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Open Arms

Chapter 15

Dinner had proven to be a joyful event. Casey had sat between her father and Daniel, her mother directly across from her. She was aware that the woman’s eyes rarely left her face. Methos and Oma had spent the evening sparring with their words, which was quite entertaining, she thought. Jack kept sneaking glances at Sam, his eyes dropping to her stomach, a slight grin on his face every time. Even Teal'c had seemed to enjoy himself. Of course, Erin insisted on knowing everything about him as well, and had kept the Jaffa talking. In fact, Casey thought, Teal'c had probably talked more tonight than she had ever heard him speak.

She wandered back into the bedroom from the adjoining bath, where she had just taken a shower. Daniel was already asleep. She dropped the robe her mother had provided for her, and slipped naked between white silk sheets. She pressed her body against his, then put her head on his shoulder.

"Mmm…you smell good," Daniel said softly. He shifted so that he could put an arm around her.

"I thought you were asleep," she replied, settling into his embrace.

"Dozing maybe. I felt you get into bed."

Her fingers circled lazily on his chest. "Daniel?"


"Is it still considered a mission if we’re sleeping in a bed with silk sheets in my parent’s house? Or is this more like a visit to family?" There was playfulness in her soft voice. "’Cause I’m thinking that since it is a bed, and we don’t sleep in beds on missions, and it is my parent’s house…" she let her voice fade.

"I like the way you think, babe," Daniel said with a smile.

Casey moved until she was on top of him, her breasts pressed into the bare skin of his chest. She raised her head and kissed him, gasping when his tongue traced her lips, demanded entrance into her mouth. She lost herself in the taste of him, the feel of his tongue against hers. She could feel him harden beneath her, and she lifted her hips, slipped a hand between them and guided him between her folds. She pushed down against him.

"You feel so good," he whispered as he entered her body. His arms held her close. His hand guided her head to his shoulder, and he began to rock his hips upward against hers.

She matched his movements, and they found their rhythm. The fire was burning, she sat up, and began to grind her body against his as his hands found her breasts. She felt him slip his hand between them, she raised slightly to give his fingers access to her. It didn’t take long until she began to whimper.

"That’s it babe," he whispered. "Do it for me. Come for me babe." He pulled her close, captured her lips with his just seconds before she moaned into his mouth, her body trembling with her release. His hands went to her hips, and he began to thrust up into her.

"Love me, Daniel," she whispered. "Fill me with your love." Her fingers brushed over his chest, his arms, his sides.

Her words, her fingers, fanned the fire she had set in him. He began to thrust harder, holding her body tightly against his. As he had done for her, she leaned down and kissed him, taking his groan of completion into her mouth. He shuddered, then pulled her until she was laying on him once again. He could feel her smiling against his shoulder. "Happy, babe?"

She nodded, then squirmed against him, trying to get closer. His arms tightened around her. "Love you," she whispered, just before a yawn overtook her.

"Love you too. Sleep now, Angel," he told her. He smiled when he felt her body totally relax against him. Within minutes she was asleep. He was only seconds behind her.


A  A  A  A  A  A


Jack had been able to convince Aaron and Erin to join the SGC, and it had been decided that they would live at the Gamma site. Oma and Methos had agreed that the Immortal Council should be located there as well, since the site was run completely by Immortals.

Casey stood at the gate, and turned to look once more at the house, and its large gardens, where she had found her parents. She let out a squeal. "It’s gone!"

Everyone looked at her, then followed her gaze. There was nothing but miles of tall grass in every direction.

"Okay, Dad, how in the hell did you do that?" she demanded to know.

Aaron’s eyes twinkled. "I am an Ancient, my darling daughter. I may not be on the plane of the Ascended, but I am an Ancient. I may not have the power I once had, but I still have a few tricks left up my sleeve."

Jack looked at the man, then grinned. "Sweet!"

"I get the feeling that the balance of power just shifted dramatically toward the good guys," Casey said, a grin on her face. She slipped her hand into Daniel’s and smiled up at him.

"Maybe the time will be right sooner than we thought," he said quietly, tracing a finger across her jaw.

"Oh, I hope so," she replied, her eyes telling him more than her words.

They followed the others through the gate. There were still threats to the Innocents, serious threats to all of them. There were still more secrets to be learned. But for this day, none of that mattered. Only the hope that filled each heart mattered. And there was great hope.

The End

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