll never let go of you."

She snuggled into his embrace. "Good. And I’m not letting go of you, either."

"Good." He kissed her. He held her tightly, felt her arms tighten around him. The words she had spoken the night before echoed in his ears. She belonged to him alone. He smiled.

The End

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