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Chapter 3

The regular crew of the Phoenix was suffering a serious bout of mixed feelings…delight at being able to spend time with their families, and dismay that they were being left out of what promised to be a very…entertaining…mission. The Jaffa were already on board when the teams from Gamma ringed up. Wade was with them as well. Casey felt his eyes on her as she walked away from the transporter rings. Methos immediately took the man by the arm and led him away, explaining what he needed, and what his ‘part’ would be.

The men of SG-6 and the Marines had insisted that Ba’al would never fall for the ‘prisoner’ act if they weren’t bruised somewhat. SG-1, being Immortal, wouldn’t have marks from being beaten. The mortals, however, would. When Jack and Teal'c agreed, and ordered several of the Jaffa to hit the men, the Jaffa at first refused. Teal'c explained carefully, but still the newly freed men didn’t wish to harm their allies.

"Love you, Tony," Casey said, with a wide grin. She pulled her fist back and hit him squarely in the face. The young man stumbled backwards.

"Damn! You pack one hell of a punch, Case!" Tony grinned, once he had caught his breath. His eye was already starting to swell.

After seeing Casey hit her friend, three Jaffa agreed to ‘beat’ the prisoners. Eventually, Jack was satisfied that they were all sufficiently ‘roughed up’.

None of the teams would go to the brig cells until Ba’al was located. The latest word was that he was once again on the move. It was two days before they found him. It had been sheer luck that Sam had been listening to one particular communication channel.

"Got him!" she said excitedly.

Jack, who was sitting in the captain’s chair, looked up at Methos. "Time to go to work," he said, and stood up.

Methos nodded, sat down in the chair. Wade was paged to the bridge, the Jaffa took over the controls of the ship, and Casey went to her quarters to change.

A Goa’uld would never allow his consort to wear BDU’s. She wasn’t at all happy about the outfit that had been chosen, but she hadn’t argued. Too much. She thought she looked a bit like the woman from that television show about a genie, except that this outfit revealed much more skin. Her breasts were barely covered, the harem pants rode so low on her hips she was afraid of pubic hair showing. The material for the pant legs was sheer, leaving no need to guess as to what her legs looked like. She brushed her hair, Methos had told her to leave it loose down her back, instead of pulled back. She looked in the mirror, shook her head, wished again, for the millionth time that Daniel was there, and hurried back to the bridge.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Methos grinned at her when she walked into the room. Wade was standing behind him, dressed as the majority of male lo’taur were dressed. "I do believe you look like a Consort, Beloved," he said, his brown eyes dancing.

"Bite me. And don’t drown in the part," she warned.

Wade tried not to stare. Ishtar was a sweet girl. Great fun in bed. But…Casey was a woman. A woman he had held, had made love to…a woman who still haunted his nights. He noticed that she barely looked at him, and when she did, it was with fear. He knew that she wasn’t afraid of him. Only what he represented…unfaithfulness to her Beloved. Although she had been so stoned out of her mind that she had no idea what was happening to her, even as it happened. He was already wishing he had refused to do this.

"I think Ba’al would be more apt to believe this if you were less than cooperative," Methos said.

She nodded. "I’ve been thinking about that. Since Daniel isn’t here, and the snake will notice that, you could tell him that you’ve told me that he’s dead, or some such thing. Obviously that’s not going to make me happy."

He nodded. "Good idea."

The smile that crossed her face had both men grinning. "Of course, I’ll make it obvious that if Daniel is dead I’d rather be forced into slavery to you than to him."

The young/old man laughed. "You have a sadistic streak in you," he said.

Casey giggled. "So I’ve been told."

Methos adjusted the silk robe he wore. "Okay, let’s get this show on the road. Goa’uld from now on, Case," he said. She nodded. "Open communications with the an'kesh."

The Jaffa hurried to obey. Ba’al appeared on the communications screen.

"Tal'mac Methos," the lanky young/old man said.

The System Lord studied the lanky young man. "Tal’mac Ba’al."

"What business have you in this sector of space?" Methos asked.

"That is no concern of yours, Kal’ma."

"It is when you encroach on what belongs to me!"

Ba’al had noticed the woman standing beside the young Goa’uld. He hissed a breath when she turned to look at him. Casey Jackson! "Give me the woman, and I will not destroy you."

Methos reached for Casey, pulled her close, ran his hand from her shoulder to her fingertips, then raised her hand to his lips. Casey pretended to struggle against the caress. "I think not. She is my Beloved, my Consort."

They could see the rage in the Goa’uld’s eyes. "She is but a whore!"

"Sha'lokma'kor!" Methos said, his eyes flashing.

The Jaffa at the weapons controls obeyed, firing upon Ba’al’s ship. The newly modified weapons and the advanced jamming systems guaranteed that the shot would cause damage.

Ba’al was shocked when his helmsman reported the damage. He looked again at the young man sitting on the pel'tak of the ship in front of him. The ship that had once been controlled by Tau’ri. He clenched his fists in rage. This young…upstart…had taken over the Phoenix! "I would like to come to you…we have much to discuss. I can help you. You can help me."

"Please, Beloved, do not trust him," Casey said softly, slipping her hand into Methos’.

Methos turned and looked at her, studied her carefully. He looked at Ba’al. "I welcome you, Ba’al."

The Goa’uld smiled coldly. It seemed that this man didn’t trust Casey. Not completely. He would know why soon enough. "I will come aboard now."


A  A  A  A  A  A


Methos met Ba’alCasey at his side, Wade standing behind him, three Jaffa at each side. "Welcome to the Chel’nok."

Ba’al ignored Casey. "Where are the Tau’ri who controlled this vessel?"

"Do you wish to see them?" Methos asked lazily.

The Goa’uld smiled. "Yes, I do."

Methos put his arm around Casey’s waist, held her tightly, as she appeared to pull away from his grasp. "Noc! They live as long as you please me," he hissed.

She ceased struggling. Fought to keep from laughing.




"Casey, are you all right?" Jack asked as soon as the group stopped in front of the cell.

She nodded. "I’m fine, Jack really."

Jack stared coldly at Methos. "I’ll kill you for this, you son-of-a-bitch!"

Ba’al noticed that except for those he knew to be Immortal, the men had all been beaten. "Where is the one named Daniel Jackson?" He did not miss the tears that suddenly filled Casey’s eyes.

It wasn’t difficult to cry. She wanted Daniel here so badly she could taste it. Just thinking about him, missing him, brought the tears.

Methos shrugged. "He tried to prevent me from taking this one."

Ba’al frowned. He knew of the power that Daniel Jackson had. "How did you kill him?"

"It was easy, once his back was turned," Methos replied. Casey had already pointed out that Ba’al knew of Daniel’s powers.

The Goa’uld fought down his anger. For months…years…he had tried to get rid of SG-1. Now, this young Goa’uld stood there and told him just how easily it was done. He had held SG-1 prisoner, had held the one called Jack O’Neill for weeks. Always they escaped him. "Do not be so sure that you are rid of him. Nor turn your back on these Tau’ri," he warned.

"I am a god. I have no fear of humans," Methos spat.

Ba’al smiled. "Perhaps you should."

Methos looked at him, smiled, then led the Goa’uld away from the cells. So far, so good. Everything was going according to plan. And that worried the ancient human.

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