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Chapter 4

Wade poured more wine as Ba’al and Methos talked. The young/old man had managed to get the Goa’uld to brag about his triumphs. The man told his host that he had killed Anubis, and taken over as the mightiest System Lord in the sector.

"Bullshit!" Casey hissed. "Daniel killed Anubis! I know, I was there! I helped him do it!"

Methos looked from Casey to Ba’al and back again. "You lie. A human, a Tau’ri, cannot kill a god!"

"Like hell we can’t! We’ve killed dozens of you snakes, and we’ll keep killing you until we rid the universe of your existence!"

His eyes flashed, and he slapped her. "Enough! Do you wish for me to…interrogate…another of the prisoners?"

Her cheeks paled. All it took was thinking about any of her friends being subjected to the horrors of Goa’uld interrogation.

Methos smiled. Casey was a natural at this! Her every word, her facial expressions, her body language, was perfect! He reached out and caressed her face. "I thought not. It is late. Go to my bed, Beloved, wait for me there."

Casey glared at him, jerked her arm away from the Jaffa who had reached for her, and stormed from the room. She stopped in the corridor, and looked at the two Jaffa beside her. "Think he bought it?"

They looked at each other.

"Do you think he believed us?"

The two warriors grinned. "I believe that he did, indeed. He is very angry that Methos has accomplished what he could not," one of the Jaffa replied.

Casey giggled. "Oh, lord, I hope so! Okay, let’s go tell the general how things are going."




She ran through the corridors. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the one, the only, Casey Jackson, performing live on the Phoenix!" She did a little dance, then curtsied.

The group in the cell laughed. "He’s buying it?" Jack asked.

"Hook, line, and sinker. Methos is great! He even slapped me, which we will be talking about later! Right now Ba’al is busy trying to impress him. By the way, that snake-headed bastard is taking the credit for killing Anubis!"

"No way!" Sam exclaimed.

"Yep. Which is what got me slapped…I told Methos the truth!" She burst into giggles again. "Oh, this is almost too much fun!"

Jack grinned. "Okay, sounds good so far. We’ll stay prisoners for a little while longer, then we’ll see about getting over to that ship. If we can’t take it over, we can at least blow it up."

Casey nodded. "I don’t think Ba’al has any Jaffa. Only Kull warriors at this point."

"Good. Maybe we’ll finally get rid of those abominations!" Jack declared.

"That would be nice. I’d better go…wouldn’t do for Ba’al to see me slipping back to where I’m supposed to be," Casey said.

"Keep us posted. And keep up the good work, Case."

She waved, and followed the Jaffa back to the quarters that Methos had ‘taken over’. She didn’t have long for him to wait. Wade followed him in, then was ‘dismissed’, and allowed to go to his own quarters.

"You were great!" Methos grinned.

"You weren’t so bad yourself, and if you ever slap me again, I will kill you!"

He laughed. "Wondered if I’d get away with that. I’m sorry, Case, but the moment seemed to call for it."

They heard the Jaffa outside the door talking to someone. Casey looked at Methos, then launched herself across the room into his arms. "Struggle, or am I subdued?"

"Better be subdued, try begging for their lives," he suggested.

The door opened, and Ba’al stepped inside.

"Please, I…I’ll do what you want…just don’t hurt them," she said softly.

Methos ran his fingers over her face. "See how easy that was? Remember, I am your god. Your only purpose now is to please me."

Ba’al felt his blood run cold. He would have her back. As much as he hated her, he loved her. Now that Daniel Jackson was no longer a part of her life…now that her eyes would never fill with the light of love for him again…"Forgive my intrusion," he said. "I wondered if perhaps you have more of that excellent wine. I find that I am not quite ready to sleep."

Methos looked at him. "I will forgive you this once. Do not let it happen again."

Ba’al nodded graciously. "Of course."

The order was given, and Ba’al was escorted back to his quarters, with a bottle of wine.

The Goa’uld settled onto his bed. And drank. He did not wish to think about that young…upstart…making love to the woman he loved. Touching the body that haunted his nights. Looking into the green eyes that filled his waking hours. With an angry curse, he threw the glass against the wall. He would have her! Then he would kill her!


A  A  A  A  A  A


Just as had been the plan, Casey had spent the night in Methos’ room with him. They had slept on top of the covers, both fully dressed. She had awakened to find her head on his shoulder, his arm around her. When she looked up into his eyes, he smiled at her.

"Just friends, Brat. Just keeping warm in the night." She had smiled, grateful for his understanding.

Not more than an hour later Wade led Casey into the dining room where Ba’al was already eating his breakfast. "Your lord insists that you eat today. If you do not, he will withhold water from the prisoners," he said, repeating exactly what Methos had told him to say.

With a defeated nod, Casey sank down onto a chair. She tore apart a piece of roll, putting a piece into her mouth, trying to force it down. Methos’ 'lo’taur' remained, standing quietly behind her. Having him stand there made it easy to appear nervous.

"Does he mistreat you?" Ba’al asked softly.

Casey glanced at the Goa’uld, taken aback by the look of concern, of tenderness, in his eyes. She shrugged. "Depends on what you consider mistreatment."

"I can take you from here, Casey. Make you my Consort."

"I thought I was a whore, fit only for your Jaffa, and your training camps."

"Anger can make a man say many things he does not mean," Ba’al admitted.

She shook her head. "As long as I do what he asks, he won’t kill them. He…he…he killed Daniel," she said. Again, the tears fell easily. Just thinking about losing her Beloved brought pain.

The Goa’uld said nothing.

She took a deep breath. "I’ll stay here. Eventually we’ll escape. And I’ll make that sorry bastard pay for leaving my children without a father."

Methos had been listening outside of the door. This was unexpected. They had been hoping to keep Ba’al angry at Casey’s presence, upset enough that he would make mistakes. This could become dangerous. If he was still in love with her, he might decide to do something…heroic.

He decided that his own breakfast could wait. Jack needed to know about this. It might change their entire timetable.


A  A  A  A  A  A


When she had finished, Wade led her down the corridor, back to Methos’ quarters. He noticed that she seemed…troubled. "Are you all right?" he asked softly.

Her mind was in turmoil. Ba’al hated her. Was supposed to hate her. But when he looked at her like…that...no, it was an act! It had to be an act! Then there was Wade. She hadn’t missed the hungry looks; and she knew what he…hungered…for. Damn! Please, Daniel, come rescue me! She nodded. "I’m fine, thank you for asking."

He paused, nodded his black head. "I have to go find Methos. If you need me, just call."

"Thank you."

He nodded again, wanted to say more…wanted to tell her she was beautiful, that she was brave…that he loved her…he hurried from the room.

She reached out, took comfort from his presence. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t know if he was in a meeting or not. She just gently caressed him. Smiled when he sent his love to her.


‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.’ She closed her eyes, welcomed the sound of his voice, the soft touch of his mind to hers.

‘You never disturb me, babe.’ He could sense her disquiet. ‘How's the mission going?’

‘Ba’al is onboard the Phoenix…excuse me, the Chel’nok. He…he was really pissed to see me…at first.’

Daniel knew that he didn’t want to hear where this was going. ‘He still loves you?’

‘I’m not sure. He’s been acting…kind…but…the feeling that I get is that it’s just to win my trust. To get me to leave here with him. Oh, by the way, you’re dead. Methos supposedly killed you…got you from behind. I think Ba’al is expecting you to show up. He knows you’re Immortal. And The Chosen.’

‘Casey, you be damned careful! That snake-headed bastard could be up to anything! Tell Methos to get a move on! Get the team onto his ship and download that information now. Before he pulls something.’ Daniel was feeling nervous himself, now. He almost groaned at the thought of yet another meeting. He wanted to be with her, protect her.

‘I will.’

Methos entered the room. She held up her hand to forestall anything he was about to say.

‘I have to go, My Heart. Love you.’

‘Love you, too, Angel.’ He felt her move away, but not before she gave him one final caress.

He closed his eyes. The members of the EDA were going to accept the treaty they had agreed on today, or they could all go to hell. He had sensed that she was worried…frightened. He needed to get to her…now!




"So, is Daniel all right?" Methos grinned.

She smiled. "Yes, he is. He’s tired. And frustrated. But he’s okay. He says to get the team to Ba’al’s ship now and download his computer. He thinks Ba’al will try to pull something."

"I have to agree with him. Casey, I heard what he said to you. Is he for real, or is he acting as well?"

She pulled her lip between her teeth. "It’s an act to win my trust. He’s still furious at me. I think he still…lusts…after me. But that’s all. Once he's satiated that lust, he'll do just as he’s threatened - turn me over to be a whore for his Jaffa. If he doesn’t just kill me."

The young old/man nodded. "I’m going to try and keep Ba’al busy telling me what a great god he is. That should give Jack and the others time to take that ship out. Then they’ll hide in the cargo bay. I’ll tell Ba’al that they escaped to his ship, and that my Jaffa took them out before they could get away."

"Good plan."


"Let’s just hope it works," she said softly.

"Any bad feelings?"

She reached out, searched, found nothing but a slight uneasiness. "Nothing…bad; just…not right."

"Let us know the instant you feel something," he admonished. After what had happened to Jack and Daniel after ignoring her warnings, there wasn’t a man on Gamma willing to move without her ‘blessing’.

She smiled. "I promise. Now, what’s on the agenda?"

Methos grinned. "Well, we’re going to rub some salt into the wound…Beloved."

She giggled, took his outstretched hand. "Lead on!"


A  A  A  A  A  A


He took her to a room that had been turned into a salon for this mission. He sat on his ‘throne’, and held her on his lap. He nodded at Wade, who stood waiting for orders from his ‘god’. Wade had informed Ba’al that Lord Methos was awake and about.

The dark haired man cleared his throat.

Methos immediately grabbed Casey’s chin and began to kiss her. This was a really bad idea, he thought, as he moved his lips against hers. She smelled so sweet, tasted so sweet…god, he had to maintain control! He couldn’t…before he realized what had happened, he had forced his tongue between her lips, began to stroke her, learn the secrets of her mouth. He could feel her surprise.

"I humbly beg your pardon, Lord Methos," Wade said softly. "Lord Ba’al wishes to speak to you."

Methos knew that the Goa’uld was already standing in the room. He pulled away from Casey, his heart pounding. Yep, that had been a really bad idea. He needed to keep the physical contact to a minimum. Definitely no more kissing! He looked up into confused green eyes. He tried to smile reassuringly before turning his attention to his waiting ‘guest’.

Ba’al was smirking at him. He had decided it was time to stop playing games with this man and take what he wanted, what belonged to him. "Does she not have the sweetest lips you’ve ever tasted?"

The young/old man didn’t have to pretend surprise.

"She did not tell you? She and another, Samantha Carter, came to my ship as guests, under the flag of truce. She seduced me, used her body like the whore that she is, and stole information from me," the Goa’uld said. He watched Casey carefully. She winced at his words, tried to pull away from Methos.

He held her firmly. "Is this true?"

She glared at Ba’al, then lowered her eyes. "Yes," she whispered.

"Well, I do not believe I have anything to fear. She did not try to seduce me. Nor would she be able to steal from me. My Beloved has done many things as a Tau’ri that she will no longer do, is that not right, my love?"

She had to squeeze her fingernails into her palms to keep from laughing out loud. "Yes," she said again, her eyes still on the floor.

"She will stay at my side. Because I am her god, and I hold the lives of her friends in my hands."

"And when they have escaped, she will kill you," Ba’al warned.

"I do not believe that will ever happen," Methos said. He buried his face against the soft skin of her neck, so that he could hide the grin that covered his face.

Casey wondered how she managed to keep a straight face, let alone pretend to be scared and angry. I really want an award for this, she thought.

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