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 Ordinary Days, Extraordinary Nights


Daniel's POV

"You get up every mornin’
from the alarm clock’s warnin’…"
‘Takin’ Care of Business’
Bachman/Turner Overdrive


6:15 am...

Noise. Annoying noise. Very annoying noise. She’s warm and soft and laying right up against me. Concentrate on her. Pull her closer. Her arm wraps around my waist, her head moves to my shoulder. Damn noise won’t go away. Open one eye. Ugh. Light’s dim, but it’s there. Reach for the alarm, finally get it turned off. Can’t help but rub my cheek against her hair. She always smells so good. She always feels good, too. Hand has a mind of its own, running up and down her side.

Want to just stay here, hold her all day. Make love to her until she can’t move. My body burns where hers touches me. Not a bad feeling, I think again, for the millionth time. Not a bad feeling at all. She’s starting to stir. Want to let her sleep a few minutes longer. I tighten my arm around her, pull her closer still. My hand caresses her cheek, pushes the hair from her face.

She’s awake now, looking at me with those incredible green eyes, that sleepy smile on her face, the one that always makes my heart quiver in my chest. I can’t help but smile back at her. "Morning, My Heart," she whispers, pressing her lips against my bare shoulder.

Flames shoot down my arm as her lips touch my skin. My heart dances at her words. "Morning, My Star."

She pulls away from me, my body is instantly aware of the cold and the deprivation of her touch. She traces my cheek with her fingertip. More flames. "You want the shower first?"

I shake my head. Need coffee. If I can’t make love to her, I’ll give in to my craving for caffeine. I watch her get out of the bed. Her slender body moves with such grace. She pushes the silk teddy from her shoulders, it drops off her hips to the floor. I know every inch of that delectable body. I have kissed, tasted, licked every bit of that creamy skin. She glances at me and grins, her eyes telling me she’s feeling playful. She shakes her perfect breasts at me, then leaves the room, giggling. I love that sound. Coffee, now. Ignore the demands of my awakened cock.

I pad to the kitchen in bare feet. The floor is cold. Make sure she has her slippers on before she comes out here. When she gets chilled, she’s cold for hours. I pour a cup of coffee from the pot that sits waiting on the counter. May the gods bless the man who invented a coffee maker that works on a timer. The brew seeps its way into my system, helping to shake the last vestiges of sleep from my brain.

I can hear the water running in the shower. She won’t be long. Just long enough to wash the traces of our lovemaking last night from her body. She hates the idea of not smelling clean. That’s why she takes showers after every workout. She always smells so damn good. The thought of her skin makes my mouth water. I pour another cup of coffee, this one for her. Add milk and a teaspoon of sugar. I sip from my cup as I go into my closet. I grab a clean pair of jeans and a sweater. Get clean boxers and tee shirt from the drawer. Don’t have to do BDU’s today. We’re on ‘downtime’. Still have other work to do, though. Never ends.

She opens the bathroom door, steam follows her out. She’s naked, her skin warm and pink from the hot water. She disappears into her closet, comes out wearing jeans and a cropped sweater. Damn, I love the way that pair fits her ass.

"Put socks on, babe, or your slippers. The kitchen floor is cold." 

She nods, slips her feet into the fuzzy pink slippers I bought for her. She leans up and kisses me on the chin as I walk by her. "Love you," she whispers.

"Love you, too, babe." My heart pounds with my love for her as I head for the shower.


7:00 am...

I follow her to the kitchen. We’ll have breakfast here today. I prefer her cooking to what they have at the base. Damn I love the way she looks in those jeans! I can’t resist running my hands over her hips and that great ass.

"How do you want your eggs, honey?" she asks, smiling up at me, her hands following the contours of my butt. She’s making me hard, and she knows it. She cups my cock with her hand, just the slightest of pressure against it, then moves away to the refrigerator, opens it up, stands looking at me, waiting for my answer. Little tease. God, I love her.

"Scrambled." She makes really good scrambled eggs. I refill my coffee cup, and open the cabinet. I find the toaster and the bread. We move with ease around one another as we prepare our meal. I rub my hip against hers while she beats the eggs, grin when she jerks slightly at the contact. Payback, babe. I have my body back under control, but just barely.

The news is on, more of the same. None of it as important as the parties involved believe it is. Not when there are aliens out there who have the conquest and enslavement of the entire planet on their parasitic minds. My attention is caught by the weather report. More snow. Cool. Maybe tomorrow we’ll be snowed in. Then we can spend the day in bed. That makes for some pleasant thoughts.

I put strawberry jam on two pieces of toast. She doesn’t like butter on hers. She loves strawberry jam. I butter two more for me, put them all on a plate I grab from the plate rack and slide it to the end of the counter.

She’s putting the eggs onto two plates, hands one to me, then sits down. I sit down beside her. Good eggs. She’s a damn fine cook. She begins to tell me about what her day will hold, entertaining me with accurate impressions of the people we work with, making me laugh at descriptions of reactions to the workouts that she leads. Her impression of Jack is perfect. She can even scowl like he does. She kisses me, tasting of coffee and strawberries and that addicting flavor that is her, when she stands up and gathers the dishes. She rinses them and puts them into the dishwasher while I put away the bread and the jam and butter. She wipes off the toaster and I put it back in the cupboard.

I pull my boots on and go outside to start the Renegade, so that it will be warm when we’re ready to go. When I come back inside, we go back to the bathroom together, brush our teeth, get ready to leave.


7:40 am... 

"…take the 8:15 into the city,
there’s a whistle above and
people pushin’, people shovin’,
and the girls are tryin’ to look pretty…"
‘Takin’ Care of Business’
Bachman/Turner Overdrive

I hold her hand when she steps out the door, keep her fingers laced through mine as I lead her to the passenger side of the jeep. I do it so she won’t fall on any ice that I might have missed yesterday when I cleaned the driveway. I do it because it gives me just a few seconds more to touch her. I hold the door for her, then close it once she’s safely inside. When I’m seated behind the steering wheel, she looks over at me and smiles. It warms me to the very core of my being.

"Hold this, will you, babe?" I hand her the travel mug. It’s less distracting to have her hold it than it is trying to fumble around getting it into the holder on the console. I tend to knock it over when I reach for it there. I back slowly out of the driveway. Already there are kids walking along the sidewalk, heading to the school bus stop at the end of the block. I wait as a group of elementary school kids wander past the driveway. Sometimes I wish that we could have children. I’ve seen how she looks at the babies when we’re at the grocery store or the mall, the longing in those green eyes. Maybe one day. Eventually the biologists will be able to find a way to help Immortals have children of their own. Part of me selfishly wants to keep her for myself, not willing to share her with the needs and demands of a child. The biggest part, actually. What kind of selfish jerk does that make me?

She turns on the radio, finds a rock station, and is singing softly as I turn toward the highway that will lead us to the Cheyenne Mountain Military Complex. I love to hear her sing. I hold out my hand and she puts the warm cup in it, not, I notice, before she takes a sip. She wrinkles her nose at the lack of milk and sugar. Damn, she looks so sexy when she does that!

As usual, about a mile from the complex we run into the traffic that consists of the others who work in the mountain. The line inches toward the gate. At least I have an assigned parking space. Should that feel so satisfying? Being the head archaeologist/anthropologist/linguist of the SGC has its perks. I glance at the beautiful blonde beside me. The best perc of all was being the one to find this woman, to rescue her. To have her fall in love with me. I still don’t know how that happened. I have never been all that lucky with women. Sha’re had technically been given to me. Memories of her dark eyes and the sweet, pure love we shared on Abydos are tucked away in my heart. Sha’re’s loss still saddens me, but now Casey fills that empty place that she left. There had been Sarah, but I had managed to mess that relationship up in a big way. Casey never seems to mind when I become so engrossed in my work that I forget about everything around me. She understands. I again thank whatever gods have brought her into my life.

At the gate I’m saluted, even though I’m not in the military. I have a reputation on this base, one earned by working with the flagship SG-1 team. Strange, that. Strange that the geek is now an accepted part of this group. Sometimes it surprises me how much I’ve changed. I’m a much different man now than I was the first time I passed through these gates. I’ve gone through so much. Suffered much. Lost much. But, oh, what I’ve gained! I look again at the woman beside me. She smiles back at me, her green eyes sparkling. I can see all her love for me reflected in their depths. Does she know what that does to me? Does she have any idea that my body aches, my mind spins, with my love for her?

I pull into my parking space, turn the engine off. I reach out and take her hand, raise it to my lips, the taste of her sweet skin enough to make me hard again. I hold her hand to my mouth for just a second longer, until my body begins to react too ardently.

At the pedestrian gate I get out my ID, wait while she digs for hers in that ridiculous, over-sized purse of hers. Don’t know how she can find anything in there. Who knows what all she carries with her. She’s teasing the guards now, making them laugh.

She turns to me, flashes her smile, I feel my knees go weak. She laces her fingers with mine. They’re cold, so I stuff our entwined hands into my coat pocket.

At the second check point she tells her daily joke. They’re are always a bit ‘off-color’, always funny. As usual, I pretend to be slightly bothered by the entire process. I’m not. I delight in her wicked sense of humor. She’s looking up at me expectantly. "You’re such a hussy." This another part of our daily routine.

"Yeah, but you love me anyway," she grins up at me. A look like that should be classified as a deadly weapon. I’ve seen her disarm aliens with that grin.

"I damn well do love you." I use my reply as an excuse to kiss her, to taste her skin for just a few seconds. Oh, yeah, I damn well do love her. The fleeting thought of her not being in my life brings a sense of momentary panic. We’re on the elevator now, two SF’s and a nurse ride with us. I can see the SF’s trying hard not to look at her with longing, neither of them succeeding. Every man on this base watches her; I’ve seen them. Makes my heart pound in my chest to know she’s mine. She’s talking to the nurse, I miss what is said; listen to the sound of her laughter. She gets off at level 14. She kisses me, slips her tongue past my lips and teases me just before she pulls away. She steps out, winks at me, her eyes sparkling, and blows me a kiss. I raise my hand, to ‘catch’ her thrown kiss, blow one back to her.

"Love you," she says softly. Her eyes tell me of her love as well.

"Love you, too, babe," I tell her, just before the doors close. I never thought I could be so demonstrative of my love in public, not here, anyway. I’ve always been kinda shy, and reserved. Around her, the need is too great. I don’t care who is watching us. I want the world, the universe to know that I love her, want the universe to know that she belongs to me. I finish my elevator ride with a smile on my face, I don’t care what anybody thinks about our display.


12:00 noon…

I stand up and stretch. Sam and I have spent the morning going over images sent back from the MALP. The images show extensive ruins, and what looks like mining scars in the landscape. Sam's excited about the possibility of a new naquadah source. I'm excited about the fact that the ruins appear to be Babylonian in style. We’ve never come across a civilization older than the Ancient Egyptians. Could other ancient civilizations have known about the Stargates, the Chappa'ai, and used them before the Goa’uld infested the Earth? This could change what we know about Goa’uld occupation of Earth. We have agreed that this planet needs to be thoroughly investigated. I’ll spend the afternoon writing up a report requesting the mission on archaeological grounds, and list the supplies I'll need. Sam will write her report based on scientific grounds, and list the supplies she'll need. Then we’ll submit the reports, and hope that we get what we want.

Right now, however, I’m hungry. I want food, and I want to see Casey. I pick up the phone and call gym, I know she’s still there. I wave at Sam as she leaves the office, she’s probably going to find Jack. Glad those two finally got together. Took help from Oma to make it happen. My heart skips when I hear her sweet voice on the other end of the line.

"Hello?" She’s breathless, undoubtedly from her workout routine. My body hardens at the sound. She sounds the same way when she’s whispering in my ear that she’s about to come, or when she’s begging me to come inside her.

"Hi, babe. Ready for a break?" I manage to keep my own voice steady. I’m not sure how.

"Oh, yeah! Give me twenty?" I know that she won’t leave the gym without taking a shower first.

"I’ll meet you there. What do you want?"

"Surprise me." I can hear the grin in her voice. I hang up, smiling again. I take the time to get out the forms that I'll need for the reports, then head to the elevator.

I walk to the commissary, my hands in my pockets, whistling the song she was singing on the way to work this morning. It’s been stuck in my head all morning. More like the sound of her soft voice has been stuck in my head. I grab a tray and get in line.

I know what she likes, and get her a turkey and swiss on rye, a small salad, a small container of ranch dressing, a glass of iced tea, and a piece of chocolate cake, the biggest piece I can see. She loves chocolate cake. I take a ham sandwich for myself, grab the last bowl of potato salad, although it’s not as good as hers, buy a Hershey bar, and get a cup of coffee.

"She meeting you here?" the woman sitting at the cash register asks, smiling up at me. Seems everybody knows about us. Sam told me that we're the sweethearts of the base. Whatever that means.

"Yep." I smile back. I count out the money, drop the change into the tip jar, take the tray and find a quiet table for us to share. I sit down, willing to wait until she joins me to start eating. I acknowledge several greetings, my eyes always straying back to the door.

My heart does a cartwheel when she walks in. Her hair is still damp, and she’s dressed in her jeans, which means she’s finished in the gym for the day. I know that she’ll be spending her afternoon in my lab, doing paperwork for me. I decide that I’ll swing by my office and pick up the forms I need. We’ll spend the afternoon working together. This thought makes me happy. I watch as her eyes search for me, my breath catches when the green brightens when they lock on mine. Her smile blinds me.

"Thank you, My Heart," she says, sliding into the chair beside me.

My soul soars to the heavens each time she calls me that. "You’re welcome, My Star."

"Ooh…chocolate cake," she exclaims, taking a bite of it and closing her eyes as she savors it.

I can’t help but smile at her. I unwrap both sandwiches. She’s already taking the plastic lids off of the potato salad and her green salad. We work in concert...we always work well together.

She takes a long swallow of tea. "You would not believe what a bunch of crybabies the Marines were today," she says. She takes a bite of her sandwich. "All I wanted them to do was cross their feet, and then bend over and touch their toes. Nothing difficult. You’d have thought I was ordering them to put on tutus and dance the Nutcracker!"

That mental image she paints makes me smile. "Maybe they’re not in as good of shape as you are." 

She rolls her eyes. "Please! They’re supposed to be in better shape than me," she retorts.

"I dunno, babe, your incredible shape is in incredible shape." I know all about her incredible shape…and what it can do. That’s a thought too perilous to dwell on here.

She giggles. God how I love that sound! "I’m kinda partial to your shape, myself," she says, her eyes full of love, and something more… unmasked desire.

"You are, huh?" I love the way she strokes my ego. I'm well aware that I'm in much better physical condition than I was when I first joined the SGC. Physical training was part of the requirement for my acceptance. I work out regularly with Teal'c and Jack. But she makes me feel as if I'm the prime example of the perfect male. In fact, she used those very words to describe me to someone she was talking to on the phone a couple of days ago. Still haven’t figured out who it was. She’s just biased in my favor.

"Yep. Do you want this?" She asks, holding up half of her sandwich. It never fails. She never finishes an entire sandwich. I sometimes worry that she doesn’t eat enough. But Dr. Williams says she’s fine, and that her Immortality keeps her in perfect health.

I take the half sandwich and take a bite. She’s at least eaten half a sandwich, and the salad, and the chocolate cake is history. She reaches over and snitches a piece of my candy bar. Not so fast, lady. I grab her hand, guide the chocolate morsel to my mouth. Eww…bad idea. Turkey and swiss and chocolate, not the best combination I’ve ever had. She’s laughing at me now. I take a swallow of coffee to clear the last of that taste from my mouth.

Now she’s got another piece of the chocolate. She smiles, holds it to my lips. I manage to take the chocolate and the tip of her finger into my mouth. I brush my tongue against the pad of her finger, hear the tiny gasp that escapes her lips, see the rush of desire that floods her eyes, just before she can control it and force it back down. She has no idea what that does to me. I could take her right here, right now.

I take the last piece of the chocolate bar, offer it to her. She opens her mouth, lets me place it on her tongue. She flicks her tongue up slightly to lick my finger as I pull it from her mouth. She smiles. She knows that the action affects me. I’m amazed that I’m not shaking, I want her so badly right now. I finish my coffee. I’m ready to leave, to at least have her in the semi-privacy of my lab. Where I can steal a kiss every once in awhile. "Ready, babe?"

She smiles and nods. She gathers the bowls and utensils, separates them from the trash. We drop the tray off at the designated counter. I hold the door open, I can smell her shampoo and the sweet smell of her skin as she passes. I follow her out. She waits for me. I hold out my hand to her, she takes it, lacing her fingers with mine.


3 pm...

I still haven’t got the report on the latest MALP findings done. I keep getting interrupted. Twice now Jack has called me with questions about a report I did last week. Damn, I’m so frustrated right now! Can’t seem to get my thoughts together. This is an amazing find, could change what we know about our ancient history, what we know about the Goa’uld. I toss down my pen and rub my hand over my face. I really want to go to…what’s the designation number for that planet…P7R 554. It’s important, I can feel it. I have to say more than that in this report, however. I have to give security and logistical reasons. Counter the gains against the risks. Damn Air Force paperwork.

The phone rings again, but before I can turn around to pick it up, she's answered it. She’s speaking quietly, she must think I’m still working. Whoever it is won’t be talking to me today. I grin as I listen to her tell the caller that I’m very busy right now.

I stand up and stretch. I might be Immortal now, but sitting hunched over a desk still causes kinks in the back. What I need is a cup of coffee. And a kiss. Or two or three. Not exactly in that order.

I wait until she’s no longer on the phone, then I slip behind her. I lift her silky hair and kiss her neck, just behind her ear. She always shivers when I kiss her there…just like…that. I’m grinning when she looks up at me.

"Ready for a coffee break?" I pull her to her feet.

"Oh, yeah. When was the last time you filled out your SRF’s?"

SRF’s? What?…oh, Standard Requisition Form. Gotta love the military and all their acronyms. When was the last time I filled one out? I shrug, ‘cause I don’t remember.

She’s shaking her head. "Do you realize that you are down to two size two brushes, one number three, and you’re completely out of dental picks."

It’s amazing to me how much equipment that I use for excavations is lost, damaged, or left behind when we’re running from whatever Goa’uld we happen to be running from. I really do need those things for this upcoming mission. Well, if I ever get the report written to request the mission. "I have to fill out a request form to attach to this report. I’ll order the stuff then," I tell her.

She shakes her head again. "You have to keep this stuff on hand in case any of the other teams needs to be outfitted. What if I have to go with 6 or 5 or 9 on a dig? Then what?"

What’s the problem? It’s the Air Force. They can get whatever we need in a matter of hours, or less.

She grins up at me and slips her arms around my waist. "You are certainly a stereotypical scientist," she says. She lays her head against my shoulder. "And I love you that way." 

I have absolutely no clue what she means by that. But as long as she loves me, I don’t care.

My arms go around her automatically. She comes near enough to me, and my arms reach out for her as if they have a mind of their own. I lay my cheek against her forehead. The feelings she brought out during lunch come crashing back into my mind, my body responds instantly to the onslaught of desire that fills me. I raise her face with one finger under her chin, and lower my head to kiss her.

Damn, she tastes good. Her sweet lips set my very soul on fire. I trace them with my tongue, and when she parts them, I can’t hold back a groan of pleasure as my tongue invades her mouth. I’ve kissed her what, thousands, millions of times by now? Yet I can’t get enough. I can still remember the first time my lips touched hers, when she woke up from her first death. This kiss, right here, right now, is every bit as sweet, as intoxicating, as arousing, as that first kiss had been. She’s moving her tongue into my mouth, I let her taste me, feel me. God, what she can do to me with her tongue! Her hands are in my hair now, holding me close. Don’t worry babe, I’m not going anywhere. I move one hand to her side, run it slowly up to her ribs, cup her breast in my hand. The weight of it feels so right against my palm. I brush a thumb over her nipple, can feel it harden even through the sweater she’s wearing.

My cock is screaming at me, my hips pushing against her on their own accord. I wonder what would happen if I just shoved all the papers and forms and files off the desk, laid her on it, and then made love to her. Would we get caught? Would she object? Shouldn’t think about it…makes it difficult to not do it.

She pulls her lips away from mine, steps away from me. I look at her mouth, so pink, so swollen from my kiss. Her eyes have that glazed look they get when she’s burning for me. That look makes my cock throb harder.

I reach down and run my finger over her lips, the touch of her tongue against it nearly undoing me completely. "Maybe we should go get some coffee," I suggest, afraid that if we stand here much longer, I will toss her on that desk and take her.

She smiles at me, loops her arms around my neck. "Think you can walk yet, or should we wait a minute or two?"

A quick mental check of my anatomy tells me that it’s going to be a minute before I can get rid of the raging hard-on that is straining against my jeans. Standing this close to her, still touching her, isn’t helping the situation.

She’s ahead of me on this one. She moves away, takes a pile of finished forms and files half of them in the filing cabinet. "I’ll be right back," she says, smiling at me. I know she’s taking the others to the supply office. She’s giving me time to cool down. I lean against my desk. The ruins. Think about the ruins. No, better to think about the paperwork. That will definitely help me regain control of my body.

I look at the stack of papers on my desk, the report that waits for the magic phrases that will ensure permission to go to P7R 554. Yep. That’s doing the trick. The flames are still there. It wouldn’t take much more than another kiss to set them shooting skyward again. I’m ready for coffee. I’ll meet her halfway.

I turn a corner, hear her voice. She’s talking to someone, laughing now. Her laughter is like music to my ears. She’s standing beside one of the air vents, leaning against it, her hip and shoulder touching it, her arms crossed in front of her. She looks so sexy like that. She’s talking to one of the female SF’s. She looks up when I approach, her eyes lighting up as if it’s been ages, and not merely minutes since she saw me last.

"Honey, you remember Cathy, don’t you?" she’s asking, grabbing my hand and pulling me closer.

I don’t, but I smile and nod anyway. "Hi, Cathy."

Cathy smiles and says hello, then tells her that they’ll talk at Ladies Night on Wednesday. This makes her giggle. Have I mentioned that I love that sound? The captain moves on down the corridor, and Casey slips her arm around my waist.

"Ready for that cup of coffee?" She smiles up at me.

"Yep. Maybe a caffeine buzz will help me write that report." My arm has found its way around her shoulders. I pull her closer. I shouldn’t, I know. But I can’t resist. The feeling of her body against mine…shit! Paperwork, think paperwork, paperwork. Friggin’ military paperwork.

Jack and Sam are sitting near the door. I squeeze her shoulder, to let her know that I’ll get the coffee. She goes to sit with them while I head for the coffee maker. Good. I need this break, and this distraction.


5:30 pm...

I jump when I feel hands kneading my shoulders. Oh, yeah, that feels good. I lean back against her, letting those talented little hands of hers work their magic on the kinks in my neck. I managed to get the report written. Talking with Sam while we drank coffee earlier helped. I look up, just as she bends over to kiss me. Her hair forms a curtain around us. Love it when that happens.

"Did you get it finished?" she asks me, when she pulls away…too soon for my liking.

"Yep." I reach up and pull her back down, I need just another little taste of her. She kisses me again, her lips barely brushing mine, then she stands up. She pushes her hair back. I stand up, I have every intention of pulling her close and kissing her again.

She moves over to one of the filing cabinets and pulls out a new folder. "Here, if you get it ready, I’ll drop it by Jack’s office on my way to the locker room."

Locker room? I thought she was done for the day, say so.

"I have to wash all my sweats," she explains. She’s still holding out the blue folder.

I take it, stuff it with the report and the requisition forms and all the other bureaucratic paperwork required by the Air Force. I know that Jack doesn’t read half of what comes across his desk. If I take the report in myself, and just ask, I’ll have a better chance of getting to P7R 554. That thought sparks an idea. No time like the present. "Babe, I’ll take this to Jack. Maybe he’ll have a few minutes and we can talk about it."

She nods. "Okay. I’ll meet up with you topside."

I shake my head. No way is she going to stand outside in the cold. "I don’t know how long this might take, and it’s too cold for you to stand out there waiting."

"I could just wait here, and try and figure out what to make for dinner," she says. She seems to have made up her mind. "So, I’ll go get my bag, then come back up here. I need to make out a grocery list."

Works for me. Just as long as she’s where it’s warm while she waits for me. "Okay, babe. I’ll try not to be too long." My stomach has started growling now that she mentioned dinner. I take the file and head out of the office.

I see Tony Sabotti, the SF grins and waves at me. I wave back. I have a brief flash of memory, of her and this man on the dance floor. It doesn’t bother me now. I shudder when I remember how I nearly killed the light that shines so brightly in her with my stupid jealousy. That thought triggers another, even more unpleasant thought. Betsy Harris tried to claim that she was pregnant, and that I was the father…an attempt to stop her transfer to Adak, Alaska. Casey doesn’t know anything about that. I made Jack promise that she never would. Betsy has hurt her enough. It was a simple procedure to prove that I can’t father children, and the transfer has gone through without any further complications. I shake my head at the turn my thoughts have taken.

Jack’s office door is open. I knock, then stick my head inside. "Got a minute?"

The older man looks up at me and grins. Relief, I think. I’m interrupting something that he really doesn’t want to do. I grin in return.

"What’s up, Space Monkey?"

I don’t even cringe anymore when Jack calls me that. I’ve learned that it’s his way of expressing his friendship, of expressing things too difficult for a man like him to put into words. "I have a mission request report." I almost laugh out loud at the look Jack gives the file in my hand.

"Do not put that damn thing on my desk," he growls. "Just tell me."

I drop into the chair in front of the desk. I take a minute to gather my thoughts. Jack doesn’t want to hear all the technical details. He wants to hear why I think it’s important. I do my best to explain, try to convey the excitement I feel over this find in my words. I can tell by the expression on his face that I’m succeeding.

Fifteen minutes later I have an oral agreement to the mission. I almost jump for joy. It will be a few days before a definite time is set up for it, but I know that when Jack says it sounds good, it will happen.

I whistle as I walk back to the lab. When I get there, I stop in the doorway, just so I can watch her for a minute or two.

She’s sitting at my desk, one foot tucked underneath her, her head tilted to one side, reading what looks like a list in front of her. She pushes her hair back. Does she have any idea how sensual that simple movement is when she does it? I watch the soft, blonde silk settle back against her shoulders. She wanted to get it cut, once. I begged her to leave it long. I love to wrap my hands in it, I love the way it hides us from the world when she bends down over me. She licks her lips, the appearance of her tongue against her pink lips enough to take my breath away.

She looks up, sees me standing here. Her smile, as always, lights her face and those incredible green eyes. "Hi. Looks like you got a go-ahead," she says.

I nod. "Yep. Should hear in a day or two when we’ll be going." I’m excited about this. This could be such an important find…my mind races at the implications.

She stands up and walks over to me, locks her arms around my neck. "I’m glad, My Heart," she says softly.

My arms are around her before my mind can register the fact that they’ve moved. My heart is pounding, soaring. I never thought it was possible to love a woman this much. I suddenly need to get out of here, to go to that place where the world can’t intrude on us, that place that she has made safe and warm for me. "Ready to go?"

She grabs her coat, her purse and a small canvas bag. "Yep. We need to stop by the grocery store."

"Let’s go then." We stop by my office to get my coat, then head to the elevators to leave. My arm is around her shoulders. I can’t be near her and not touch her. It’s not possible. I know. I’ve tried. My hand finds its way to her cheek, I let my thumb make circles on the soft skin of her face.

At least a dozen people call out to her as we walk down the corridor to the exit. I know maybe half of them, and I’ve worked here for over eleven years now. She’s amazing. She’s so full of life and laughter, people just gravitate towards her. Like a sun. Bright, warm, she lights my life. And the lives of everyone around her. Being in orbit around her is as natural as breathing to me.

The jeep is cold, she’s shivering by the time it warms up enough to defog the windows. I should have made her stay in the office until I had it warm for her. I take her hand, lift the cold fingers to my lips. I rub both her hands with mine, trying to warm them. She smiles at me. I let her get too cold, and she sits there smiling at me. Gods, I love this woman!

There’s an espresso stand just outside the gate. I’ll get something to warm her up. I pull in, order a large hot chocolate for her, a latte for me. She reaches across and trails a finger down my cheek, the soft touch sending flames across my skin, down my spine. I capture her fingertip between my teeth, then kiss it. Our order is ready. I give her the hot chocolate, check to make sure the lid is tight on the latte, and pull back onto the highway.


6:10 pm...

The Piggly Wiggly is crowded. She grabs a hand basket. I grin and take it from her. She’ll fill the thing to overflowing, and wind up carrying stuff in her arms as well. She usually gets a cart, but there aren’t any waiting inside the door.

I’m content to just follow her. Green beans. Cool. Hope she gets some ham and whatever else she puts in them. I like the way she cooks them. She’s looking at the oranges. She gets two of them, and two grapefruit. I like bananas, so I find a small bunch and add them to the basket. She’s tossed in a tiny bag of…yep, it’s garlic. She’s frowning, looking at the milk. We have a new carton at home…oh. One of those little ones. Heavy cream? What the hell makes it different from regular cream? She’s looking at the cheese…gets a small chunk…parmesan I think. Chicken. Okay. I like what she does to chicken. Yes! She’s getting a package of ham. Where’s she going now? Damn, does she have any idea how much that walk of hers affects me? 

I notice two men, they look like construction workers, pause in their conversation and watch her walk by. I can’t help but grin. Yeah guys, she’s something, isn’t she? I should have known. Chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Okay, she’s got that look on her face…she’s trying to remember something. She drops the bag of cookies into the basket, then walks down another aisle. She’s looking at shampoo now. Get that one, no, not that one…yeah, that one. Love the way your hair smells when you use it. Honey whatever it is. She looks up at me, blinds me with that zillion watt smile of hers, and slips her arm around my waist. I feel her slide her hand into my hip pocket. Damned if she didn’t just pinch me! Makes my cock twitch. Oh, little girl, you are so going to pay for that!

We stand in the checkout line. She’s standing with her head against my shoulder. I shift the basket and put my arm around her. The construction guys are in the next lane. One of them looks over at her. He nods slightly in acknowledgment when his eyes meet mine. That’s right, buddy. She’s taken.

She’s got her credit card out, hands over the store rewards card. The checker is a young guy, early twenties maybe. Must be going to the local college. He’s flirting with her. She’s giggling. That has got to be the most incredible sound in the world. Well, her giggle, and that whimper she makes when she comes. The kid behind the counter looks up at me, grins sheepishly. Yeah, kid, I know. It makes you hard just looking at her, doesn’t it?

I pick up two of the bags, she gets the other one. Why is it that the contents of one hand basket need three bags? I unlock the jeep. Good, it hasn’t cooled down too much. When I get home, I’m going to build a roaring fire in the fireplace. After dinner we can sit there and warm up. Maybe even from the fire.


6:35 pm... 

It’s dark by the time we get home. I’m glad the outside lights are on sensors. She grabs her canvas tote from the backseat. She has her house key out. I can manage the grocery bags. She turns the kitchen light on, I dump the bags on the island. I go back outside to grab a few logs from the garage. I grin when I think about what might happen in front of that fire tonight.

Damn, the light in the garage is burned out. Have to remember to replace the bulb. I can see well enough to get…shit! That hurt! I rub my shin. What was that? Oh, that crate of old bottles. It was here when we moved in. Need to get rid of it. The wood is against the back wall. There. I grab four pieces. Lock the handle before I pull the door shut, manage to get my keys out of the lock without dropping the wood. I reach for the doorknob of the kitchen door, but she’s already there, opening it for me. I steal a kiss from her as I walk past her, our lips touching for just a fleeting second. Gotta taste her any chance I get.

I walk to the hearth and put the wood down, then shed my coat. She’s taken her boots off. She’s in the hallway, standing in front of the closet that houses the stack washer/dryer. While she takes care of the laundry, I get a good fire started.

It doesn't take long to have the flames crackling nicely. "What can I do to help with dinner?" Better to ask…I’m not always sure what she needs done. Once I know, we work together like a well-oiled machine.

"You could clean and snap the green beans for me," she replies. She closes the closet door, the washer is doing its thing.

I dig in the grocery bags and find the beans. I find the colander, and dump them in there, then put it in the sink and turn the water on. I shake them around a bit, then turn the water off. She puts a saucepan beside me, so I start snapping the ends off and breaking the beans into pieces. I grab the plastic bag the beans came in to put the ends in.

She’s still getting pans out. She fills a pan with water, must be for the pasta she just took out of the pantry.

I decide to work sitting down at the counter, so I move everything down there. This way I can watch her. She turns on the stereo, then be-bops back into the kitchen. Damn, does she have any idea what a turn-on that is? She’s smiling at me, singing to me. Something about ‘this kiss, this kiss’. Yeah, I know all about ‘this kiss’. Her lips can send me to heaven in a dozen different ways.

She’s grating the cheese. How come she never makes a mess? Whenever I use that thing, I manage to get cheese everywhere.

"Anything special you want to do tonight?" she asks me.

Screw you six ways from Sunday? Pound into your beautiful body until you’re screaming? I shrug. "Nope. Just have dinner and whatever." Emphasis on the ‘whatever’. "Is there something you wanted to do?" Something that involves body oil and hard body parts and your hands and mouth, perhaps?

She shakes her head. "Not really."

I don’t miss that tiny smile. She’s up to something. Hopefully it will involve lots of oil and body parts and screwing and screaming. Mine or hers, I’m not picky at this point. I finish up the beans, and fill the pan with water. I put it on the cooktop, turn the unit on. I sit back down to watch her. She’s making sauce now, stirring quickly as she adds that heavy cream. The water for the pasta is boiling. I get up and open the package and dump it in, turn the heat down under the pan. I lean back against the counter, watching her. God, she is so beautiful. I can’t help it, I have to touch her. I reach out and push her hair behind her shoulder, let my hand trail down her back. She shivers slightly, her back arching to stay in contact with my hand. That makes me smile. I like knowing that my touch is welcome…pleases her…excites her.

"Honey, could you cut that ham into strips?"

Sure, I can do that. I get out the cutting board, and the knife. Holding the knife triggers a memory. After my…suicide…to determine whether or not Oma had indeed made me Immortal, she got rid of every knife in the house, and replaced them. I often think about what she must have gone through as a result of my actions. She has never mentioned it to me. But I know she suffered. I can still remember how long it took for her body to stop shaking, for the tears to stop falling. It bothers me that I caused her such pain.

She has a skillet heating up, pours a little bit of extra virgin olive oil into it. We had a conversation about extra virgin olive oil. She had me laughing so hard my sides ached. She scoops the ham up and dumps it in. The smell permeates the air, makes me realize I’m hungry.

The linguine needs to be stirred. I reach around her and move the wooden spoon through the cooking strands. She leans back against me, not much, just enough that our bodies are in contact. Is she even aware of doing it? My body is certainly aware.

I watch as she peels and smashes the garlic, then minces it with the knife. It goes into the skillet with the ham. Damn, it’s all smelling good.

She dumps the ham into a bowl, and then puts the chicken breasts into the skillet. Where the hell did she learn to cook like this? Her mother, maybe? She never talks about her childhood, I know that she was married, his name was Kenny, and that’s about it. It should bother me. But something Methos once said keeps me from prying. All Immortals are…were…foundlings. Abandoned babies as it were. She mentioned adoption, once, and not all adoptions have glowingly happy endings. For some, it’s not much different than foster care. I was a…victim…of that system myself, and those aren’t years I want to talk about. So I’ll bide my time. I know that eventually, when she’s ready, she’ll tell me.

The room smells like…home…love…good food. I get two plates, a couple of wineglasses, and some flatware. I set the table. What the hell, I think, and light the candles that she keeps in the middle of the table. I look in the cabinet for that bottle of Merlot, her favorite.

The CD that was playing has stopped, I go into the living room and find one, something soft. Gerald Albright. Tonight calls for soft jazz. She has an extensive music collection. Over three hundred and fifty cd’s. Rock, classical, jazz, r&b, new age. I can tell what her mood is by what she’s listening to. I glance into the kitchen, she’s smiling at me, that soft, seductive smile, the one that makes me putty in her soft little hands.

Dinner is on the table, but it can wait for just a couple of minutes. I take her into my arms, and we begin to sway to the music. I notice again how she fits me perfectly, she’s tall enough that her head rests against my shoulder, her body is soft curves that fit against my hard angles.

When the song ends, she leans up and kisses me, a soft kiss, a promise of things to come. It makes me shake inside with anticipation.

My stomach growls, letting me know that I’ve waited long enough. We sit down and have our dinner.


9:00 pm...

"…Let's make love
All night long
Until all our strength is gone
Hold on tight
Just let go
I want to feel you in my soul
Until the sun comes up
Let's make love…"
"Let’s Make Love"
Faith Hill/Tim McGraw

She’s up to something. I know it. The entire time we spent cleaning up the kitchen, she kept looking at me, giving me that smile…'that' smile, the one that says ‘mister, have I got plans for you’. I shiver with anticipation. She told me to get comfortable on the sofa. So here I am. Propped up on pillows. Watching the flames dance in the hearth, waiting for whatever it is that she has planned.

"Honey?" her soft voice penetrates through my thoughts.

I look at her…Sweet Jesus in Heaven, what is she wearing? I sit up, I can feel my mouth drop open, but I can’t help it.

She’s wearing a white…what the hell is that thing? It’s satiny and lacy, it accents her narrow waist, pushes up those perfect round breasts, but doesn’t cover them, comes down on her hips but leaves the narrow vee of dark blonde curls and paradise and sweet ass exposed. Garters stretch down on her slender thighs, holding up sheer white stockings, and she’s got stiletto heels that have to be at least five inches high on her feet. There’s a white lace choker around her throat. Something metal glitters in the middle of it. She has something in her hand…a chain? I swallow…hard.

She crosses the room to stand next to me, the heels click on the floor. She puts a finger under my chin and brings me to my feet. With those heels on, she can look directly into my eyes. She connects the chain to her choker. "I am yours to command, Master," she says softly, putting the chain in my hand.

I swallow again. Try to say something, anything. She stands there, waiting patiently, her green eyes shining. I can see that she’s trembling ever so slightly. It’s warm enough in the room, I don’t think she’s cold. "Uh…" is all I can manage to stutter. Yeah, just blew her away with your fine command of language, didn’t you?

"Anything you wish, you may ask of me, Master," she whispers.

Oh, hell, that leaves the door wide open. I walk around her, just looking. Her skin glows in the light of the fire. Those heels do great things for her legs and ass. My cock is so hard at this point it hurts. All night. I want all night for this. Which means I…we…are not getting up to the alarm clock in the morning. "Stay here." I wait long enough to watch as she kneels down on the floor. Sweet Jesus I’m gonna come just looking at her! I drop the chain on the sofa.

I walk to the phone in the kitchen, not an easy feat considering the condition of my nether regions. I punch speed dial. Good thing I can still remember which number to use to get Jack.

Thank god, he’s the one who answers.

"Jack, we won’t be coming in tomorrow." I'm still watching her. She’s still on her knees, her head lowered ever so slightly.


"Put us down for a day of vacation. There’s nothing important happening tomorrow. Teal'c can handle the gym. We won’t be in."

"Can I ask-"


I can hear him breathing. "Is everything okay?" he asks softly. I can hear the concern in his voice.

I almost laugh out loud. "Oh, yeah."

Another pause. "I want details, Space Monkey," Jack says. He knows…or at least suspects. I can hear the grin.

"See you Wednesday, Jack." I’m shaking so badly at this point it’s a wonder I can get the receiver back on the hook.

I walk back into the living room. She keeps her head down. Good little slave. For a second I’m not sure I can do this. She's been a real slave. A Goa’uld slave. Wepwawet raped her, repeatedly and in every way imaginable. Gentle, that’s the key. I sit down on the couch, lean back against the pillows, pick the chain up and tug it gently. "Pleasure me," I say softly.

"How do you wish me to do this, Master?" she asks.

Damn, she isn’t making this easy. I can see a tiny smile. Okay, we’ll play by her rules. "Suck me off, now."

She crawls to where I’m sitting, unzips my pants, and takes my throbbing cock into her mouth. God in heaven I’m not gonna last. But that’s okay. We have all night.

Her hands move on that part of me that she can’t get into her mouth. She licks at my balls, takes them gently into her mouth and sucks them, then moves back to my raging cock. Damn, that feels incredible. Damn! She’s flicking her tongue over and around the head…she moves her head up and down, sucking on the upstroke and licking her way back down. Oh yeah! I hold her head between my hands and begin to thrust up into her hot, sweet mouth. She starts to deep throat me. I lose control whenever she does that. "Yeah, babe. That’s it. Just like…UUUNNNGGGGGHHH!"


9:20 pm...

She has always given unbelievable blowjobs. This was no exception. I was so ready that I knew I wouldn’t last. My brain is working overtime; searching, finding, rejecting fantasies that I’ve had about her, others I’ve had since…well, for a long time. There is one thing that I’ve always wanted…Tonight’s the night, bucko. "Come with me." I feel the resistance on the chain, stop and wait for her to get to her feet. Which can’t be easy in those shoes. I take her to the bedroom. She has one small lamp on, the soft light casting shadows on the walls. "Lay down on the bed."

She obeys. I pull the chair from the corner, put it directly at the foot of the bed.

I sit down, fire coursing through my veins. How long before I have to be inside her, I wonder. How long before the desire, the need to taste her can’t be ignored? I look at the clock. All night. It’s a mantra in my brain now. What’s that song…‘all night long’? I’ll never hear it again without thinking about this night. She’s trembling now, she doesn’t know what to expect. I figure she knew that what she just did in the living room was a given. "I want you to give yourself pleasure. I want you to take your time, make it good. Do you understand?" I tell her quietly. Firmly. I am the Master, after all. I try not to grin at that thought.

She blushes, but nods.

"Now, babe. Do it for me." I sit back to watch.

She begins to slowly move her fingers, from thigh to thigh, just brushing the glistening wet flesh between them. Her other hand begins to caress her breasts, first one, then the other. She tugs at the nipples, squeezes them. She closes her eyes. I start to object, but then change my mind. Her face is beautiful as she begins to touch herself.

I watch, fascinated, as she begins to caress herself. She slides a finger inside her wet well, moves it in and out, adds a second, a third finger. Then she begins caressing the swollen folds. She gasps when she finally touches that bud that brings her such pleasure, rubs it for a minute, then dips her fingers down inside her well again. Her other hand is still moving from breast to breast. I notice she’s pulling harder at her nipples now.

She continues to stroke and caress herself, her breath is becoming ragged.

"That’s it babe," I whisper. "Make it good." I fleetingly wonder if she does this when I’m away, the thought makes my already swelling cock stand straight up at attention.

Her hips are rocking against her hand now…she’s got both hands between her thighs, one hand rubbing that oh-so-special place, her other hand moving fingers in and out of her body. She’s moaning now, just a soft, low moan…then suddenly she’s whimpering. I know from that sound that her orgasm is just seconds away. I watch her face, watch her back arch up off the bed, listen to her cry out my name. God, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful, more arousing.

She’s laying still now, her eyes still closed. She’s embarrassed, I think. Then, suddenly, she’s looking at me, her green eyes bright, a small smile on her face. "Did I please you, Master?" she asks.

Holy shit! She’s serious about this…game! "Yes. Very much."


9:55 pm...

I sit there for a minute, the vision of her masturbating for me still dancing in front of my eyes. I shake my head. I’m sure other men would probably be racing from one ‘activity’ to the next, but making love with her has always been so good, that I really don’t have a lot fantasies. Well, one less now. There is one other activity that in all our years together, we've never tried. Her brutal treatment as a Goa’uld slave has kept this…idea…at bay. Tonight is the night to try it, if she’s willing. But I want to build up to it. I don’t want to just ram my cock into her body. I won’t do that to her. That’s tantamount to rape, in my mind.

I stand up, put the chair back in the corner. "Undress me," I say quietly.

She tries to stand up, nearly falls off the heels. She has other shoes with stiletto heels, but they aren’t as high as these.

"As sexy as those things are, take them off."  Don't want her to fall and sprain her ankle or something.  That would be a total mood killer.

She does, with a look of relief on her face.

I stand, waiting for her to undress me. She moves my sweater up over my chest. I raise my arms to help her. The sweater hits the floor. She reaches for the tee shirt, and begins kissing me, my back, my sides, my belly, my chest, every inch of the way up. Now I know why she loves it so when I do this to her. My body is raging with fire. It’s never burned this hot before. What a headline that would be, 'man spontaneously combusts during sex games with wife'. I grin at that errant thought…then suck in a breath when I feel her tongue flickering in the middle of my back. She bites at my nipples, I wonder how she can touch me and not be burned, my skin feels so hot. When she’s standing, pulling the tee shirt from my body, I can take no more. I put my hand on the back of her neck and pull her close. I kiss her, taking my time, tiny little kisses over her lips, the corners of her mouth. She parts her lips and I dive in, my tongue dancing with hers, from her mouth to mine and back again.

She pulls away from my mouth just far enough to speak. "I must pleasure you, Master," she whispers.

"You are, babe, you are," I assure her, then close the gap between our mouths once more. She leans against me, I can feel the lace from the - thing - against my bare chest, her naked nipples hard against my skin. "Finish undressing me." I let her go, although it's not easy to do so. She kneels down, and slowly lowers my pants, taking the boxers with them. My cock is hard again, it springs free from the confining cloth. I watch her, see her lick her lips. She’s looking at my cock like it’s a treat. Her mouth is just inches away. Just a little…I want her to suck me again, just a little. I put my hand on the back of her head and guide her toward my body. She opens her mouth and takes me in. Damn that feels good. I let my head drop to my chest at the touch of her tongue. God, what this woman can do to me!

I put my hands on her shoulders when she has me lift first one leg, then the other, to take my pants completely away from my body. She never stops licking, sucking me. If I don’t stop her now, I’m gonna come again. I don’t want to do that, not yet. "Stand up." 

She looks up at me, gives my cock one last little kiss before she obeys. Quite a brazen little slave, she is.

"Do you remember telling me that you couldn’t take pleasure unless I did too?" I see her shiver.

She nods.

"It’s the same for me, babe. Stand still. Don’t move."

Again she nods.

At first, I only touch her, my fingers moving over the skin that her outfit leaves exposed. I can feel her body tremble beneath my fingertips. I find the clasp for the choker, toss it and the chain to the floor. I give in to the desire, the need, to taste her skin. I start with her throat, move to her shoulders, her collarbone. My hands are full of her breasts, the weight of them in my hands so familiar, so arousing. I rub my thumbs over her nipples, they’re hard and puckered. I sit down on the bed, pull her close, begin to suckle. The taste of her skin against my tongue is nearly enough to bring me to orgasm. I hold her waist firmly in my hands, don’t let her move as I continue to move my mouth over the soft, firm flesh of her breasts. Her hands are in my hair, pulling me closer to her body.

My mouth never leaves her body as my fingers undo each garter. I roll the stockings down as far as I can reach. I’ll deal with them later. I feel around behind her, find out how this contraption is on, and begin to undo each little hook. I want her naked and writhing under me.

I look up at her, smile when I see that her eyes are glazed and unfocused, the lids drooping. Good. I want her begging. I put a hand behind her knee, she raises her leg so I can finish taking off the stocking. I repeat the procedure with the other leg. I can smell her, can feel the heat radiating from between her thighs.

I stand up. With a grin I decide to take advantage of her ‘slave’ status. "Get the bed ready for us."

She begins to toss the pillows onto the chair, pulls the comforter to the foot of the bed, then pulls back the sheet and blankets. She stands next to the bed, waiting for my next command.

"Do we have any KY jelly?" 

Her eyes widen slightly, she shakes her head no.

I open the drawer on the bedside table and take out a bottle of flavored body oil. Damn, this one is almost empty. I grin as memories of how it was used flash through my brain. "This should work. Get on the bed."

She obeys, kneeling in the center of the bed, waiting for me.

I kneel on the bed beside her, take her chin in my hand, force her to look into my eyes. "If at any time you want to stop, we stop. If you have any pain, we stop. Understand?"

Realization of what I want flashes in her green eyes. She nods.

Holy shit! Was that a smile that flickered across her face? Wanton little hussy. The thought makes my heart pound. Just when I think she can’t do anything to make me love her more, she does something that accomplishes just that. It’s all I can do to keep from laughing out loud with sheer delight.

I take her face between my hands and look into those deep pools of green, see my desire mirrored and reflected back at me. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

She smiles. "I think so," she whispers.

"Game’s over, babe. This is just lovemaking, okay?"


"I’m serious, if you get scared, or it hurts, we stop."

"I understand."

I kiss her, my body trembling with love and desire and anticipation. My hands move over her body, ignoring the one place I know she craves my touch the most. I take my time making love to her mouth, her throat, her breasts. Her hands caress my arms, my shoulders.

Her breath is coming in gasps. When I finally slip my fingers between her legs, she moans. She wraps one hand around my raging cock, moves it slowly up and down, spreading the wetness that already oozes there over the head with a fingertip. Her hands are every bit as talented as her tongue as she squeezes and strokes me.

I can’t take it any longer. I have to taste her, and it has to be now. "Lay down, babe," I whisper.

She lays back, looks in my eyes and opens her legs to me.

Like a man denied too long, I lower myself with a groan and begin to lick at the delectable flesh that waits for me. Her honey is flowing, she’s practically dripping she’s so wet. My tongue works over her quivering body, and my fingers begin to move the moisture to where I want it. I gently touch that tight little opening, make it wet with her honey before I work a finger inside her. She gasps, her hips buck. I pause, wait for her to become accustomed to the feeling. I never stop in my ministrations to her sweet womanhood.

I have to stop, slow down. Or this will be over too soon. I move my mouth back up to her belly. Take my hands from her body. I slide up to lay beside her. Can she possibly know that by giving control of herself to me, she has taken total control over me? "Do you have any idea what tonight means to me?"

For the first time all evening, her eyes betray her vulnerability. She’s afraid of something…but I have the feeling that it has nothing to do with what we’re about to share. She shakes her head.

My hand roams over her body, a touch meant to soothe, comfort, not arouse. I need to let her know how honored…how totally blown away I am at what she has done, what she has offered me. "You have given me a precious gift. It couldn’t have been easy to put a chain around your throat, and give your will up totally. I love you so much, babe."


11:15 pm...

Need to be inside her. Now. Can’t wait any longer. Okay to come. We have all night.

Need to taste her skin. Mouth finds its way to her throat. Move over her. She knows what I want, her legs are already around my waist, pulling me closer. She’s so damn wet, feels so good…I push against her…oh yeah…I’m there…paradise…my cock is at home in her body. Her warm well closes like a fist around me. I can feel her muscles grabbing at me. How the hell does she do that?

She’s kissing my chest, licking it…feels good, so good. Gotta move now. Oh, yeah, that’s it. In and out, slow, easy. I feel her arms go around my shoulders. I give in to the gentle pressure, lean my head down against the pillow beside her head. She smells so good. Tastes good too. I can still taste her honey on my lips.

Her hips are coming up to meet mine with every thrust. Know what she needs. What she wants. Lift up enough to get a hand between us. Fingers searching…there. It’s as hard as my cock is. Just a little pressure, don’t want her to come yet. Little circles, now a little back and forth. How about up and down? Like that, don’t ya, babe? Her thighs are starting to quiver. She’s nearly there. Not yet. Too soon.

Gotta move my hand, or she’ll take what she wants. Brazen little hussy. Love her, love her, love her! She’s grinding her hips, trying to speed up the rhythm. Not yet, babe. Slow and easy. Have all night.

Pull out…don’t let her take it yet. Love that sound, when she whimpers…begs…like that. Now, hard, fast, deep! Shit…can’t do that many more times, or it will all be over. She’s trembling. She’s working those muscles again. Damn that feels good.

Okay, it’s time. Steady. In and out. In and out. Yeah, that’s it. She’s almost there. "Come for me babe. Do it good." 

She’s there, she’s shaking. Her muscles contracting…feels good…so good. Love it when she cries out like that.

"Come for me, My Heart, I need you to throb inside me," she’s whispering, her breath hot against my neck.

Does she know what that does? So close...almost there...Sweet Jesus!


11:40 pm...

I’m still laying on top of her. Panting. I’m too heavy for her, I’ll crush her if I don’t move. Slide my arm under her hips, roll over, keep her close, don’t want to leave her body. Should be tired. Not, though. Pull her closer, need to feel her body closer.

Her head is on my shoulder, she’s still breathing hard. What a night she has given me. Not over yet. Hands moving on her back. Her skin is so soft. Fingers tangled in her hair. I comb my fingers through her hair, from her scalp to the ends. I can feel her smile against my shoulder. She likes it when I do this. I like it, too.

Heart beating normally again. Deep breath. Smells like sex in here. I grin. Not sex. Love. Not over yet, my mind tells me again. I have to know, need to make sure she’s okay with this. "Babe, are you sure you want to…uh…go on?"

"I’m sure." Her voice is calm, steady…a bit…excited? Damn, what she can do to me, my body, my heart, my soul.

"If you have any doubts, we’re done." No way I’ll do this if there’s even a hint of doubt, of fear, in her mind.

"No doubts."

Still combing her hair with my fingers. Love the feel of the silky strands against my skin. She cuddles closer, as if she’s trying to crawl inside my skin. Body relaxed. So good to just lay here, holding her.

She’s moving…sliding down…Holy shit! She’s never given me head after we’ve made love before. Sweet Jesus, she’s licking me like a lollipop. It’s too soon. I’m not going to be able to get it up again, not just yet. Hell, I’ve already come twice tonight! She’s doing a fine job of licking her honey off of me, though. Damned if I can’t feel that familiar stirring! What’s she trying to do, kill me? What a way to go, though. Come back and do it all again. She’s getting up…where the hell is she going?

She’s in the kitchen…I can hear the refrigerator open, hear her come back down the hallway. That is one hell of a wicked grin she has on her face. She’s got her hands behind her back. What is she up to?

"Do something for me?"

After what she’s given me tonight, what she will give me in just a little bit, I’ll commit a crime if she asks. Give out gate codes. Rob a bank. Just ask, Beautiful Eyes, I’ll do whatever you want me to. Now who is the Master, and who is the Slave? "Sure, babe."

"Close your eyes."

Dangerous. Very dangerous. I close my eyes. I hear a familiar sound…like the sound the can of whipped cream makes…Goddamn that’s cold! She’s covering me with it…my cock…my thighs…my stomach…my chest. I open my eyes. That is one very satisfied smile. Just wait, babe, you’re gonna get yours. I reach out and grab the can, shake it…good, there’s still some in it. I put it on the nightstand.

"My Daniel Sundae," she giggles. She slides down and starts licking me clean. Damn, she knows how to use that tongue of hers! Her tongue is warm, helps warm my chilled skin. That feels good. Just lay back and enjoy.

She’s moving again. I grab her arm, pull her down on the bed. "My turn," I say, grabbing the can of whipped cream. I shake it, squirt some on her breasts…down her belly…on her thighs. I push a hand against her leg, force her open. I watch her eyes as I put the tip into her and press…filling her with the cold topping. They widen, I can see her surprise.

I lean over her and lap the sweet stuff off of her breasts…just barely touching her skin with my tongue. I move down, lick her belly clean, her thighs. Another first…I’ve never gone down on her after we’ve made love. Should it bother me? I lick at her folds…taste nothing but whipped cream. My tongue laps it from her well…there’s a taste of her there…something a little salty. But mostly whipped cream. Wonder if I’ll ever be able to eat the stuff again without thinking about tonight? She’s starting to breathe heavily again. I make my way back up her body, capture her lips in a kiss. I pull her on top of me, keep my mouth locked against hers. We’re sticky, our skin catching and pulling.

She pulls her lips away from mine. "Let’s take a shower," she whispers.

Good idea. We wash each other, making sure all the essential parts are especially clean. It doesn’t take us more than fifteen minutes.

When we get back into the bedroom, she kneels down in front of me and takes me into her mouth. A few flicks of that talented tongue, and she has me hard as a rock again. She looks up at me. Her eyes are shining, my cock is sliding in and out of her sweet mouth. Watching her suck me makes me harder still.

She stands up and leads me to the bed. Hey…when did I lose control here? Or did I ever really have it? I grin, it doesn’t matter. She’s as eager for this as I am.

I settle myself between her thighs, licking the soft, warm, clean skin, tease the nub at the top of those folds, make her jump. I push a finger in her. She’s wet, getting wetter. I rub her honey down to her tight little backdoor. Gently push into her. She jerks, just a little…I still my hand, keep my mouth moving on her. I feel her relax. I push my finger in just a little farther. So tight, so hot.

"I’m ready," she whispers.

The words turn my cock to steel. I’m throbbing so hard it hurts.

She has the bottle of oil. She coats me with it, trailing her oily fingers behind her lips. She hands the bottle to me, I put some on my finger, gently work it inside her.

She gets on her hands and knees. I move up behind her, hold my cock with one hand, rub it against her, making sure she’s amply covered with oil. I push gently, feel the resistance.

"Relax, babe." My other hand caresses her back, her hips. I wait, my cock against her, just rubbing her back. No hurry.


12:40 am...

I put the hand that has been caressing her back and hips between her thighs. My fingers search, find, begin to stroke her hardened nub. I remain still behind her…let her get used to feeling me against her. I can feel her breathing harder, her hips are moving against my hand.

Damn! She’s pushing back against me. The head of my cock goes in slowly…she pauses, I thought I heard her gasp. "Are you okay, babe?" As much as I want this, I will not hurt her. She’s been hurt too much. I won’t add to that. God, what a feeling this is!

"Yeah, I’m okay," she tells me, her voice a bit ragged.

She’s pushing back more…I let her take me in, as much and as fast as she wants. The body oil has made me slick, I’m moving easily. So hot, so tight, so damn good!

She gives a hard push and I’m there, buried in her sweet back door. I gasp out loud. I continue to stroke her, want her to feel good, too. Damn this feels unbelievable. I feel her fingers against mine, moving them aside, taking their place.

I put my hands on her hips and begin to move…slowly, gently. I close my eyes, savoring the sensations. She moans, I stop. "Still okay?"

"Oh, hell yes."

My eyes fly open at her words. She’s pushing against me now…her body is begging me to move. She really is trying to kill me! I start moving again, find my rhythm…realize I’ve reached the point of no return. No stopping now. It’s so damn good and so tight and hot and sweet Jesus I never thought it could be this good!

Her whimpers filter through to my dazed brain. Suddenly she’s tossing her head back and crying out, my name on her lips. What’s she saying? Faster…she wants it faster. I increase my pace, I feel my cock throbbing against the hot, tight walls…she’s rubbing back against me…the sensations she’s causing are driving me out of my mind…I start thrusting harder, deeper...Mary Mother of God...I’m gonna explode...Oh god...my sweet Casey...I’m coming! I cry out, her name echoing off the walls of the room as I empty into her body again and again.


2:30 am...

She’s cuddled up against me. We took another shower, longer this time. I was upset when I found traces of blood when I pulled out of her sweet ass. She kissed me and told me not to worry. Don’t worry. I make her bleed and she tells me not to worry. Not a lot of blood, but enough. Then she made me laugh, delighted me, when she shyly asked me if I thought she was a slut for enjoying it. Why would making love to me make her a slut? Wonder where she gets that silly notion? Her smile lit up her face when I told her that nothing we do to show our love for one another could ever make her a slut.

Glad we aren’t going to work tomorrow…today. She says she doesn’t hurt, but I saw how she was moving. Thank whatever gods for the Quickening, she’ll be fine in a couple of hours. I’ll take her out for breakfast. Then maybe we’ll go to the mall. We haven’t done that in awhile. Seems like we’ve worked non-stop for the past few months. Maybe I’ll talk to Jack about a real vacation. I know just the place to take her. She’ll love it.

I pull her closer. God, how I love this woman. My eyes drift shut, and I sleep; my heart, my mind, my dreams, my arms, filled with her.

The End

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